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The answer lies with Keats… With these cryptic last words, the man sprawled out on the floor of the rustic cabin expires—murdered. What could he have meant? Why Keats? Which answer? (For that matter, what was the question?)All this and more passes through the mind of the young householder who discovers the body. If only he knew the guy’s name. Or anybody’s name. IncludingThe answer lies with Keats… With these cryptic last words, the man sprawled out on the floor of the rustic cabin expires—murdered. What could he have meant? Why Keats? Which answer? (For that matter, what was the question?)All this and more passes through the mind of the young householder who discovers the body. If only he knew the guy’s name. Or anybody’s name. Including his own......

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Fleeting Memory Reviews

  • Maria Schneider
    2019-05-10 16:00

    Zany, fun and amusing read. It's got a bit of Sherlockian pastiche, a bit of romance, a lot of clues, a few dead bodies (some of which don't seem to stay dead), some slap-stick humor (yeah, I gave in and had to laugh out loud a couple of times even though you *know* I'm very reserved and do not snicker at just any silly joke. I pride myself on being a humor snob, so I reined myself in before the giggles completely dissolved into tears and helpless laughter.) Great way to spend a lazy weekend. Recommended for cozy and general mystery readers.

  • Valentina
    2019-05-16 10:09

    This is one funny book. It was hard to go a page without finding something to snicker about. It’s a mystery, reminiscent of Agatha Christie, with amusing characters and an interesting storyline. The plot begins quickly, throwing the reader along with the protagonist into the fray without any type of warning. We are just as confused as he is, wondering what is going on as much as he does. The tone is light all the way through the novel, making it a refreshing read that is hard to put down. There are moments that will make you laugh out loud with the silliness of the situation, but you will keep turning the pages, wanting more. The mystery progresses, without even our notice, until the answers are revealed. The characters are unique, with many curious and unique things about them. The protagonist is hilarious in his blind following of Fleet, a detective he happens to meet in his confused wanderings. We root for him, but secretly hope something even nuttier happens to him. This is a great book for all mystery lovers, but really, it’s a good choice for anyone who want a lighter read and a good laugh, all at the same time.

  •  Gigi Ann
    2019-05-06 13:25

    The book draws you in with the first sentence: "I lifted my face from a rumpled sofa cushion and looked around the room...On the threshold stood a strikingly young woman in her twenties---Mostly she was soaked. She asked,"Could you please help me?" To make a long story short, she couldn't remember who she was, and neither could he remember who he was...She runs away, and next thing we know he finds a man sprawled out on the floor of the bedroom---murdered! However, right before he took his last breath this man uttered these last cryptic words, "The answer lies with Keats"...What could he have meant? Why Keats? Which answer? For that matter, what was the question?All this and more passes through the mind of the young man who doesn't know who he is, let alone who the body of the man is who he discovered. If only he knew the guy’s name. Or anybody’s name. Including his own...I have never read a book by this author, Sherban Young, before. However as I was reading this book, to me it was reminiscent of an Agatha Christie mystery novel, especially the Hercule Poirot mysteries. (And I mean this as a compliment to Mr. Young, the author.) Not only was it a puzzler, but it was filled with humor, which kept it fun, as well as interesting. I find when I read a mystery such as this one, I have to read it as quickly as possible. It is not a book that you can read one day, and than put it down and read some more a few days later, if you do you may have trouble following the story, and lose track of what is happening. I would recommend when you decide to read this book try to find the time to read it in a day or two so you can thoroughly enjoy it. I read it in parts of two days, and I throughly enjoyed it. Therefore, I awarded it 4****This book was given to me by the author Sherban Young, to read and give an honest review. Thank you, Mr. Young.

