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Reads R to L (Japanese Style). X, the epic series from CLAMP, is now available in this deluxe collector’s edition. The pages have been recomposed in the original right-to-left reading order and restored to the highest quality. Each volume contains three of the original graphic novels, along with gorgeous, full-color illustrations never before published outside Japan!KamuiReads R to L (Japanese Style). X, the epic series from CLAMP, is now available in this deluxe collector’s edition. The pages have been recomposed in the original right-to-left reading order and restored to the highest quality. Each volume contains three of the original graphic novels, along with gorgeous, full-color illustrations never before published outside Japan!Kamui Shiro is a young man followed by mystery. Taken from Tokyo by his mother when only a child, Kamui left behind his dearest friends—the gentle Kotori and her brother Fuma—in the aftermath of a terrible incident that claimed their mother's life.Returning to Tokyo after his mother's death, Kamui is a changed young man—moody and distant to his old friends, yet determined to protect them from the dark forces that swirl around him. For he is the nexus of a great cataclysm to come, and inheritor to a strange destiny that could decide the fate of the entire world....

Title : X (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 1
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ISBN : 9781421540412
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X (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 1 Reviews

  • Nicola Mansfield
    2019-05-24 21:31

    Reason for Reading: The story sounded fantastic; I've never read a series by Clamp before and have wanted to, plus I love these omnibus editions of manga that viz is putting out.Fantastic art! Especially since this is "old school" manga art to me (I'm a fairly recent reader of the medium). Just gorgeous details and expressive faces. Each volume inside starts with several full colour pages including the original cover art work. Another thing I love (that slightly surprised me for the early '90s art) is that the boys/men look like guys. I really like this in manga. They all have short hair and there is no mistaking the boys from the girls, who are extremely feminine. I also enjoyed the realistic eye shapes, instead of the constant round eyes.As to the story, not quite so fantastic, but interesting. My main problem is that it is very confusing and I am very glad I got to start with the first three volumes. If I'd only read volume one, I wouldn't have been very excited to go any further as it left me quite dazed. These first three volumes, slowly let the story out of the bag. All the characters, minus Kotori, know to some extent what is going on. Some have full knowledge, others only a brief understanding, but the reader knows nothing until it is revealed by some character on the page. This makes for a mysterious, yet baffling read. And it does take the three entire volumes for the reader to get a grip on what is happening. The ending has left me hanging and my interest piqued but right now, I'm not ready to say I'm hooked. I am interested but it is going to take the next volume for me to decide if this is a series I'll be staying with. I can say with certainty that I am fully intrigued by all the characters at this point and do look forward to seeing if Vol. 2 (which will include the original volumes 4-6) will hook me on this possibly fascinating series.

  • Ron
    2019-05-06 04:35

    Oh, X. I love you for your ambition, your complex mythology, and your deeply flawed, deeply human cast of characters. I admire how you weave together such divergent influences as early Judeo-Christian apocalyptic writing, Shingon Buddhism, and Gaea theory. You ask such interesting questions about the nature of good and evil, humankind's capacity for inflicting pain, and the immutable nature of fate. Now if only you had an ending!Enough preamble: it's time to get to the review itself.The beginning of X is, honestly, not one of CLAMP's best. Volume 1 in particular suffers from a lot of "tell, don't show" dialogue, which is weird, because even in the series's early stages, Mokona and Nekoi excel at revealing character details in their art. Case in point: Kotori's heart condition. There's a panel early on of her clutching her chest after running up a flight of stairs, which is far more effective at revealing her heart condition than any of the previous times it's been mentioned in dialogue.The art in this volume is top notch. It’s early CLAMP at their best: heavy detail, flowing lines, subtle facial expressions, and stunning splash pages. If you like CLAMP’s style from the early/mid ‘90s and you’re not afraid of a bit of blood, you’ll love the artwork in this volume.A lot of characters are introduced in this volume, which I didn’t have a problem with, but it may be a bit confusing for new readers. This is a series with over a dozen main characters, plus a boatload of secondary and tertiary characters. Fortunately, all of the characters in X are visually distinct, and there’s a handy who’s who guide in the back of the book to help you keep track of this series’s sprawling cast. Unfortunately, aside from Kamui and the Monou siblings, most of the characters introduced in this volume don’t have a lot to do at this point. Still, we see some hints of character development in Sorata, Kanoe, Kotori, and of course Kamui himself.Viz’s omnibus edition of X has a new, or at least reworked translation by Lillian Olsen. I’m glad to see that some of the terms have been corrected (the Seven Angels are no longer referred to as “the Seven Harbingers,” for example), but I question some of the editorial decisions in later volumes. (view spoiler)[For instance, Seishiro Sakurazuka is inconsistently referred to as the “Guardian of the Cherry Blossom Barrow” and the “Sakurazukamori,” either of which would be correct, since the first is a translation of his Japanese title. It’s a bit jarring, though, to see both terms used side-by-side. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency in which term gets used: it’s like the editor flipped a coin based on how much space they had in the word bubble. Personally, I would have preferred that they just called him the Sakurazukamori and maybe add a translation note in the back of the book.(hide spoiler)]Volume I of X is all about setting the groundwork: it’s full of foreshadowing, introductions, and the foundation work for character relationships and plot points that will later become important. All in all, it’s not the strongest opening to a CLAMP series, but it’s worth reading for what comes after.

