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"She discovered a dark secret, witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life. Three years later, Cassie is still hiding from her past, haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control a terrifying beast that seems to grow stronger each day. When Bryan, pack Beta, appears to claim her, Cassie is forced to face the truth of her existence. Innocence, betraya"She discovered a dark secret, witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life. Three years later, Cassie is still hiding from her past, haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control a terrifying beast that seems to grow stronger each day. When Bryan, pack Beta, appears to claim her, Cassie is forced to face the truth of her existence. Innocence, betrayal, greed and love collide with ancient werewolf laws in... The Finding. Third book in The Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles. Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages."...

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The Finding Reviews

  • Amber
    2019-04-14 00:40

    This was a whopper of a book and well worth the time reading it. The Finding, is the 3rd book in the Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles. This book picks up where #2 left off. I love the fact that the author pulled in all the couples and characters from the other books and wrapped them up in The Finding. I don't think it would have been as complete without them. Cassandra Greyson had witnessed her Uncle being shot, his lawyer being attacked by a werewolf and before that happened heard her uncle say that she was one as well. This was all too much for the young Cassandra who has lived a VERY protected and sheltered life. Upon her escape she finds herself in an alley alone, cold and scared. Entering, Kellen Andersen, whom understands hard times and the need to start fresh. Kellen and Cassandra (aka Sandy)head out to start a life hidden amongst normal everyday people. Kellen has a gambling problem, so living in Sin City is like dangling candy in front of kid. Needless to say he ends up causing more problems and bringing forth attention from the wrong people. Cassandra has done everything she can to keep a low profile and trying to figure out who she really is. She has no idea how many people want to get to her. Problems arise that are out of her control and it makes her confused and frustrated. She doesn't understand and is lacking the knowledge due to her upbringing. She can't talk to Kellen about what is going on with her because there is an ancient werewolf law, known as the Keeping, dictated that any human who discovered their secret existance faced possible extermination, which makes it all the more frustrating for Cassandra.There are so many pieces to this story that all weave together perfectly. There is action, suspense, "mating", scandal, romance and so much more. I just loved this book! Like I said before, it is pretty thick, but well worth the time! This was a free E-Book from Barnes and Nobles! I can't do this review justice because there is just so much to it. I would recommend reading this series. It was a great story that kept me captivated.

  • Lynne
    2019-03-25 05:45

    This is kind of more a review of the series. There are dozens of reviews of this book that explain the plot, so I'm not going to go into the actual plot of the book, either.I read all three of these books because they were free on B&N for the Nook. I'm a sucker for free, and once I started I really did want to know how it ended. So I read all three, even though I really really didn't like the second book.The conclusion I've come to is that Nicky Charles desperately needs an editor--not a copy editor--though that wouldn't hurt either. (I do understand that she uses Canadian spelling. She still needs a copy editor. Breath is a noun. Breathe is a verb.) No, she needs someone who will tell her, "Hey, you know, this section here? The book would be better if you just cut that whole thing out." Or who would say, "Hey, you know these 15 sentences? You can say the same thing in 5 and be more clear." Or who would say to her, "Hey you know how you're trying to keep us all in suspense about this thing? Well we can all smell it coming, so maybe you ought to just say it outright because the readers can know something that the characters don't necessarily know, and it's annoying to your readers when they have figured it out and you keep assuming that they haven't."I think that the plot of the three books is great. I was glad to see that much of the rape culture and even some of the misogyny of the previous book was gone from this one (though not completely). But I also know that there was too much to this book. For instance, Nicky Charles introduces characters in the last chapters of the book that have nothing to do with the rest of the novel. There was no need for a teaser for books to come. People who like her books will pick up the next one even they don't have any information on a main character. So there it is. Plot good. Grammar & usage bad. Needs an editor.

  • Kami Dodson-Perry
    2019-04-22 23:45

    Nicky Charles did it again......another great book. Book #3 in the Lycan Law series was well written.***SPOILER ALERT***It is about Cassie who was in part of Book #2. Cassie ran away from home after seeing her uncle killed, a werewolf attacked & killed his trusted lawyer, & finding out that werewolves kill any who know their secret. She was terrified & needed to start over. She ended up in a hotel in some small town from a long bus ride, went to bed & woke up in Las Vegas in an alley with only her clothes (thank goodness) & her purse.Kellen (a nice guy with a gambling problem) finds Cassie in the alley & offers her help. 3 years later they are living together & work in a grocery store. Meanwhile, people have been looking for her. The good people & the bad people.Bryan (Beta in Ryne's pack) has been trying to locate Cassie for 3 years. Suddenly a break in the case has found her in Vegas. Bryan is determined to find her & bring her in as part of the pack. Cassie has been drugging her wolf, trying to control & contain the beast. Afraid that if it is free she will be lost forever & go on some crazy killing spree.Kellen is gambling again & in serious debt. The bad people have located Cassie as well as Bryan. Bryan has to protect Cassie from her BFF (Kellen), the bad guys who are trying to kidnap her, & herself. Bryan is jealous of Kellen & wants him no where near Cassie. Cassie loves Kellen & just wants to help him & protect him from everyone including Bryan.Will Cassie except her inner wolf as part of herself? Will she allow her feelings for Bryan be known? Will Cassie be able to let Kellen go knowing how much it will hurt him even after all he did for her? It was a great ending & I am hoping that Nicky will continue this series & give us more of Sam & Damien in the next book.

