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"I do not remember being bitten. I wish I did, for then I would know the creature who did this to me and I would have a purpose, to track him down and repay him for the poisoned gift he gave me." Back in the 13th Century, Will was destined to be Earl of Mercia.  He never lived to inherit his title, struck down by a strange illness and buried beneath the city walls.  But Wi"I do not remember being bitten. I wish I did, for then I would know the creature who did this to me and I would have a purpose, to track him down and repay him for the poisoned gift he gave me." Back in the 13th Century, Will was destined to be Earl of Mercia.  He never lived to inherit his title, struck down by a strange illness and buried beneath the city walls.  But Will was not dead, and only now, seven lonely centuries later, does he begin to understand that there was a reason for all of this, that he has a destiny.  To find it though, he will need help, and as ever, he will need blood....

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Blood Reviews

  • Kwesi 章英狮
    2019-04-19 21:36

    When Will woke up 20 years from the slumber, he remembered the prophecy that will defeat his own kind. He search for the true girl that will soon must be offer to the true owner. But what if a century year old guy will fall in love to a sixteen year old runaway wannabe writer? Can he save his own kind or will suffer from the frightening events that will happen to their life soon?Since I'm bored to death while dissecting a dead dog, I did a short reading while hiding at the back of the shelves which was stored with bones. I like the first part of the book; I mean the first chapter only. It was all about the male character's perspective, how he lives and how he becomes thirsty of blood. (It's better to continue writing like in the first chapter, its way better.) Yes, I thought this is a historical fiction or something but came out to be another paranormal book. I don't mean not liking it but the whole thing bores me to death.First, it has this sleeping pill narrative. The book composed mostly of narrative parts and end with a very boring chapter full of narration. I don't have any problem with this type of books but I'm very picky since narrative like this is very boring to most readers and I'm one of them. I can't also feel the emotion of the characters in the story and it should be a love story not a stone-hearted book.Second, the main character was born in 1256 but the language that he use is simply in plain English. I don't know what happened to him in the dark ground while waiting for his chance to leave the place. Excuse me, can he speak in old English or in broad whatever language he had in the past? Plus, he is too modern for a century old (sixteen soon to be seventeen) vampire. Must remember; he must not use car for there is no car and gadgets in the past. Except if the other character taught him and I don't know how he learned it.Third, the book is overwhelmingly satisfied with simplicity. Okay, that includes the alteration of latest vampire novels that had been published lately. Although, it wasn't his fault for doing that because of too much demand! And I suggest that he have to change or plan new ideas and concepts for his second book like marrying a mermaid not a human girl. Kidding. Lastly, the I-can't-feel-the-emotion book. I admit that i read the whole thing like a stone. I've been doing nothing but sitting while my professor scolding me without knowing the characters presence. They are like paper dolls; they just do things what the author wanted to do. Can you make them things better than talking, running and finding that book? Even the extras had this weird taste of dialogues. Anyway, I never thought that the author is a guy because usually female authors wrote this type of book. Not because I'm a century year old vampire I can't use my Nook to read it, am I right?Thanks to NetGalley for sharing the book and for Egmont USA for the free copy, and thanks for waiting. I've been busy for awhile because of some major school exams.Rating: Blood (Mercian Trilogy #1) by K.J. Wignall, 1 SweetChallenges:Book #275 for 2011

  • Jinny
    2019-03-29 01:31

    I got a copy of this book from the ever-wonderful NetGalley. I was interested in reading a book about vampires, especially after I heard that Blood dealt with the more ‘traditional’ vampire. However, I didn’t really end up enjoying this particular story very much.The plot of Blood is a little too obscure for my liking, but it certainly has potential; I think it was the execution of ideas that dragged the story down a bit. It’s about William, Earl of Mercia, who “fell ill” (that’s lingo for “turned into a vampire”) in the 1200′s and was buried away in a crypt. Over the past 800 or so years, he’ll wake up every so often to feed on human blood.The story opens up with Will waking up and looks for a person to feed on, as per his usual routine, as well as feeling sorry for himself and wondering if he’ll ever find the person who turned him into a vampire so he can exact his revenge. Will finds a homeless person and kills him, drinking his blood, but when he peeks through the homeless person’s notebook and sees his name in it, he becomes intrigued and wonders if destiny brought him to this man. Flipping through it some more, he sees some sketches of this girl who, coincidentally enough, he runs into later in the story. He is sure that somehow, this girl (Eloise) is connected to him, based on the writings/prophecies/notes in the notebook, and that he is approaching his “destiny”, the reason he became a vampire.So, I think the plot is okay, and the story as whole is okay, but I felt like it was built on a lot of funky coincidences and truthfully, it wasn’t written in the most captivating manner. It’s good writing, but as I was reading, I felt disconnected from the story a lot; I couldn’t fully immerse myself into the world.I wasn’t a big fan of all the coincidences in the story — which Will handily calls destiny. Will encountered the homeless guy who coincidentally had all these notes about him, and then he coincidentally he meets Eloise, the same girl talked about in the notebook, and Eloise coincidentally knows Chris and Rachel, who have seen Will in 1989 and recognize him and actually remember him, and they coincidentally are really interested in paranormal stuff … it just felt like the story is in danger of crossing over to the deus ex machina side quite often, as it relied on the destiny card quite a bit. I understand that Will’s character has a destiny laid out for him (apparently), but it was not laid out by a god. It was laid out by the villain, who has a use for Will. So I don’t understand how destiny is causing Will to run into all these characters who are so intertwined or related to his story.The characters were rather mediocre and weren’t very likeable or memorable. Will reminded me greatly of Edward Cullen: vampire, good looks, kind of melancholic, wants to just die and be done with “living”, chivalric, etc. and that immediately made me not like him too much. Eloise struck me as an idiot. She comes from a privileged family, but decided to live on the streets because no one was paying enough attention to her. Chris and Rachel are easily forgettable, as their entire purpose seemed to boil down to being Will and Eloise’s chauffeurs.As for the villains, you don’t really meet them, nor do you get a clear picture as to their goals and motivations. Well, you do meet one villain at the end, but he’s really just the servant of the true villain.The relationships between characters weren’t logical to me. I didn’t understand why Eloise was happy to disclose her real name to Will, who she’s only known a day, but reveals that she’s been using an alias around Chris and Rachel, who she’s known for much longer and swears are perfectly good people. I also didn’t understand why nobody freaked out or disbelieved the fact that Will was a vampire; everyone seemed to more or less accept it. I understand that Eloise, Chris and Rachel, due to their personalities, want to believe in vampires and other paranormal creatures, but wanting to believe is not quite the same as actually encountering one … and knowing he’s just killed a man yesterday … I feel like these characters aren’t believable in that sense. Most people would be more wary, at the very least, instead of eagerly rolling up their sleeves and offering any help they can to find the vampire’s attacker.There isn’t very much romance in this book, which I was surprised because a lot of YA paranormal books (especially vampires!) have a romance component in them. It was definitely a welcome change, but what little romance there was in the book happened quite quickly. I am not sure at what point Will and Eloise started liking one another — one second they’re trying to unravel the mystery of Will’s ‘destiny’, the next second, they are locking lips. Nevertheless, the romance is so downplayed and minor in this story that I didn’t really mind the InstaLove.The story moves pretty slow, and when it ended, it didn’t feel like anything was resolved. As the entire story revolved around Will moping about what his destiny is and all that, it was quite disappointing when the book ended and we still don’t find out what the destiny is. Will does find his attacker, but it was quickly resolved, so fast that if you blink, you would have missed it. I feel like since trilogies and series are a trend in YA, this book decided to follow that path as well, but I honestly feel this story should be a stand-alone book. I’ve said this about a number of YA series now — when you write a series, each individual book still feel conclusive. You can’t just say, “Oh, well, you’ll find the answers in the next book!” The reader shouldn’t finish the first book having discovered nothing. Or barely anything. For example, in the Harry Potter series, each book wraps up that particular books secrets, mysteries and plots, but the overarching plot continues on in the next book (namely, fighting Voldemort). It would be extremely unsatisfying to read The Chamber of Secrets and not find out where the notebook came from, or who Tom Riddle is, until two books later.Anyway, for all my complaints, this book really was just okay. It’s not horrible, but it could have been a lot better. I think if you are not much of an inquisitive person when reading books, you might enjoy this, but if you are like me and ask a lot of questions, then this may be one better left unread. As a side note, I am also not a fan of this cover. It looks cheaply Photoshop’d, with the gradient text and the blood-splatter brushes. Also, the half-naked guy with abs on the cover is kind of cheesy and strikes me as a romance novel rather than YA. Is that supposed to be Will? I don’t think earls from the 1200s have abs because noble people don’t really do much physical labour back in those days … I don’t know. Just some of my random thoughts.(Originally posted at

