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By the author of the Newbery Honor book Belle Prater's BoyIt is the mid-1950s, and Lyrics familys dream is finally coming true -- they are moving from the backwoods of southwest Virginia to Flint, Michigan, where her father hopes to get an assembly-line job for a car manufacturer. Thirteen-year-old Lyric has always been close to and admired her older sister, Summer, who isBy the author of the Newbery Honor book Belle Prater's BoyIt is the mid-1950s, and Lyrics familys dream is finally coming true -- they are moving from the backwoods of southwest Virginia to Flint, Michigan, where her father hopes to get an assembly-line job for a car manufacturer. Thirteen-year-old Lyric has always been close to and admired her older sister, Summer, who is pretty and popular. But in their new hometown, Summer unexpectedly and drastically changes. She becomes remote, speaks gibberish, stops taking care of her appearance, wont go to high school, and then seems to have hallucinations. Lyric and her father try to cope with the devastating effects of Summers mental illness, but, sadly, there is no bringing the old Summer back. Ruth White has written a heart-wrenching novel which, despite the sad and serious subject matter, offers readers humor and hope and most of all love....

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Memories of Summer Reviews

  • Brad D
    2019-04-09 02:27

    This was an amazing book that had me glued to the pages until the end.

  • Beccie
    2019-04-09 23:34

    I gave this book 5 stars because it was simply.....amazing! Did I like it? Can you like something that rips your heart out? That makes you cry so much you have to take your contacts out? This author really speaks to me. Her writing grips me. Her words stay with me. I am a better person for having read this. I don't think I will ever look at mental illness the same way again. Now I will think of the families in the background, struggling to hold on to that person they love, even though it's not the same person anymore. There is a part towards the end that is so powerful, where Lyric (the little sister who is the voice of the book) goes through so many emotions - embarrassment, humiliation, anger - before she remembers the love she has for this sister who took care of her and always loved her. Oh gosh, I'm crying again just thinking about it. I highly recommend this book to adults and teenagers, but I'm not sure about children. And now I have to go look at one of those Youtube videos where a baby is laughing at tearing paper or something.