  • Elle
    2019-03-28 21:47

    I finished this a few days ago but haven't been able to find the time to write a review. And really, this book deserves the time it takes to write an honest and thoughtful review.I'm already a fan of Nicky Charles. I think she is a great story teller and has very interesting stories to tell. I don't really understand what she's about though. She writes very gripping and detailed tales but I don't think she does it professionally. Her books are posted and accessible for free and all she asks for is a review and/or a donation to your local animal shelter. I hope she continues to write, but it makes me a bit nervous that she might stop on a whim.This story. It was amazing. It's the third in a series and each book is so different. The challenge with this particular story was in the heroine and her beliefs about the world (the battle between her conscious and unconscious thought - or between her human and wolf selves).She has gone into hiding, she is scared of and doesn't understand her wolf self, she believes that the threat to her is from other wolfs, rather than from others humans. The hero's job in the pack is to track her down and bring her into the pack. He's been looking for her for a few years and doesn't fully realize or understand her fear of other wolves in the beginning.The relationship and chemistry between the two main characters was great. They're in a tricky situation, their wolves are aware that they are mates even when the humans are sceptical and cautious around each other. Nicky Charles has a knack for really showing how multifaceted people and situations can be. The world isn't black and white. I thought she did a great job of breaking the hero out of the expected mould. More than that, when we see characters from past books, we don't necessarily get a glimpse of perfection. I was most excited by that, the fact that even their happily-ever-after has challenges.I am having difficulty figuring out which book I liked best in this series. I think I am going to have to settle on saying that each book is equally liked but for different reasons. A notable part of this book is the return of a villain from and earlier book. I love how that storyline developed and ended. In fact, that was one of the best resolutions I've read in a long time. At the end of this book, Nicky Charles writes that she is unsure whether this is the end of the series or not. There are definitely some loose ends that could be tied up with further additions to the series, but I don't really care whether the series continues or not. What I do care about is whether the Nicky Charles will keep writing. As long as she writes and releases other stories, I'll be happy and will eagerly read. But if the end of this series means that she won't be releasing further stories then keep on adding to this series. As and asside, I've always wondered whether she would expand Forever in Time into a series. The idea behind that story was interesting and really could be developed.To sum up: This series is amazing and this was a great addition to the series. Read the books in order - it really is a must because these books are dense. And honestly, take a chance on these books. There is a great story here and some great writing as the series progresses. Nicky Charles is worth taking a chance on (but really, the book is free - you've got nothing to lose).

  • Ashley
    2019-04-04 23:24

    This was a giant book. Even though I know it was a formatting error, 1120 pages is slightly... fear-inducing. It probably didn't help that I read it in two sittings, so consider that as you read my review.This book was longgggg. I feel like some of the multiple viewpoints/storylines could have been shortened or eliminated, and I feel that at times it detracted from the main story. I found myself flipping the page and hoping that it was about Bryan and Cassie.The only other thing that bothered me (besides the (wrong) number of pages) were the punctuation and spelling mistakes. They seemed to get worse as the book went wrong.Besides those two problems, this book was amazing! The character development of Bryan and Cassie was great. I especially liked the use of the wolf communicating to them, like two people in one body. It was extremely interesting to understand the dispairity within Cassie and Marla.I also enjoyed that the author added in some characters from the previous two books, seeing them interact was interesting.I really don't understand why this author isn't selling her books! It's free, so if you're the least bit interested, give it a shot. There aren't many werewolf books, and this one is great.

  • Judy
    2019-04-16 03:33

    The Finding by Nicky Charles Law of the Lycons Book 3A great paranormal series. And this third book is packed full. We see more of what is going on in the minds of characters from previous books along with the main characters, Cassandra Greyson and Bryan Cooper. Nicky has a unique way of having the person and the wolf as two separate entities and yet one. Cassie ran off three years ago after hearing her Uncle Anthony Greyson say she was a werewolf and than seeing a man change into a wolf and attack Mr. Aldrich and a gun went off and her uncle was laying there dead as well. The words ringing in her head, if anyone knew about the wolves they would die. She took her secrets and left. Somehow she went from being in Kansas to Las Vegas, where Kellen Anderson found her. He took her under his wing and gave her a place to stay. He did not know that the drugs she took a few days a month were to hold her wolf inside. Cassie was sure it would go on a murdering spree if it ever escaped, just like the big black wolf. Kellen's gambling issues continue after he has promised to stop. Cassie wants to stop bailing him out but he gets the drugs she needs, she finds herself in a catch twenty-two.Bryan Cooper was so drawn into finding Cassandra. He had found her scent in the motel three years ago and his wolf was drawn to her. Finally someone has spotted someone that may be the girl and Bryan was off to get her. By the Lycon Laws she would belong to their pack. Only it was not so easy to convince her to come to Canada. For a man who usually had no trouble getting women, Bryan met a woman who could not get away from him fast enough. And instead of heading to Canada he found himself heading to Chicago to help her rescue her boyfriend, Kellen. It seems the family lawyer was using him as blackmail to get the young heiress home. Leon Aldrich is the family lawyer. Ryne had attacked him but he lived. He wanted to have all the Greyson fortune for himself and was desperate to get Cassie so he could further those plans.Marla denies her wolf. It is heartbreaking to see her “lock” her wolf within and not let it out. She only cares about money. Her goal has been to get Leon to marry her so she can get the Greyson fortune. Marla has no clue that Aldrich will bring her most feared enemies right to her doorstep, Ryne and Kane.**Warning: Please note that her books contain mature subject matter (sex, some language and violence) and are intended for adult readers.Read 2nd time 11-12-11

