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Riley has never been the kind of straight guy who sneers at gay men. Hell, most of his best friends are gay, and it only matters when Riley wants to drink a plain old beer at the froufy bars they drag him to. He can look and appreciate, but dudes just don't do it for him. Or so he thinks, right up until the new downstairs tenant arrives almost literally on Riley's doorstepRiley has never been the kind of straight guy who sneers at gay men. Hell, most of his best friends are gay, and it only matters when Riley wants to drink a plain old beer at the froufy bars they drag him to. He can look and appreciate, but dudes just don't do it for him. Or so he thinks, right up until the new downstairs tenant arrives almost literally on Riley's doorstep.The raging storm and motorcycle crash with which Kelly makes his entrance pale in comparison with the battle inside Kelly himself once he gets to know Riley. Riley is damnably hot, nice, and exactly Kelly's type, except for one little thing -- according to all the evidence, Riley's straight.Is love truly blind, or does it just wear blinders? Riley and Kelly need to figure it out before the labels and categories drive them irrevocably apart....

Title : Mandarin Orange: Sweet and Sour
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Mandarin Orange: Sweet and Sour Reviews

  • Jenre
    2019-04-07 02:21

    I've been looking forward to this story which features Riley, the foul mouthed and frankly outrageous best friend of Jeremy from the previous book in this Fruit Basket series, Lime Green: Margarita Mondays. This book begins when our other hero, Kelly, crashes his motorbike into Riley's truck which is parked in the driveway to his apartment block. The apartment block is owned by Riley's uncle and Riley acts as superintendent for the building. It turns out that Kelly is renting the flat below Riley's, one which is usually reserved for his uncle's latest lover. Thus begins a series of misunderstandings, which is not helped by either Riley's pride or his baffling attraction to Kelly.There was much to like about this story, which is essentially a 'gay for you' tale. Riley is a great character, who is larger than life and very comfortable in his own body. He's accepting of others but also not afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right, a trait which ends up getting him into trouble. The way that his attraction to Kelly slowly develops is realistic. This has been one of the better GFY stories I've read because Riley is just so comfortable around gay men, and indeed most of his friends are gay. This meant that when he begins to feel attracted to Kelly, his open-mindedness worked in his favour. I also liked that the author tackled the fact that Riley is just attracted to Kelly and not just curious about gay sex. Riley admits that he's never been interested before, even when it's been offered, and so it's Kelly, and Riley's feelings for him that provides both the romance and the sexual attraction.I also liked Kelly as a character, although he's slightly overshadowed by Riley. Kelly's reservations at getting involved with Riley are justified, and I also liked that he a strong, independent man who slightly resents Riley trying to run his life. Both heroes are almost upstaged by Kelly's dog, Goober, who manages to be rather endearing and disgusting at the same time. I'm not a huge dog person (and he is a huge dog) but Goober added some well needed humour to the book, as well as lots of dog slobber.Another plus point was revisiting some of the characters from the previous book in the series, although I was glad that they didn't overwhelm the story. They flit around Kelly and Riley, offering advice and friendship, making the story more than just about the two men. There are a few new characters who are introduced too and I get the impression they might be on hand for future hero material.I did have a couple of niggles with the story. Whilst Riley's swearing is part of his character, it did begin to grate on the nerves after a while. Another niggle was about some of the misunderstandings that crop up early on between Kelly and Riley. I couldn't see why Riley would care enough about Kelly, a man he barely knows at this time, to keep the secrets he does from him, especially about his job. Riley goes to extraordinary lengths to cover up his lies and yet he only met Kelly a few days previously. It just seemed a bit odd. Much of the tension at the beginning of the book stems from a series of small misunderstandings, and whilst most of them fit well with the story and were cleared up quickly, the issue surrounding Riley's job added a false note to what is a realistic and romantic story.Apart from those niggles, which were fairly minor, this is a pretty enjoyable story with likeable characters. The author has managed to address the issue of lack of trust and re-examining your sexual orientation in a way with is both light-hearted but convincing. Fans of GFY will not be disappointed in this addition to the sub-genre. I'm really enjoying this Fruit Basket series and I'm very much looking forward to the next offering in the series.

  • Chris
    2019-04-03 02:41

    3.5 stars. Good m/m romance about a guy who eventually realizes he might not be as straight as he'd always believed after he meets the guy who will be living in the apartment downstairs.

  • SusieQ
    2019-04-03 02:39

    Really a strong 4.5 stars. Really enjoyed this one, kind of a "gay for him" but not quite! Quite a few chuckles too, courtesy of Goober (we've all known one like him). Would recommend...