  • s.e. smith
    2019-05-07 20:32

    God. I used to love this manga. I unexpectedly got it for my birthday this year and I devoured this omnibus of the first 3 volumes in hours. The beginning is a little slow, and I forgot how annoying Kamui is (does he get better? I don't even remember). I also don't like the art as much as it is in Cardcaptor Sakura. It's heavier here, and kind of dated... everything about it constantly reminds you it was made in 1993. Which is appropriate, I suppose, seeing as the story revolves around the year 1999. Anyway I'm going to keep going for sure. Oh CLAMP.

  • FoxClouds
    2019-05-17 02:43

    I watched the anime based on this manga years ago and I loved it. Always wanted to read the original manga though as I was told that the storyline is more paced and we get to know the characters better. It does feel like that and I am very excited to revisit the world and the characters again. Highly recommend to people who love gorgeous manga art and fantasy/end of the world/the chosen one stories.

  • Karyn
    2019-05-18 01:58

    I'd forgotten how much of a brat Kamui is.

  • ¥umikäøš™
    2019-05-12 23:50

    Ammetto che per i primi volumi potrebbe sembrare che abbiate sbagliato titolo, convinti di aver letto di una trama apocalittica e vi siete ritrovati in mano tutt'altro .___. ed effettivamente i primi volumi sono decisamente soporiferi e particolarmente noiosi anche per me ^^""Difatti si parte con un bel prologo dove si presentano un pò tutti, si distinguono gli schieramenti e scelte di alcuni; la trama vera e propria partirà molto lentamente come ho già accennato dopo almeno una decina di volumi.Seppure inconclusa da decenni è una serie che per me merita tutte le stelle del firmamento!

  • Anna
    2019-05-25 21:40

    ah this book was cool! The art was exceptional, better than most manga art I have seen (with the exception of Shinkai) and the religious imagery was EVERYTHING. If I.were to criticise, it was super violent, a bit extreme, but the story and ideas are so captivating I feel obliged to read on! If it gets more violent though I may have to abandon ship...

  • Kieff
    2019-05-05 22:49

    The art is flawless.

  • Miss
    2019-05-18 03:35

    Nostalgia bomb. *__* X was one of my earliest CLAMP mangas. I never did finish it so I look forward to following it through to the not!ending in these new editions.The quality of this volume is really nice. I'm loving all the colour pages included -- so pretty! I'm also enjoying the chance to see early CLAMP art. There's such a clear difference between X and their later series like XXXHolic and Tsubasa. Lots of potential but I can see they hadn't developed it yet. Their art is more like standard shoujo, it looks like they were still working out what their style would be while writing this.The plot takes longer to kick off than I remembered, (view spoiler)[I thought Fumma went dark side fairly early on. Not complaining though, I want to keep Kotori as long as possible. I never could understand why Fuuma killed her. :( (hide spoiler)]Kamui is not super likeable at the moment, I hope this changes. I'd forgotten he first showed up as Mister Rage Issues. Stop it with the whole not giving a damn about hurting people Kamui. :l (view spoiler)[No wonder Fuuma decides to do the evil thing for you, it seems like you have the potential to do a lot more damage. (hide spoiler)] Pick up your conscience from wherever you dropped it.X also demonstrates CLAMP's unfortunate tendency to vilifying adult women. If a girl makes it past 25 in a CLAMP manga she's either dead (so many dead moms up in this joint), never depicted, or evil. Sexy evil. Don't think I haven't noticed what you're up to with Kanoe CLAMP. Parallel sisters: one is good and eternally a child, the other is evil and all grown up. Also rarely wearing clothes. Subtle.Having a good time overall though. I'm enjoying the opportunity to see CLAMP's work maturing and I'm sure I'll appreciate the large cast once they've had a chance to be more developed. 3 stars

