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Every year beautiful Rachel Treherne must rewrite her will--and decide who will inherit her late father's vast wealth...But this year, things are just a little bit different:Somebody clearly wants her to die."You have had that money long enough," said the anonymous note. Two venomous snakes coiled in her bed, a suspicious fire and poisoned chocolates made the same point. NEvery year beautiful Rachel Treherne must rewrite her will--and decide who will inherit her late father's vast wealth...But this year, things are just a little bit different:Somebody clearly wants her to die."You have had that money long enough," said the anonymous note. Two venomous snakes coiled in her bed, a suspicious fire and poisoned chocolates made the same point. Now Rachel looks fearfully at those around her: Her invalid sister Mabel, the innocent looking Caroline and her fiance Richard, her first cousin Cosmo Firth, her dedicated companion Louisa, and even the handsome visitor mysteriously linked to her father's past. Enlisting the very capable talents of Miss Silver seems the only way she can stay alive......

Title : Lonesome Road
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Lonesome Road Reviews

  • Jaline
    2019-03-31 05:41

    Someone is trying to kill Rachel Treherne. Due to family circumstances and a very odd will that puts Rachel in charge of the family’s fortune, she is very reluctant to ask for assistance. However, a mutual acquaintance (a link to a previous case of Miss Silver’s) urges her to seek out Miss Silver’s help.This is the first time that Miss Silver has appeared so early in the story, and it’s a good device for this particular story. There are a lot of family members involved and in Chapter 4, in her highly efficient manner, Miss Silver lists them all along with a little note on each one. Of course, this is just how she does her work but it also helps the reader keep the family sorted out.The Miss Silver series just keeps getting stronger as time goes on. Lonesome Road was written in 1939 and it occurred to me several times in this book how forward thinking Patricia Wentworth really was. Elsewhere, we are led to believe that women of that time had no business sense, left everything to their husbands to decide and sat around knitting and gossiping to pass the time. This is definitely not the case in this book.Yes, there is the soft-hearted = soft-headed character; there is the scheming forger; there is the alarmist whose declarations are both off and on target; there is the bubble-headed, money-hungry grasper – and these are just some of the females. However, underlying it all there is also strength and positive traits to all of the characters in the book. Having said that, some of the positives are also for show rather than for real. Sorting out the real from those pretending to be real was fun – and as the suspects were gradually narrowed down, I still wasn’t sure until almost the climax which one was the culprit.I enjoyed the story line of this book immensely. The plot was well executed, as were the sub-plots. There were some moments of jeopardy that felt so real my mind and eyes were racing to find out what happens next.This is truly an amazing series – both for its own time, and for our time. Again, I look forward to another thrilling adventure with Miss Silver’s next case.

  • Francis
    2019-03-24 22:49

    I have read three of these novels, being one of those people who enjoy reading golden age mysteries, although admittedly a steady diet can become tiring. What I found so far is with each book my respect for Mrs. Wentworth has grown. Now, I really did not like the first book in the series, so initially anyway, I have to admit that it was a very low hurdle to clear. However I did enjoy the second book and this one even a bit more. So why the difference of opinion? I think both the plotting and character development has improved with each subsequent book. The one thing I truly find lacking is Miss Silver who seems to me, at least at this point, to be one of the blandest amateur detective characters ever developed. The saving grace is she's rarely actively involved in the story other than to serve up some questions, kind of summarize the case every once in a while, and then to offer a grand summation/explanation at the end. Personality? Not really....So I kind of like these, other than this old Miss Silver character and I'm hoping as this series develops further, (It's quite complete actually, just speaking from my perspective, because I'm reading the series in order.) that the character of Miss Silver will eventually develop into a person, rather than simply a little old lady in the background making observations so that we can follow along. Kind of a bland review - I know. But then, what can I say, it's a Miss Silver thing.

  • Mo
    2019-04-14 22:43

    There was an interchange of courtesies reminding Rachel of an old lady she had known as a child who was wont to say with an approving nod of the head "Compliments pass when gentlefolk meet." - Lonesome RoadThis is the type of sentiment I love reading. It makes me smile.(view spoiler)[ The ending killed me though. I did not believe it AT ALL! (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Andrea
    2019-04-16 04:39

    This is entertaining reading, but a lot of the situation boils down to "bizarre terms of a will that should have been dropped long ago" and "if only Caroline would have conversations with people".

  • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)
    2019-04-13 02:53

    In terms of narrative, this is one of the best Miss Silvers I've read so far. A real page turner with a twist in the tail, it kept me reading to the end. Rather than the houseparty, we have a house that has a continual flow of family and friends and not-so-friends wandering in and out, mostly sponging or hoping to sponge on the bounty of Miss Treherne, a single woman who inherited her father' We aren't told more about the "houses" in the "charity" her father supposedly left her to manage, but then her entire life is a charity toward the undeserving.This is one of the "change your will and you can stay alive" cosies. Miss Silver like Miss Marple sits and knits and figures it all out...or nearly all. There's a hysterical housemaid, a couple of venomous snakes, a car chase in the fog, and a cliffhanger worthy of a 1930s cinema serial. A few too many "masterful men" in this episode for my taste, who think their ideas are law (or should be) they can and should either shake or kiss their women into reason (or both), and a silly young girl who has the key to the whole puzzle, but is too feather-headed to know it. The obligatory rich American mixes English middleclass speech and movie-American. Very much a period piece! But a rattling good read if what you want is entertainment, and the plotting a bit better than most.

  • Minrain
    2019-04-10 22:59

    It's always soothing to hear miss silver's cough lol and her clicking

  • Diane
    2019-04-11 05:37

    this book introduced me to Miss Silver, an "older" genteel retired governess who now acts as a private investigator in pre-WWII London. This is not the beginning of the series, which was written in 1929; this book is from 1939, but still, it is a refreshing change from so many mystery books published today, with no sex, no foul language, just an intelligent woman who uses her people skills to help others in a bind. can't wait to read some more in this series!

  • Learnin Curve
    2019-04-08 00:43

    Almost there and a very low 4. She's got the pacing and Miss Silver is far more developed but she's not quite nailed her own way of creating characters yet - what lets it down are that there are a few too many of them and to properly develop them all would slow the plot right down. I think the original intention, from the introduction of the characters, was to have a few of them disappear off to town for a lot of the book, but then couln't work out how to do it without making it seem forced.

  • Claude
    2019-04-04 02:44

    A pretty good mystery. I read quite a few Miss Silver mysteries a very long time ago but although the titles sound familiar, I have forgotten everything about them except the (too?) recurrent clicking of Miss Silver's needles and her clearing her throat. This Lonesome Road was pretty good in a traditional way and I will try and find some more Patricia Wentworth's novels.

  • Gabi Coatsworth
    2019-04-02 02:48

    For fans of Miss Marple. I found it rather pedestrian and couldn't relate to the characters, though as a period piece it has its charms.

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-04-01 21:59

    Lonesome Road (Miss Silver #3), Patricia Wentworth

  • Regan
    2019-04-01 06:07

    Wentworth is one of my for all time favorites. She tells such a great story. I love Miss Silver. Wentworth doesn't waste a word but is still able to draw such great visuals of her scenes and the characters.

  • Andrea
    2019-04-15 21:51

    Mini-Review: LONESOME ROAD, 1939, by Patricia Wentworth. 3rd in the Miss Silver series.Well, Miss Silver is definitely growing on me. She’s a fabulous detective: mild-mannered yet insistent, able to blend into the background, yet relentless in her quest to solve any mystery presented to her. She demands the truth – the entire truth – and the total trust of every client she takes on. Don’t be fooled by the discreet coughs she so often employs, or the soft garments she’s constantly knitting. You can’t get anything past Miss Silver.In this book, Miss Silver is drawn into the complexities and petty dysfunction of the family of Rachel Traherne, a wealthy heiress. Rachel has been forced to take a hard look at some of the ugliness in the people closest to her, as she experiences numerous attempts to frighten her, injure her, and ultimately to kill her. Although she wishes to be discreet and caring, Rachel finally turns to Miss Silver for help.This book was creepier than the first two, with quite a frightening ending, involving fog and a well that has never been properly covered over. Patricia Wentworth’s depictions of the numerous greedy and boring family members are entertaining and harsh at the same time, and I found it satisfying to watch Rachel’s progress as she gradually pulls away from the relationships that really don’t work. There’s a love story as well, and one of my favourite scenes involved a romantic visit to a jewellery store.