  • Debbie I Heart YA Books
    2019-04-24 02:07

    The beginning chapters of Blood sent chills up my spine as Will described what being a vampire is like for him. K. J. Wignall has given a fresh and newly twisted meaning to being a creature of the night. The storyline in Blood is fantastic. Sixteen-year-old Will has existed seven hundred and fifty years. That's a long time to wait to discover what his destiny is, and to fulfill it. Will is strong and charismatic—also deeply intimate, he stole my heart. Eloise is independent and tough. She’s a determined sixteen-year-old, and nothing is going to stop her from being with Will. They’re each other’s destiny—a destiny that takes them on a dark, mysterious adventure to discover why Will was turned into a vampire to fulfill his destiny. And what Lorcan Labraid, the evil of the world, has called Will to do. There’s plenty of mystery in this Paranormal Fantasy of who, what, how, and why, but I’m not going to spoil the thrill. I do have to say K.J Wignall did an amazing job on Will and Eloise’s characters. Their relationship is perfect, like two pieces of puzzle fitting together to become a beautiful picture. I highly recommend Blood as a must read!

  • ☆ Naomi ☆
    2019-04-21 22:26

    Rating: ★★★☆☆It was an enjoyable read. Was it the best book I ever read? No, definitely not. Was it the worst book I ever read? Nope. I guess I just really wanted to stay in the horror theme this month, so that was one of the reasons why I picked it up. I only own the first book in the series, and I would like to read the next two books someday. But this series will not be on my 'have to finish' list.

  • Jessica (BookRockGoddess) Bolton
    2019-04-22 05:32

    I liked how this was not just another vampire novel. This book has a classic feel to it more like your old vampire novels. In this book the main character was changed in the 12th century and left to fend for himself. He did not know what had made him or why he was made because through the centuries he never met anyone like him. His life was nothing but keeping a low profile so that he was never discovered. Then everything changes when he wakes from one of his long hibernation and feeds on a homeless guy who goes into a trance and say weird things to him. Also, this guy has a notebook with things written about him that he couldn't possibly know and a girl, a special destiny and an enemy. That starts him on a journey to finally finding out about his past and why he is what he is. I found this book to be very creative and love the element of mystery in the book. I am not a fan of mystery at all, but the mystery just adds to the story and is not the entire story. I love how he wants to restore his family honor because of the curse placed on him. This book has me guessing on why he was chosen to live this life and is Eloise his soul mate or is she something bigger. I have a few theory's but I will have to wait until the next book to find out. Also, I want to know what the spirits really want with him because I don't think they are just trying to guide them or keep them from harm.I am very happy that the author is making this a trilogy because this story has so much potential to be of epic proportion that one book would not do it justice. This book has so many different angles to explore that it would have been a shame to tie it up in just one book. So, I am looking forward to reading more and seeing where the author plans to take us on this journey.

  • Kristen
    2019-04-02 04:25

    Another YA book, means another try at the vampire story. Apparently. I am happy to say, however, that while Blood by KJ Wignall is yet another foray into the YA Vamp bottomless pit (before you get in a twist over that, the pit has both good and bad in it) it is more about the action then the tortured romance. At least, as of the end of the first installment in the Mercian Trilogy. And I liked that. Unlike many of its contemporaries, this book doesn't really try to be about a superficial teenage relationship that only starts because one of the pair is soooooo dreamy that the reader swoons from the description of him. (It's usually a him. Not always, but usually.) It's set up about the mystery surrounding our protagonist's history. Namely, his search to find out how he became a vampire. It also doesn't try to romanticize the nature of a vampire, instead Will seems that he would happily accept death over the immortal vampire life he has. That's a little different from the Twilight and Twilight-like series that proliferate this genre. And it's a welcome difference.Our story goes something like this. Will wakes up from another period of hibernation and takes to the streets. Like always, after such a period he needs to feed. And that means finding someone who's life force he can get from their blood. Will doesn't know any other vamps. But, he decided long ago that he will only feed on those who are likely to not be missed. That's why he settles on Jax. Jax is a street person who seems a little off his rocker. But, he has a notebook that proves that he knows about Will - even if it's subconsciously. This notebook feeds Wills desire to find who turned him and why. Then, Will saves Ella from a bunch of street kids who are hassling her. She too is homeless, but that's a sad and sort of complicated story. Turns out that Will thinks he was destined to find Eloise and that she may be part of the key to finding out who turned him. Enter Chris and Rachael, friends of a sort of Ella's. And they embark on a journey to piece together clues left by Jax and his notebook. Despite what is a sort of clunky beginning (and, in the galley I received, I think I found a few glaring errors/inconsistencies that will hopefully be caught and corrected before final publication here in the US) I think the series has promise. And while the beginning is a little clunky - I like the idea behind the way it starts. I would not change that. It's a great way to open, watching Will wake up from hibernation. It just seems to need a little more fine tuning. But it was a wonderful refreshing way to start a book like this. I will say this, however, I am not sure this should really be a series. What I mean is that I think I would rather a longer stand-alon book then 3 short books - just so that it can be a series. Some stories really shouldn't be separate books. For example, one of my all time favorites is the Count of Monte Cristo - I can't imagine if the publishers (in what is presumably an attempt to make more money by publishing in installments) split that up into 3 or 4 little books. I am not sure I would have fallen in love with that story the way I did. It was seamless and you didn't need a cheat sheet to remember the details a year later when the next installment came out. Here, the book was short enough that I really wonder if it would not be more enjoyable as one long book. I will eagerly read the second, but I am not looking forward to the repetition that will likely be there so that if someone picks up #2 first, they aren't totally lost. That takes away from the enjoyment much of the time. Especially with short books. So far, the plot is intriguing. We really don't have much of a clue as to why Will was turned or who a few of the players are - those who are really only referred to but not introduced. Hopefully the connections will play out some in the 2nd (another problem with some serials - they wait until the last book to give you anything, sucking most of the joy out of reading the series because the reader is left feeling duped and let down after reading the second **hint, hint**) - I am not asking for all of them - just enough to keep me interested and keep the plot moving. It will also be interesting to see how the relationship between Will and Ella plays out. It hasn't been that gushy girly to die for romance so far. And I like it that way. It still leaves room for them to get together but seems to be a little more plot driven then romance driven. Where things got a little complicated (and another area where clunky seems the best way to describe it) was in the use of other paranormal entities/devices. The introduction of the ghosts sort of felt wasted. And while we hear early on that Will is turned right after the burning of some witches back in the 1200s, it really doesn't make sense that those same witches would be looking to help Will. They sort of come out of nowhere, seem threatening but then are all of a sudden helpful, and then wham! they are the witches. I felt like I got whiplash from wondering where the heck that came from. The best thing about this book was the little "flashbacks" - they weren't really flashbacks, but they were Will telling about his history. They were interesting and seemed to provide information about Will as a character which made it much easier to like him. I am hoping that there is more of a reason for each of the snippets we get later on though. Most of the descriptions in this book had a nice balance - I had just enough to form a picture that the author seemed to want me to have, and yet I was still free to fill in some blanks and I didn't get the same information repetitively (often, a problem with serials - where we get the same descriptions of places and characters over and over as a way to add girth to the page count, adding to the reason for splitting books that really shouldn't be split). I was able to form that little movie in my mind while I read the book and it didn't take four pages to merely set the scene. I am intrigued by the action at the end to. I didn't expect the cliffhanger to work out that way (no spoilers until after publication - that's my rule for galleys I get) but was happy that I was surprised. It's starting to be hard to surprise me - only because I read so much and a unique idea is apparently hard to come by in this genre. When all was done, I felt it was a happily spent few hours reading. I look forward to what ever #2 will be.

