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MenWeb Battered Men Fiebert Why Women Batter Dr Fiebert s paper makes a valuable contribution to research into domestic violence A lot of attention has been paid to debates over whether women initiate assaults as often as men, and whether assaults by women are dangerous. Why Millennials Need to Worry About Autoimmune Diseases This group of than conditions is on the rise and it attacks young women most often Here s how to recognize it, and the latest advice on how to prevent it. Why You Should No Longer Worry About Cholesterol in Food Why You Should No Longer Worry About Cholesterol in Food For years, we ve been told to avoid high cholesterol foods for heart health, but those days may be coming to an end. Why VCs Don t Sign NDAs and You Shouldn t Worry About It Apr , Nondisclosure agreements are not the magic cloak many entrepreneurs imagine and often are simply counterproductive. Why We Should Worry About The U.S Treasury Yield Curve Dec , A trader works at the New York Stock Exchange in New York, the United States, Dec , U.S stocks plunged amid worries over inverted yield Why You Need To Worry About Wire Fraud Forbes Jun , Rob Ragan is a Managing Security Associate at Bishop Fox, where he works with clients to develop solutions for their security challenges Phishing emails eliciting wire transfers are a Vitamin B supplements linked to lung cancer here s why Aug , Vitamin B supplements linked to lung cancer here s why you probably don t need to worry Why So Few Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Stereotype Threat and Implicit Bias Barriers to Women in STEM Stereotype threat arises in situations where a negative stereotype is relevant to evaluating performance A female student taking a math test experiences an extra cognitive and emotional burden of worry related to the stereotype that women are not good at math. Amy Cunningham Why Women Smile Lear s Magazine Not everyone I know is keen on this My smile has gleamed like a cheap plastic night light so long and so reliably that certain friends and relatives worry that my mood will darken the moment my smile dims. Why Are We Still Worried about Women in Science AAUP OK, it s time to address the real agenda here Women are being promoted over qualified men constantly now in the sciences in an effort to carry out a social engineering agenda to make society controllable, divided and easily manipulated.


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