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Currently, there is a fascination with supernatural phenomena. The secular market is flooded with power encounters, the New Age, occultism, angels and demons, and witchcraft and sorcery. There is a renewed hunger for people to move in supernatural power, reflected even in children's books, especially the wildly successful Harry Potter's children's series emphasizing magicCurrently, there is a fascination with supernatural phenomena. The secular market is flooded with power encounters, the New Age, occultism, angels and demons, and witchcraft and sorcery. There is a renewed hunger for people to move in supernatural power, reflected even in children's books, especially the wildly successful Harry Potter's children's series emphasizing magic and spell casting. Master Potter, a powerful Christian allegory, is on the cutting edge because it is an accurate portrayal challenging the counterfeit perspective in the current secular market. Vividly portrayed is the cosmic war between the dark angels and the forces of Heaven. Supernatural encounters are framed within the Christian experience, satisfying that deep hunger for spiritual experiences....

Title : Master Potter: From Brokenness to Divine Destiny--An Allegorical Journey
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ISBN : 9780768421729
Format Type : Paperback
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Master Potter: From Brokenness to Divine Destiny--An Allegorical Journey Reviews

  • Tina
    2019-02-24 09:02

    Forsaken is a broken clay vessel in Comfort Cove. This book is about the struggle for her soul as she is descarded on the Potter's Field. It is about her struggles for wholeness and restoration. Through many trials she develops intimacy; receives healing from her past pain and brokenness, and learns that Master Potter desires her even in her weakness. No one is too broken to be healed and used by God. A must read. A wonderful allegory as well as well written reality.

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-07 09:25

    Wonderful allegory. Had the pleasure of hearing the author speak several times before she passed on. She wrote a prophetic word in the front of my book. I loved the way she talked about the Holy Spirit...she didn't use the article "the" when referring to him. Her death was a great loss to the Christian church, but some of her lives on in her books...

  • Gail Johnson
    2019-03-03 14:10

    Have you ever thought how disappointed the Potter must feel when the clay refuses to yield to His design? Or His delight, as the vessel submits to the pressure of His hands as He shapes it. The Lord, speaking to Israel through the prophet Jeremiah asks, "O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the LORD. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel" (Jeremiah 18:6 KJV).In her book Master Potter, award-winning professional potter, Jill Austin describes the love between the Potter and the clay as she weaves the story of Forsaken, a broken vessel living in nineteenth century Comfort Cove.In the beginning , Forsaken is hiding in the dreaded Potter's field fighting the demons of her past. As she is contemplating suicide, Master Potter rescues and carries her to His quaint cottage. There He explains to become the vessel He designed her for, she must be crushed with unrelenting love to remove the brokenness and filth. She agrees and He places her in Abundant Life Falls where she becomes pliable once again and ready for the wheel.As the story unfolds, Master Potter explains every process and the reason for the procedure. And through it all, He never forces Forsaken to do anything. He always gives her the choice to yield or rebel. With her broken spout newly formed, she begins a new life but soon forgets Who designed her and her purpose in life as she chooses a profession, a mate, and her friends. While she suffers the pitfalls of her mistakes, she is never without comfort from Master Potter. He is there to pick up the broken pieces each time she crashes in her pursuit of happiness.Austen has done a wonderful job weaving truth within her text. I empathized with Forsaken as I recalled the times in my life I faced the same test. I watched--and understood as she made good and bad choices that shaped and even scarred her life. I cringed as she refused to forgive others and sought revenge. So emotionally drawn to this character, I wanted to scream because I knew for every mistake she made there would be a consequence.Anyone who enjoys allegory will enjoy Master Potter.

  • Monika
    2019-02-27 10:58

    This book is pretty intense and pretty incredible. To be honest, the writing style isn't the greatest, but it's the content that really spoke to me. The author uses the metaphor of the potter and the clay (and much more) to describe the seasons of a Christian's life and their relationship with Jesus. While the analogy breaks down in parts, it's a really powerful illustration of what is happening in the spiritual world (how Satan tries to attack and derail us) and how God is teaching and refining us in order to fulfill our destinies. I've read this twice now, and God has revealed new things to me both times. This book is so meaty and there is so much to absorb. Be prepared to encounter some resistance and spiritual warfare while reading this -- I had to really push through is some parts, but I'm so glad I did.

  • Caryl
    2019-03-15 15:04

    I love prophetic allegories! This book is a must read for those desiring a deeper walk with the Lord.

