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Blake Bentley had a rough upbringing, never fully believing he was good enough for anything or anyone. After being left with a broken heart by his only girlfriend, Blake swore off relationships for good and turned to the only two things that made him feel sufficient - sex and firefighting. Tessa Collins was brought up in the traditional 'perfect' family - loving parents, gBlake Bentley had a rough upbringing, never fully believing he was good enough for anything or anyone. After being left with a broken heart by his only girlfriend, Blake swore off relationships for good and turned to the only two things that made him feel sufficient - sex and firefighting. Tessa Collins was brought up in the traditional 'perfect' family - loving parents, great sister, and amazing friends. After falling in love with Jared, her life was perfect - until he betrayed her. She has no idea that his betrayal could end up costing her more than just a shattered heart.Blake and Tessa have been friends since high school. Never wanting to admit their attraction for each other, the two always remained close friends. Now, three years later, Blake and Tessa find themselves being pulled together by a force much greater than friendship. Blake and Tessa have promised to be friends forever, but as fate pulls them together, they embark on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime. Will his self doubt and her insecurities keep them apart? Or will they be able to promise each other always? **content is for +18yrs.**...

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promise me always Reviews

  • Sara
    2019-04-08 22:33

    DNF AT 35%. The characters sounded cheesy, they didn't talk much and spent years being friends when they really liked each other. There were tons of "ugh" and exclamation points that was distracting. I got to the point where I wasn't even interested in skimming the book. And I could tell the asshat was going stalker and I was like "IM OUT"!!!!

  • Cara Arthur
    2019-04-17 00:19

    I FLOVED this book by new author Kari March! So excited to read more about the rest of the gang!Full review coming soon!

  • Sassy Savvy Fabulous
    2019-04-05 01:40

    I really enjoyed this story! It had all the components I look for in a book. Wonderful characters that are relatable, Great plot, fun banter and most important DRAMA!!!!! This book brought angst to a whole new level, The miscommunications between Tessa and Blake were so prevalent I almost wanted to bash my kindle in a few times but thats what made the story so fun! Tessa and Blake had a wonderful friendship but there chemistry was just plain hot ! Promise me always was a steamy read that I just couldn’t put down! What a wonderful book! I laughed, I cried and when it was over had a huge smile on my face! I look forward to seeing what Kari March will write next!!!5 stars

  • Lisa
    2019-04-01 00:17

    This book is an emotional rollercoaster, mis-communication, lack of communication, unrequited love, jealousy, nutter of an ex-boyfriend and an arse of a best mate....this is in the first two thirds of the book....then the sweet sticky stuff starts and ends in a warm and fuzzy epilogue which I wanted to was that good!!! Blake and Tessa had a hard road to their HEA and at times it looked like they were never going to get a break and at one point my lungs stopped functioning!!! Their being together was hard earned, but once Blake put his ghosts to rest and accepted that he was good enough for Tessa, it was pink, yellow and red gerbra daisies all the way baby girl...yay!!! Looking forward to Cam and Cara's story next.....but hope we will also get Devin's story and Matt's too!!! Fab read.

  • Shanean
    2019-03-27 03:37

    "I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review" Holy hot and delicious batman!!!Author Kari March didn't hold back when creating these characters and I would like to thank her for giving us BLAKE BENTLEY *fanning self* But she didn't just gives us one totally hot and hunky man but three more and a few extras, well Shane doesn't really count because he's an ass. I loved this book from start to end. It has all the elements you need to create a great love story. Angst, friends, lovers, mystery, the bad guy/girl and of course HOT as HELL PANTY MELTING SEX!!!! What sold me on this great love story was the two main characters Blake and Tess. Tess could easily be your best friend and Blake is the strong, protective man we all long to have in our arms and in our bed. When I started to read their story I just couldn't stop until I knew these two were going to make it. You want these characters to be together so bad you will find yourself screaming at them when they do those stupid self righteous things that mess everything up. Oh and they will!!! But it just made me fall that much more in love with Blake. *swoon* Each time you hear Blake or Tess say "Promise Me" "Always". You will be in a puddle of tears. These characters and their story broke my heart but managed to mend it together again. Now I just need to see if Cam, Matt, Lexi and Cara will get their happy ever after. FREAKING FANTASTIC start to what is sure to be an awesome series!!