  • Kateryna Kryuchkova
    2019-03-22 21:48

    *****WARNING*****SPOILER ALERT*****ENDING IS MENTIONED!!!!**** Memories of Summer is a bittersweet read. The novel ripped my heart out, but forced me to stitch it back, inside my chest, in order to continue reading. This book is a truly meaningful read. I broke down at some parts, but pulled through to the end. Summer and Lyric are sisters. Summer is a troubled young lady who has schizophrenia. She develops a more severe self destructive behavior as the story continues because she claims she is disappearing. Lyric is a caring, dedicated sister who tries, with all her strength, to pull Summer out of her troubles. Their dad, or Poppy as the girls call him, is a patient, hard working, and realistic individual. Lyric kept trying to help out with Summer, but Poppy helped her realize their was no chance at returning the happy Summer that once lived with them. A family, that has lived their whole life in the hills of Virginia, moved to the bustling city of Flint, Michigan. Once in Flint, they lived in a crammed two room apartment with the Millers, but later they moved to a more spacious house in the suburbs. Poppy managed to snatch a job at General Motors before they completely went broke. A few months after the move, Summer started to develop a peculiar behavior. She would go around “whispering, whispering….jibble, jibble….”(page 54). Jibble was a word she made up, and would repeat constantly. These actions further developed into scratching, playing with fire, running away, and trying to kill herself. When Summer became uncontrollable, Poppy took her to the Buick hospital were she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. As Summer’s destructive behavior escaladed, Lyric tried to keep her in control. Lyric would sometimes sit by the window and long for her pleasant Summer. She wished the old Summer would come back. One day, a violent tornado swept through the suburbs. Lyric tried to get Summer in a safe shelter, but she refused to cooperate. Luckily, no one was injured. After that incident, Poppy decide to put Summer in a metal institution. Lyric contemplated Poppy’s decision about transferring Summer to an institution, but she realized it was the logical action to take in order to help her. Through out the story, Lyric tries to hide Summer from her friends because she is embarrassed by her behavior. When Summer shows up to Lyric’s play auditions, the whole auditorium stared at her. Lyric decided to get up and introduces her sister to everyone. When it was time to introduce Summer to Lyric’s friends, Yolanda, Nadine, and Glady, they politely talk to Summer, while everyone pointed and whispered. These actions encompass a majority of the themes in the book. A theme of the book was to accept people, even if they are different. Another theme that was portrayed was, a true friend should never judge others because of their differences. Lyric still had a large amount of devotion for Summer after her schizophrenia developed into a higher state of severity. Another message was, to learn to love someone, even if they change their behavior. Throughout the novel, Summer presented many challenges to Lyric and Poppy, but they still remained a family. The most prominent theme in the novel was that, a strong family always pulls through a violent storm life casts upon them. Since the story ended with Summer being put in a mental institution, Lyric hoped that one day she can be with the true Summer again. The life lesson I will cherish most of all is that, life does not always present happy moments, but lessons are leaned from every experience, even if they are not visible in the moment.I have a tender passion for this book. I will treasure dear Summer in my heart. I absolutely devoured this book with my emotions. The author was highly successful with her composition of the novel. I liked how the author pieced together a meaningful story with the use of simple language. This made the story both easy to understand, and easy to detect the themes scattered throughout the story. Ruth White did a wonderful job of explaining the life, of a family, that had to overcome challenges in a mentally ill member. I also enjoyed how she sprinkled in some history throughout the pages. She gave historical enrichment to connect with while reading the novel. She explained that “The UAW-United Auto Workers-was one of the most powerful unions in the world”(page 40). This allowed me to understand the time period, the living conditions of the family, and the importance of the family’s relocation to Flint.I picked up this book as a quick read. I found myself connecting on every page. Lyric reminds me of Katniss from the movie The Hunger Games. Both of these females play a lead role. They fight for what they believe in, to ensure, that thier loved ones are safe. Lyric and Katniss over come many challenges, but they remain chose with their family. These females have a strong heart, and an even bigger determination to continue their quest until they reach success. On the other hand, Summer reminds me of Ruby from the book Free as a Bird. Both characters live their lives with a disorder. They deal with being stared at, and talked about behind their backs. They live their lives knowing that whenever they go out in public, someone is judging them behind their back.There are people who would not like to read this book. A person who is sensitive to the topic of mental illness would struggle with this novel. This book could remind them of their challenges and bring back uncomfortable memories. If someone who had a hard time with a family member, who had or still has a mental illness, then they would not enjoy this book. This story contains many life changing challenges the characters overcome that could overwhelm the reader. It would arouse unpleasant feeling for the reader. Even though this book is in the youth realistic fiction genre, it would not be enjoyed by younger readers. The heavy subject of mental illness, in the book, can become difficult for young readers to digest. The image of Summer “standing there in her nightgown with bloody scratches on her face”(page 56), would leave unpleasant images in a child‘s mind. The imagery would be too intense for a child to comprehend. The reader may struggle with the context, and get the wrong message from the author. I have decided to rate this book on my own scale that I have prepared. This book deserves its own rating scale because of the feelings I experiences, throughout the story, as I fallowed the characters experiences in Flint.5- My heart is welling up with emotions and warm cup of tea is needed to continue reading.[image error]4-Awww, that was a sweet read, but I can skip the aftermath of an emotional storm.[image error]3-Ummm, it was ok, no poke at my emotions. I could live with out the read.[image error]2- Nooo, why did I waste my time on this eyes hurt!!![image error]1-Skip the book, don’t touch it, move on with your life. DO NOT READ THIS…..EVER!!![image error] Well after reviewing my scale, I have decided to rate the book with a 5. YES…A 5!!!!!This book is truly amazing. It opened up my eyes on how I view the topic of mental illness. It taught me so many valuable life lessons. For example, to never give up on a fight, and take as many desperate measures as it takes to help a loved one. The author truly knows how to use pathos to connect to the readers’ heart. This book warmed my heart with the actions Lyric took to try to save Summer. I just wanted to curl up on the couch, with a cup of chamomile tea, and read my little heart out.An audience for Memories of Summer is Chocolate For a Woman’s Courage. Both of these books show how the main characters fight, with all their strength, for what they believe in. These books have strong messages of taking every possible action until the end of the fight is reached. Both of these books are easy to connect to a personal life experience because everyone must fight to reach their goals in life.Well I would like to conclude this wonderful moment you have taken from your day to read this review. I know I have left you with an eagerness to read this book. Ruth White is now one of my favorite author that has earned a spot on my book shelf. I cannot wait to read more of her literary works. I hope that after reading this cherished novel, you build a strong connection with the author. The last bullet I would like to pin is, one of my favorite parts from the novel. When a young fella asked for Summer’s phone number, at the pier, she replied with “ I know you just wanna break my heart, Cutie Pie”(page 26). In the end of the story, Lyric was walking on the pier with her friends A boy approached her, and asked for her number. She used Summer’s response to give him an answer. In this moment, I learned that if an ending to a situation is negative, only remember the positive. Happy reading everyone, and may the novels be with you!!! :)