  • Tam
    2019-04-22 04:18

    Riley of the foul mouth is back. One evening a young man on a motorcycle pulling a trailer crashes into his truck. He rescues Kelly and his huge dog and realizes Kelly is the new downstairs tenant who is usually the resident of his uncle's latest boy toy. He's not thrilled but he likes Kelly and they quickly become friends, although some misunderstanding of who the uncle really is leads to an argument and a kiss which throws Riley off since he finds himself attracted to Kelly. When Riley talks to Jeremy he suggest hitting the gay bar again to decide if he likes guys in general or just Kelly. Although after Kelly picks someone up Riley is pissed, however once he decides to go for Kelly and they have sex, Kelly freaks because his ex was married with a baby on the way and he figures Riley is just walking on the wild side. This is GFY although I'm starting to wonder if Riley just didn't have an Asian gay fetish, but I loved how completely honest he was with Jeremy (to his chagrin) in talking about his attraction and being gay and how it all worked. Rather refreshing and I was just happy to see Riley again because he is so rude and obnoxious and totally likable. You don't need to read the other books in the series, Margarita Mondays (when you meet Riley) or Making Lemonade which is more of a stand-alone, but it helps to put them all in perspective and definitely worth a read. I'm curious to see whose story is next as I understand there is more and I'd love to read more about the "twinkies-three". (Yes, I'm a perv.)

  • Shanna
    2019-04-22 21:26

    I found this book a little disappointing. Riley and Kelly spent a lot of time talking to other people about how they felt but never to each other. This created a lot of unnecessary angst and misunderstandings. I don't get why the other people around the couple didn't say something, everyone seemed to notice how Riley and Kelly felt but for whatever reason didn't feel the need to tell the men. Over 3/4 of the book was filled with this rather tedious dancing around the attraction that they felt, so much so that when they finally got on the same page it was rather anticlimactic. Both Riley and Kelly were wonderful characters and they did keep me reading even though watching them bumble around was frustrating. I just wish we had more time with them as a couple. There were many great moments in the book, but as a whole things just took too long to come together.

  • CoffeeTimeRomance andMore
    2019-04-23 00:32

    Holy moly! I never met anyone who could put together an entire sentence using almost nothing but the “f” word, but Riley seems to have a certain knack when it comes to cussing. If he were not so funny and sweet, it might come off as too strong, but his personality carries it perfectly. No one could ask for a better friend than Riley, and he shows that in everything he does for Kelly and Goober. They have amazing chemistry, and I would be very, very happy to see them, their cast of crazy friends, and of course Goober again and again. LototyReviewer for Coffee Time Romance & MoreFull Review:

  • Phaney
    2019-03-29 03:23

    2014 Re-read:So sweet. Riley especially. *happy sigh*I like that these stories are simply romances. That’s the plot. Love happens. No extras, but lovely side characters.The guys feel real somehow; not just because no one is perfect, but also because the usual romance rules only apply within limits. For example past loves or deceased loves do not have to somehow be less than the new one. (Although that can happen too.) People may have relations with others within the book before they get together with their love interest. As such, some of my staples for safety are endangered, but everyone’s such a nice person at heart and the stories are written so vividly, that I don’t have to worry as much.It doesn’t hurt that there’s a lot of funny as well.Lovely stuff all around.2011 Review:I’m all soft-eyed now. This author has previously proven to be excellent, if at times heartbreaking. But this? Pure bliss, really.There was no huge grief issue or huge separation, but a great build-up and extremely funny language and inner monologues and accidental puns. Riley was an amazing protagonist with his incessant cursing and completely sweet nature. So straightforward and cute. Kelly was pretty cool too, especially as Riley’s counterpart.Yeah, this was an amazingly wonderful story that really warmed my heart, supporting cast included. Even if that assemblage of gay couples (or triads) made me wonder if there are other books behind those.Doesn’t matter, not really. This was wholly self-sufficient as a story and I am just glowing with the happiness it inspired. Loved the style, the hilarity and the emotional aspects, and the take on sex was utterly refreshing, mostly thanks to Riley’s lack of inner censor. But also due to the general attitude.Oh man, I loved it.Oh and it was a full book, this one. Not a short story or novella or anything. Fully novel and fully satisfying. <3

  • Jj Nightsong
    2019-03-28 23:33

    Cover - reflects the house where the main characters have apartments, and the motorcycle one of them rides. Nothing about it caught my eye.MC's: Riley, a security guard for a private company, and Kelly, a martial artist, new in town. POV alternates between them, 3rd person. I really wanted to like this book. Riley appeared in the previous book in this series and he was funny and likeable. Maybe being a character in his own story is too much of a good thing. The constant use of the work "fuck" in all its derivations became tiresome. As did the constant level of uncertainty and angst both of the men experienced as they dealt with their increasingly intense feelings for each other. The situation seemed to be drawn out much too long, with nothing much happening. Riley takes sick days from work so he doesn't have to train his new homophobic partner but lies to Kelly about taking off work and I didn't get that. Too many assumptions going on. Trope 1: Riley is straight, so he claims. But he's never connected emotionally with a woman, and all of his friends are gay men. Kelly just left a relationship with a man who was married (I think) so he's a little gun shy. They kind of dance around each other for the major part of the book. Trope 2: Big slobbery dog fills in for their attraction. Trope 3: All the friends know what's going on but the leads don't. Trope 4: Big Misunderstanding that festers because the characters won't come out and ask questions.I read the previous books in this series (reviews to come later), but think I'll pass on any others.