  • Yvonne (Fiction Books)
    2019-04-27 14:15

    A 'Fleeting Memory'? ... Definitely Not!!!"I've always wondered why private detectives do this: list their suspects out one by one, drawing out their secrets and emotionally pantsing them before their peers. Seems to me, if you know who did it, just say it." ..................Page 129These are unspoken thoughts from our reluctant, amnesiac, Assistant PI, as he watches our latest crime busting investigator `Enescu Fleet', take to the stage, to uncover who did what to who, why and when.....The USA gave us investigators with a similar Modus Operandi, in `Columbo' and `Jessica Fletcher', whilst home-grown UK talent raised the likes of `Jane Marple' and `Hercule Poirot', to similar legendary status, in the genre of the light-hearted, slightly tongue-in-cheek crime/mystery, full of cliches, innuendo and light banter.Now meet `Enescu Fleet', fresh from the pen of Sherban Young and one of a series of detectives created by him, designed to tread the boards of this genre and brought bang up to date in this, the modern age of mystery capers, where the patter has become a little more hard-boiled and the detectives more forthright in their speech, flamboyant in their deeds and generally inclined to be more `in-your-face.'This was another book which took me slightly out of my comfort zone, as I have never before ventured into the realms of the modern comic caper. I need not have worried however, for the pages just flew by, my reading hours were happily filled and I can't wait to discover some of the other great characters Sherban seems able to produce so readily.The book was divided into short, punchy sentences and chapters, that kept the action moving along at a fair pace, with the constant change of characters and locations, from chapter to chapter, adding to the sense of fun and bewilderment.It was exactly like reading the script from an old episode of a 1980s detective series, with `Fleet', slightly eccentric and a little larger-than-life, always seeming to be at the centre of a scene, poking his nose into the action, with timely interjections into the conversation.There is a constant array of weird and wonderful supporting characters, who wander in from the wings, with their fake accents and cheesy disguises, utter a few well chosen, seemingly useless words and then depart stage-left!!Our hapless amnesia victim, stumbles along from scene to scene, never really knowing what is happening, only aware that events seem to have a life of their own and are taking him along with them, towards some, as yet unfathomable end-game. Even his brush with Fleet's daughter, and the first signs of a possible fledgling romance, are treated lightly, yet with respect, leaving the reader wondering if there is some future for the two of them off camera!The arrival of a second `Enescu Fleet' only serves to add to the confusion, until `Fleet the elder', calls all the protagonists together, under the guise of an episode of a television game show, where the true perpetrator of murder in unmasked, in a suitably convoluted and flamboyant way.Sherban Young is a fresh new voice on the scene, whose writing style and storylines left me feeeling a little breathless with their pace, but with my reading hours happily filled and my spirits lifted....

  • Ceinwenn
    2019-05-16 11:05

    I have had this little gem tucked away on my kindle for a very long time (sorry about that Mr. Young!). Truth be told, I have read some real stinkers in the not so distant past, which had been given to me in exchange for reviews, books which I have had to go back to the author & say, “look, I’m not going to be able to say anything nice about this book, so are you really sure you want me to review it?” Not unexpectedly, the answer has always been “Thanks, but no thanks!” – so, I had been a little put off about reading review books for a while, which is such a shame, as this is such a fab book!I recently read a review on amazon, where the reviewer said that it “was hard to go a page without finding something to snicker about.” I heartily agree. Many a morning & afternoon I was sat on the bus snickering to myself over some witty comment, or situation that the crazy cast of characters in Fleeting Memory found themselves embroiled in. There were points where I laughed out loud at something Enescu said or did – much to the amusement of my fellow passengers, I am sure!Growing up, my father religiously watched Columbo & Perry Mason and Diagnosis: Murder, & my mother liked to torture us with Murder, She Wrote. Enescu Fleet reminds me of a modern Columbo – with the same smart mind, cutting wit & quick attention to detail, with a little bit of (shudder) Jessica Fletcher and Dr. Mark Sloan thrown in the mix. So, having grown up in a house where these kind of characters were a constant presence, I found myself drawn to Enescu Fleet and his methods.Young has a real gift for making the reading of Fleeting Memory seem like you are a witness to a play, or television show, but at the same time, I could easily imagine Enescu Fleet and his merry cast of crazy followers being the cast & characters on an old Radio Serial – Fleeting Memory is an interesting & funny mix of the old world style story, with a modern twist.I know that I have not told you anything about the book, but that is a very deliberate decision on my part – I think that the Product description above tells you all you need to know – anything else I might say would just serve to ruin the story for you. Just let me leave you with this: If you are looking for a lighthearted, funny, quick paced delightful read – well, I just found you your next book!And Mr. Young? I can’t wait to read the follow up you tell me you are currently writing!

