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When Robert is sent what seems to be a simple copper puzzle box, he has no idea his life is about to undergo a violent transformation. That night an acquaintance commits suicide in curious circumstances; the following day an old friend reveals the existence of an arcane weapon that could destroy all of New York City.The responsibility of hunting down and destroying this weWhen Robert is sent what seems to be a simple copper puzzle box, he has no idea his life is about to undergo a violent transformation. That night an acquaintance commits suicide in curious circumstances; the following day an old friend reveals the existence of an arcane weapon that could destroy all of New York City.The responsibility of hunting down and destroying this weapon, this Malice Box, lies with Robert. The weapon is primed to explode in seven days and Robert must undergo a spiritual and physical quest—a series of trials around Manhattan—in order to track down the keys that will prevent detonation. In a desperate race against the clock, Robert scours the streets of New York while plagued by doubts of the motives of those closest to him. Robert has only Terri, a beautiful and mysterious psychic, to guide him.Intricately plotted and brilliantly imagined, The Malice Box is the debut novel by a new master of the thriller....

Title : The Malice Box
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ISBN : 9781933648484
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The Malice Box Reviews

  • Puspito
    2019-05-23 11:27

    I only give the book one star because no matter how I tried I can't bring myself to finish the book... the book is so confusing and long and make me frown all the time... maybe I'm harsh but I rather read a dictionary than read this book...

  • Palindrome Mordnilap
    2019-05-10 08:39

    First of all, can I make something clear to the negative reviewers (and others): this is NOT a Da Vinci Code clone. What Martin Langfield has written is a fast-paced, intelligent, supernatural thriller, predominantly set in New York with flashbacks to Cambridge and London. It weaves occult philosophy and esoteric religious practices into the narrative of a tightly written novel that will keep you in suspense, forever guessing what will happen next. The so-called "puzzles" which people have called into question are not meant to be on the same level as the Times cryptic crossword, and they work best when you just accept them for what they are and read on to see them revealed. In any case, the climax of the novel explains why the puzzles themselves are not painfully difficult to unravel; they aren't meant to be. Langfield successfully blends occultism, history, religion, mythology and a commendable grasp of Manhattan's architecture and geography to produce something very different from the average "race against time to stop the serial killer" plot. Indeed, the ambiguities and continual upsets that run throughout the novel often make it difficult to know whose side you, the reader, are meant to be on from one moment to the next. This all adds up to what makes it so compelling. I read the book over four evenings, but agree with other (positive) reviewers that it would work best if read in one sitting. For those who claim to have found it "difficult" or even "boring", I can only wonder if they approached the novel with the wrong expectations. Forget how the book may have been marketed, this is not the Da Vinci Code. And it's all the better for it.

  • Tricia
    2019-05-01 15:40

    I wanted to like this book, and the story idea itself was great. So what's the problem? I hate the author's voice honestly and the characters annoyed me so much,they weren't that interesting and I really didn't care what happened to them. I kept soldiering on but honestly the characters just got worse and worse, the authors voice grated on me more and more until it felt like a chore trying to read this book.

  • Winnie
    2019-05-11 10:37

    What an amazing book - I would really love to visit New York after reading this - I've always thought the architecture looks stupendoous and a large part of it comes into focus in this book as the clues in the plot take you from location to location. Fast paced, thrilling - great read.

  • Sian Wadey
    2019-04-23 09:23

    I went into this book with high hopes, ready for adventure, full of history, mystery and intrigue. The Malice Box had quite a few of these elements, but there was one other massive element, the supernatural.Maybe I've been a bit harsh on this book simply because it's not was I was expecting but in the end it didn't keep me very interested. I didn't like the characters of Adam Hale, or Katherine and I was pretty much indifferent to the main character Robert Reckliss (which is such an utterly stupid name). I loved Terri and Horace and would have been quite happy if it was just the two of them running around New York.Here's the point where I will give credit where credit's due. The author describes New York like a person, the buildings, parks, monuments. It made we want to go and see it, taking the book as a guide.However, for the main part of the books, I was disappointed. I wanted Robert to follow clues to historical places and have to push letters in a certain order for a drawer to pop out and give him a piece of the puzzle. Really I wanted The Crystal Maze in a book. Instead, to pass one trial he had to sleep with someone and by the end I really didn't care if he saved the world or not.