  • Karissa
    2019-04-13 05:28

    I got an advanced reading copy of this book through This is the first book in a planned trilogy. I wanted to love this book, but everything about it was pretty mediocre.Will was destined to be the Earl of Mercia in the thirteenth century, that was until he was bitten and came down with the Sickness and died. Then he awoke as something other, something undead. Now seven centuries have passed for some of the time Will has been awake and trying to blend in amoung humanity, for the rest of the time he has been in a hibernation-like sleep. One thing has always plagued Will though, why was he bitten? When will kills a squatter who knows Will's name, Will finds out that he may be part of a larger plan. Then Will is drawn to Eloise, maybe she is the key to the why behind his vampirism?Okay I am trying to think about something positive to say about this book. The writing was okay and there weren't any glaring technical errors. Also the idea of a vampire as a solitary creature over centuries is intriguing, if a tad unrealistic.Will has spent his past nearly 800 years between periods of hibernation and living amoung the human race. He wants to know why he was changed. This is the first problem I have with the book, I mean seriously what has he done the last 800 years? Why is he still stuck at square one regarding his own history?Then Will stumbles upon Eloise and saves her from some gang-members. He is drawn to her, Eloise is THE ONE. Okay I have mentioned before how much I hate this immediate love at first sight, destiny kind of thing. Seriously why would Will be drawn to her of all women in the last 800 years? Then there is Eloise she is a runaway who left her privaleged life because she felt ignored by her parents. Okay. Problem is, she is kind of a brat and when this crazy Will guy starts telling her he is a vampire she is all like "That is so awesome, I completely trust you now". Not kidding, she is galavanting off with him to his secret lair in no time flat. She does this after explaining to Will that she is super cautious and never tells anyone her real name.So I wasn't that impressed with the two main characters. What about the secondary character? Well the secondary characters consist of a couple of Vegan coffee shop owners who are called Chris and Rachel. They are supposed to help Will somehow, but they basically become a glorified taxi service for Will and Eloise. So no winners there. Even the bad guy is pretty underdeveloped. We never are never given a motive for the bad guy's actions outside of "well a guy who is badder than me made me do it"You don't even get to the meat of the story until the last fourth of the book. It isn't until this part of the book that we are finally given a break from Will's whining about his ignorance and Eloise's blind devotion, here we finally start to get drawn into the mystery of why Will was turned. Then the book ends without resolving anything, it is totally just setup for the next book.Overall I didn't enjoy this book. While it is technically decently written, it had a number of flaws. The premise behind Will and his history felt contrived, the characters were shallow and bland, the pace drags in the beginning of the book, and nothing is resolved in this book. Eloise contradicts herself often, Will is drawn to her immediately and I hate that kind of basis for a character relationship. The idea of a solitary vampire who hibernates was an interesting one, but just not a very good premise for this type of story...or maybe just not well done in this case. I will not be reading more books in this series and recommend readers check out other MG/YA vampire paranormal series; Vampire Academy and Blood Ninja are pretty good, there are numerous others out there.

  • Andrea at Reading Lark
    2019-04-01 21:24

    Review Posted on Reading Lark 10/13/11: honestly wasn't sure what to expect from this read going in. I expected vampires and the typical YA fangirly worthy romance, but Blood actually isn't the traditional YA vampire title. I liked that the vampires in this one fall in line with the much more traditional lore with some interesting modifications and the story is not focused on the romantic elements, but rather on a centuries long mystery.K.J. Wignall is bringing the vampire genre back to its roots with the story of Will, a young nobleman who dies in the 1200's, but rises again as a member of the undeads' ranks. Will has no idea who is responsible for his change and he's never met another of his kind. He finds himself waking at random intervals throughout the decades after long periods of hibernation. Upon waking, he files down his fangs, dons a wardrobe of black, and takes to the streets to learn about the current society that lives above ground. His most recent awakening feels different, but he shakes it off to go out in search of blood. His kill will prove to be more than just a food source, but the victim will also point Will down a path that will change his existence and give new meaning to his immortality. Can Will finally unlock the secrets of his past?I loved everything about this book. The plot was interesting and gave me plenty to think about. I am so anxious to read the rest of the series to finally get all of the answers about Will. Pacing in this novel felt spot on. I didn't feel like anything was rushed or too slow. I couldn't wait to get home from work each evening and spend time among these pages. The characters, particularly Will and Eloise, were easy to like. Their stories came to life and I began to truly care about their fates. Seeing the unlikely friendship between Will and Eloise blossom was one of my favorite aspects of this book. I am curious to see how their intertwined destinies will unravel.Finally, I enjoyed that this book didn't focus on the romance elements. It feels like every paranormal YA book out there right now has to have some sordid love affair or a love triangle. Many of these new books also seem to forsake the art of storytelling in order to dwell on the romance and the teen jargon. Those elements feel so repetitive and I find myself craving a good story. Wignall certainly delivers with this book. This book is YA because of the age of the characters, but the writing is more sophisticated than one would expect from a typical read within this genre. Vampire fans - regardless of age - will enjoy this book. One Last Gripe: I want to know who this sorcerer is and what his deal is - I hope these lingering questions are put to rest in future booksMy Favorite Thing About This Book: The historical elementsFirst Sentence: We burned the witches in 1256.Favorite Character: WillLeast Favorite Character: Taz