  • Tori Carmon
    2019-04-06 01:25

    This book was alright. it was kind of repetitive, but over all it was an ok book. When i mean repetative it feels almost as if i read the same chapter over and over. But i never got tired of reading it. This book is more of teen or young adult werewolves. or finding and accepting your true self like Cassy had to do. I like it because her mate, or stalker in the beggining ended up helping her find her way. I liked this.In this book, (p.s, yes this is my quick overview spoilers may be included.) this girl named cassie or her formal name, Cassandra; is basically a werewolf but she has been having black outs some nights where she does black out. She cannot control her phasing yet, and this boy, aka her boyfriend is who she stays with. His name is Kellen, he basically helps her when she firsts phases. Later in the story, Bryan, the same guy who was supposed to be mated to Elise is sent by Ryne to find this rogue wolf. Cassie thinks that Bryan is stalking her, and eventually they fall in love. But they dont know it but they are meant to be together forever... Other known as they are meant to be mated. After playing cat and mouse she finally agrees to go with him, back to canada where Ryne, Mel, daniel, and Bryan live in their small pack. But mr. Aldrich, complicated the situation bringing, Elise and her mate Kane, Mel, and her mate ryne, daniel, and Bryan all to where they were. After discovering that Cassie has a power of basically transportation because she was a very special wolf, they revise a plan to take down Mr. Aldrich, not realizing that Marla is working with him. It is a huge mess of evil and good battling against each other. They end up fighting this huge scene, Marla dies, bryan is close to death, and Kane and Ryne seriously hurt themselves. It ends in Cassie and bryan becoming Mated, and going to Rynes pack in Canada and Elise and Kane going back to Oregon; to Kanes pack. I would recomend this book to people over the age of 15... Or so. some of the parts were a bit iffy, but besides that it was an ok book. But all of the books in this law of the lycans are a bit iffy but they are all like sci-fi, fantasy books. This book was not as shocking as the other two. it was kind of slow at first and then it started picking up speed. The first book was DEFINATLY better.

  • Alyssa
    2019-04-11 21:27

    I really enjoyed the first two books in this series (The Mating and The Keeping) and this book was okay as well but it really did fall a little flat and it's clear why. The author tired to write the book from too many pov's (Point of Views). The main characters of the book were Bryan and Cassie. The book would of been much better written from their point of views and perhaps that of the Villains (Though I honestly think Marla shouldn't have even been in this book and it would of been much cooler to give her her own book) At times we got to read from point of views from characters that almost seemed pointless, Nate for example. Sometimes it was just so random and had no meaning at all that I skipped those sections entirely. (If I'm skipping sections of the book that's not a good sign)I also understand that the Author loves her characters. Having Kane, Ryne, Mel and Elisse in the book is good but we don't need to read from their pov's. This is Bryan and Cassie's time to shine and but trying to do the book from everyone else's point of view she just took away from them. We already got to know the other characters, now we want to know and love these character as main characters. I definitely didn't feel as attached to Bryan and Cassie as I felt to the others and that leaves me a bit sad.So while this book was good it was not AS GOOD as it should of been/could of been. Overall I still liked the series though and her wolf concept is good. I'd definitely recommended it to others. ^_^

  • Colleen M
    2019-04-10 00:29

    There was a lot of coincidence in this book, sometimes I just dropped it and looked up at the sky and said "REALLY?" it was that bad. I wanted to beat Cassandra over the head for being stubborn and closed minded, I wanted to wring Bryan's neck for not thinking that Aldrich would think Cassandra was a werewolf, and really kill the author for dragging out Mel's issues with her biological father. Besides all those issues though, there was a great story interwoven between them. Or maybe despite them. Cassandra is trying to hide from werewolves and ignore the fact that she is one, Bryan is trying to find Cassandra to keep what he thinks is a rogue wolf from exposing the race, Aldrich is looking for Cassandra so he can continue with his plan to take over the Greyson estate. Marla is working for Aldrich completely ignorant that werewolves are involved, she just wants money. Mel has some mysterious news about her biological father. These story lines all kind of weave and intertwine and it ends up being an enjoyable read, although, my main complaint about this series is the same, the books suffer from a lack of content editing. An experienced editor could cut this book down from over 1000 pages to 500 or 600 and still leave a great story that was easier to follow and flowed better.

  • Karla
    2019-03-28 00:40

    Very good story and nicely told. As always Nicky Charles’ words flow effortlessly, and she is exceptionally descriptive. I missed the dialogue and passion that were so prominent in the first two books, but the story took a different direction, more suspense than romance. I always love it when you get to revisit with the main characters from previous books, and they were all present throughout the story. Her other books had more of a steam factor, and this one was lacking in that respect. Being this is a story about werewolves I guess I’ve come to expect it considering their primal nature. I would love to see her continue the series, not only do I think Sam has story, but Daniel and Tessa too! It was an enjoyable read. Keep writing Nicky have a lot of fans.

  • ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
    2019-03-28 03:32

    I gave it a 5. The story had a ton of detail, which is great in this case because, you know she exists before this book, but know nothing about her yet. It is a long book via electronics. I make my font bigger because I can, then I read slower. Not to mention I read 2other books at the same time. I love this author, and I would pay for the books if I had to. She puts them out there for free! I get the first book, but she could charge, for the subsequent books. I love the Canadian English she uses. I feel I am broadening my reading by not just reading American lit. Hahaha. Why should she have to change? Not at all... this book was great!I got the background and dynamics of the pack I needed, even though I would not be so freaked out myself to offend someone by disagreeing. No biggie. I'm not really a werewolf either. I can picture myself as a character while reading this instead of sitting on the sidelines thinking "why the he'll did you do that?" I think that makes a better read getting drawn in as living it.She was constant in her writing. No flip flop or wondering how I got where. I just read a book that I was trying to figure out how the main char. Got from school, to the car & to her house? This book was all inclusive. Was at home, drove in taxi to airport, rode plane, took taxi to hotel etc. Nothing for your mind to have to fill in for you.Cassie has skills. She is a better breed than we are led to believe at first, and it opens up a whole lot of info. That can be used for later werewolfs we meet. I love all the characters from previous books being in this as the story progresses, and their added personal problems. It adds a diminution, that even after a happy ending in their book, life still happens. Just another thing to reel you in.I am not sure where this series will go from here, because there are a ton of options. Mentioning the Chicago pack was great too. So much series potential. The only twist to negative was that you do have to read these in order to get the full effect, but I don't think it really hurts if you don't. Also, the full romance scenes happen in the epilogue. It is a total build up to then, but there is no disappointment at all!! Wait for it, or skip to the end first.

  • Sia McKye
    2019-04-03 04:41

    This story has a great premise and world building and for that the author deserves 3.5 stars. This story could have been an excellent 4 or 4.5 starred story with the help of a good story content editor. I was really looking forward to reading this story. The story has a lot of potential of being a solid series. The shifter world has an original twist, the characters are, for the most part, well thought out with a distinct voice, and I can see their goals, motivation, and conflict. The plot bones are good.The problem? The plot got lost in words. The pacing and tension tripped over action stopping scenes that didn't move the story forward but stalled it. Instead of telling the story from the POV of the main characters and bits from the villain, the author pulled in five or six more characters and three more villains like characters. The head bopping made me dizzy. The tension waxed and waned. I mean pages that had nothing to do with moving the story forward or upping the tension. Or telling me, the reader, anything I needed to know. After about the 5th or 6th tension-stalling scene I got frustrated. The central story is good but there are just too many irritating tangents that took me on a scenic route away from the action and then lost me. I’m not saying the secondary characters were not good or were unnecessary, because their existence was good for the story but I didn't need to know their life story or every thought. Previous characters, from earlier stories, should be supplemental without taking the spotlight away from the current main characters. This is their story. These other characters already had their story.This review is in no way meant to be a slam to the hardworking author. I don’t believe in snark or put-downs. I think Nicky Charles is an imaginative writer/storyteller who has great potential. I would really love to see this story again after a good edit. Not an editor for grammar or spelling, because that was fine, but a good story content editor. This story deserves it and once done will absolutely wow the reader and I’ll be cheering in the grandstands, “go Nicky, go!”

  • Jennifer Monzon
    2019-04-22 05:38

    This is the third book to the series by Nicky Charles and I downloaded it for free from IBook's. I absolutely loved this story. I loved the way the author incorporated all the character’s in the past stories into this plot. The book was very well written and I felt every emotion that the author described in the story as if I was living it myself. The author stated that it might be the last book in the series. However, I hope it’s not because her writing makes you feel as if you are living the story. Overall, it’s an amazing story, with great characters and a interesting plot. I highly recommend this book. The story begins with Cassie who has witnessed a murder and a has discovered her true identity. She’s fled in fear for her life and questionable things have been happening to her in which she can’t explain. She’s met someone in which she’s began a new life with but when that person gets into a huge problem, she finds herself fleeing again but with no where to go. Bryan is a Beta in his pack and has been searching for a woman for several years with no lead as to where she is. Under “The Finding” law she belongs to his pack and he has made it his duty to search for her and bring her home. Once he learns of her whereabouts, he leaves his home in search for her. That’s all I will say about the story because it is a good story and I do not want to give much away. Read it!!

  • Steph
    2019-04-09 00:45

    I think this book might have just passed the first book (the Mating) into first place for me!Again like 'The Keeping' it was a little slow to get started, but one we got about ~30% in it just started to pick up. There was so much of Kane, Elise and Ryne and Mel, it was great to see them play a big role in this book (as they are my favourites). I initially didn't like Cassie/Cassandra. She was a real pain in the arse! I think she treated Bryan appalingly which made me like her even less. Bryan is so sweet and lovely, but he doesn't take any crap from anyone. That's why he is Ryne Beta , and why I liked him so much.The story line was again fantastic and all of the action in the last part of the book was brilliant. Having all the characters come together for a big finale was wicked.It also drew the book to a close in a beatiful way.I would love to read more books in this series but I also worry that these three books were so great, and another book would begin to steer away from the main plotline characters. Which might not be very good. If she did write more books, I would deffinately read them.But the question is write more books that people want...? or quit while you are ahead...? Overall I think these books were fantastic! And would deffinatley tell people to read them.