  • Reanell Tisdale
    2019-04-07 22:16

    4.5 holy hell stars!Let me start off by saying that Kari did wonderful with her debut novel! I absolutely adored this story. And I loved the characters Cara and Cam (wink, wink) HA! Cara you lucky bitch finally got Cam ;)So we meet Blake who happens to be best friends with Tessa's sister Palmer and he's heartbroken because his girlfriend broke up with him and he had no clue why. In walks Tessa and he completely forgets about his ex. But he knows that she is different so he just wants to be friends.Tessa and Blake become close friends, but have an encounter where they take that plunge and have sex. But they don't want things to change so they stay friends. Fast forward a few years and we are acquainted with Tessa's cheating boyfriend and Blake's protective side kicks in high gear.Palmer sets on getting them both on the same page, so she sets it up so Tessa goes to the fireman's ball with Blake. And this is where things gets interesting. Tessa starts getting threatening calls, and texts from her ex, and her and Blake decide they want to try things out and see where they go. But with Blake's past is he capable of letting somebody in when he doesn't think he deserves her?Kari does a great job of getting you to connect with the characters, and I'm hoping we get to see some of them in their own book soon. Especially Cara and Cam, those 2 need a book STAT! This book has everything I look for in a book. Suspense, hot book boyfriend, angst, and HOT SEX! I highly recommend Promise Me Always!!

  •  ⇝LEAH⇜
    2019-04-20 20:17

    This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com.“You can love someone and not be in love with them.”Book Title: Promise Me AlwaysAuthor: Kari MarchNarration: Melissa BarrSeries: Always Series #1Genre: New AdultSource: Audiobook via Audiobook Blast♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Why I picked that quote: This is so true, and I go on and tell you the story of why I know this to be true, but that's a long story, or something like that.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Stars✧Breakdown of Rating✧Plot: 3.8/5 This started out with some really cheesy moments, but eventually there were some things that I could really relate too. So, I liked the middle, but by the end it fell kind of flat for me.Characters: 8/5 The cheesy moments made it difficult for me to connect with them fully. The supporting characters were decent, though.The Feels: 5/5Theme: 3/5Flow: 4/5Originality: 3/5 Fairly predictable NA romance.Book Cover: 4/5Sex Factor: Yes, and it got tedious by the end, when they just kept doing it with full detail. Narration: 4/5 I wish they would have had a guy narrating for Blake’s pov. She did give a good effort for distinguishing between the two different pov’s.Ending: 3/5 I think I might have appreciated the ending more if I had been a little more invested in the characters…otherwise it was too lengthy. Cliffhanger: NoWill I continue the series? Meh, I don't know…My Thoughts:This story deals with a couple of subjects that I was able to really identify with, one is jealousy to the point that someone becomes physically hurt. I’ve been in a similar situation, and I don’t know that I could have forgiven him. I don’t feel like it was resolved effectively, and it was mostly swept under the rug. The other is stalking, with this, I feel the author was spot on with the details of it.

  • C.M. Lema
    2019-04-08 03:28

    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.Promise? ALways Those words made me love this story. Why, because very few people value a promise and Blake and Tess did. They were friends and their first time wasthen they went back to being friends eventhought they both wanted more, times passes and their friendship is still strong.Blake Tess Their love is strong but their doubts and fears are stronger and somehow it takes an almost tragedy to make them both realize they are just meant to be together.Why these colors? Read it you wont be disappointed a great love story.

  • Kristen
    2019-04-08 23:24

    2.5 Stars"Why do I keep walking away from the one person that make me feel alive?"Promise Me Always includes one of my favorite elements in a story...a recurring phrase that keeps popping up, neatly woven throughout the story to tie everything together. I really, really wanted to love this story, but it was just okay for me. I liked the repetition of the "Promise me? Always." exchange, and I thought that it was great that the book didn't wrap up too quickly but gave readers more of Blake and Tessa's story after the conclusion of the drama. Oh, and Blake's notes to Tessa toward the end of the book? Swoon! However, parts of the story seemed predictable to me. In addition, I had a tough time connecting to the characters emotionally. I just didn't feel the story like I wanted to. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that, in my opinion, the physical aspect of Blake and Tessa's relationship was at times more prominent than the character development. Still, Blake was my favorite type of book boyfriend...strong, but broken and vulnerable, willing to put himself out there for love in the end. It took a while to get there, but the end of Promise Me Always was very satisfying!"If you don't unlock the doors, then no one will ever be able to come in."**A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review**

  • Tina
    2019-03-25 00:19

    There is definitely a lack of communication between the main characters Tessa and Blake in this story. This could have been the perfect relationship, except neither characters will share their true feelings for each other. They spend the majority of the story avoiding their true feelings and jump to conclusions. Tessa got on my nerves a bit. This girl cried non-stop. Happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears etc. etc. Overall a good story but a little predictable.