  • Big Book Little Book
    2019-03-28 21:36

    To the shock and horror of many, I've never actually read a 'Vampire' book before and was therefore unable to contribute to our recent 'around the table' discussions regarding Twilight - now on my 'to read' pile! So this was my first experience and I didn't know if it would be my cup of tea or not. However I was drawn in by the beautiful black, silver and red cover and I'm pleased that the story inside didn't disappoint.Blood, which is book one of the Mercian Trilogy introduces our protagonist Will. Will was born back in 1256 and only made it to sixteen years old having been struck down by a 'strange illness'. We learn that he was bitten by a creature and although buried by his family, he never dies. Set in London, he has a crypt under the city walls and every few years or so after a good long sleep he awakes again not knowing which century he will be in and how life will have changed in the real world. He has witnessed much over the years and is longing to find the creature that bit him and to find answers about what happened to him all those years ago.I felt sorry for him. He has never met another like him, and has not known anyone who can help him or explain how he came to be in this situation. To him death would be preferable to the existence he has had for the last 750 plus years. The first chapter sets the scene well and I enjoyed the author's descriptive narrative throughout the book. We follow Will on his journey as he first off sets out to satisfy his need for blood - which wasn't gruesome at all - quite clean and methodical in fact! Will rarely needs to have blood - he does it when necessary and he feeds off of drifters and those who wouldn't be missed. It's all quite different to the 'Vampires' that I had imagined.He finds Jex, who 'lives' in an abandoned warehouse and he becomes Will's unfortunate victim. He also meets Eloise, who is homeless, feisty and completely un-phased by Will's description of himself as 'undead'. She wants to help him in his quest and isn't remotely concerned or scared by anything that they encounter. Going back to Jex's place, they see that he has been writing and drawing pictures and Will realises his writings hold clues to help his quest. As they investigate they find themselves under attack from a supernatural entity. This leads to some fast paced battles which I thought were well written. Along the way, the truth slowly starts to reveal itself leading finally to a showdown in an old abandoned church where Will begins to get some answers at last.There is romance, but nothing gushy or mushy. The story is unfinished as it's the first of a Trilogy but I shall read the rest. I found it all rather intriguing. Verdict: An enjoyable and interesting read, and a great introduction to the Trilogy.Lesley :

  • Angela
    2019-04-14 02:11

    I congratulate K.J. Wignall for writing this book. In so many different ways, Blood was different compared to most books about vampires. Instead of just being about the relationship of a male vampire and a female, the action is there. The beginning introduced everything including the romance. Gladly, I read this without having to go through too much mushy stuff. This book included the action from the very beginning. There was no relationship mush that lasted longer than a chapter.This whole mess, as I like to put it, starts off with William, a really old, well 750+ year old vampire coming back from hibernation. He has been hibernating for 20 years, so not many things have really changed. As he checks out the world he now lives in, he saves a girl, Eloise, from some gang members. For some reason, he and Eloise feel this connection. They feel that they are destined to meet. After their meeting, they try to discover the mystery behind William's transformation into a vampire. Will does not remember how he was bitten or his transformation. Throughout the whole investigation, Will and Eloise grow closer to each other.Yes, that is the basic gist of Blood. It was a very fast pace book compared to most. Though the plot may seem dull, the whole darkness that seeps through the pages captures you and holds you captive as you read this novel. I could not put it down for the short while I read this book. The one true regret I had with this book was the whole intro. It was rushed and did not explain well William's problem or situation. I also thought that Will's adaption to the twenty-first century was a little too easy. Back 20 years ago, we used cassette tapes, computers and had different hair styles compared to today's. But William didn't seem to notice or experience these changes. This is one thing that rather bugged me a bit.The relationship between Will and Eloise was a charming one. Eloise clearly had enough spunk and heart to believe and care for Will. She did not care whether Will was a vampire. Of course she was curious in the beginning, but was not frightened or really that shocked. That's one of the reasons I root for this relationship. At the same time, Will really shows that he cares about Eloise more than he acts. It is obvious however, that he is willing to pretty much do anything for Eloise. In a way, this relationship is sweeter than any other I have read of.This book was a well written book as well. I cannot imagine the novel written in any other way other. Well done Mr. Wignall!This book deserves 4 stars. Definitely!

  • Penelope
    2019-04-19 22:25

    It took me a while to get through Blood; not because it is a long book but because I felt...well, if I am to be honest, I felt bored. When I finished reading, it was like I had been reading something that was much longer than it really was. It is pretty slow-paced, and there isn't a lot that happens until the last third of the book.In the beginning, Will--the main character, who is a vampire--gives some great history and background about his past. I was fascinated by the details of his story. He definitely has a history spanning hundreds of years, and he doesn't act too modern (in language or actions) at all. He was literally an old mind in a teenager's body. While I read, I thought: Finally, a vampire who actually acts like he has been alive for centuries! But then it continued. Most of the book consists of Will's thoughts. Only Will's thoughts. There isn't a lot of conversation until later. This is, probably, because Will is alone for a lot of the book, so it couldn't really be helped. But after a while, I felt like I was having a history lesson of some sort, instead of reading a vampire story. This also kept me from getting to know any of the other characters. We see them through Will's eyes, and although he notices more in social situations than most people would, he relates so much of it to his past and how he was wronged, so that we didn't get to see much personality from any of the other characters.Things did pick up though, and the story did get more interesting. Unfortunately, everything seemed to happen at the end of the book, and then it was over all too quickly. Everything seemed to fall into place in just a few chapters, and then it was over. I am at such a loss with this book. I enjoyed the beginning so much because of the great historical descriptions, and I felt sorry for Will and what he had gone through. But by the time it got to the exciting part, it was too little, too late. I wasn't invested in the characters, and I didn't much care what happened to them.I have no idea who I would recommend it to. It reminds me a lot of The Historian; lots and lots of workup, with little of anything else happening until the end. And while I hate to make that connection (it is a completely different story), it is the closest thing I can compare it to. If you liked The Historian, you may like this book.See the original review on my blog: The Reading Fever.*I was provided with a copy of this review in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-02 03:17

    Will has been a vampire for over 750 years, he has no idea who gave him this curse and he has never met another of his kind. He should have become the Earl of Mercia but was changed before he inherited his title. Will has just woken up from a long period of hibernation and is once again searching for answers, this time, after finding a prophecy it appears he might finally be close to discovering his destiny.What I really liked about this book is that we're getting back to the more traditional kind of vampires, Will isn't completely evil but he makes no appologies for having to kill people to survive. He isn't constantly murdering people and can in fact go for long periods without blood but when he wakes from hibernation he must drain a victim. It makes a nice change from the vampires we've been seeing a lot of in YA fiction recently - the ones that drink animal blood or only drink small amounts from willing victims.Will is a lonely character and it becomes easy to feel for him, he never asked for his curse and having never met the person who changed him he has struggled to learn about his condition. He has known a lot of loss throughout the years and is wary of getting close to anyone because he knows they will eventually die and leave him alone again. I loved the chapters where you find out more about his past and felt the diary entry feel to them worked really well.I have to admit I wasn't so keen on Eloise though, we didn't really find out enough about her for me to be able to relate to her in any way but I'm hoping that changes as the series continues. The main story focuses on the mystery of why Will was changed and who changed him which is something I'm really enjoying and looking forward to finding out more about. Although there is a little romance it takes a backseat to the main story which was fine but I didn't find it believable. Eloise was far too quick to accept that Will is a vampire, she knows he murdered his last victim but doesn't really show any fear of him which surprised me. I was even more surprised that she tries to kiss him so soon after meeting him and even asks him to change her into a vampire.Overall I still enjoyed the story but I'm much more interested in finding out why Will was changed and how the prophecy will play out than I am in the possible romance. That isn't a bad thing, I don't need romance in every book I read, and I hope that the focus of the series continues in the same direction.