  • Erin
    2019-04-16 23:48

    My classification of this one might be stretching things a little. The multicultural element is a family from the rural Virginia with a schizophrenic daughter, and the urban location is Flint, MI in 1955. But I think that multiculturalism should include more than just ethnicities; reading this book, A Corner of the Universe, and (george) indicated to me that the mentally ill do occupy their own culture, as do the people who interact with them on a daily basis. Those who are not members of this culture can feel uncomfortable or act in a way that is inappropriate or cruel when faced with someone who is mentally ill. Reading this book made my heart hurt a little, like it does when I read about anyone who is trapped in their circumstances or who is treated cruelly. We get a large number of group homes that visit the library where I work, and while these books are not representative of everyone with mental trouble, they do lift the corners of my universe a little, and allow me to peek into someone else's, enhancing my understanding and empathy.I think that this book could do the same with a young reader, probably a middle school audience. The characters are likeable, and it's hard not to identify with a young girl who has to fit into a new place, who is excessively countrified and trying to find her way in a big city, who is limited by her mentally ill sister, but also who grows up and comes into her own because of that same sister. And like many of our blogs and discussions have mentioned, creating characters who expand a reader's ability to empathize is one of the highest aims an author can have.Nothing noticeably objectionable.

  • Jaksen
    2019-04-13 00:49

    A nice, short, honestly and simply written account of a thirteen-year old girl dealing with an older sister's mental illness. In 1955, Lyric Compton moves to Flint, Michigan with her father and sixteen-year old sister, Summer. Unfortunately, Summer is soon diagnosed with schizophrenia and eventually needs to be institutionalized. This story is told through Lyric's eyes and is rich with description of the time period as well as the emotional impact her sister's illness has on her and her father. Honest and realistic, it's a touching, sad, and poignant story, one with which many readers can identify. It would be a good book to give a ten-year old child or older, who is dealing with the same situation.

  • Sabrina
    2019-04-13 23:45

    Very quick and short read. I was surprised at the abruptness of the ending, I had expected it to go a bit further into their lives, or possible have some big event that changed everything. It just crept along and then ended. After I finished the book I did a little research on the author and it turns out this is a very personal story. She has an older sister who was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was a teenager. I thought her treatment of the subject was very honest, but overall I just wasn't heavily invested.

  • Ian G
    2019-04-19 20:41


  • Austin T
    2019-04-22 01:49

    This was a Great Book! Everyone must read it!

  • Lightblue
    2019-03-28 21:30

    Una storia per ragazzi che insegna moltissimo su quanto sia difficile accettare la diversità e le malattie. Bello.

  • Sam S
    2019-04-10 19:33

    This was an amazing book with a very powerful ending. The book will grab your heart break it then stitch it back together again in just 135 pages.

