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The sixth book in the bestselling Confessions series.What is life like for a female Undercover Cop?Ash Cameron gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at life in the Police. Funny, moving and irreverent, you’ll never look at a bobby the same way again…Ash Cameron joined the police in the 70s – think Life on Mars with added ladders in her tights.From arresting East End gangsThe sixth book in the bestselling Confessions series.What is life like for a female Undercover Cop?Ash Cameron gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at life in the Police. Funny, moving and irreverent, you’ll never look at a bobby the same way again…Ash Cameron joined the police in the 70s – think Life on Mars with added ladders in her tights.From arresting East End gangsters, dealing out justice to football hooligans and coping with sexism on the job, Ash did it all. So when she was asked to go undercover, well, it was just another job, wasn’t it?Told with warmth and humour, these ‘confessions’ will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you roll your eyes as you learn exactly what goes on behind-the-scenes in the police…...

Title : Confessions of An Undercover Cop
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Confessions of An Undercover Cop Reviews

  • Kelsey
    2019-05-05 20:31

    I loved this book. I love to read about cops and what they go trough. Ash wrote a real feeling book with real emotions and real feelings. I just loved it!

  • A.E. Rawson
    2019-05-03 03:25

    I stayed up very late last night reading this memoir of one woman's career in the police force, starting in the late 70s. And yes, she does make a joke about Life on Mars. Told with characteristic humour and the odd touch of self deprecation, there are moments of high comedy but also there is some tragedy. We follow Ash from her time at Hendon and through several different postings - seeing her deal with traffic and pickpockets, prostitution and violence. The most harrowing stories are from her time in child protection.The memoir has the unmistakable ring of truth. It's a useful reminder too, of what we ask of people like Ash. They see the worst of human behaviour day in, and day out. Sometimes they go through all that only to see the guilty walk away. Ash touches on the politics, and the sexism, from time to time, with a very light hand. She mentions the bad apples, and issues like Hillsborough - but gently reminds us that the majority of police, the majority of the time, deal with our dirty work on a daily basis. And through it all, no matter what she was faced with - spat at, insulted, even held at gunpoint - her empathy and concern for others survived intact. That, for me, is her ultimate achievement and it was worth reading just to have my faith in humanity restored. My own confession - I know Ash a little via Facebook, and I've been looking forward to reading this memoir for a good while. It lived up to my expectations. A very good read.

  • D.J.
    2019-05-10 04:33

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book which had a mix of stores ranging from funny to heartbreaking. The writing style is concise and compassionate. This is Ash Cameron's first book but I am hoping it won't be her last.

  • Sonja
    2019-05-24 01:30

    I enjoyed this one. Some amusing stories and some disturbing ones, told in an engaging, conversational style. (I actually read it in one night, just didn't get around to updating.)

  • Zoe
    2019-05-23 00:44

    I couldn't put this down - but I'm a big fan of the 'confessions' books! This gave an exciting insight in to the life of a police officer. Some of it sad, some of it hilarious, some of it graphic and upsetting, some of it simply really silly. Fantastic read!

  • Noushin Jedi
    2019-05-08 22:26

    Lots of good little stories.The cost of an arrest Saving livesHead caseare my favourites

  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    2019-05-01 02:26

    Ash Cameron served as a policewoman in London from the late 1970's before reluctantly retiring due to ill-health after 20 years on the job. In Confessions of an Undercover Cop, she shares the highlights, and lowlights, of her career from a stockinged, tea making rookie to an undercover officer investigating, amongst other things, fraud, theft and later child abuse.Confessions of an Undercover Cop is related in the first person in a conversational style. The series of vignettes illustrate cases and events Cameron was involved in during her career, ranging from the amusing to alarming. Dealing with the drunk and disorderly, the homeless and prostitutes dominated Cameron's time on the street while at the other extreme Cameron brushed shoulders with celebrity. The most harrowing cases Cameron relates involve the abuse of children. While gun crime was rare during Cameron's tenure, in fact London police were armed only with truncheons and Capsicum Spray, she did have to contend with IRA bombing attacks and citywide riots. She faced knife wielding drug addicts, and offenders who spat, bit and head butted her. Cameron confesses she was also accident prone (she was later diagnosed with dyspraxia) and earned several scars from not only from violent offenders, but also recalcitrant doors and protruding tow bars.Ash has faced her fair share of sexism as one of the few serving female police officers during her career from both colleagues and criminals alike. It is rarely mentioned though she relates exceptional cases, such as the Sergeant who constantly remarked that women should be at home 'where they belong' and another who deliberately sabotaged her during driver training.Cameron also briefly comments on the failures of the justice system, of cases dismissed on technicalities and offenders walking away after being found not guilty by a jury panel.What is evident in Confessions of an Undercover Cop is that Ash Cameron was a dedicated police officer. These stories offer an interesting and entertaining insight into her time of service and I enjoyed the read.