  • ★Moonrise Books
    2019-04-12 02:44

    After a devastating event, Cassie runs away from home to start a new life. She has always struggled with unusual symptoms. However, lately she has been waking up in strange places. One day, a young man shows up, Brian, and tries to abduct her. Cassie doesn’t understand his messages, and manages to escape.Brian, the beta for a new Lycan Pack, is trailing Cassie, when it is discovered that she is a link to an ancient line of Lycans. But what exactly her link entails is to be determined. And what will her involvement mean to the world of the Lycans? Her mysterious upbringing, and the truth of her past have only begun to reveal a much more complicated story that has been hidden for a very good reason. This book had plenty of action and some romance. I liked the characters, Brian and Cassie, but not quite as much as the characters in the first two books in the series. Overall, it was good book worth reading! 3 ½ stars

  • Maria Mercedes The Oracle Reviews
    2019-04-05 03:37

    Law of the Lycan’s Series ReviewBy Nicky CharlesThe Mating: Published: Feb 23, 2010. Pages 216Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she'd end up mated to a complete stranger. A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn.The Keeping: Published July 1 2010, Pages: 1048 Ryne Taylor was a sexy bad-ass Alpha set on establishing a new pack. Melody Greene was a journalism student researching his work as a photographer or so she said. But could Mel really be trusted or had she stumbled upon his secret? And if she knew, could Ryne save himself and the pack he d left behind without enacting a deadly ancient law known as The Keeping?The Finding: Published: Feb 11 2011 Pages: 442She discovered a dark secret, witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life. Three years later, Cassie is still hiding from her past, haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control a terrifying beast that seems to grow stronger each day. When Bryan, pack Beta, appears to claim her, Cassie is forced to face the truth of her existence.Bonded: Published Jan 7 2012 Pages: 479Reno’s a tough Enforcer for Lycan Link who finds himself drawn to Brandi but duty rules his life. Brandi, just on the edge of starting her career as a Disaster Control officer, falls for Reno at first sight, but are they really meant to be? Is it love or lust and does it really even matter? Enforcers and DCs don't get along...unless fate forces them to.Review:Let me say that I have a lot of respect for this author. I find it difficult to put forth such effort on a project for just the pure enjoyment of it, and no profit! The markets of today, authors see very little of they have worked so hard for, Nicky bucks the system and publishes only where her novels can be free. She asks only for reviews and encouraged donations to your local shelter. A truly awesome gesture. I, myself have had difficulty purchasing books or audio books to read because of today’s economy and Nicky is a God sent author in this respect. Thank you Nicky Charles for your awesome gesture and kindness to your fans.The series is awesome, movie time awesome. I know I am hooked when I can visualize the story unfolding in my head like watching a movie. Nicky brings this to me. Each one of the books quickly became a “Made for the Oracle” movie as I read on. Today’s paranormal world is saturated by were’s & vamps. I it’s difficult for authors to come up with a unique perspective. Nicky does this, she delves into pack mentality with ease, dipping us into a more realistic world. Her wolves don’t sparkle when out in the sun, but they sparkle and stand out anywhere they go for their truly unique natures and personalities. A portion of the “Lycan Law” is included in every book, so we get a peak of everything their culture is made of. I must admit to being a little turned off by females being “possessions” for the Alpha to do with as he pleased. But if you have ever read or watched a documentary on wolves, this seems to be the case. Also in ancient times, when these laws would’ve been written, this would’ve been very accurate. Elise, the character this affected handled it better than I would have, and in the end it turned out very well. Ryne…gotta love the bad boy! I love the fact that he falls for someone who will be a loving pain in side, just like he is. I know and trust Mel to deliver whatever Ryne throws at her, right back at him. She is a strong willed female and my hero. How do you stand up to an alpha who’s as cunning and handsome as Ryne? Mel finds a way. Ryne and Mel also show what happens when the modern day woman meets tradition. Mel is half wolf, but she doesn’t know it. She grows up in modern America with modern day society rules. Ryne might be a modern guy but the Lycan in him holds true to tradition, which has an explosive passionate result.Bryan and Cassie a true case of puppy love. It ended the story for the characters that began it, but opened the door to other characters allowing the Lycan universe I’ve grown to love to continue. Bryan proves his worth as a Beta and patient teacher, capturing Cassie’s heart. It was sweet to explore first love and left me feeling young again. Cassie is a true blue princess, growing up sheltered in the world. She escapes the reins that held her in only to place others on herself. Bryan draws her out of her self-protective shell allowing her to explore the wild nature that is part of her.The prequel to theses wonderful stories opened up so many opportunities to continue these awesome tales. I have to find out what happens to Damien and how Reno & Brandi get along after they FINALLY unite. How will Damien find himself after the tragic event in his life? How was he able to gain control of himself, long enough to work with Kane & Ryne? This prequel has left me craving more stories from the Law of the Lycan series. I have many more questions that I hope Nicky will answer with her next release. The Oracle (Maria Mercedes)All synopsis are published by the publishers via Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes & Noble.The Oracle Reviews: The Oracle Reviews purchases some titles, while others are provided via Netgalley, or the authors themselves. All opinions and reviews are our own.These titles were downloaded free from Feedbooks.