  • Zephfire
    2019-05-24 13:46

    A twisting , turning, complex race against time and around Manhattan. It was an engaging read, lots of changes in direction for both the main character, Robert, and the reader. I loved the descriptions of the buildings and the articfacts, despite never having been to Manhattan I finished the book feeling as though i'd just had a personal tour with an authortive guide! I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and likes to try and solve the puzzle as they read, as I do.. I even enjoyed it when my guesses as to what would happen next were the author's direction was always better!

  • Orlaith
    2019-04-23 08:28

    I picked this book up to be my easy fluffy read between more serious books but I didn't anticipate how difficult it would be to get through this thing. Ugh. Not brilliantly written and a story that goes off on too many tangents and too many glaring attempts at literary flourish left me struggling to finish this, not to mention that I ceased to care about the story only a quarter of the way into the book.

  • MegaSolipsist
    2019-05-23 15:27

    I really struggled to finish this book. The characters are just uninteresting, and the authors rather florid attempts to turn a potentially decent thriller into a supernatural journey of spiritual awakening are ham-fisted at best.Also, Robert Reckliss is a really stupid name.

  • Geoff Battle
    2019-05-18 15:44

    The Malice Box sounds like a novel hanging on the coattails of the recent explosion of religious thrillers. However, Martin Langfield's début read is like Clive Barker collaborating with Dan Brown. Although grounded in that current popular genre of running around solving riddles, The Malice Box is heavily laced with a supernatural/mythological slant. This fresh angle should deliver a more engaging read than Langfield delivers. The Malice Box jumps back and forth with flashbacks, never creates characters that are particularly likeable, for they are all flawed, and most importantly the writing style creates frustration. Throughout the book, in an effort to create mystery, narrative stalls the reader with frequent efforts at halting converstaion with clumsy results. Almost at every turn Langfield answers questions with questions, or characters simply refuse to discuss critical plot elements. Overall, a good effort for a first novel, marred by sloppy attempts to create tension.

  • Truly
    2019-04-30 15:47

    "Flamma Unica Clavis Mundi!" Seru Horace"Omnia Vinat Amor" Jawab Katherin dan Robert bersamaan14 Agustus 2003, seluruh kawasan Amerika padam total!Mereka menyebutnya dengan istilah Great BlackoutTidak ada yang bisa menjelaskan mengapa hal itu terjadiPersaudaraan IWNW adalah nama sebuah tempat suci.Sebuah pusat kekuasaan yang senantiasa diperebutkan oleh nenek moyang anggota IWNW dengan nenek moyang mereka yang berada di Cahaya Sempurna.Makhluk yang tinggal di dunia kita, tidak hadir secara nyata tapi terus mencari kesempatan untuk menunjukkan kehadirannya. Makhluk yang bersaksi ketika seseorang mengalami kepedihan, kebingungan, ketakutan. Makhluk yang terkadang seperti terkait dengan kehendak bebasKetika seseorang memilih mengerjakan sesuatu yang jahat, atau mempunyai peluang untuk melakukannya, makhluk itu mendekat. Ketika orang mencoba menggunakan kekuatan cenayang namun tidak cukup bekal untuk mengendalikannya, makhluk itu merasa mempunyai peluangRobert Recklis, seorang wartawan, tidak tahu harus berbuat apa, saat sahabatnya Adam Hale-Devereaux meminta bantuannya. Adam sering kali melakukan permainan dengan menggunakan teka-teki. Lewat permainan itulah Robert pertama kali bertemu dan berkenalan dengan KatherinRobert menerima sebuah kiriman yang dialamatkan untuk dirinya. Saat dibuka isinya sebuah tabung metalik berwarna emas-platinum dan berdiameter sekitar 2,5 inci. Pinggiran atasnya berhias beberapa buah cincin sepusat.Selembar kertas yang menyertainya bertulikan "TOLONG AKU",di bagian belakang tampak tulisan yang lebih acak-acakan: “Kehabisan waktu” Walau tidak ada tanda tangan, tapi Robert mengenalinya sebagai tulisan tangan Adam.Benda tersebut oleh Katherine diberi nama Malice Box yang merupakan campur aduk dari Bahasa Perancis dan Inggris, secara harafiah iartikan sebagai kotak muslihat.Saat Robert berhasil membuka, isinya hanya sebuah alamat! Robert, Katherin, Adam dan seorang cenayang bersama Terri harus berjuang menyelamatkam bumi dari sebuah bom misterius yang jika meledak mampu menyapu habis peradaban baat dari muka bumi.Dengan mengambil setting Kota Manhattan buku ini benar-benar menegangkan!