  • Jamee Lynn
    2019-04-11 20:39

    4.5 stars

  • Amber Simmons
    2019-04-18 20:28

    wow, this book was totally not what I was expecting, but I absolutely loved it! I was hooked from the very first page and really hope that there will be more on Blake and Tess.

  • Melanie Charlesworth
    2019-04-14 02:24

    Once I started I couldn't put it down!!!Sometimes when you love someone you have to let them go. If they come back to you, they were always yours. And if they don't, then they were never yours to begin with.Once I started reading Promise Me Always, I couldn't put it down!. The book in written in the POV of both Tess and Blake. They met through friends while in high school and he thought that she was breathtakingly beautiful, but they were friends... except for one time when they hooked up in his truck, but neither one made a move to make it more than just that because they were both afraid to lose the friendship. Tess is getting ready to graduate from college with a degree in photography. When she catches Jared, her boyfriend of two years cheating on her again, she was devastated to have walked in on Jared and his assistant going at it in his bed, she refused to take him back this time. Blake is a firefighter who was raised by his mother and currently lives with his brother. When Blake was five, his mother pack him and his older brother up and left their abuse household, but the damage Blake's father inflicted has left very deep scars.Blake and Tess have always had a flirty relationship, but they never acted on it - until they both didn't couldn't stay away from each other anymore. I knew we were created for each other - there was no denying that. Our bodies were made for each other, molding together like the colors of fire, weaving and blending together to create the flame. I knew her body like it was my own, every curve and crevasse committed to memory. When I pulled her close to me, it fit like a puzzle piece... except the corner of my puzzle piece was chipped, blemished and imperfect to her perfection. It was the depth of my imperfection that would drive us apart; I was un-repairable. - BlakeBut the damaged part of Blake keeps telling him that he is not good enough for Tess. He loves her so much that he believes that she is better off without him. He proves this to himself by accidentally hurting her while trying to get a guy away from her in a drunken rage, solidifying his darkest thoughts. My whole body went numb. I already felt lost without her, but I would rather live my life adrift and lonely than put her through anymore pain. She would eventually get over me and move on to find someone that would care for her the way she deserved, but no one in this world would ever love her more than me. - BlakeIt had been two days, fourteen hours and twenty two minutes since he walked away from me. Two days, fourteen hours and twenty two minutes since her tore my heart out. And I was absolutely devastated. I had spent the last two days trying to put the pieces of my fragmented heart back together, but every time I got a section figured out, memories of that night would shatter it all over again. Blake was the only person that would ever be able to put the pieces back together and I didn't know if I would ever see him again. He had made his decision. He didn't want me. - TessThis book kept me up well into the night because it was so good! I love when a book sucks me in like that. If you like angst - then definitely read this book, because if it is filled with anything, it is angst - with a lot of hot sex mixed in. Blake is a hunk of solid firefighting hotness with those crazy sexy 'fuck me' lines that lead straight to the good stuff!!