  • Hikaru
    2019-05-19 02:36

    When I first saw this in Barnes and Noble, I went, "Oh, it's X in one of those three-in-one volumes!" and passed on it since I already owned the first two volumes. However, I saw it again when I was shopping online and decided to pick it up since it had a volume I was missing, plus it was right to left (my copies are only left to right), and there were coloured illustrations. I was sold, and preordered the next volume.This hit some pretty nice nostalgia buttons for me, since X used to be my favourite manga series, and to revisit it with higher quality binding and paper, plus some bonus illustrations? Yeah, that was pretty awesome. There were some minor retranslations (or maybe I'm just misremembering things), which were nice too. I'm happy that older manga series are seemingly being revisited, retranslated, and reworked, especially if they were released prior to manga's preferred style being "authentic" as opposed to "flipped". Over all, I'm just really happy with it.

  • Elin
    2019-04-28 20:41

    So much nostalgia for this series! The art is some of CLAMP's most beautiful and intricate, and I had forgotten how gory the action got in spots. (Kotori's mother's fate in particular was gruesome.) However, maybe it's just that I am older now, but the plot gets a tad confusing in spots and sometimes the gorgeous artwork gets in the way of the storytelling. Sure, it's beautiful, but doesn't really advance the story. Still one of my favorite CLAMP works, and I like that it is getting the omnibus treatment with the color plates intact.

  • Kim Dyer
    2019-05-06 04:59

    It's been years since I read X, but it is still just as good as I remember. The artwork is beautiful, particularly in the colour splash pages, and the story quickly becomes compulsive reading.These early volumes lose a star because the first volume is a little confusing to begin with (something that many CLAMP mangas suffer from) and contains a bit of hammy expository dialogue. However, these problems are quickly rectified and everything reads a lot smoother from the second volume onward.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this collection and can't wait to pick up the next.

  • Bianca Woods
    2019-04-27 21:47

    The new edition of X is just lovely to look at. The quality of the printing and binding is of a higher caliber in comparison to the original Viz printings (my original Volume 1 has completely fallen apart). The collected edition also contains colour prints of X art, so that's a plus too.It's a must have if you don't already own the series, and worth considering even if you picked up the series the first time around.

  • Emelie
    2019-05-22 22:53

    SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! So... the seals and the angels are not the same thing. You'd think the angels were the good guys, but fuck no! xD Excellent art work, really interesting story and... yeah, I'd like to continue this story :3 I am very interested in the mythology and all this... IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD, AND DON'T I FUCKING LOVE THE END OF THE WORLD? Plus, it looks pretty darn awesome :3

  • V Mignon
    2019-05-20 03:54

    . . . okay. Why did I like this so much, after spending the past ten years completely making fun of this series? I'm shocked. More later, including an analysis (?!). I had the same revelation when I watched the Tokyo Babylon OAV again a couple of years ago and found that I really enjoyed it. There's . . . strangely a lot about man's relationship with nature and modernity, as well as like . . . stuff about Japanese politics. This is weird. Stop making me feel weird, X.

  • Fantasy Literature
    2019-04-30 20:42

    X is an eighteen-volume manga by Clamp. It is also known as X/1999, but the more recent six-volume omnibus edition refers to the storyline as X. The series should not be confused with Clamp’s xxxHolic, my favorite series by Clamp (so far). X comes in a close second... Read More:

  • Jonathan
    2019-05-03 02:35

    Clamp stories are very petty. This story like other clamp stories has a lot of flash backs and visions. You always feel like the plot is about to be revealed and then you get another vision sequence. I like that this is a more serious and mature story as compared to Cardcaptor Sakura or Knights of Rayearth.

  • armando perez
    2019-05-22 02:52

    X is one clamps greatest achievement in manga historyX is one of clamps greatest achievements in manga history and now I see why. I won't give away anything but X is becoming one of my favorite manga.

  • Mely
    2019-05-07 03:44

    At first glance: gorgeous. Lots of color pictures. X is one of the first manga I read, it is blast from the past time.

  • Iris
    2019-05-09 02:44

    X I: aug31X II: sept1X III: oct24X IV, V, VI: oct25X 18.5: oct25u can read X 18.5 (unpublished 5 chapters) here --

  • Infinite Scythe
    2019-05-03 21:00

    I really like all the books I've read by Clamp. this one has an interesting story line so far.

  • Blu
    2019-05-04 23:38

    Serie di 18 volumi. Incompiuta.

  • Willow Rosenberg
    2019-05-13 22:32

    So epic I could die.