  • Sam
    2019-04-26 14:20

    Interesting. This was a love affair with Manhattan - so much about the buildings, monuments and other areas turned up it was almost like a guidebook in places. The author seemed to know the area, including little bits and pieces that most people probably wouldn't know about, or even notice. It was kind of fascinating, and I kept wanting to hit Google Earth and find these places. If I ever go back and read this again, I just might do that next time. It was almost like Manhattan was one of the characters. And that was the problem for me. The setting, in places, seemed more real than the people in it. I couldn't honestly describe the physical appearance of any of the main characters and they seemed to lack a certain depth. I know the book is set over the course of just a week (with occasional flashbacks to three or four other times), but even so it seemed like there should have been something more to the people within the story. I didn't particularly dislike any of the 'good guys', but I didn't particularly like them either. They were just kind of there, which was a shame, because the plot was a fascinating idea. The pace was very occasionally a bit hit and miss, as sometimes the wandering off into esoterica was a bit boggy, but it was enjoyable all in all. It seems there's a sequel. I may just have to read it some time.

  • Jannelies
    2019-05-24 12:27

    I can agree with most of the reviews that were written already. Funny thing is, I really loved the book because of the description of Manhattan, a place I've never visited and thought I would never like to. After reading this book for the first time, I immediately wanted to book a trip... But I didn't, because I went other places.After rereading the book, I still feel the same about the description of the city, but not so much more interested in the story. I can see the flaws now, where every time you think you understand who is fighting who and why, someone comes up with another explanation. Still an enjoyable read though.

  • Steve Mccarthy
    2019-05-04 12:39

    I imagined this more like a Matthew Reilly thriller, with challenges to be completed, and ancient artefacts gained. But no aan intriguing tale of the challenges within each one of us. Fascinating and mindboggling at times, with the element of a race against time to save the world, or at least a small part of it in Manhattan

  • Mandy
    2019-05-14 16:49

    Wer anhand des Klappentextes einen Dan-Brown-Thriller erwartet, der wird enttäuscht. Trotz dessen ist die Story innerhalb ihrer vielen verschiedenen zeitlichen Etappen recht spannend, einzig die örtliche Detailverliebtheit zieht sich stellenweise scheinbar endlos in die Länge. Fazit: Im Ansatz gut, nur leider oftmals viel zu ausführlich.

  • Katrine Solvaag
    2019-05-11 15:26

    The Malice Box was everything but what I expected. You follow Robert, the main character through his spiritual awakening in an attempt to stop a spiritual bomb from detonating in Manhattan. However, for every weird new information, there is a greate story behind. All in all, it was an interesting read.

  • Faii
    2019-05-15 13:45


  • Lynn O'Neill
    2019-04-24 09:46

    That I am looking forward to the next book by Martin :)

  • Marz Starr
    2019-05-05 14:25

    It turned out kind of boring. While it was an interesting story, it's very repetitive and the author just can't develop the characters enough to make any of them memorable. A one time reading.

  • Vivienne
    2019-05-07 08:36

    A complex mystery drawing on cityscape of Manhattan.

