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In The Redheaded League, Holmes is engaged upon two seemingly unrelated cases, a daring bank robbery and the disappearance of a pawnbroker's assistant. Using minute details of the small mystery, he is able to solve the larger one. "Depend upon it," says Holmes to Watson in A Case of Identity, "there is nothing so unnatural as the commonplace." Holmes is as fascinated by thIn The Redheaded League, Holmes is engaged upon two seemingly unrelated cases, a daring bank robbery and the disappearance of a pawnbroker's assistant. Using minute details of the small mystery, he is able to solve the larger one. "Depend upon it," says Holmes to Watson in A Case of Identity, "there is nothing so unnatural as the commonplace." Holmes is as fascinated by the story of a common young woman whose groom has vanished on the way to the altar as he has been by the woes of kings. He sharpens his powers of detection by putting together scattered facts to form a powerful and unexpected accusation. Holmes tells Watson about one of his first cases, The Musgrave Ritual; one that helped make him famous. Two servants of an English nobleman disappear. By following a trail of obscure clues left behind in an old parchment, Holmes discovers the crown of a former King of England....

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  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    2019-05-05 16:34

    The League of Extraordinary RedheadsSherlock Holmes has a new case, brought to him by an elderly pawnbroker with fiery red hair. After Sherlock, as usual, impresses Dr. Watson and the pawnbroker with a short display of his amazing observational and deductive talents, they get down to business. Mr. Jabez Wilson, the pawnbroker, was invited to join the Red-Headed League two months ago, where he was required to sit for four hours a day and copy out the Encyclopaedia Britannica by hand. And now the League has mysteriously closed up shop, with just a sign on the door. Wilson, disappointed with the loss of the four pounds a week they were paying him, asks Sherlock Holmes to investigate. (WHY? It's four pounds.* And nobody ripped you off, buddy.) But Sherlock, wiser than I, understands that there's a bigger game afoot.*ETA: Wait, hold the press. My Stanford U. source for "A Scandal in Bohemia" tells me that "Three hundred pounds would equal more than $100,000 today," which means that £4/week = over $1300/week in current money. Okay, now I'm more impressed.Actually, I figured this one out. But I think maybe I read it once before, many years ago, so I'm not patting myself on the back too hard. And reading about a massive crowd of redheads was fun.On to A Case of Identity.

  • Huda Aweys
    2019-05-08 14:24

    الفكرة التى بنيت عليها الحبكة او الحكاية عامة ، و التى كانت عن تلك (الأمور الغريبة التى تستدعي مجال للشك فى وقوع جريمه) يعني الأمور اللي بتستدعي شك اللي بيلاحظها و بتوحي له بأن هناك من يخطط او يعد لجريمة ما (جريمة لم تتم بعد و لكنها في طريقها للوقوع) . هي فعلا جيدة و كان بامكان الكاتب استغلالها بطريقة امثل .. الا ان حكايته قد جاءت عادية و ربما اقل من عادية ! ، و عموما يجب ان نراعى انه فى تلك الايام كانت هذه الحكاية العادية رائدة !و هي و مثيلاتها من كتابات ادجار الان بو و دويل كانوا ما افسح المجال لما أعقبهم من تطور في قصص الغموض و الرعب والألغاز البوليسية

  • Jaksen
    2019-05-21 12:34

    Another in the series of Sherlock Holmes stories - shorts and longer. In this one Holmes is asked to solve what seems to be a relatively simple problem, that is, why was a red-headed man (a pawnbroker) hired to do nothing but copy pages out of the Encyclopedia Britannica? And, why was said job abruptly ended with little notice or warning? I figured this one out, or maybe I remembered reading it years ago. (Though I was sure this was one I hadn't read.) The interplay between Holmes and Watson, and Holmes and those who come to him for help, is always deftly done. There is no murder here, but there is a crime, and reading the annotated version of the story fills in small details here and there that otherwise I - being American - might have missed.Great story.

  • MohammedAli
    2019-04-30 10:14

    مغامرات شارلوك هولمز , تأليف السيد آرثر كونان دويل" عصبة ذوي الشعر الأحمر " هي القضية الثالثة في مغامرات شارلوك هولمز , تدور أحداث هذه القصة حول إعلان في أحد الجرائد عن وظيفة شاغرة بأجر جيد جدا و لكن الشرط الوحيد هو أن يكون هذا العامل ذو شعر أحمر , فيتقدم أحد السماسرة الكهول بطلب من خادمه و إصرار منه إلى هذه الوظيفة والتي وجد كل الشروط الموجودة في الإعلان توافق خصائصه ليتضح أن كل هذا ليس سوى خطة ماكرة لسرقة أحد البنوك , و بالكبع كان شارلوك و صديقه واطسون في إنتظار هذه العصابة بعد كشف مخططاتها .