  • Melissa Levine
    2019-03-28 01:30

    Thankfully I am done with this series....for a bit anyways. I still have the 2.5 story to read. Strangely, those kind of stories are normally short but I think that one is like 400 pages too. Don't feel like reading that now though.Anyways, again like the last book, I only found this one to be okay. I don't feel like Cassie and Brian had as much story-time togetherness as the Kane and Elise and then Ryne and Mel. There were too many characters going on in this one too.Again, a few questions/comments I have:How was it that Cassie didn't believe herself to be a true werewolf until she was able to teleport? I mean considering she'd already run around as a wolf and the teleporting thing was very rare.Considering Cassie felt alone most for a while now, why would she have even planned on leaving Brian and the pack? I didn't really get that.Cassie wanting a house in the suburbs, a white picket fence and a few kids? Cliche much? I noticed there were several cliches in the last book. I can only think of one at the moment though. When Mel was stuck on the plane sitting between a large man and a crying baby....It seemed to take Cassie way too long to finally 'get along with her wolf.' That was really annoying.The fact that it also took her a long time to realize Brian was interested in her, more than the fact that he was her Beta was stupid too. So when Aldrich realizes that Marla was reading his computer file on werewolves, it was just a strange conversation. At least to me it was. I mean he starts off by saying "I can tell you know they're real, but you've been afraid to mention it." Huh? Why would she have even thought of werewolves in the first place? Obviously she was one, but he didn't know that.I would have liked to know the ages of Meredith and Franklin. I mean Meredith was described as being a little old lady.Sylvia was a joke. I mean it was a surprise to find out that she was an assassin...but then to remember how she was described? haha So funny! It was just too easy to get rid of her character when she's suppose to be bad ass. I mean she is a professional killer here. Yet- bang, and she's dead. All done.Cassie and her feelings towards Aldrich were annoying...stupid. I mean she had previously said that she didn't trust him, she didn't feel comfortable around him and whatnot. But then she's not sure if she should believe Brian and her wolf OR Aldrich? Seriously?And her wondering about Aldrich following Daniel's IP address back to the pack was funny too. I mean she doesn't seem like a computer savvy person. So it is possible to live after falling 40 stories? I just can't believe that one. Although it was nice of Marla's wolf to apologize in the end. That was a sweet ending for her...well her wolf at least. It did seem kinda strange that the author had chosen to bring Marla back into the series though.Melody ends up asking- are the person and the wolf, one in the same? That automatically made me wonder how she interacted with her wolf. I mean considering through the whole series the person and wolf are talking to each other as two different entities. Basically holding conversations and fighting with each other.

  • PepperP0t
    2019-04-02 22:40

    4.5stars reallyBryan has been haunted of dreams of a female wolf that just may be his mate. Cassie is having the same dreams as her wolf becomes harder for her to control and her only contact with werewolves has been the large black one that killed her uncle three years ago. For this installment Marla Matthews makes her dastardly re-appearance as she is still seeking revenge on Kane’s pack and has manipulated her way into a position with Leon Aldrich who has proof of werewolves. Marla & Aldrich have combined forces to locate and either control or kill missing heiress Cassie Greyson who is alone, terrified and is a lone (but not yet rogue) werewolf. As Bryan and Cassie circle each other Aldrich’s plans to find Cassie are coming to fruition and he has his suspicions that she is more than she appears to be. Las Vegas isn’t safe for her anymore – but she can’t leave her friend, Kellan. Cassie believes that she has to help Kellan out of his latest scrape even if it places her where she doesn’t really want to be. She vividly remembers the Kellan that was there when she had no one else and feels she owes him everything even after his hurtful betrayal. For the most part I liked Cassie but found her to be wearying after a while. As a couple I really did enjoy Bryan and Cassie. Meanwhile Marla’s scheming has her tipping her hand too far and others begin to notice that she knows more than she should and that she isn’t really dead. Aldrich was a good villain, I could almost hear the maniacal laughter and he furthered his nefarious scheme. The intrigue with Mel went on a bit long for my taste as I was certain I knew the secret as soon as she said she had one but I’m certain my dislike of her character contributed to my impatience with that particular thread. Another plus was the thrilling action set piece. I liked getting back in this world and enjoy the Canadian pack which has grown considerably since book two – but I still detest Melody (mate of Ryne), no matter how brief her cameo. The pop-up appearances of the brothers and their mates was quite welcome as this piece of the arc seems to be drawing to a close but hopefully not the series. Unfortunately this installment did not leave time to get to know Ryne’s pack and I missed Kane’s pack as there has now been two entries featuring Ryne’s pack. Once again the strong characters, tight plotting, evenly fast pacing, the skilled writing, the steamy romance and the excellent action set pieces are all excellent. This series deserves better than to languish in TBR piles everywhere.

  • Avid
    2019-04-10 00:47

    So, knowing that this book would be about Bryan and Cassie it threw me for a loop when finding that not only are werewolves shapeshifters but some can even teleport and can have telekenesis. Well, it is a fictional paranormal book so I guess . . . Anyways, this series by far was one of the best erotic, down to earth (even though its werewolf based) book I've read so far. I could honestly love to see this book as a movie in the future, however, I would be doubtful that the wolves in the movie can compare to those of the wolves in my imagination. The plot was well written in this book. From the thugs to the connections with Aldrich to Kellen's connection to the thugs, and the thugs connection to Aldrich as well as the wolves connection to Aldrich and Marla befriending Aldrich not knowing about his connection with her former pack mates . . . It was honestly, all a thrill. The finding of Cassies, the capturing of Kellen and the mission that Bryan had taken for Cassies trust and eventually love bond. Of course, the perspectives of Daniel and hinting at his future mate, as well as Kane and Rynes growing family's were all a comfort and sweet finality that came with this book. I also loved how much down to earth and relatable this book was. Compared to Kane the forceful yet loving alpha, to the erotically sexy bad-ass Ryne, Bryan seems more of the norm. His and Cassies relationship seemed more realistic with the usual awkwardness that came with somebody you just met and had an attraction for. And then he working his way into her trust and comfort and love, knowing something more could happen but holdong out until they were bonded.This book was an A++, no doubt. I'm sad that this is over, but am also glad cause, everything within this book falls into place happily for eceryone throughout the books. A final and happy ending that I can live with in peace, not like most other books . . .

  • ✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿
    2019-04-23 22:36

    I found this book (as well as the first two in the series) to be a highly satisfying read. Left me wondering again why it's for free. The plot again is connected to the first two and i was glad to have read about the first two couples, saw how they were doing and all. At first, i found Cassie to be highly annoying. She was so afraid of being a werewolf that she was damaging her system by taking in KO drugs. But the i understood her point. Her character lived a fully sheltered life and she did see a traumatic scene back in their house so she's entitled to a little bit of bitching out. It's sooo good that she's some kinda werewolf royalty (that's the first time i heard of that term btw on any novel ever).. it made her character unique. I just wish the novel included something about her parents. I believe i read something about talking to their other packmates who came from Spain? I guess if there's a next book, Cassie's parents would be tackled there. I liked Bryan from the first and in the second book.. here, i just loved him. He's sooo patient and i think if ever he becomes a real person whom i can pull out of the book.. he'll make me say awwww.. i think his character is built to be cute and patient and really supportive. I love their paring. I'm surprised though about Marla's wolf? who knew right? damn shame she have to die after doing something good. So there... i love it! i'm giving it a five. Hope there's a next one. =)

  • Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    2019-04-06 01:41

    Cassie Greyson has been in hiding for the past three years under the name of Sandy Grant. Sandy's only friend is named Kellen Anderson living in Las Vegas. Sandy hides in secret afraid to let any one including Kellen. Kellen has a problem with gambling and knows that Sandy doesn't like it at all. For the last three years, Bryan Cooper, Beta of the Stump River Pack, has been haunted by the same dream since he started searching for Cassie Greyson. She disappeared without a trace on the night her Uncle Anthony Greyson was killed. It's been Bryan's job to look for her, when he finally gets a lead on where she's at from another werewolf that was on vacation in Las Vegas. Bryan finds Cassie and is struck by how much he's attracted to her. Meanwhile, Kellen has run up a considerable amount of gambling debt and is sure that Sandy won't be helping him out this time but when he finds an old picture of Sandy with a different name. Kellen comes up with a plan to use Sandy for his own gain. Leon Aldritch and Marla Matthews are both are hiding from werewolves for different reasons. Leon because the werewolves exist and Marla cuz she killed her old pack Alpha. When events collide beyond either of their own control, what will happen to them both. Your questions will be answered in The Finding.

  • Tammy
    2019-04-06 04:31

    Still another suprise and the third book is just as good as the first and second if not even better, and besides all that it was another free book for my Nook Color from Barnes & Noble.Cassie is young, naive and has been sheltered from the outside world all of her life. She is left alone now after witnessing the murder of her so-called uncle, and she has fled the city and is hiding out fearing for her own life. Her friend has gotten himself into some trouble and now she is experiencing some personal changes and is not sure how to deal with those either. Will she trust Bryan enough to join his pack and have the family she has always wanted? I love the characters that Nicky has brought to life in this series and I love the way their paths connect in each book throughout the series. Bring on some more Nicky!!

  • SheLove2Read
    2019-04-07 03:31

    I seem to be in the minority as opposed to other reviewers. I liked Nicky Charles's other books, even with their grammatical errors, and I was looking forward to reading Bryan's story, but this just fell flat for me. I didn't care for Cassie, at all. She was annoying. She's a werewolf but didn't find out until recently. And yeah she was inducted into the life rather abruptly, but come on! Its not like she can change anything now can she? Suck it up and move on. Get to know your true self. If my true nature had been hidden from me for my entire life, not to mention being forcibly drugged, I would be pissed at the ones who kept it from me, not the ones trying to help me! The term "spoiled little rich girl" fit her perfectly.Bryan was ok but he was wasted on Cassie. And the backstory with Melanie's "big secret" was just inane. Really? Really Ms Charles? C-

  • Shannon
    2019-03-31 00:35

    Please Nicky write more! I want to know about Daniel and Tess and Read more about Sam and Damien!!

  • Karen
    2019-04-02 04:29

    I found this book just engrossing as the first book I read in this series. I was pulled into the story from the very beginning because I was about to get a chance to catch up with some old favorites. The characters are so well written and have managed to make me think of them as real when I open a book and start to read about them. The story here is a little more complicated than what we get normally as it brings to a conclusion several stories which have been ongoing and initiates a new one.Cassandra Greyson was last seen fleeing the grounds of her Uncles estate after witnessing his death and what she assumed was the murder of his attorney by a large black wolf. Her uncle had informed her only recently that she was a werewolf, something she found hard to believe. After checking into a motel Kansas Cassie takes some of the medication her uncle had been using to contain her during the full moon, only to wake up in Las Vegas with no idea of how she got there. She finds someone who is willing to help her but she must still hide from her past.Bryan has been searching for Cassandra for the past 3 years with no luck since her encounter with his Alpha, Ryne. Though her home is in Chicago Ryne has evoked the Finding in order to bring Cassie into his pack in Canada as her uncle had wanted. A lucky tip leads Bryan to Las Vegas where he thinks he will have an easy time bringing Cassie in. He has no idea of the craziness he is about to walk into or the things he will have to do in order just to get her to listen to him. I totally enjoyed this book as it moved from coast to coast and up to the wilds of Canada. We got to catch up with all our favorite characters and some of the ones we disliked as well for a final accounting. The romance was sweet and hot, but not sizzling. There was a lot of suspense,betrayal, and double dealing. This is one that will be loved by any fan of the series. It is not a stand alone however and must be read in order. Totally recommend it!