  • Amanda Case
    2019-05-06 16:28

    I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was better than the DaVinci Code

  • Steve
    2019-05-09 16:20

    A struggle to get through , basic plot with no suprises a bit bland really

  • Adrianna Kowalska
    2019-05-23 13:49

    „Sekretna szkatuła” to kolejny trup z półki. Mam ją od czterech lata. Skusiła mnie okładka. No i na dodatek jest to thriller, wiec wtedy miałam na nią ogromną ochotę. Opis również zachęcał, ale na dobrych chęciach wydawnictwa Sonia Draga się skończyło. Egzemplarz przeleżał kilkadziesiąt miesięcy, a oceny na oraz na nie wskazują na dobrą literaturę. Postanowiłam jednak sprawdzić sama, czy jest to coś warte. Głównym bohaterem jest Robert Reckliss, który pracuje w agencji informacyjnej GBN. Ma żonę Katherine, którą poznał poprzez grę zorganizowaną w czasach studiów przez Adama Hale’a. Warto zaznaczyć, że Kate wcześniej była żoną Adama. Robert i jego żona osiem miesięcy wcześniej stracili dziecko. Jadąc do pracy Reckliss dowiaduje się, że zmarł prezes Hencott Inc., a on jest tym, który jako jedyny z prasy namówił go na wywiad. W wyniku splotu różnych sytuacji Robert zostaje wysłany na urlop, a podczas spotkania z bratem prezesa Hencott Inc. dowiaduje się, że Adam jest w niebezpieczeństwie i nie bez powodu wysłał mu poprzedniego wieczora tajemniczą szkatułę i ma tylko siedem dni, aby uratować ludzkość przed zagładą…Mój pierwszy zarzut to zbyt powolna akcja w pierwszej części. Ja rozumiem budowanie napięcia, ale tu było tego za dużo. Ja czułam się znudzona tymi wszystkimi przemyśleniami i wspomnieniami. Robert też nie jest postacią działającą pod wpływem emocji. Co przynosi mi na myśl Roberta Langdona, który jest bohaterem stworzonym przez Dana Browna. I w sumie na tym kończą się podobieństwa między tymi dwoma autorami. Brown tworzy swoje łamigłówki z głową i zachęca czytelnika do tego, aby razem z Langdonem czy inną postacią je rozwiązywał. U Langfielda po prostu czekałam na podanie mi odpowiedzi na tacy. Thriller Naw Age… Pytanie, co to jest? Ja nie mam pojęcia. Wujek Google pod tym pojęciem widział tylko piosenkę jakiegoś zespołu… Jednak, jeśli definicją ma być „Sekretna szkatuła” to ja zdecydowanie jestem przeciwna takim thrillerom. Miałam wrażenie, że czytam jeden wielki bełkot wariata, który powiększa się z każdą kolejną stroną. Tego nie dało się czytać. Skończyłam tylko, dlatego, ponieważ oprócz bycia okładkową sroką to jestem również książkową masochistką i zawsze kończę zaczętą książkę. Jeśli chociaż w jednym procencie słuchacie tego czy polecam lub odradzam pewne książki to w tym wypadku posłuchajcie tego jednego procenta i nie tykajcie „Sekretnej szkatuły”. Chyba, że cierpicie na bezsenność. To po dwóch stronach śpicie niczym niemowlę. Pod koniec książka zaczynała mieć nawet pewien sens, ale bardzo niewielki trzeba to przyznać. Jednak przez 4/5 książki miałam wrażenie, że czytam jakieś urwane w połowie myśli, nieprzemyślane zdania. Po prostu bełkot, z którego nic nie wiem. Wstyd przyznać, ale już wszystko w niej zapomniałam. To była tragedia i nawet, gdyby nakręcili film na podstawie tej książki to przypuszczam, że byłby jedną wielką katastrofą. Dlatego nikt przy zdrowych zmysłach tego nie zrobi. Ja osobiście książkę odradzam i smuci mnie fakt, że na tego gniota życie zmarnowało tyle tysięcy drzew…"Wszyscy jesteśmy rozsądnymi, cywilizowanymi ludźmi, dopóki ktoś nie zrani naszego plemiennego instynktu. Wtedy zmieniamy się, a może budzi się nasza pamięć. Gotowi jesteśmy zabijać, gotowi jesteśmy na wszystko dla naszego plemienia. Wszyscy mam w sobie potencjalnego kata. Pewnych rzeczy nie da się zapomnieć." ~ Sekretna szkatuła, Martin Langfield, Katowice 2009, s. 135-136.