  • Jason Koivu
    2019-05-24 12:26

    Oh good god, gingers?! A whole league of them?!?!?!

  • Ann (Little Bear) Baratheon
    2019-05-15 08:12

    Barely made three stars on this one. Worst Sherlock story I've read/listened to so far. Great setup but extremely anti-climatic and almost pointless.

  • aljouharah altheeyb
    2019-05-14 08:28

    . كتاب جميل يحوي بعض أشهر روايات سير آرثر دونان كويل المعروف والمشتهر برواياته البوليسية التي أنتجت لنا الشخصية المُذهله “ شارلوك هولمز” .. بإستثناء أسلوب دويل البسيط السهل في الوصف والتحري “ والذي لا يجعلك تشعر الغباء كما في روايات آغاثا كريستي” بل يجعلك تشعر وكأن “ آهه لقد فاتتني هذه النُقطه ! أنت مُحق أكمل” .. فإن الروايات مُذهلة وجميله وغير معقدة جداً ! وكما يقول هولمز “ فإن القضايا العادية هي العجيبة حقاً “ ! .. ما أشعرني بالعُجب هو أن شخصية “ شارلوك” كانت مُقتبسة من أستاذ دويل الدكتور جوزيف بيل، الذي إمتاز بالفطنة وسرعة الملاحظة والقدرة التحليلية العالية التي أبهرت دويل لدرجة خلق شخصية خيالية قائمة على أستاذه ! .. جميل وممتع وينتهي الوقت بسرعة عجيبه : )

  • Melissa Chung
    2019-05-12 13:15

    This is my first introduction to a Sherlock Holmes short story. I read it out loud to my children 8 and 10. Both of my boys enjoyed the story.In this short story, a red-headed man by the name of Mr. Wilson has sought the advice of Sherlock Holmes in a strange situation that has befallen him. Mr. Wilson was employed by a Mr. Duncan Ross, to copy from an Encyclopedia for 4 pounds a week. After several weeks of nominal work, the 'Red-Headed League' vanished without a trance and no one knew what the business was and who Mr. Duncan Ross was. Sherlock took the case, because it was so unique and goes about solving the mystery.I enjoyed Sherlock's eccentric-ness and can't wait to read more by Aurthur Conan Doyle.

  • jillian n.
    2019-05-11 12:21

    Why on earth did it take me so long to read any Sherlock Holmes? 'Twas excellent, and that's the end of it."It is quite a three pipe problem, and I beg that you won't speak to me for fifty minutes."Quite.

  • Doreen Petersen
    2019-05-15 09:14

    Sherlock Holmes solves the case of the Red-Headed League.

  • Brooklyn Tayla
    2019-05-15 11:29

    A short and sweet re-read.

  • Sarita
    2019-05-01 14:06

    القراءة الأولى لشخصية آرثر دويل الأشهر شارلوك هولمزعلى الرغم من قراءتى محاكاة هذه الشخصية ( شارلوك هولمز الصغير ) قبل قراءتى للشخصية الأصلية إلا أن للشخصية الأصلية رونق خاصيختلف تماماً عن المحاكاة التى كانت لا بأس بهافى النهاية قصة ممتعة مسلية أضفت عليها الرسومات مزيداً من التألق

  • Michelle Spencer
    2019-05-13 13:14

    This one was a lot of fun because I figured out what was going on by the end of it and it made me feel smart. Quite so. Elementary. :D

  • AnaAlmeida
    2019-05-15 08:22


  • Gülay Cansever
    2019-05-15 15:27

    Böyle çoklu hikaye olan kitapları çok sevemiyorum. Üzgünüm :)