  • Niina
    2019-04-11 03:11

    William wakes up in the twenty first century, he’s been sleeping, if you call it sleep for the undead, for good twenty years since he last was awake. Over 750 years old he’s forever trapped in a body of a tall 16 year old young man. As he awakes he notices that something is different this time around, from his first spilled blood things turn from ordinary to odd, prophecy reveals itself and he finds the girl of it near by the river alone without a home to go to and someone is attacking him which rarely happens.Will is trying to figure out just what makes this time around awake different, why all the things that have never happened before happen now. It is tied to his maker, the man who made him ‘sick’, the man he’s never seen or ever heard from who made him and then just left him to fend for his own, he’s sure of it.Will’s character is almost numb from being alone for so long not wanting any company and it makes an interesting protagonist. See most vampires (though Will likes to be called undead) are animalistic, emotional, slightly showy in the books I’ve read previously – but Will… Will is subdued, calm, and unemotional. It isn’t until he gets to know the girl that some emotions surface, but even those are subdued.The impression is he’s very sad, even when he’s forced to tackle things that require emotions it’s written in a way that is not bland, but very calm even when he’s nervous or afraid, it’s almost foreboding a very grim future and reflecting a grim past as well.With the sadness and the sense of growing foreboding there are lighter elements in the book like Will’s lack of knowing the current slang or what some technological advances are, most memorable laugh came as he wondered what born-again Christians were and just what making out was. ;)The story is something that teenagers can relate to, the feeling of loneliness – and Eloise brings the bit of life and excitement to the story that is lacking in Will. I’d almost call this dark, but in a way that it is hazy not full blow dark. I’ve never read a novel quite written like this, I’d say it’s going to be one of those books you either love or hate, depending on your view of life.I'd say this book is going to go down well with boys/young men, it has that feel to it.

  • Tammi
    2019-04-01 04:28

    This is the story of William, the future Earl of Mercia, aka Will. It tells of how he came down with the “sickness” when he was sixteen and how his life was spent. After seven centuries, when he awakens from his usual hibernation, he goes outside to feed and find Jez, who tells him “You need the girl, the girl needs you, you need the…” before he takes his blood and his life. Jez has with him, a notebook that intrigues Will and so he takes it before he leaves. On Jez’s wall, and in his notebook, there are pictures of a girl. A girl that Will supposedly “needs.” As he is leaving the scene, he meets Eloise, who is living on the streets in a doorway. He soon realizes that they were destined to meet, although neither of them understands why. Many unusual things start happening to Will. He doesn’t understand why all this is happening now when he has lived for so long and it has been uneventful up to that point. Through Eloise, he meets Chris and Rachel, friends that own a vegan café near where she was staying. Chris and Rachel are excited about the paranormal and they eventually help Will and Eloise in their task of finding the one who inflicted Will with the sickness of being undead, finding out what Asmund, Wyndham and Lord Labraid have to do with Will’s destiny and why Eloise is tied to it.I like the way that this story explains the history behind Will’s sickness. How he became undead, the emotions that he has experienced throughout his lifetime and what he has experienced to give you an understanding of his mindset. The way that Wignall explains the experiences Will has had is extraordinary. I especially love his description of Will waking up for the first time. This book is entertaining and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the story plays out in the books to come.

  • Cyberiasha
    2019-03-28 02:25

    I finished blood and I have to say that while I had high anticipation for it, I was not expecting what I received in return. The novel is good and will truly keep you entertained, especially the feel of the setting from the worn out river front to the cafe to the abandoned church, you will definitely get a very unique take on the London city landscape. You will also get a different kind of vampire, one that is very solitary and recluse to the point of fracture. Things take on a different vantage point when the main character finds that he finally has an opportunity to find the person/creature that turned him. I would like to say that what he finds during the journey is epic and amazing, but I wouldn't be very honest if i did that. There are number of really cool elements that move the story along, these zombied spectures and some inventive creatures but, if I were being honest, its the vampire that drags the story. He is very old, so his coming on to a 19 - 20 year old is a bit hard to swallow in the storyline and might have played better if she were in her early 30s Briget Jones style. The other hard to swallow element is his obssession with restoring his family's honor. Given that he has has exposure to the human world over the 50's and 80's it would have to have some sort of impact on who he decided to be as a person. I feel that aspect of the charcter development is lost on this vampire and he takes it to an exteme that is hard to buy. Not taking any of these things into account this is still a very well written and entertaining story. I would even go so far as to say that I would read any follow ups, just to see what becomes of him and if he is changed in any way by the experience. Out of 5 stars I am giving this one 3. Happy reading.

  • Stacey Conrad
    2019-04-12 02:09

    “I’ve never looked at fire in the same way since that night, nor witches for that matter, or anybody else who’s apart. Perhaps apart is the wrong word, for I was apart even then, in that I was above the people and below God and the King, born into greatness.” (Loc. 10-16)I love the idea of apart, not odd, weird, strange, or rude, but apart. What a great description of people who don’t “blend in” like the rest of us. Blood is about being apart, yet looking for a way to find a place where belonging brings completeness, closure, or satisfaction, not necessarily a happily ever after. Blood is an unusual take on the vampire myth. Will doesn’t live the life of a mythical vampire. He prefers the term, undead, and has spent much of his “life” in hibernation. Now, 750 years after his “creation,” prophecies and portents are converging to give him answers to the questions he’s had for so long. Who created him? Why? Who prepared the chambers where he hides? Will doesn’t need to feed often, and uses the “life force” more than the actual blood to restore him after his periods of hibernation. His time asleep lasts longer than his time awake and he is amused by the stories we humans have told of his kind. Yet, the girl he likes is tempting to him and not in a good way. She is a part of the answers Will seeks, but the visions he has only confuse the issues for him. I am intrigued; I will look for the second one.

  • Kara-karina
    2019-04-16 03:13

    2.5/5 Egalley thanks to Egmont USAI have to say despite the exciting synopsis this book left me severely disappointed. It's written in such way that it makes you feel detached from the very start.The main character William is 800+ years old vampire, and what did he do with most of his afterlife? Hibernation, hibernation, hibernation. He is forever sixteen, quite striking and very emo. I am undead, I want to die, but can't, see no point in my existence, woe is me. Let's skulk underneath my city walls for eternity.Doesn't sound exiting straight away?Enter some obscure prophecy from the lips of Will's dying victim who tells Will that the evil master of all evilness is waiting for him. Or he also needs to find the girl.Enter Eloise, a spoiled emo from a good family playing a runaway because her uncle and aunt don't pay her enough attention and her friend didn't invite her to spend holidays together. Charming.What a coincidence, - she is our girl.Enter Chris and Rachel who inexplicably should be able to help and all they do is run a vegan coffee house."Dude," you say, "this doesn't make much sense."But wait, you skim the pages trying to find an explanation, a more coherent picture and there isn't one.The characters don't fill up, the motives feel absurd and the whole idea of obscure evil just isn't appealing. I'm sorry I tried to like this book, but failed.