  • Anne
    2019-05-15 00:24

    The police have had a lot of criticism recently, I think it's fair to say that a great deal of trust has been lost due to the actions taken by senior police officers that have been highlighted in the media over the past year or so. We have to remember that the majority of serving police officers are there because they want to protect the public, because they want to see justice done. They are everyday people, just like the rest of us - doing a job that is often very unpleasant, often criticised and often played down.I really enjoyed this book. Ash Cameron tells of her time in the police force with humour and affection. We join her as a new recruit in the 70s and follow her as she goes undercover, and later when she works with the People Protection Unit. The book is made of up short chapters, each describing an incident that Ash had to deal with. Some of these are laugh-out-loud funny, some of them are desperately sad and a few of them are shocking. Ash Cameron writes really well. The reader feels as though they have travelled alongside her, but without the scrapes and bruises! Ash Cameron saw and did a lot during her career with the police. She was physically attacked and spat at, she saw and heard things most of us could never imagine having to deal with once, let alone on a daily basis. Despite this, her passion for the job, and her belief in the system shines though. One of the beauties of this book is that it is told in short, snappy bursts. Each chapter is a story in itself, and the book can be either read straight through, or dipped into every now and again.Confessions of an Undercover Cop is a book that will appeal to many, and one that I'd recommend - a proper behind-the-scenes look at life in the force.

  • Sue Robinson
    2019-05-08 22:42

    I was underwhelmed.

  • Debbie Viggiano
    2019-05-12 03:45

    I was lucky enough to win a signed copy in a competition - and what an absolute treat! The cover is slightly at odds with the's quite light-hearted...whereas actually this is a read that is deadly serious and incredibly gritty. It is absolutely perfect for dipping in and out of if, like me, your reading time is scarce and you don't want to lose 'the plot'. Ash Cameron tells her story of joining the police as a naïve young woman and takes the reader through the tough job of policing and, eventually, going undercover. I defy anybody to whinge about their own day at work after reading this book. From being in the heart of jeering crowds and terrified police horses, to dead vagrants, from drug addicts to notorious villains and hanging around for hours on end to orchestrate the perfect high octane arrest, at times this reads like a movie. Except it's real life. Hats off to Ash Cameron - and all the other brilliant men and women who go to work and literally risk their lives every single day.

  • Jo
    2019-05-13 20:48

    Bitesize stories detailing one woman's life as an undercover cop in Central London. I love the fact that you can pick up this book and read one story at a time in a spare moment. The stories are warm, often humorous and sometimes heartbreakingly sad. What do you wear when going undercover at a swingers' party? What do you do if you rip your trousers climbing over a fence while chasing a suspect? How does feel to be a female working in a predominantly male environment? How do you cope with sexism? Ash Cameron pulls no punches. She also lets the reader into a world of secrets and cover-ups. She leaves us guessing the identity of the celebrities up to no good in the sleazier parts of the West End. Very apt with Operation Yew Tree and the like. I get the impression that Ash Cameron was an old-fashioned copper with integrity. It makes a refreshing change in a more cynical age when many view the police force as corrupt and ineffective.

  • Jo
    2019-05-20 03:47

    Cameron was a police officer for 20 years from the 1970s. She tells stories from her career, a mix of funny, poignant and downright crazy. I tend to pick up a book from the Confessions series when I want to read something undemanding.

  • Sharon
    2019-05-18 21:41

    I didn't enjoy this book at all, which is a shame as I love these confessions books. Just couldn't get into any of the stories. Sorry!

  • Laura Clode
    2019-05-24 01:25

    Couldn't put this one down, I loved the varied experiences she had

  • William Boyle
    2019-04-30 03:28

    I sure there are enough seeds here to write at least 10 international best sellers.