  • Steve
    2019-04-04 00:43

    Cassandra (Cassie, Sandy) Greyson lives very humbly in Las Vegas with Kellen. Cassie left the Chicago-area mansion in which she was raised after the death of her uncle and after years spent hiding from both the public eye and her inner werewolf. She still hides the latter – Kellen doesn’t know – but a werewolf/lycan pack has official permission to find Cassie and bring her into their fold. Kellen’s gambling addiction brings complications into their lives, and the werewolf. Bryan, seeking Cassie, adds more of that. This is the fifth in a six book series, and was the third of a trilogy when I got it and its two companions. The good stuff includes well-paced story, interesting character insight in the form of the human and inner werewolf having conversations, and the emotional and sometimes intimate feelings and actions of the characters (adult content warning here). It brings to conclusion The Mating and The Keeping. The not-so-good is needed editing. The spell checker may give a pass to “mother load” (sic) and a handful of other homophones, but it doesn’t make them right. In my edition, there are a couple of places where a word seems missing, too. This is intended as reading pleasure and succeeds as such. It was a good read in the evening before bed when something heavier didn’t feel right and feels a bit like a comic book for adults. That’s not a complaint and seems to be its literary intention. In eBook, it’s cheap fun, several in the series being free, and a good piece to have around when light reading is called for, if you’re willing to put up with the editing errors. I find that I am and will read more of the lycan series.

  • Once Upon a Twilight
    2019-04-17 01:48

    The story begins with Cassie who has witnessed a murder and a has discovered her true identity. She’s fled in fear for her life and questionable things have been happening to her in which she can’t explain. She’s met someone in which she’s began a new life with but when that person gets into a huge problem, she finds herself fleeing again but with no where to go.Bryan is a Beta in his pack and has been searching for a woman for several years with no lead as to where she is. Under “The Finding” law she belongs to his pack and he has made it his duty to search for her and bring her home. Once he learns of her whereabouts, he leaves his home in search for her.This is the third book to the series by Nicky Charles and I downloaded it for free from IBook's. I absolutely loved this story. I loved the way the author incorporated all the character’s in the past stories into this plot. The book was very well written and I felt every emotion that the author described in the story as if I was living it myself. The author stated that it might be the last book in the series. However, I hope it’s not because her writing makes you feel as if you are living the story. Overall, it’s an amazing story, with great characters and a interesting plot. I highly recommend this link:

  • Paula
    2019-04-14 22:32

    Bryan and Cassie are the main characters in this book, even though Kane & Elise and Ryne & Melody also appear. We also see a return of Marla.In the last book Cassie finds out she is a werewolf just before her uncle is killed by Aldrich. She then runs away and finds herself in Las Vegas and rescued by Kellen. The story begins 3 years after Cassie runs away, her name now is Sandy.Aldrich continues to search for Cassie as she is the heiress to her uncle's estate and he has plans to get his hands on the estate but he needs Cassie for this. At the same time Bryan continues to look for her because of The finding, a werewolf clause from the Book of the Law, which basically means that Ryne pack is responsible for Cassie as they found her and if she turns out to be a rouge their pack will be liable for her actions. Bryan job is to find Cassie and take her back to Canada, the job should be easy, but of course it isn't.Kellen is addicted to gambling and Bryan's plans turn out to be not as easy as he thought they would be, because the company Kellen owes money too is owed by Aldrich and this is how Aldrich finds Cassie.

  • Tamran
    2019-04-06 00:47

    So this is the last in her series (for now). It was slow going for me for some reason. I just wanted it to get going ya know? I did like this book, but not as much as the first 2. I think the main reason being the lack of "romance" I was so happy about in the first 2 books. There was sweet nothings and dreams, but not like the first 2. There was lots of info and action going on in this one once I got past the slow beginning. So that held my attention very well! But it is one I suggest to read if you have read her first 2 books. I hope when she writes again that it'll have that romance I loved so much in the first 2, but that was lacking for me in this one. I will give Nicky a huge thumbs up for her writing and keeping me so interested. Not many can do that and she does and has in all of her e-books.With the lack of romance (and yes people I mean sex, lol) I would place this more of an urban fantasy I think. Because there's lots more action and info and stuff going on. Still a good read and I'm glad I read it. But I want some good hot romance going on with my paranormal's. But please check these 3 books (they are free downloads) out and read them, you won't be disappointed.

  • Adrienne Campbell
    2019-04-14 04:46

    The third and final (so far) in the series by Nicky Charles. By far the best and the longest of the three. Once again, you really need to read the first two books in the series before taking on this one or you will be completely lost.This book is about a young heiress who has run away to hide from her past life because she has a secret that could cause her to lose everything including her life. She moves to Vegas and takes up with a young man with a gambling addiction. Her life is a struggle at best and becomes even more difficult when his debts become overwhelming and he gets desperate for a way to pay them.At the same time this young woman is being hunted down by Bryan of the Canadian pack and he is determined to find her because she could be a problem for the Lycian way of life. He has also developed a strange bond with her although they have never met.This book reintroduces the villainous Marla as well.More exciting and in depth than the two previous books (and less sex), you can really see Nicky Charles growing as a writer in this novel. Good for you Nicky! Keep writing!!Another great freebie for my Nook and one I would recommend.