  • Kt
    2019-03-29 21:18

    I really wanted to like this book, so much so, that I continued to muster through it even though it never once grabbed a hold of me. The characters are quite one dimensional, especially Will, who could be described as nothing short of extremely emo. He has lived for hundreds of years, yet all he has done is sleep, brood, and wish to die. He takes suicidal to the extreme, with many failed attempts as he simply cannot die. Then we pull in the so called destiny behind Will's life, which really needed to be expanded on a whole lot more to be even slightly intriguing. Keeping with the theme, that "prophecy" tells him he must find a girl, and of course that girl turns out to be emo as well. I've never been able to relate to characters whose entire outlook on life is "woe on me," so I had a really hard time caring what happened to the characters of Blood, especially since they seemed to have a very hard time caring themselves. Perhaps the second installment will show a little progression of plot, or even a clear cut picture of the evil Will is to face. I'm sure Blood will appeal to many readers, but for me, it ultimately fell flat.

  • Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*
    2019-04-03 02:09

    Q: Why am I reading this?A: Because I like vampires.Q: When is something exciting going to happen?A: Definitely not within the first hundred pages. Which is odd considering there were already two action scenes.Q: Why am I still reading this?A: Because I like vampires, duh, but other than that I don't know. I think I'll stop.Q: Why is the guy on the front cover shirtless?A: Eh, who cares? He's hot.I really wanted to get into this book because 1) it's about a vampire (or undead, as Will would say) and 2) it's about a more traditional vampire. Sadly, the writing (I'm pretty sure the writing's to blame) was so dull I couldn't muster any interest for the story or the characters. I used to finish every book I started, but I no longer have that kind of time to waste. Ultimately this book had nothing to keep me reading and I decided to abandon it around the halfway mark.Note to vampires everywhere: Don't worry. I haven't lost my faith in you.

  • Felicia
    2019-04-15 02:20

    One thing I would like to point out is the cover. I love the cover. The guy reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio. Second, I love how the author wrote the book. It really sounded like it was written from the perspective of someone who actually was over seven hundred years old. I liked the characters and everything. The only problem I had was with some of the plot. I don't like books that rush some important parts. I felt that there were a few parts that were rushed, like the big fight with Will's creator. It was really strange. It flew by so fast that I had to read it twice to understand what happened. Other than that, I really enjoyed the book.

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-04 03:10

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was surprised by how refreshing and unique the story was as well as the main character, Will. In a time when vampire books are rampant, Blood definitely stands out to me. This book was well written and the world that was built was enticing. I was captured from the beginning and glued to the excitement until the end. I am eager to find out more about Will and Eloise's destiny and the ending chapter left me with a lot of questions on what will happen next...I am sooo ready for the next book to see how the relationships continue to grow and how destiny unfolds for Will and Eloise!!Definitely recommend!

  • Kira Simion
    2019-04-02 23:27

    3.5 stars rounded down

  • Debbie Hazeleger
    2019-04-18 23:30

    Well, at least the cover is pretty, because no one should go any further when it comes to this hot mess. And here I was thinking twilight was atrocious, but it looks like we've hit a new low.

  • Dark Faerie Tales
    2019-04-09 23:20

    Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Strong exposition and a unique take on vampires come together in this novel to show us another side of the world we live in. The first in a new series, this novel is a build up to book two.Opening Sentence: We burned the witches in 1256.The Review:A vampire wakes up from hibernation to discover ghosts stalking him and a human girl somehow connected to his destiny–whatever that is. Wignall has created vampires that are different from our classic Draculas. They don’t need blood for physical survival–it’s the vampires’ souls that calls for it. While their bodies are trapped at the age they died, vampires hair and teeth (which he files down [insert shudder here]) and fingernails continue to grow. I’m pretty sure the author was trying to use the urban legend that hair and fingernails continue to grow after death, but it’s not true (no corpses were exhumed to find this information). And they can hibernate for years–decades, if they drank enough before sleeping.Will died at the age of sixteen as the heir to the Earldom of Mercia and awoke to find his father dead and his brother had inherited his title. Everyone thought Will was killed because of the witch burnings–because in hindsight Will knows those were innocent women his father sent to death. But the truth is turning out to be far more involved and complex than anything Will can imagine.We’re introduced to a kind of villain hierarchy in this book. There are bad guys. Then the bosses of the bad guys. Then Lorcan Labraid, the evil of all evilness. Will’s never heard of him, but he’s certainly interested in Will. So is Wyndham, another unknown element hunting Will. All we know about Wyndham is that he’s scary enough even ghosts live in fear of his power. But Lorcan’s really our concern in this book, so he’s the villain I’ll focus on. Will and his readers are introduced to the fact he has a destiny almost from the get go: he wakes up, he needs blood, he finds someone he doesn’t think will be missed. But just before he can kill him, this squatter spews nonsense about Will and a girl–a girl he’s going to need. Now, if Will didn’t need this guys blood so much maybe he would have waited a second before sucking him dry. But he couldn’t and now the homeless guy is dead. All Will has to go on is nonsense scribbled inside his journal–a journal that also happens to have a sketch of a girl named Eloise.Will’s been alone for hundreds of years, but it’s hard to be with a girl who tastes like dinner–no matter how pretty she might be. So Will is going to stay away from Eloise. He’s going to go back to his crypt and hibernate and forget all about the guy hunting him down. Except the ghosts that were haunting him are going after Eloise too. And when he listens, he can hear them. What they’re saying isn’t good.I like the character building Wignall does here. Eloise is a smart heroine and there are a number of points in the story where she reacts in what I think is a perfectly reasonable manner. But there are moments with Will–particularly in the present, though sometimes in the flashbacks too–that take a long time to read. He spends a lot of time thinking. A lot of time brooding. And a lot more time wondering what’s going on. Rachel and Chris are classic stock characters at the moment, though I have high hopes for their development in the next book. In Blood they were just convenience characters. They helped move along the mystery a tinsy bit, but if their characters didn’t exist I think the story would have been just as well. There are hints at the end of Blood that there’s more to their place in the story than just being convenient.This book can’t function as a stand-alone read. As the first in a series, some questions get answered but we’re left asking a whole lot more. Honestly, that was one of my main problems after finishing the book. I wasn’t satisfied with it at all, not because of the questions so much as the way they contributed to the let down at the end. Wignall does a great job of making sure his characters only know what they could realistically put together–he doesn’t take the easy way out as far as the mystery is concerned. Not only does this help build suspense, but it makes his characters more realistic. A good book, even if we do get a little bogged down in Will’s thought monologues. I definitely want to read the next one to find out who on earth all these villains are–as well as why Will is so important to them.Notable Scene:“Look in the mirrors–tell me what you see.”He didn’t understand. “I told you, I cast a reflection.”“No, I mean look in the mirrors.”Out of the corner of his eye then he spotted something moving in the mirrors. He looked across the room, but there was nothing there. He drew closer and immediately saw that there were shadowy figures beyond the glass, as if they were windows looking on to some dulled room, just visible beyond the reflection of tiled walls.They were hooded, wearing dark robes, so at first Will thought they were monks, but almost immediately he realized from their silhouettes that they were women. He tried to focus on their faces but couldn’t and every time one came close she seemed to keep her face hidden from him.“They’re whispering,” he said because he could hear it now.“I thought they were. Can you hear what they’re saying?”“No,” he said, lying, not wanting to tell her what it was. “I can’t see their faces either.”“I saw them,” she said, her voice sounding small. He turned to look at her and she said, “They don’t have any. They’re just blank, or almost blank.”The Mercian Trilogy:1. BloodFTC Advisory: EgmontUSA provided me with a copy of Blood. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

  • Brittany
    2019-04-19 02:27

    I don't like writing bad things about books, especially vampire books (they're my favorite), but this book was incredibly boring. I forced myself to finish, eventually skimming the pages picking up on the main context of the story. I believe the story line was interesting; however, the execution seemed to be lacking.