  • Stephanie- The Boyfriend Bookmark
    2019-04-13 23:30

    Kari March shows off an incredible talent in her debut novel, Promise Me Always. This is a beautiful tale of finding love, holding on to it and not letting the demons from the past consume you to the point of ruining your future. Kari takes us on a beautiful journey for an amazing couple that you don’t want to miss. It broke my heart and pieced it back together again. It made me fall desperately in love with a very broken man with scars in his past that would be hard for most to overcome.Blake and Tessa are the best of friends. There is nothing that can ruin their friendship. Well, except one thing. Blake is an amazing man who has always held Tessa in his heart, even if they weren’t a couple. She has always been there and he has always cherished the bond they have shared.Tessa has had a hard time with her most recent relationship. Ok, let’s call a spade a spade. He was an ass. He wanted Tessa when it was convenient for him. And when she walked in on him and his assistant that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for her. She knew at that moment there would be no salvaging the relationship. She took him back once, but she wouldn’t do it a second time. Of course, relationships like that do not die a pretty death and he makes it anything but easy on her to walk away.But when she starts walking, she walks right into Blake. Blake had a horrible childhood, with a father like his, he knew he would never be good enough for the one person who wanted to be his everything. He did what he knew, one night stands: no commitments, no relationships. But there has always been Tess in his world and he knows that no matter what happens in life, she is the one constant. She makes him feel whole. But will his past be too much for them to get beyond?My heart was broken for Blake nearly from the beginning. He had a bad childhood and his self-worth wasn’t very high. He didn’t believe in relationships because he knew he wasn’t good enough for any girl that could want him. But Tessa was not just any girl. Even after one beautiful night years before, he couldn’t give her what she needed. But to see it through his eyes, he didn’t know what she wanted.These two had a tale to tell and they struggled through their story. I was in awe. This story was nothing less than amazing. Kari March introduces us to some pretty remarkable characters and friends and the bonds they all share. She reminds us that no matter what we see inside, you have to remember that those that love us the most, see so much more.I loved the character interactions and the sassy attitudes. They talked like real people and even the simplest of conversations brought out so much of what we all feel. The heart holds on to those we love and those who love us. This book brought all of them together into one place and in an instant I fell completely in love with the characters. I know there is so much more to the rest of the characters and I cannot wait for their stories. I have found new fictional friends in Colorado and I want more of all of them!I am of course, always impressed when an debut novel can capture my heart and hold it tight. This book did exactly that and it is definatley a 5-star read! I cannot wait for more!*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • ChuCha
    2019-03-31 23:31

    Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakWhat happens when friends crossed that line?Blake Bentley had a huge self-esteem problem. No thanks to his younger days where he was made to believe he was good for nothing. Despite his looks, his new job, and all the girls lined up to be with him – he still feel inadequate and not good enough for anyone most especially Tessa.Tessa came from a perfect upbringing. But it didn’t save her from the heartache her boyfriend caused her when she caught him cheating on her.Both of them have been friends since high school – they were not best of friends, but they were already crushing on each other back then. However, no one wanted to step across that line. They were dancing around their emotions and their attraction with each other. Three years later, circumstances made them closer to each other, and even though Blake wanted nothing more but to have her in his life, he felt he didn’t deserve her…I wanted to close my eyes and stop reading when Blake’s insecurities would come up in some pages. It was clear that both of them wanted each other – the feeling was already mutual. He was waiting for one of them to f*ck up. Just to prove that he was a messed-up kind of guy… it didn’t help when the ex-boyfriend suddenly decided to go psycho and become a stalker, nor for one of his friends to put his dick a priority rather than friendship.It was one heck of a ride for these two – they had a lot of issues to address to, one being his self-doubt and insecurities. No matter how much they love each other, it had always come in between them. I was hoping that he’d wake up before Tessa realized that she deserves better than him.Nevertheless, all ended well. I learned to love Blake when he finally got himself some sense and finally decides that he can’t live without Tessa in his life. As for Tessa – she had been through a lot, and she deserves her HEA ASAP.I love their friends – except for one of course. Most of them have their relationship dramas, and some issues they need to deal with. I can’t wait to read their stories, most especially Lexi’s.It was HOT – ah yes, no question about that… I think my Kindle was on fire by the time I was done with the novel… It was sweet, coupled with some surprising twist and a whole lot of angst that will leave you turning one page over the other. ★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★

  • Books&Dreams
    2019-03-22 22:23

    I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review. I gave this book 5 stars. This is Tessa and Blake's story.Tessa has had a beautiful life, she loves her family and her friends. Her love life not so great. She has been cheated on more then once and she is tired of being used. She has known Blake since High School and although she has been attracted to him she has settled for being his friend. She would rather have him as a friend then not have him in her life at all. Blake his life is not a good one and he feels like he isn't good enough for anyone. Yes he has had it rough and he has the ghosts to prove it. He is so attracted to Tessa, but he also knows that with the way things are in his life he will never be good enough for her. At least that is what he keeps telling himself.. Over and over and over again. Once these two stop fighting themselves can they make it a go? Will their love be all that they think it could be? Or will their problems get in the way. Jealousy, self doubt, ex's ... Come on Tessa and Blake's journey and find out why they are so amazing together. "Promise, me?" "Always."Let me just say these two had to go through hell to be together. I like the fact that they were basically best friends and knew each other so well. I don't think a normal couple could have been able to handle the things that these two did. Up and down. Up and down. I was captured from the beginning to the very delicious epilogue that was pure perfection! I love this story and I cannot wait to read the next one coming up!!It is sure to be just as good!! Thank you Kari for a beautiful story. About learning to let the people you least expected to love you! You never know what Fate has in store for you! <3