  • Scherryat The Novel Lady
    2019-05-07 16:15

    Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down... much to my little dog's dismay who tried repeatedly to get my attention to let me know she needed to go out. She and Pixie have a lot in common (sigh). This was a quick read that involved a fascinating mystery and a lot of chuckles.Yes, I admit that I am a big fan of mysteries, and this one had me guessing until the end.FLEETING MEMORY pulled me in right from the beginning as the narrator finds himself waking up on a rumpled sofa cushion, quite disoriented and feeling like hell... until he looks up to see a beautiful blond with stunning green eyes, soaking wet from the rain, standing at his door. She has no idea who she is... and neither does he! No idea who HE is, that is. Things go from bad to worse for this man when he finds a dead body on the floor. Well, he wasn't quite dead yet. He had time to reveal a clue... "The answer lies with Keats." Then he was dead. Or maybe he wasn't. His body later disappeared.Along comes a retired detective, Enescu Fleet, who is a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Columbo. More murders and more mysteries! Wow.There were a lot of characters and at times I had to concentrate to keep remembering who was who, but the story flowed and kept me engrossed in this murderous tale of wit and mayhem.Sherban Young's wit, humor and attention to detail were the main ingredients in this delightful book. I loved it and I look forward to reading more from this amazing author.*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by the author with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

  • Charlotte Lynn
    2019-05-03 07:56

    The answer lies with Keats… With these cryptic last words, the man sprawled out on the floor of the rustic cabin expires—murdered. What could he have meant? Why Keats? Which answer? (For that matter, what was the question?)All this and more passes through the mind of the young householder who discovers the body. If only he knew the guy’s name. Or anybody’s name. Including his own…My Review:As I started reading Fleeting Memory, I was unsure what to expect. I am not a huge mystery fan and never figure out the clue in any of the books I read. I still didn’t get any of the clues, but I did enjoy reading Sherban Young’s novel.While reading I found myself chuckling at many of the comments or situations the character found themselves in. It almost felt like I was watching a play. Seeing all the odd characters from the story come on and off the stage in the various acts.I would definitely consider this a light-hearted mystery. The witty writing and humorous plot make this an easy and entertaining read.

  • Dalene
    2019-04-30 12:06

    Listed as a humorous cozy mystery, it is simply that. Take the title of the book and the genre being a mystery, again I say it is simply that. Having forgotten his name and names of others, he begins to solve the mystery of the dead body. It took a little while for this style to grow on me and understand what was going on and to like it.I liked how Hathaway ventures along solving the crime, but really has help from Enescu Fleet. Laughter and adventure along the way, meeting many characters that are just as crazy and zany as Hathaway and Fleet.Being separated a short while, Hathaway thought he had things figured out, or at least who he was and why he was in the middle of a murder investigation, until he hooks up with Fleet again and wait...maybe he wasn’t remembering.Very different than any other book I have read recently, mystery or otherwise. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others looking for something refreshing and new in a mystery, not a typical read. Thanks Mr. Young for some fun!

  • Christina
    2019-05-24 10:16

    I won Fleeting Memory from goodreads first read. There's nothing like a great mystery to keep you guessing and I enjoyed reading every moment. The main character is rudely awaken by a banging on his door where he meets a dishy blonde with mesmerizing green eyes who seems to have misplaced her identity and upon trying to introduce himself, he discovers he can't remember who he is either. There's the mystery of the dying man mumbling that the answer lies with Keats who is there one minute and gone the next. Retired Private Detective Enescu Fleet sets out to help the main character recall his identity, find connection between him and the hot blonde he can't stop thinking about and discover the identity of the killer before they strike again. But can the main character really trust anyone with a killer on the loose? Quick witted writing and an amusing plot providing a humorous reading adventure you won't want to miss.

  • Steven Drachman
    2019-05-19 11:10

    This book begins hilariously, compellingly - a man living in a rustic cabin is visited by a beautiful blond who cannot remember who she is - he realizes that he can't either, and she runs off. He finds a dead body, and a peculiar man with a little dog, in his cabin, and he quickly escapes too; after struggling through the woods, he sees a castle on a hill. All of this described with such befuddled humor that I was laughing out loud. Well, it goes downhill quickly - funny zingers all the way through, and great characters, but a sort of Grade B TV mystery setting - from something in the 1970s. Still, the writing is so good, and that opening sequence is so funny and thrilling that Young really had a lot of good will with me, so I stuck with it. And I am glad I stuck with it till the end - what a satisfying and even moving conclusion! So it's a tough one, but in the end I really recommend it. You know, I think my Mom will love it.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-08 15:12

    Sherban Young is a master of the story. The book reads as if the story teller is in the room recanting every moment with wit and light humor. I appreciated the craft this story teller has at his finger tips. A delightful read for fans of the mystery and for those of us, like myself, who less often read mystery but enjoy the art of the story!I must admit it took a long time for me to finish the book, much to my chagrin. I received the book early and rushed to the first few pages, but life has a way of interrupting intentions and it took a while before I could find my way back to enjoy the rest of the book and savor the story unfolding. On a side note, age infects us with fleeting memory, if only we could partake of the cure.