  • Fefi
    2019-05-23 09:37

    Che noia!Questo libro non mi è piaciuto molto, pagine e pagine di descrizioni di Manhattan dove si svolgono le 7 prove via GPS e quest'ultime che, a parer mio, sono ridicole. Si riprende un po' verso la fine, quando si sbroglia il mistero, ma non è niente di eccezionale. Bello però l'aver fatto entrare nella spiegazione legata al congegno misterioso, l'antico Egitto, i presunti scritti alchemici di Newton e perfino la pietra filosofale.

  • Aleixander
    2019-05-14 14:47

    Gran libro y gran autor

  • Karen
    2019-05-22 16:33

    Create a fantasy quest, add a mystery and some thriller elements, include an online community and game and THE MALICE BOX is something way outside the normal, expected style of Thriller or Fantasy Quest novel.Robert Reckliss (yes that is his name) is seemingly just another Englishman in New York. He and his wife Katherine originally met at Cambridge, at the same time that they both fell under the spell of the mercurial Adam - who has continued to appear and disappear from their lives since their school days.When Robert receives what seems to be a simple copper puzzle box, both he and Katherine assume this is just another one of Adam's little practical jokes or puzzles. But that night one of Robert's acquaintances kills himself in curious circumstances and the existence of an arcane weapon that could wipe the Western world from the face of the planet is revealed. Suddenly, New York in the year 2004 is a battleground to the death between ancient forces and Robert must use his spiritual powers to overcome seven mystical trials - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind and Spirit. Only then can he come face to face with evil in a disused subway station beneath City Hall and save the World from destruction.THE MALICE BOX is definitely unusual. Set in current day New York there's a really weird combination of the arcane and the current day - New York interwoven into a plot that is sometimes told in current day language, sometimes in something more Gothic and elaborate. It has a highly complex plot combining the alchemical and the mystical, taking characters on a journey of danger and self-discovery.Because the THE MALICE BOX is a combination of fantasy, thriller and mystery it is a different reading experience from a standard, more conventional thriller. It is also different from a lot of recent big-name thrillers in that it does have the adventure or the quest, but the characters are an important component at the same time. The fantastical aspects of THE MALICE BOX will require an acceptance of the unexpected and the other-worldly which is not going to appeal to all readers. The combination of the styles of language - the gothic and the everyday is also obvious at points in the book - not necessarily completely off-putting, but unusual enough to stand out.The online game at is still running, although the prize competition is resolved. Playing the game adds a level of interest and multi-media experience that could just be that little something different that you're looking for.

  • Andrea Ika
    2019-05-11 10:20

    Review: the Malice Box trilogy book 1Martin LangfieldOriginal Language: EnglishPublication Date: 2007Page Count: 448Format : paperbackGenre: mystery thriller paranormal YARating : 2 starsBook blurbAn ancient conspiracy links the secret alchemy of Isaac Newton to modern day New York. When Robert is sent what seems to be a simple copper puzzle box, he has no idea his life is about to undergo a violent transformation. That night an acquaintance commits suicide in curious circumstances; the following day an old friend reveals the existence of an arcane weapon that could destroy all of New York City. The responsibility of hunting down and destroying this weapon, the "Malice Box" or Ma'rifat', lies with Robert. The weapon is primed to explode in seven days and Robert must undergo a spiritual and physical quest - a series of trials around Manhattan - in order to track down the keys that will prevent detonation. In a desperate race against the clock, Robert scours the streets of New York while plagued by doubts about the motives of those closest to him. Robert has only Terri, a beautiful and mysterious psychic, to guide him. Intricately plotted and brilliantly imagined, "The Malice Box" is the debut novel by a new master of the thriller.My thoughtThe Malice Box" is Martin Langfield's first novel. An international best seller, "The Malice Box" is a mystical thriller inspired by alchemy, riddles and the secrets of two timeless cities: New York and Cambridge, England.i was under the impression that this book was going to be like the Da Vinci Code, where all the riddles are based on something in history.Well it's not.This book is all about the spirituality of human beings. It's a little messed up. I was definitely disappointed when I found this out, but I still enjoyed the book. However, it was DEEPLY frustrating that the main character, Robert, was the only person who didn't know anything. I hate books like that. But still, this wasn't a bad book.