  • Megan Noelle
    2019-04-16 01:36

    I was not just given a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review but I worked as one of the last beta readers. As a beta reader I figured I was doing something wrong because I couldn’t find things to critique. I was so pulled into the story that I forgot that I was reading in general. PMA provides us with a dual POV between Tess and Blake and I loved it so much.From the very beginning we see how close Tessa and Blake are and have been for quite a while. As Tess immediately goes through a rough break up with her boyfriend Blake is there to make her feel better. I loved reading about the connection between these two. How they can joke around and laugh together, depend on each other and holy hell you feeeeel that sexual tension.The two can’t fight how they feel but there are so many insecurities the two of them have about themselves that keeps them from giving in easily. It is frustrating because I just want them to be together and stop fighting it! But during my frustrations, and through the eyes of Tess and Blake we see how much these two belong together. Through all their ups and downs we see something that made this book become more than just another new adult romance. We see how badly these two doubt what they can give to the other but they never stop trying. That is what makes love right, when you always want the best for the other person but never think you are good enough. But because you love them so much you will always keep trying.That is how it was for these two and I just fell in love with their story (despite how freaking frustrating it can be to watch). And I don’t mean it in a bad way! But my Lord I just wanted them to grab on and dive head first and stop doubting everything.Aside from the doubts and love and insecurities there were other things about the story for the reader to become entranced in. There were a bunch of side characters/friends that are awesome and fun getting to know. There is drama, suspense, and what I wasn’t expecting was for the bit of a thriller side PMA had! I loved it! It was just one more thing that kept me turning page after page until I finished every last word.This story was amazing and I can’t wait to see what else Kari March has up her sleeves with the next installment in the “Always” series.So if you like suspense, the struggles to find love and learning to let yourself accept love, a hot as effffff book boyfriend and some serious sexiness then this is so the book for you!

  • Heidi Sturgess
    2019-03-29 22:33

    This was given to me by Author Groupies in exchange for an honest reviewCover had me instantly! This guy's eyes mmmmm you can drown in them!  The author's dedication is beautiful and reflects the love and admiration between her and her husband♥Now for the story of Promise me Always! Jared is such a doucehbag! Fortunately he just goes 'poof' into nothing when Blake makes his appearance!  Chiseled and inked is my kryptonite! To top it he's a fireman and all I can think of is Severide from "Chicago Fire" and let me tell you he's serious eye candy.He's to woman what cotton candy is to a child  ...just melt in your mouth! Back to Jared, he's a bit of a dark horse and has a  bit of an obsessive side which is very subtly portrayed till later in the book. He's one to keep an eye though, he makes me nervous! One of the firefighters, Shane, is also a little obsessed with Tess, with these guys are stalker material,  they have my neck hairs spiking! Tess and Blake have been friends for a while but there's definite chemistry there but neither want to act on it out of fear of rejection and damaging their friendship WTH???Tess starts dating this douche,  Jared, who's a spoilt much boy and a serial cheater!  After the incident Tess finally takes a stand and walks away from him, which as you can imagine does not sit well with Jared.Tess accompanies Blake to a ball and finally they admit their feelings for one another ok lets call it what it is ....they get their shit together ( can I say that?) As fate would have it drama is lurking around the corner and the proverbial poop hits the fan! I'm like WTH? ?? Shouting like a crazy woman attracting strange looks from family members LOL! Blake makes a gut wrenching decision regarding their relationship.Both fall apart at the seams, my heart just shattered for them.Both are so vulnerable, especially Tess,  as Blake walks away she bares her soul, I'm glad he heard what she said.Tess had the feeling she's being watched, she keeps noticing the sane car following her. Things come to a head and she calls in help but I don't think this is the last of her stalker! You'll have to read Promise me Always to find out the rest *wicked giggle*Blake and Tess are meant for each other and I can't tell you how it ends but I can tell you this Promise me Always was a brilliant read! It had romance, suspense and drama! One click it you won't regret it! Looking forward to " Always Yours"★★★★★

  • Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers
    2019-04-09 00:28

    This is a great debut novel by Kari March. The main characters Blake and Tess have a wonderful and at times flirtatious friendship. They are pulled to each other whenever their group is together and it is a tight nit group. Blake is known for having fun but not having relationships and Tess is just getting out of a very rocky one. It would be a good time to finally see what could happen if they got together, the problem is they both don't know what the other is thinking. Blake has doubts about himself and is afraid of being in a relationship and Tess has a hard time expressing her feelings. The bottom line is that there is a lot of Miscommunication between them throughout the book but they need one another even if it's just friendship. So will they learn to share what they are feeling so they can move on? I really enjoyed this book. The characters were awesome. Blake is tough but also sweet and fun. Tess is seriously kick ass with some sass. And together they are on fire. I also liked the supporting characters and how they also have story lines. That is something I look for in a book, I don't want to just read about two people but also about the people around them and who they are. I also loved the songs mentioned throughout it, I am a Huge Bruno Mars fan and when I saw his name I was so excited about it. There was also suspense when it came to the Ex-Boyfriend. The book had everything to keep you reading and I can't wait to read the next one. Some Quotes: Yeah, she flirted with me but it wasn't a in your face kind of flirting. She actually was more of a smart ass with me most of the time. I always thought she was hot but she just saw me as a player and not boyfriend material. Blake, sometimes I swear, I know you better than you know yourself. I see the way you look at that girl and I see the way she looks at you. There is way more than friendship there, bro. Wake the fuck up! What is it with elevators? Why did the make you want to rip off all of clothes as soon as the doors closed? I shook my head, mentally blaming E.L James and a Fifty Shades of Grey for that one. After reading that book, I haven't thought of elevators the same. "I mean it Blake. You need to get over all these doubts and shit because my fucking sister needs you right now." A smile slowly crossed her face. "And believe it or not" she said, looking at me straight in the eyes, "she does deserve you."

  • Tash
    2019-04-18 04:23

    From my book blog review- http://www.booklitlove.comThe emotions and character driven narrative of Promise Me Always did more than make me want to turn the page to see what happens next. In what so many strive to do in writing a novel; Kari March had my attention and love for Promise Me Always from the beginning.A guy with a heart of gold and protective strength is always hard to find. The inter connection of Tessa and Blake grabbed my attention from the beginning pages as Tessa struggles with finding out the truth about her now ex-boyfriend. Through reading the narrative the connection of passion and love is seen through the dual point of view from both Tessa and Blake.Blake is hands down my favourite character. He is the hero I think all girls would want to have at their sides. Within he faces his own set of demons from his troubled past and childhood but that made me love him more. Both Tessa and Blake had to learn how to be open with communication and tell their feelings. The strongest part of the narrative was the openness and the characters expression when it came to conceding that the truth is more powerful than hiding your feelings.The novel was not without the characters weaknesses driving a wedge into their relationships. The flawless moments were those when Tessa and Blake showed their passion and love for each other despite everything that had happened. I loved the group of friends that Tessa and Blake had. Cara was one of the character’s I believe had so much depth and luckily Kari March is devoting a whole book to Cam and Cara in Always Yours coming out later this year.Kari’s writing and the narrative is absolutely flawless in showing emotional and pull into two characters who both have flaws but find love despite all of the obstacles that come their way. With an ex that’s determined to be Cara’s one and only and Blake’s past sending doubt through his mind at any chance the collision of passionate and breathtaking love shows within the characters of Blake and Tessa.Overall, I rate this book A 5 star Lit-Love. With so much passion, emotional and amazing characters Kari has done a truly amazing job at capturing that sometimes opening yourself up to love and finding love is important and communication is of vital importance when it comes to showing love.