  • April
    2019-05-14 14:09

    A couple of minor editing/typo issues that should be corrected at some point but aren't egregious.Once the story got going it wobbled along pretty nicely. The characters were pretty interesting to follow along with but physical description was given a backseat (I couldn't picture any of the main characters in my head other than color of hair) but this is also a style thing and a personal preference - I can enjoy the story more if I can see it happening.Cozy mysteries tend to have a couple of highly improbable things happen - otherwise they wouldn't be all that fun. Unfortunately the improbable things in this story were primary parts of the underlying mystery which invalidated it to some extent. All in all not a bad story but not a riveting page turner either.

  • Stefan
    2019-05-20 10:25

    Although I don't normally read mysteries, I saw a review of the 2nd book in this series (Fleeting Glance) and was intrigued enough to pick it up. As soon as I finished that one, I bought Fleeting Memory on Kindle and read it in a few days. The mystery driving the plot in both books was fun, but Sherban Young's writing and humor are what did it for me. I felt like I laughed at something on every single page. The characters are easily likable too, but it's the intricately crafted jokes and quips, some obvious and some undetectable until at least a 2nd reading, that cemented this series as one I love and often recommend to friends looking for something different.

  • Holly
    2019-05-07 12:02

    Just received this book as a First-Reads give away. I'll say this much so far. My husband (who NEVER reads any fiction) took one look at the cover, flipped through it a bit and said "this looks like something that I'd want to read." Said with a big grin on his face. LOL.

  • Kwoomac
    2019-05-14 15:03

    Goodreads freebie. Going into this novel, I thought I was going to love it. At times I laughed out loud. Our amnesiac hero, let's call him John Hathaway, is trying to find a woman who's wandered off from his cabin. Not knowing her name he thinks of yelling , "Hey Lady !" He writes, " 'Lady' had potential, but upon reflection, it sounded a bit too Jerry Lewis for my tastes, and I was pretty sure I hated Jerry Lewis." Funny stuff. Plus there's the beautiful prose where our hero says things like, "I suspected the crap out of it." Brilliant. He also references PG Wodehouse, which always gets an author points in my book. Unfortunately, I think the author was trying for a mad-cap mystery with plenty of screw ups, misunderstandings, and mayhem, but he didn't quite reach that level. Of course, he isn't Wodehouse, so there's that. I did like John Hathaway's character, who when he wasn't being snarky, was bumbling his way through the mystery (much like Bertie Wooster). I guess one of the other main characters, Enescu Fleet, was supposed to be John's Jeeves. He just didn't have Jeeves' talent for humorous retorts. Fleet was not ever funny, where Jeeves is always hilarious. Also, the solution to the mystery was completely unbelievable. Will I read another book by this author...absolutely.

  • Pamela
    2019-05-15 15:18

    I deserve an award for finishing this mess! Some reviews compare it to Wodehouse--it's not. Wodehouse had the ability/talent to make his readers believe the lunacy. Young does not, has not.Some reviews compare it to Christie's Poirot--it's not. Poirot made sense--this is senseless.Some reviews say it's laugh out loud funny--it's not. I did, however moan out loud at the sheer lunacy of both the plot and the characters.Some say it's clever--it's not. Pulling a solution out of your rear with absolutely NO foreshadowing is not clever; it's asinine. The jokes and writing style are worse than juvenile--they are annoyingly infantile.

  • Fredrick Danysh
    2019-04-25 12:09

    At a televised game show in which contestants try to solve murders, two people lose their memories and real murders occur. Who is responsible? Free copy.

  • Lizzytish
    2019-04-23 10:56

    Delightful, screwy romp with amnesiacs and a detective who goes by F,or is that EF? Very PG Wodehouse with some Agatha thrown in. Believable? No. Entertaining? Yes.

  • Fargo
    2019-05-13 13:17

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