  • Linda
    2019-04-17 19:44

    Heart-breaking story told by 13-year-old Lyric as she observes her older sister, Summer, go from being a beautiful, bright and lively girl to a troubled soul who is unable to care for herself or live a normal life due to the schizophrenia that overtakes her. Eventually Summer's father and sister realize that she cannot be left alone, may possibly harm herself or someone else, and that her medication is no longer effective. Lyric struggles with wanting to help her sister whom she loves, while at the same time feeling ashamed of her and unable to help or fix her. She goes from feelings of fear, worry and concern for Summer, to impatience, anger and resentment, which turns to guilt as she realizes her sister can't help or control her odd behavior. Lyric's memories of the Summer of the past haunt her as she tries to move on and make friends and a life for herself. I can't imagine what it must be like to see someone you love descend into mental illness like this. I think this would be a good book for young people (ages 12 and up) to help them understand and better sympathize with people who have mental illness. Another book along the same lines but written in first person is You Never Promised Me a Rose Garden.

  • Susan Iverson
    2019-04-06 23:39

    a quick read that engages the issue of a family with a child who grows up and into a teenager with schizophrenia

  • Elizabeth Bridges
    2019-03-29 22:40

    It was a great book if your into stories about mental health. It was a good eye opener to the life of someone who had a mental sister. Great suspence.

  • Eeichhorn
    2019-04-16 23:45

    I was pleasantly surprised by Memories of Summer (given, I didn't really know what to expect). I picked this book up out of a "free book" box because I was interested by the character with schizophrenia, Summer. I am always looking for books that present a different perspective on life.I was blow away by the authenticity this book displayed while remaining appropriate to young readers. Once I started this book, I could not put it down. I became so invested in the lives of Summer and Lyric and truly concerned for their wellbeing, that I could stop until I finished the book.

  • Ava Black
    2019-04-12 20:43

    Ho preso questo libro in biblioteca perche' ricordavo di averlo gia' letto molti anni fa e che mi era piaciuto. Il libro e' rivolto principalmente ad un target di giovani e giovanissimi, difatti e' lungo solamente 105 pagine ( e cio' di per se' non permette un grandissimo approfondimento dei personaggi ) ed il linguaggio e' molto, molto semplice.Ad ogni modo, il tema trattato nel libro non e' dei piu' semplici per questo ne consiglio la lettura anche agli adulti: la storia verte intorno a due sorelle americane, Lyrics ( 13 anni ) e Summer ( 16 anni ) che abitano in Virginia con il padre durante la Depressione. La famiglia si trasferisce a Flint, in Michigan quando il padre spera di poter trovare un lavoro migliore in una citta' dove praticamente tutti lavorano nelle industrie automobilistiche, all'inizio pero' l'uomo non riesce a trovare lavoro e la famiglia verte in condizioni di poverta' estrame. Ma tutto cio' fa da sfondo al nucleo della vicenda, ovvero il rapporto fra le due sorelle, legatissime sin dall'infanzia: fra le due, Summer e' sempre stata la piu' bella, la piu' corteggiata ed anche la piu' strana. Nessuno in famiglia pero' immagina che quella stranezza altro non era che un anticipo della schizofrenia che lentamente l'avrebbe trasformata in una persona a loro sconosciuta. A Flint, infatti, le condizioni di summer peggiorano, la ragazza lascia la scuola, trova un lavoro poi lo lascia, passa la maggior parte del tempo in casa, parla con parole che non esistono e fa discorsi strani. tutto cio' non e' semplice da affrontare per Lryc e suo padre, soprattutto quando la ragazza viene ricoverata al manicomio e la famiglia deve venire a patti con il nome del mostro che sta divorando Summer: schizofrenia.Nel mentre, Lyric si occuipa con amore della sorella, anche se a volte continuare ad amarla non sembra facile, quando Summer le si rigira contro, quando cerca di dar fuoco alla casa e poi a se' stessa e via dicendo, ma Lyric le rimane sempre al fianco, sino al giorno in cui lei e suo padre dovranno dolorosamente decidere di far rinchiudere Summer in un manicomio perche' ormai e' pericolosa per se' stessa e per gli altri, e Lryci rischierebbe di rinunciare alle normali attivita' di una quattordicenne per correre sempre a casa ad occuparsi della sorella. Il libro affronta il problema di come Lyric teme che le amiche e gli altr ragazzi della scuola possnao giudicarla se sapessero che ha una sorella malata, mostra i sentimenti altalenanti della ragazzina nei confronti di quella sorella che giorno dopo giorno e' sempre piu' diversa dala ragazza vivace ed allegra che era in Virginia e in generale e' un libro che consiglio di leggere perche' le malattie mentali fanno sempre troppa paura, e non solo nei ggiovanissimi. i medici ci capiscono poco o niente e persone come Summer, che apparentemente hanno tutto, vengono improvvisamente risucchiate in un limbo dal quale a volte non riescono ad uscire. Lo ripeto, la semplicita' del libro purtroppo ha rovinato una storia che, se scritta in un romanzo per adulti, avrebbe potuto essere approfondita meglio ( purche' scritta bene, s'intente ) inoltre l'autrice dedica il romanzo alla sorella Audrey ed il libro ha uno sfondo autobiografico, che lo rende piu' speciale.