  • Yo_oy
    2019-04-23 11:32

    لطالما أردت قراءة قصة هولمز لكونان دويل لكن لا أخفي أن الأمر الذي دفعني لقراءة هذه القصة بالذات هو ذكر كونان - ليس دويل وإنما ايدوجاوا - اسمها من بين القصص في حلقة جريمة مهووسي هولمز - بسبب هوسي بالمحقق كونان بالطبع -على كلٍ بدت فكرة اللغز مثيرة لأول وهلة حقاً فكرة فريدة من نوعها عمل لذوي الشعر الأحمر !!أعجبتني دقة هولمز في الملاحظة والاستنتاج وطريقة تغير مزاجه من الهدوء والاسترخاء إلى التعمق في التفكيرلكن اللغز لم يكن معقداً كما ظننت أنه سيكونربطت ان العمل كان الغرض منه اخراجه من المنزلوالبنك هو المستهدف لكني ظللت أطرح بعض الأسئلة المشككة حول الأمر لأجمع كل الاحتمالات وعندما حانت النهاية واظهر شيرلوك الأمر لواطسون على الرغم من فرحتي باني أصبت في استنتاجي إلا أني لا أخفي خيبة الأمل التي امتلكتني ويمكنني أن ألخصه في : " هكذا كان الأمر فقط ؟ "لا أعلم إن كان السبب هو توقعي للغز عميق يبقيني حائرة إلى لحظة حل اللغز أم أمر آخر لكن في النهاية لا يمكنني القول بأنني أضعت وقتيفقد استمتعت بهذه القصة وحصلت على معلومات كنت أجهلها عن دويل ، وعلى بعض أسماء القصص المثيرة التي سأقرأها بإذن الله في وقت لاحق وأعطي دويل حقه قبل الحكم على مؤلفاته .

  • Cintia
    2019-05-20 14:17

    3 STARSIt's a Sherlock Holmes story, of course it is good! But not the best, I have to say. I've read other cases, and this one is, so far, the one that hooked me the least. But still, not bad. *If you like what you read, find more reviews in my blog:*

  • Amina
    2019-04-28 08:31

    Great one! Did find out who and how but not why!

  • Kath
    2019-05-14 14:28

    Es que no hay más que decir que: amo a Sherlock Holmes!!! Es que sencillamente no puedo encontrarle ningún defecto.

  • Laura
    2019-05-14 16:06

    From BBC Radio 4 Extra:The sleuth's visitor is asked to copy out the 'Encyclopaedia Britannica'. Is it a hoax?

  • Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess
    2019-05-23 09:36

    5 Words: Perfect length for a cuppa.Well, that was an interesting one. Very clever, too.This story puzzled me quite a bit, but I loved the way it all played out.

  • MonicaEmme
    2019-05-22 12:25

    Ecco magari la musica di violino in sottofondo un po' più bassa sarebbe stata gradita, però, per il resto, il libro è davvero carino!

  • Jenny Rae
    2019-05-10 14:09

    Not my favorite Holmes story; still good!

  • Trook Alharbi
    2019-04-24 15:35

    لا بأس بها

  • Nikki May
    2019-04-24 15:24

    I have to say, I haven't bothered to read Sherlock Holmes books before because I never thought to, usually it watch the tv series or the films they bring out about him, I caught this one when it was recommended to me so I thought why not. I can safely say I wasn't too dissapointed, it was although hard to get into at first due to some of the older para phrases and language I easily slipped between the pages and was able to see the story unfold before my eyes. Sherlock Holmes never dissapoints me, ok so it would be nice if he wasn't so arrogant and self assured sometimes but I think that is just the impression the writer always wanted to create and in this case it annoys you enough to make you notice but not enough to completely take away from the story that's unfolding so I'm ok with that. Dr Watson was always so loyal, kind and well a little shy and more of an observer than someone who solved it all, yes he had thoughts he shared but he always seemed to be too logical in his thinking. The way the writer described the scenes in this book, made me imagine myself there it was that detailed and I felt like I was an important part of the story as it was being told to me as if I was a diary I guess? This story was by no means lacking any creativity, it was full to the brim of it and I loved that it just flowed from the pages. It was quite a strange mystery but there again Holmes ones usually are, the fact here was a job advertised just for a red headed man was a little peculiar in itself but that Mr Wilson's assistant almost pushed him into applying was even more peculiar then that Mr Wilson got the job which paid more than well enough and well the role of it was so simple, copying from an encyclopaedia I have to say the criminals who decided to set that up was by no means stupid, you wouldn't have connected the dots at all, I couldn't even spot the solution that Holmes did. The mystery in this was played so well, unravelled so slowly it was drawing it out but not slow enough to bore you thankfully, it tugged you mind intrigue and made you want to see if you could figure it out yourself before Holmes did but I can safely say I definitely didn't lol. I'm a little dissapointed in the way this ended, the criminals who had put so much work into setting up the fake job, hiring the office for Mr Wilson to work in and so on and henceforth to then get caught and well just hand themselves to Holmes and the police so easily when they could have had a few action packed scenes, fighting, chases or even injuries but overall I love the intrigue and mystery of this story.