  • Allyson Yancey mccalister
    2019-02-17 13:19

    Master Story TellerThere were times I "had to" set it aside and ponder what I read, it touched deep down into areas I thought I had overcome long ago, and I didn't necessarily enjoy going through it again, but it has been worth it.As I read I realize that I am being prepared for my next "firing". Scared witless is one way to describe what I am feeling on the upper level, but deeply anticipatory is what my heart of hearts, feels. Longing to go deeper into relationship with Jesus is the goal.Enjoy is not big enough to describe the experience of this book.Well worth the read!

  • Y.I. Lee
    2019-03-16 16:14

    In parts I found this book slow. Also the author alternated between Beloved being human and then a pot...confusing. Nevertheless, the story kept me reading and in a number of places spoke to my heart and even answered a question or two. I could relate to it and found it challenging.In many ways it reminded me of Hinds Feet on High Places.It was reasonably well written and I could relate to many of the characters.It's certainly a book I can recommend.

  • Desiree-ann McKee
    2019-02-18 16:01

    The most beautiful book I have ever read! for women who have been hurt; abused; broken and rejectedThis journey gives you hope, shows you that you are always loved and never alone - Jesus is always with you. Thank you Jill Austin

  • Alice LaJuett
    2019-03-10 14:25

    Wow...Wow! I usually devour a book in a few hours. This one I took three days! This is one that you want to savor the truths that are spoken, one that I will read again..and probably again. I was forsaken but now am Beloved!

  • Jenn Sands
    2019-02-20 08:17

    If you've read Hinds Feet on High Places and like it, you will love this book. It was a refreshing read and gave me a lot to think about.

  • Hanna
    2019-03-14 11:06

    I loved Master Potter. It was as if Jesus was speaking to me, calling me, and declaring His glorious love for me through these pages. This is a truly anointed book with the power to impact, transform, and bring revelation to all who have a willing heart to receive it. This is truly a journey - a journey of your heart and soul right alongside Beloved's (so don't expect it to be a quick read :). In almost every chapter there is something deep from the heart of God to be gained, relished, and ruminated on. Soak this up like a sponge, and you will love the changes His truth brings. New perspectives and revelations are released every time I read it. Truly Amazing.

  • Randolph Carter
    2019-03-04 09:17

    I have never found "Christian" or so-called inspirational fiction very interesting or even well written. It just doesn't have the profundity of the source texts or commentaries or non-fictional stories. It always over simplifies the mystery in the message and in the end isn't anything more than bad fiction. It always tends to ignore the complications that inhabit real life and even scripture. This book commits all those "sins" and isn't even a very good allegory. This was another book people told me "you've got to read" that left me wondering why.

  • Sarabeara
    2019-02-23 16:16

    Words cannot truly detail the intensity this book walked me through. The storyline is powerful and personal. If you love God, if you are hungry to know Him more, if your desire is to walk with Him, or you wonder whether you can even keep going with Him, this book is worth the read. It will grip you and opens ones imagination and also ones heart to the experience and expectation of being a child and bride of our God.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-18 08:19

    I really had a hard time with Austin's allegory. The first 40-50 pages was pulling teeth for me, then parts got really good and others were a little dull. She bounced back from Beloved and others being a human to being clay vessels, which left me a little confused. I don't think this writing style is a strength for Austin, but overall it was an ok book and it did have carry some good biblical truths about facing hardships.

  • Chan
    2019-03-01 12:17

    Both of the Master Potter books touched my heart deeply with the way Jill Austin describes the journey through life as a Christian and how God molds and shapes us. This is all done through a parable like story that is hard to put down.

  • Eleisha Luck
    2019-02-26 13:17

    It is an amazing book that I think every Christian or nonChristain should read. I love to read it over and over. Good book that shows the Christian walk in an amazing light

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-09 12:25

    Interesting book. I love allegories, and while there was really good imagry in this book, some were a little challenging to make sense. Overall, a good read.

  • Miss Girl
    2019-02-19 09:58

    lots of people go through the same stuff!don't judge a book by it's cover!

  • Melissa
    2019-03-18 16:01

    Elegantly written allegory of Christian life. Really made me think.

  • Elaine
    2019-02-20 16:23

    i liked this book so little that I gave it away.

  • Charles Warner
    2019-02-18 16:19

    I love this book I can so relate to Beloved and Master Potter and all of the caracters.