  • Daisy Honeywell
    2019-04-05 20:41

    Questo libro è di facile lettura ed è abbastanza breve. E' un libro per ragazzini il cui argomento sarebbe potuto essere più approfondito. E' narrato in prima persona e la protagonista è Lyric, una ragazzina che abita con suo padre e sua sorella Summer in Virginia, durante la Depressione. Dopo poco si trasferiscono a Flint, in Michigan, dove il padre riuscirà a trovare un lavoro. Sin dall'inizio l'autrice racconta dello speciale legame che unisce Lyric a sua sorella. Summer ha sedici anni, è bellissima e spensierata: delle volte ha dei comportamenti strani, ma secondo Lyric e suo padre non è niente di strano ma " quella è semplicemente Summer". Il libro ci mostra i pensieri di Lyrc nel dover affrontare una nuova scuola e nel volersi fare nuove amicizie, ma prevalentemente si dedica agli atteggiamenti di Summer. Improvvisamente la ragazza comincia a parlare tra sé e sé, pronuncia parole senza senso, ha atteggiamenti auto - lesionistici e prova a dare a fuoco alla loro casa. Lyrc cerca di capire che cosa stia succedendo nella mente di sua sorella, ma Summer sembra vivere in un mondo a parte, tetro, irraggiungibile. E' convinta di essere piccola piccola, gli altri la distruggeranno, non ha più un ombra e si tormenta con ogni cosa.Ormai non è rimasto più neanche un briciolo di quella spensierata, bellissima ragazza chiamata Summer.Con il passare del tempo Lyric e suo padre decidono di far visitare Summer; i medici danno un nome al suo atteggiamento; schizofrenia.In un primo momento Lyric si rifiuta di voler mandare Summer in un manicomio, ma poi sua sorella diventa troppo pericolosa, e sono costretti a rinchiuderla ed a sperare nelle medicine. Summer si ritroverà ad affrontare le sue paure, probabilmente senza mai riuscire a uscire dal suo tunnel. Lyric, nel mentre, si ritroverà a vivere la sua vita da ragazzina. La storia ha un argomento complesso e interessante, è scritto per ragazzini quindi la lettura è scorrevole, ma delle volte avrei preferito un libro più approfondito in merito a questa storia auto - biografica.La fine del racconto mi ha lasciata allibita, mi è sembrato che a Lyric importasse più di tornare ad avere una vita come ogni ragazzina che doversi occupare di Summer ... la mia sensazione è stata come se Lyric avesse deciso di abbandonare sua sorella. Io non mi sarei comportata così e quindi non riesco a comprendere il comportamento di Lyric.Tutto sommato è un libro che consiglierei, tratta di un argomento interessante e non è troppo lungo, quindi annoiarsi è quasi impossibile.