  • Nilo Di Stefano
    2019-05-01 14:22

    Intuizioni e superficialitàPeccato davvero. Quest'opera di Langfield avrebbe potuto avere recensione migliore ma devo dire che sono molte le cose che proprio non mi convincono del libro. Il titolo un po' scontato faceva presagire il classico thriller alla Codice da Vinci, ma fin qui nulla da eccepire l'ho comprato perchè questo filone narrativo in fondo mi piace. Il guaio è dentro al libro. Caotico, molto caotico. Si riesce poco ad entrare nei personaggi e la narrazione impostato su continui flashback seppur interessante rischia di rallentare il racconto. Buone alcune intuizioni con l'inserimento di parole tipo blog, post, quad (ma sarebbe stato meglio chiamarlo PDA), l'inserimento quindi di nuove tecnologie che fanno pienamente parte del racconto ma che sono poco approfondite e quindi risultano superficiali e potrebbero essere complesse o totalmente prive di senso per chi non sa cosa è un blog o un quad. La trama tuttavia è molto fantasiosa e forse troppo ricca ed il risultato non è affatto piacevole. Alla fine direi che è un libro da 6 più per le intuizioni che per l'effettiva bontà narrativa. Non so se sia un libro da consigliare.

  • Trisha
    2019-05-08 08:48

    Robert Reckliss krijgt een voorwerp in zijn handen, die de rest van zijn leven verandert. In 7 dagen moet Reckliss een pad doorlopen om aan het eind zijn beste vriend Adam Hall te redden. Het pad is zwaar en vraagt opoffering, maar Reckliss beseft dat uiteindelijk het belangrijkste wat hij redt de wereld is. ---Het boek is op veel plekken ontzettend saai en langdradig. Dat het boek 3 sterren van mij krijgt, komt door bepaalde passages die meer aantrekken en waar de spanning enorm was. De juist door deze passages komt er leven in het verhaal. Als dit door het hele verhaal was getrokken had het boek nog meer sterren gekregen. Ook de visuele beschrijvingen maken het voor het boek toch ook wat goed. Maar mocht ik andere boeken van deze auteur tegenkomen zou ik me heel goed afvragen of ik nog wel een boek zou willen lezen.---©2007 Martin Langfield, Originele titel: The Malice Box©2008 Luitingh~Sijthoff BV. Amsterdamvertaling: Michiel van SteenOmslagontwerp: Groovej WaysOmslagillustratie: Larry RostantISBN: 978.90.245.2227.9Paperback

  • Kate
    2019-05-14 14:43

    First of all, I did have to force myself to finish reading it and by reading it I mean I skimmed through the long, drawn out portions. In doing so, I don't feel like I missed out on much and I think the book could have been at least 150 pages shorter than it was. Secondly, the character development was darn near non-existent. I was apathetic about each of them and even though I did feel as though Adam might have been the only one I did like by the end of the book I realized I was wrong. I just didn't really care what happened to them.Third, the book just didn't hit that heightened sense of excitement like a reader finds in books such as Angels and Demons or The DaVinci Code. It took me four months to finish the damn book! Basically, The Malice Box, like a lot of other books, just didn't hit the mark. It is easily forgettable and although I rarely, if ever, toss books in my recycle bin this will be one of them. It's a shame because the idea was an excellent one but the author simply couldn't pull it off.

  • Nuno Silva
    2019-04-27 15:29

    Mais um daqueles livros que só termino de ler porque sou insistente.Quando li a sinopse da contracapa, achei que ia ser um livro excelente, com enigmas, acção e aventura, mas agora que o acabei de ler achei tudo muito estranho.A história não me cativou minimamente, os personagens não me convenceram, os enigmas eram descabidos.Acho que a tentativa de levar o enredo para o panorama espiritual ficou muito aquém, onde tudo parece demasiado forçado, esquisito e mesmo difícil de seguir.Basicamente tudo se trata de a iniciação espiritual de uma pessoa, que devido à sua pureza, se vê numa demanda para impedir que uma bomba, também ela espiritual, detone, "infetando" a mentalidade das pessoas.Para isso essa pessoa tem que passar por 7 desafios para se fortalecer com o poder do bem, e assim conseguir destruir essa bomba.Não gostei minimamente.