  • Fary
    2019-05-19 11:20

    “The red headed league “ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is about a detective by the name of Sherlock Holmes. A red headed man by the name of Mr. Wilson who is the owner of a pawn shop, entered a league for people with the reddest hair. Wilson had hired a man named John Clay to work at the pawn shop. Clay is a very smart criminal that comes from a good family. Once Wilson was accepted into the league they told him to sit and copy the encyclopedia word for word but whatever he did he couldn’t leave the room. Wilson hired to Holmes see what the league was about, as time went on Holmes discovered that the league was fake and the Clay was digging a tunnel from the basement of the pawn shop to a bank so he could rod it but Holmes foiled his plan.I enjoyed the creativity of the story. The amount of creativity it took to think of a story like this. Doyle seems to use the same motive in all his stories which is greed. I also like the mystery and how it played out, the criminal Clay was a very smart man that used his power for crime. I also like how easy the language is to understand while reading, great read for young adults.I thought the way it ended was a weak ending because it leaked excitement, it could have went in a totally different way with the ending , my views are that it’s the weakest part of the whole story.The story over all was an quick and enjoyable read for any type of adult .The ending was the only part that wasn’t good to me but besides that it was great, it you like mysteries you should read the red headed league.

  • Niko
    2019-05-21 12:19

    "It is most refreshingly unusual," as Holmes had put the case into words. The adventure of the red-headed league follows a red-haired pawnbroker, Jabez Wilson, as he was fooled or redirected, to be concise, by his assistant to work in the red-headed league as a copier from 10am to 2pm with a wage of 4 pounds per week which is a good sum at that time. After 2 months of working, he is then surprised one day upon finding out that the league was dissolved. The mystery is that his employer is of inconsistent identity. Aroused by mystery, he then goes to Sherlock Holmes for help along with Dr. John Watson. After two days, the case has been solved by Holmes and deduced that while he was working for four hours every day, his assistant along with the red-headed league digs in the basement of the pawnshop in an attempt to break into the bank next door. Holmes was ahead of their plans and confronted the league by hiding in the bank vault along with Dr. Watson, police inspector Jones and Mr. Merrywather (the bank director). All in all, this a great story for mystery and criminal detection lovers.

  • Sifat
    2019-05-08 09:20

    In The Redheaded League, Holmes is locked in upon two apparently irrelevant cases, a challenging bank theft and the vanishing of a pawnbroker's right hand. Utilizing minute points of interest of the little riddle, he can understand the bigger one. "Rely on it," says Holmes to Watson in A Case of Identity, "there is nothing so unnatural as the ordinary." Holmes is as intrigued by the narrative of a typical young lady whose prep has vanished while in transit to the sacrificial stone as he has been by the burdens of lords. He hones his forces of discovery by assembling scattered actualities to shape a capable and surprising allegation. Holmes educates Watson concerning one of his initially cases, The Musgrave Ritual; one that helped make him popular. Two hirelings of an English aristocrat vanish. By following a trail of cloud enlightens left behind an old material, Holmes finds the crown of a previous King of England.

  • Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide/Novelly Yours)
    2019-04-29 14:21

    This was such a fun story! I really enjoy the quick and concise mystery and it was a little silly in theory but of course, it all works out in the end. I like that it was wrapped up so quickly and I think I enjoy the Holmes short stories more than the full-length novels in that respect. It was zany and fun and a neat mystery where we once again get to see the brilliant reasoning of Sherlock Holmes.THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE was just a quick, short story but it was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the quick and concise mystery and it was a little silly in theory but of course, it all works out in the end. I like that it was wrapped up so quickly and I think I enjoy the Holmes short stories more than the full-length novels in that respect. Whereas THE SIGN OF FOUR felt a little dragged out, THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE was obviously zippy due to its short length. Even though it was also a little silly, it was also just more fun in nature.

  • Cristina
    2019-05-08 16:11

    Chapter''The red-headed league'' from novel ''Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'' impressed me more the cleverness of his heroes. I liked quickess with acted detective Sherlock Holmes and using or. Dr. Watson in solving the case Jabez Wilson. As the best profesionals Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson found a bank robbery by John Clay and Archie Ross. So by this chapter, Sir Arthur Canan Doyle gives us a life lesson, let us not by lured ly crooks as in the case of Jabez Wilson.