  • Sara
    2019-04-22 19:56

    This book is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I read it four years ago but have re-read it several times since, and it's always the same. I'm rooting for Lyric and her father to enjoy their enriching, exciting new life in the city at the same time I feel awful for Summer as she deteriorates and is soon barely able to function, let alone enjoy all the wonderful experiences her sister is. Lyric continues to hold onto the hope that Summer will recover and soon they'll both be normal, but it never happens. She and her father have no choice, and they must say goodbye to the Summer they knew and loved.I do wish there had been a sequel, or a chapter detailing more how Lyric and Poppy adjusted to life without Summer. Did Lyric ever explain to her friends what happened, or did the era's attitude towards mental illness keep her quiet on that front? Did Poppy ever marry Gayle Stiltner? Did they ever make any sort of visit to Glory Bottom if only to see how far removed from their old life they'd become? The secondary characters and plot threads were just as interesting as the main story.I'd very much like to see this book made into a movie. I can so easily picture it, and hear Lyric's narrative voice-over as I read the chapters.

  • Megan
    2019-04-07 00:38

    A girl who is schizophrenic moves from the country to a big city with her sister and dad. They have to try and compromise on their daily lives to help this girl and to create no damage. At first they didn’t know when she talked to herself that it was because she had schizophrenia but later down the road they end up finding out the hard way. Through scratches, crying, and hard times, the family learn to battle fear and sadness. I can say this book is a great read. I have personally read it 4 times and wouldn’t mind reading it a few more times. You get to see the life of a family who lives with someone who has a mental disorder. You can see the family grow stronger even though you think they would just break down. Honestly the only negative thing I have about this book is the fact that it’s not as long as you would expect, but that really doesn’t take away from the story. I would and will recommend this book to anyone!

  • Mary Louise Sanchez
    2019-03-26 21:33

    Two sisters, Summer and Lyric, move from their Appalachian hill country home to Flint, Michigan in the 1950s with their dad,Poppy, who eventually finds a job with General Motors. After the move, the older sister, Summer, starts showing signs of strange behaviors like whispering jibberish sounds, scratching herself until she bleeds, and playing with fire. Poppy and Lyric sacrifice their time to care for Summer the best ways they can considering the lack of knowledge people had of mental illness in the 1950s. Summer says she's disappearing and indeed Summer does fade away into her own world of mental illness and what are left are Memories of Summer. I have always loved Ruth White's writing because she takes you into her Appalachian hill country culture and into the lives of her family. I'm so glad I found this story, which I somehow missed reading before, and will make an effort to find and read all her stories.

  • Kim B.
    2019-03-25 19:47

    This book reminded me of no other book as much as "A Corner of the Universe," and for a very good reason: there is most likely not another book for middle grade audiences that shows how utterly heartbreaking mental illness can be to a family, especially to a young girl caught in the middle of all of it. I doubt that many kids would WANT to read a book as sad as this (or that), but children with the same issues or those who are curious should be given these books. Anyway, as a lover of fiction about schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, I adored this book, though not as much as "A Corner of the Universe." The relationship between the sisters, as well as Summer's harrowing (and very realistic, if a bit too "everything") descent and the DEVASTATING final two chapters, will remain with me for a long, long time. I'm still crying now, just thinking about it.

  • J.C.
    2019-04-21 02:40

    This book was…incredible. Mindblowing. An amazing work. The author is truly talented, and this book was one unforgettable journey. Lyric’s relationship with her sister, Summer, was so beautiful, making the ending so much more heartbreaking. The writing was so lovely: while grammatically it sounded precisely like a girl like Lyric, it was still well written enough that you can truly connect with the characters. Lyric’s character was amazing (not to mention I loved her name) and Summer was portrayed perfectly. 
What else is there to say? I don’t even know the words. This book was so touching and so incredible; I loved it so much. 5.0 stars.Like my reviews? Follow my blog:

  • Andrea
    2019-04-18 23:31

    Memories of Summer is the bittersweet story of family relationships and how they are affected by a family member whose whole personality is changed through psychiatric challenges. It is told through the voice of Summers' younger sister. Her emotions and perspective are poignant and help the reader to empathize with what "losing" a loved one to mental illness can feel like to the family. I especially enjoyed this book because I have a mother who was diagnosed with mental illness in her early 40's, has lived in a Psychiatric Facility over the past 17 years, and have felt many of the same emotions as expressed by Summer's sister. The author does a wonderful job of portraying the effects made in the lives of a family touched by psychiatric illness.