  • Jenn
    2019-04-15 01:22

    RECEIVED FROM: Net Galley For Review***NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERS***William of Mercia was born in 1240 and his death as recorded in 1256, the night that seven witches were burned by his father. But William didn’t die in 1256, he gained an illness an illness that caused him to sleep for more than a century and when he awoke, he awoke craving the blood of the living. William is a vampire, or the undead as he prefers to be called. For seven hundred year he’s lived in a cycle waking for maybe a decade to drink, though not often and walk nights among man, then sleeping for the decades or centuries between. He’s never met the person who did this to him, who bit him. He’s never met anyone like him nor has he ever felt any sense of purpose. But this time when he awakens thing have changed. His first kill, the one he needs upon waking speak through the trance of a great evil searching for him and his need to find the girl. Unfamiliar names and purposes surrounds him and when Will finds the girl, Eloise he only knows that she’s meant to be in his life and he’s determined to protect her from whatever threatens them both. But will he discover what threatens them before it’s too late?I debated on the rating for this as I do with many novels. I use a five star rating system because it’s most common for cross posting. But it’s difficult sometimes to lump books into five levels of goodness. This book was interesting, intriguing and well written, however I don’t feel it’s up to the same level as the books I’ve given four star ratings to. One is a matter of preference, despite the different things that occur in the story the pacing is slow or at least it seemed slower to me. It was also difficult to get into. The first few pages were entrancing, the first person accounts from William, but when it opens into the actually third person story it seems slower and more distant after having gotten that up close and personal view from William. To be honest I don’t really understand the need here to switch between a first and third person narrative. Had parts of the third person narrative been from Eloise’s point of view it would have made sense to have both because the first person accounts are driving and raw. Those are some of the best parts of the novel. However even in the third person you remain in William’s point of view until the very last chapter so I don’t really see the point in switching. The ending of this novel was chilling and has left me eager to read the next book in this series. The first and third person are distinguished by an italicized first person and the switch isn’t a constant thing so I guess it’s not really distracting to switch between but since the third person scenes are so withdrawn comparatively I would say using both narratives detract from the story. The story doesn’t start to really pick up pace until near the middle when answers start coming, though nothing is totally answered even by the end. You get a semi-full story arc in that William wants to and does find his maker, but the rest, the why he was made etc remains a question even as the book finishes. It’s fairly well written even if it is slow moving and by the middle of the book you are fairly hooked on the story even if you weren’t gripped in the beginning. The book includes ghosts, prophecies, vampires and sorcerers all woven together in a modern setting and much of its frustration and appeal are the fact that everything remains a mystery from beginning to end. Even as some questions are answered, the answers only create more questions. Wignall definitely shows a talent for creating an air of mystery in her storyline. The connection between the characters of Will and Eloise seemed a bit forced and even though they can’t even really kiss, the instant trust of one and other doesn’t completely make sense. The idea of a romance between them makes even less sense.Her characters are fairly well developed, at least that of Will and a little bit of Eloise, though she still remains a bit of a mystery. I think the lack of letting the reader really get to know the characters is part of the mystery and I have no doubts that as we progress further in the series the characters will become more developed and more of their mysteries. I can’t say as I can really say the character development was a fault since I believe it was intentional and did actually support the air of mystery we receive throughout the novel.Overall despite the three star rating, I’d definitely recommend this book to reader of the young adult paranormal genre. It’s intriguing and the type of story that wraps itself around you like a mist to leave you wanting more.

  • Julie Witt
    2019-04-16 03:23

    I got this book free for review from Netgalley for my honest review.From Goodreads: I do not remember being bitten. I wish I did, for then I would know the creature who did this to me and I would have a purpose, to track him down and repay him for the poisoned gift he gave me. Back in the Thirteenth Century, Will was destined to be Earl of Mercia, although he never lived to inherit his title. In the centuries that follow, Will has led a lonely life, learning to deal with whatever the present day throws at him, always searching for answers but never finding any. Until this time, when he awakens after a 20-year-slumber, hungry for the blood that sustains his undeath, when it appears that he is finally getting a glimpse at why he exists. He does indeed have a destiny, and an enemy, but revealing that fate will be a matter of trust..This just touches on the very beginning of the book, and there is much, much more to come. I loved this book! Yes, it was "another YA vampire book", but it was completely different from other vamp books out there. For one, the romance was sweet and innocent, and was definitely not the major storyline, which was nice. Will and Eloise were destined to be together, and Will waited for her for over 700 years, although he had no idea what he was waiting for. He was born in March of 1240, and "died" in October of 1256, although he did not wake up from his hibernation so to speak, until the autumn of 1349. That is one thing that is different form other vamp books: He is awake for a period of a decade or two, and then he goes to sleep for about the same amount of time. Sometimes everything and everyone he has known in the last time he was awake are gone by the time he wakes again, although to him it seems like just yesterday. He is the only one of his kind, and he is miserable. Nothing in his life ever changes, until now. Why now? Read this excerpt:"Was it possible he had a destiny to fulfill? For all these centuries he had considered himself cursed, a victim, and the fantasies he had entertained on and off had been of vengeance, not of fulfillment. Even now, it was the thought of a confrontation with the creature that stirred him most, but he couldn't help being drawn to the siren call of destiny, to the suggestion that his existence had meant something."The book is told in the third person during the majority of the story, with first person narratives thrown in to give us back story throughout. And it work beautifully! The flow of the story is not broken at all, it is enhanced. I found both Will and Eloise quite likeable. I liked their attraction to each other, it was sweet and not forced, and not the end all and be all of the story. I am looking forward to seeing where their story takes them in the next installment. You don't have to worry about sex scenes in this book, which is appropriate for the story and for a YA novel, but the story is also not lacking because of it. In fact, I think if they did have sex, it would have taken away from the sweetness and innocence of their love story, which was an appealing aspect of their story. I mean, she is only 16, and he is over 700 years old, so it would have been really creepy! Although, he has held himself completely apart from humanity for those 700 years, so even though he is that old, he does have an innocence about him, which is a pleasant surprise. All in all, I liked everything about this book, and I can't wait to read the next one in the trilogy! I recommend it to anyone looking for a new take on the YA vampire story. But please, don't call him a vampire: He prefers the word "undead," as you can tell from the following excerpt:"I do not like the name vampire - it seems to melodramatic, so fanciful. I have long preferred the word undead, and have thought of myself in that way for at least two hundred years. Is it not what I am? I have been treated as someone dead - buried, my death recorded - yet here I am, still alive, suspended in time. I am the undead Earl of Mercia."Have fun reading it - I know I did!