  • Sally
    2019-04-10 21:57

    I'm really getting into the Patricia Wentworth mysteries with this story that finally takes off with Miss Silver as a delightful, kind and clever "private inquiry agent". At first, the array of characters takes a bit of concentration to remember who is who and how they fit into relationships with each other, but it's much like meeting a room full of people that requires you to have one-on-one time with each to get to know them. This is exactly what Miss Silver does, and she excels in understanding people through what they do and what they say. There are at least three things that make these stories enjoyable. One is that there is at least one character who treats others so badly that the murder (or accidental death) of that person seems entirely expected. The other is that there is always a man and woman that one expects to come through with a sweet romantic end. The third thing is that, although Maud Silver has a knack for getting people to talk with her, she has an honest interest in people. In fact, that's probably why they DO talk to her. It is kind of a lesson that many could learn about how to get along well with others.

  • Susan
    2019-03-24 21:53

    In this story Miss Maud Silver becomes more involved in the solving of the tale. Because of the dying wish of her rich father Rachel Treherne must re-write her will every year. So who is trying to kill her. All her family are suspects as most or all are always there at the attempts. When Miss Silver arrives at Miss Treherne's home she must solve the mystery before Rachel is killed. So finally it seems that Miss Maud Silver becomes more involved in the story. Hoping that we will see more of her character as the series continues.An interesting tale.

  • Donna
    2019-04-08 05:41

    The third Miss Silver and in this one she appears to be more present as a detective than in the first two books in the series. Miss Silver gets a woman to invite her to her country house so that she can investigate the woman's fears that a member of her family is trying to kill her. Miss Silver insinuates herself into the group as a doddering, retired governess and picks up much useful information. Like Miss Marple, but Maud Silver actually leaves her house and detects up a storm.

  • Kay
    2019-04-05 02:39

    Heiress becomes a target in the family--a plot in which not everyone agrees that "It's really rather nice to feel that there are some things money won't buy." Miss Silver and her endless knitting unravel the secrets in a family driven by "who inherits," and the course of young love runs a lonesome road in the old family country of secrets.

  • Katie Hilton
    2019-03-27 06:01

    An entertaining early Miss Silver mystery. Rachel Treherne manages her late father's fortune, including many charity interests. Although she changes her will frequently, someone is trying to kill her. Miss Silver is hired to unravel the situation.

  • Mizloo
    2019-03-24 03:56

    Miss Silver impresses me even more than Miss Marple. She has a job and does it well. Her intelligence and competence are anachronistic, and I would love to know a great deal more about Dora Amy Elles.

  • Donna
    2019-03-31 22:49

    This is the third Miss Silver I've read and they just keep getting better. Miss Silver finally has a starring role and I loved the tension in the well crafted plot.

  • Laura
    2019-03-29 04:43

    I love Miss Silver. I like her no-nonsense demeanor. I like the way she solves mysteries. I like to hear about what she is knitting.

  • Rachel Cochran
    2019-04-17 05:05


  • Eric
    2019-04-15 02:37

    This was very readable, one of the better Miss Silver investigations.Not too taxing to work out any of the many mysteries involved.Currently at a very reasonable price.

  • Mare
    2019-04-13 23:07

    Maud Silver is always a treat. So glad to be revisiting this series after all of these years.

  • Allison Henle
    2019-03-25 02:47

    Everyone in this novel behaves like an idiot, except the little dog. He's awesome.

  • S Dizzy
    2019-04-08 00:55

    Wow! Ok, so this is my new addiction! Can't get enough of these clever, engrossing mysteries. Miss Silver is an entity unto herself. She's amazing.

  • Nose-in-a-book
    2019-04-01 03:43

    I would recommend this book to: Miss Marple fans.

  • Denise Kearney
    2019-04-22 02:05

    IBook-$1.99-Early Bird Books. One of the best Miss Silver book,very well written. I did not want to put it down. Then I was disappointed that I was at "the end"

  • Andréa
    2019-03-26 03:00

    Miss Silver went from being introduced at least halfway into the book, and barely present as a character, to being introduced on the! in this one. I enjoyed this one more as a result of Miss Silver's greater presence in the plot.

  • Elisa Richardson
    2019-04-04 23:00

    Still a good readNot my favorite one to date. The solution was pretty obvious and no real affection for the Male lead, but this was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. The little doggie stole the show.