  • Kaci Levingston
    2019-03-29 00:42

    Memories of Summer was very interesting and is the best book I will ever read. When I was reading Memories of Summer all of the details that the author put in the book made me feel like I was right there in the scene and I could picture the whole book perfectly. The book was based on a young girl who died and the best part of it is that her sister narrated the whole book. It was basically a biography that took place in a little town that everyone loved to hang out in. No one is not shocked by the death because no one really knew Summer because she never really went anywhere except school. I will always love good books that have really good describing details.

  • Jenn Marie
    2019-04-20 00:34

    This is the first book I ever remember reading. I picked it up at a book fair in the 5th grade thinking (like some others thought) it'd be about a girl remembering details about a summer vacation. Turns out it was anything but that. reading this book as a twelve year old I don't remember really understanding it, though I loved it. I found the book again at a yard sale when I was nineteen and bought it with no question and read through it in forty five minutes. it brought me to tears the second time around as I was able to better understand the book and its meaning. it still remains my favorite book to date that I've read.

  • Sandra Strange
    2019-03-24 21:49

    This book is set in the Depression and gives a good picture of mountain people forced to move to the city to eke out a bare living. However, the main theme/conflict revolves around the 13 year old protagonist’s sister, Summer, who is gradually manifesting severe schizophrenia. The protagonist must deal with the horrifying changes in her beloved and idealized sister and at the same time try to contribute to the family and make a life for herself as a “normal” teenager. Positive. Moves a little slowly. Aimed at junior high, but themes are mature. Not really historical fiction

  • Meaghan
    2019-04-12 02:42

    Schizophrenia is a weighty topic, especially for children, but Ruth White handled the subject with great sensitivity. I would highly recommend this book to people who are trying to educate under-12s about mental illness -- with the caveat that the outlook for schizophrenics is better than it was in the 1950s at the time this book was set. Side issues in the book -- homesickness and racial prejudice, for example -- are handled well without sounding artificial or intruding into the story too much.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-29 22:48

    I picked up this book this afternoon because it was in my library downstairs and the book I am reading is upstairs. The kids were playing outside and this was short, so I figured I would read a few pages while they ran amok. I don't know where or when I purchased this but I was surprised how much I liked this book. It is extremely short and the writing very simple, yet somehow I totally connected with the characters. It's fairly heavy (thirteen year old dealing with her sister's mental illness) but I really enjoyed it. Read it in one sitting.

  • Michaella Hogan
    2019-04-07 22:44

    I remember reading this book as a young girl and I thought it was one of the saddest, heartbreaking books I'd ever read. A young girl, with her older sister and her dad, move to the "big city" after their mother passes away. Fairly soon the older sister Summer starts exhibiting erratic behavior: running off, drinking, physical and verbal abuse. A well-written, moving book that looks at a family dealing with mental illness in a time where it wasn't talked about and not much was known about schizophrenia. I highly recommend it.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-02 21:39

    I loved this book! I haven’t read a great book in awhile but this book defiantly made up for that. I felt so bad for Lyric, I can’t imagine how horribly difficult that kind of situation could be, and knowing it was based of the author, Ruth White’s, real sister made it even better. I also enjoyed that there wasn’t that happy go lucky ending that tends to happen in a lot of these books that are depressing through most of it. Overall this was a beautifully written, imaginative, heart wrenching story that everyone should read!

  • Nicole
    2019-04-01 23:53

    A beautiful story set in mid-century Flint, Michigan. The relationship between Lyric and her older sister Summer is simultaneously endearing and heartbreaking. I can't imagine having to watch my older sibling descend into mental illness, let alone being able to make the personal sacrifices Lyric makes every day out of pure love.Also, I love the names Lyric and Summer. If I ever have children, they will not have common names either!