  • Kristin
    2019-03-24 04:30

    The story focuses around Will who has been a vampire since 1256. He is not your typical vampire. He doesn't sleep during the day and is out at night. Instead he sort of reminds me of a bear. A really sleepy bear. Will doesn't just sleep for a few measly hours of the day, he sleeps for decades at a time! So every time Will wakes up not only is everyone that he knew deceased but in some cases their children's children are long gone as well. Could you image going to sleep in the 1930's to wake up in the 70's? Eck! I don't even want to imagine the horror.I really liked how Wignall wrote Will. He tells you the story of how Will's family thought him to be dead after he was bitten, so they buried him. Well when Will "rose" he found himself buried alive... or rather undead. Er, you know what I mean. Anyways by the time he awakens, his entire family is already deceased. Not only that but under his family's crypt is an underground lair for Will with clothing and some essentials that someone had built, knowing that Will would need it. So over the years Will adds furniture to his lair and spends the majority of his time down there when he is awake. He is used to living his life on his own, hoping to one day come across his maker and thank him for the generous gift he had given Will, so many centuries past. (insert sarcasm there). Well, this time when he wakes up, the person that he feeds on after his slumber just so happens to be Jex, the profit, who tells him about Eloise and how Will must find her because she is his destiny.Which brings me to Eloise who starts off as being snarky. Will comes across her while she is hanging out in a buildings doorway. Clearly, she is homeless and staying there. When Will tries to talk to her she gets really defensive and tells him to leave her alone. When he see's her the second time, a group of teenage boys are harassing her. Will comes to her defense and that is when she starts to loosen up and she tells her story on how she came to live on the streets.The story primarily revolves around Will and Eloise trying to find the person who bit Will. While doing so they come across a lot of obstacles from other parties who are unwelcoming towards Will. The story progressed at a good speed and it seemed like there was always something new around the corner. Not only were they dealing with uncovering the mystery behind Will's maker but they also had ghosts, sorcerers and other supernatural things jumping out at them throughout the story. I am interested to see what happens next in Will's story and whether or not he can uncover the whole truth and why Eloise is apart of the mystery.My favorite part...Was when Will remembers the time when he tried to bite and turn a servant girl into a vampire so that he would have a companion. He was so lonely and wanted her to stay with him throughout the years and she was willing to be bitten. The only thing though, was that when Will bit her and buried her so that she could be reborn, she never came out. So when he dug her up 16 years later he didn't find a body but rather bones. -I liked this part because far too often vampire books tend to show you the lighter side of things. With this case though not only did Will accidentally kill the one person that accepted him but he has regretted his decision ever since. After the incident he came to the realization that he will never have anyone with him, he will live a solitary life.

  • Farhana Chowdhury
    2019-03-31 21:36

    For a book called "Blood" I have to say, the contents aren't so bloody...I was given this book by my sister a couple of weeks ago and didn't expect much. Sure the cover looked interesting, but Vampire fiction is so common these days I didn't even bat an eye. This is another quick read which I managed to finish in less than a day. Once I'd finished it, I felt conflicted. At some points Wignall's writing was like a breath of fresh air, at others I was asking myself why I was still reading.I liked..The fact that the main character is written well. The smaller extracts written from Will's perspective are probably my favourite parts of the whole book. I felt like I could understand him and relate to him a lot easier because of them. :) There were a few times when I forgot that he was living in the body of a sixteen year old and had to remind myself. But I don't mind: I like that Will doesn't try to act like a regular teenager.Another thing I liked about the book was the fact that not everyone can be made into a Vampire. I'm so sick of reading books where the male Vampire is fighting his girlfriend to make sure she stays human when she really wants to be a Vampire like him. Although the book does use this idea as a plot point, to my delight it doesn't last for long! :)I didn't like so much:The fact that the story line reminded me a lot of Prophecy: Child of Light. It's familiar - at the end of the day both books hold common ground: Vampires - but familiarity was not what I wanted. But I guess that's what happens when a mass of authors write about the same thing - ideas get recycled. On the other hand, if you've read and like either of these books, you'll most definitely like the other one. :)Another point to note, is that nothing really happens. 288 pages and I'd say 150 of those pages contained anything significant. On the other hand, the book is easy to read so it's easy to read it all fairly quickly. The fact that nothing happens means the book is easy to forget. I'm straining to remember what happened in the book even now and I read it a week ago.I also feel like the romance between Will and Eloise is a bit forced. It isn't written as naturally as it could have been.[SPOILER ALERT] Especially their first kiss.. seriously, what was that? From what I can see Wignall is aiming for a fate/meant to be love story but their relationship comes across more like teenage lust for the majority of the book. Even when Will holds her hand and describes their relationship as fate, I felt like the whole scene was really artificial. [END SPOILER]Lastly, I really really really wish the book had been written completely from Will's perspective. The small extracts written in first person are so much better than the mass of it written in third person. I honestly believe it had all been written from Will's perspective I would have enjoyed reading it a lot more.-To conclude, I am very conflicted. I liked reading the book but I'm glad I didn't pay for it myself. Yet, I probably will buy the rest of the series to see what happens because I've already read the first book. It's expensive at RRP £6.99 (definitely not worth that much!) so I'll be buying the next book(s) from Amazon which has it for almost half the price!

  • Aiysha
    2019-04-01 01:16

    Blood is another adaptation of the vampire genre but with a bit of a twist and differentiation. Me, personally I have read Twilight and the Morganville Vampires series and I have enjoyed these so I was quite excited when I got started reading this book.The thing that stuck me at first about Blood was that it had a male protagonist and it was form his point of view. I have said before in one of my reviews about rarely reading books with these features but I decided to overcome and try to enjoy the book. As with a female protagonist I feel more connected and feel as if I can relate more and understand the story more but if the books good then whatever point of view it is shouldn’t matter. William, Earl of Mercia is a destined heir to the throne however one night changes his life forever and that destiny is far long gone as well as his family and everyone he knew. He wakes up to a new century and the book explores his thoughts, feeling, problems and questions about what he has become and who made him like this. William goes through many hardships, century after century still learning about this world after dying just sixteen and everything seems normal until one day he wakes up form a hibernation and everything around him has changed and he is more determined and close to getting the answers to the questions that have bothered him for centuries. William is a decent boy, but I didn’t feel attached to him or have any likeness towards him I just felt I was reading a book rather than other books where I feel more included and enjoy them as if I’m there in the protagonist’s place. His character did have certain aspects that you liked but I think more development of his character as a person rather than in problems would’ve made a huge difference. Another main character is Eloise, a girl of a young age who after a decent start at childhood has now ended it up living on the streets. She’s lonely, has no friends and is the last person to be expected to be sucked into William’s world. After a rough start I did become to like her and she was really sweet girl with a great heart and personality and just an overall good person.The storyline was okay however the events were dragged on quite a lot and certain scenes lasted too long and I easily lost interest which is why it took me longer to finish this book. The story does build up with romances blooming but nothing struck me right in the face, nothing out of the extraordinary that had me going WOW and I lacked any emotions or feeling whilst reading the book. There was a development of a dangerous journey that did arise my interest and I do think the book is good however how it has been put to paper needs improvement so readers can fully enjoy it. I will be looking forward to the next book in the trilogy ‘Alchemy’ and hope that as you go along the books get better and maybe the story will pick up pace because the first one you are trying to familiarise the reader with the characters so it wasn’t exactly easy.Thank you to EgmontUK for providing me with a review copy.