  • Lasha
    2019-04-05 21:30

    This book is the third in TC Blue’s Fruit Basket series. I have to admit I never read book one, but I did enjoy book #2, Lime Green: Margarita Mondays, which was Jeremy and Troy’s story. In Mandarin Orange: Sweet & Sour we once again meet Riley, the irrepressible former co-worker of Jeremy, who has no filter from his brain to his mouth. In my opinion, TC Blue toned down Riley for his book, but still, some of the things Riley says can either be taken as funny or rude – it is up to the reader to decide. Personally, I love Riley and was so happy to see his world-view turned upside down in this installment.You see for most of book #2, Riley proclaimed his ‘straightness’ far and wide, but would make outrageous comments about his gay friends, leaving the reader shaking their heads. In Mandarin Orange, the main struggle is Riley’s attraction to Kelly and what it implies for his future. It is Kelly and Riley’s interactions that make the novel a cohesive and an interesting read. Plus as an extra bonus for all you animal lovers out there, Kelly’s dog Goober is a humorous addition that will make you howl with laughter.I really enjoyed this book, and think most readers of this genre will too. However, I suggest in order to get the true flavor of Riley, first read Lime Green than Mandarin Orange. TC Blue has a winning series here and I am looking forward to the next novel.Dark Divas Reviews

  • TayaJay
    2019-04-04 02:23

    This is the third book in TC Blue's Fruit Baskets series but the second book I have read in this series. I have skip book two and went straight to three. If you like slow burn theme book then this is the book or series for you. It was a easy read for me but not overly exiting. I love the foul mouthed character that was Riley but not so in love with the character Kelly. I get why Kelly was insecure in getting involved with supposedly straight Riley but he was cock blocking my happy ending. They don't fully commit to give this relationship a try till the very end of the book and then it was over. you never really got a sense of how they interact as a couple. You read mostly the tension they had between one other and insecurity. You don't fully get to enjoy they good times or whatever. I'm not in a rush to read more or all book in this series but there is couple books I'm interested in reading this series.

  • Claire
    2019-04-05 21:42

    Picked up one of the recent ebooks from the Torquere range (which: my god, but those summary emails are a highlight of my week. Not even joking.) This probably deserves a little more than 2 stars - it wasn't bad by any means - and the prose was workmanlike enough, and the story was sufficiently interesting to get me to do more than read the summary, so props for that, but it does suffer some of the usual gay fiction tropes of having some really cliched phrasing and plot in parts, and some terrible euphemism/word choices during the sex scenes. Mostly felt like it would benefit from tighter editing by a fussier reader. I don't regret spending a couple bucks on it, but I'm unlikely to reread this one. (Or, tl;dr -- frankly, my taste is spoiled by fandom. Heh.)

  • Mara Ismine
    2019-04-10 23:33

    I enjoyed this installment of the Fruit Basket series, perhaps not quite as much as the previous two but it was good and had some good humourous lines (and a large, slobbery dog).I found it difficult to pay attention to what foul-mouthed Riley was saying at times - I have the same problem in RL, if someone is f-ing and blinding I tend to switch off and stop trying to work out what they are saying in between the cursing. And, for some reason, I had a problem with Kelly being called Kelly - I really wanted him to have a different name, but I don't know why.On to #4!

  • Brenda Maldonado
    2019-04-13 00:24

    4.5 starsI just love Riley...and Riley's mouth. While the beginning was a little slow, once it picked up I was swept away by these two guys. I never expected Riley to be so sexy. There's this scene with Riley standing in the apartment hallway, wearing nothing but his gym shorts and complete determination to get Kelly's attention. I melted.Can't wait for Guava Red and future Riley appearances.

  • Staceyr
    2019-03-30 05:35

    Beginning was slow and tedious reading for me, didn't really see the relevance of their initial misunderstanding/conflict. Slowed the story IMO, but once they got past that and the more I got to know these guys, the more I liked them, especially Riley and his foul, lovable mouth ;-)Was worth muddling through the slow start.

  • Blackravens Reviews
    2019-04-02 01:14

    Mandarin Orange: Sweet and Sour is a fun and light-hearted read. Lovable characters, a unique spin on the gay for you storyline and solid friendships engage the reader and keep the novel moving at an even pace. To view this review in its entirety, please visit

  • Lily
    2019-03-27 23:38

    Another enjoyable story in the Fruit Basket series. Riley was a total hoot if a bit clueless but once he does realize what's what, oh boy! there's practically no hesitation about getting into the "gay life" for him.

  • Angela
    2019-03-24 04:23

    Got really tired of the word "dude" while reading this book.

  • Maggie
    2019-04-05 02:25

    Rating 4.25

  • Page Crusherz
    2019-04-11 01:40

    very good follow up to the series. Light, sexy, fun :)

  • Monica
    2019-04-17 05:40

    3.5 stars for me.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-03-31 00:30