  • Rebecca
    2019-04-10 00:26

    ***ARC was provided by author in exchange for an honest review***Promise Me Always is a friends to lovers' story; it's a story that exposes what the lack of communication and the lack of self worth can do to a relationship. What will draw readers to the story are the realistic issues that Blake and Tessa face both individually and as a couple. For most of the text, they struggle to admit their true feelings to one another and incidences occur that threaten to tear them apart – whether it be Blake’s insecurities, a jealous friend, or an obsessive ex, Blake and Tessa seem to take one step forward as a couple only to take two steps back soon after, and without one of them willing to dig in and fight, the gap may be too far to recover. Because the story is told in dual point of views, readers learn about Blake’s past and his father’s cruel words that have shaped him into a man who believes he isn’t good enough and that he will always fuck up. Internally, we see how much he loves Tessa, but he holds himself back because he’s always waiting for the moment when she realizes he isn’t what she wants or deserves. Without Blake’s voice in the story, readers would not be aware of his internal struggles; I would go as far to say that without his words, we might even see him as an asshole who strings Tessa along to get what he wants and then ditches her when he’s finished with her. Kari March did a wonderful job of getting readers inside Blake’s head so that we could understand his actions not just watch them, which was a big factor in my enjoyment of the book. Promise Me Always is a well written debut novel. Both Tessa and Blake are strong leads, and Kari March also allows readers to get to know the secondary characters, which is a smart move since I’m sure their stories are going to be told as well and developing them as the series continues allows readers to build a connection with them. The book is filled with incidences of suspense, angst, and steam. It definitely keeps you interested until the final scenes because you want the antagonists to get theirs, and you want Tessa and Blake to fight for the happily ever after that they promised each other. Bring on Cam and Cara’s story!4 poison apples(The Fairest of All Book Reviews)

  • Becky
    2019-04-11 04:23

    4.5 StarsI love when I get a book from a new author that I have never read before and I can't put the book down. It means that I have have another author to put on my list of must reads. Kari March will definitely be on my radar from now on.Promise Me Always is the story of Blake and Tessa. They meet when they are in high school and become the best of friends. There is an instant attraction, yet neither of them act on it. Well, wait, there is that one time that they hooked up for a "friends with benefits" hook up (but of course that don't count).Fast forward 4 years. Tessa walks in on her boyfriend once again cheating on her and she has had enough! Luckily, she calls her sister who just happens to be having a little get together and guess who is there. Yep, Blake! Palmer plays matchmaker and gets Blake to ask Tessa to the annual fireman's ball. That my friends, is when the fireworks start! From that point on it is a roller coaster of emotions. We know that they are ment to be, but it takes both of them a little bit more time to realize. Don't get me wrong, they have the HOT sex, but it when emotions get in the way, watch out! Blake has major self esteem issues from his a-hole father who at a young age made him feel that he would never amount to anything and he was a failure. On top of that, Tessa and Blake have some major communications issues to deal with. Add is a psycho ex-boyfriend and you have one heck of a situation.I love that Kari March made us fall in love with all of the characters in the book. It was not a book where it was one sided with on couple. Sure, it is mainly focused on Tessa and Blake, but we get to hear about all of their friends (and you know that they will get their own books). On top of that, it was a bit angsty because you are constantly on the edge of your seat wondering what the heck is coming next. This book is basicly a WAM BAM over and over. When it finally comes to a close, you finally take that deep breath that you didn't even realize you were holding. That my friends, is what I call a great first book...and I know that there are many more on the horizon!

  • Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
    2019-04-14 01:25

    This book was so good I could not put it down. I started it Tuesday night and finished it by Wednesday early afternoon. It was that good !!Congrats to Kari I am amazed that this is her first !!Anyone who has been following Kari on facebook knows a lot about these characters from her fabulous picture teasers !! Let me just say actually reading those teasers in the book, WOW HOT !! It was also a pleasant surprise that her muse actually fit this character so well I had no desire to mess with it while reading I pictured that gorgeous face the whole time and loved every minute of it !!So we start by meeting most of the gang years ago but it is the first time a few of them are meeting Tessa so of course they are all mush around her. You learn a bit about Blake's troubled childhood and how hard he and his brother have worked to get where they are present day. Then because it is dual POV you get a glimpse into Tessa's world. Pretty much happy/normal childhood and loving family. Her biggest issue is her jerk face boyfriend of a few years that loves to cheat. Blake and Tessa have a little bit of a past together but mostly have become great friends only hindered by her jerk face boyfriend and Blake's man-whore tendencies !! Is there something else there ? This quest takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride of friendship , love and hot sex !! I did want to smack their heads together a few times in the story but that is what made me need to read more and more until it was over. I had to know how they would end up. I needed to get to that hopefully happy ending despite the heartache.Insecurity plays a big role in this book and it is a shame but also makes a great story. The feelings are so raw and real I could feel it while I read. There was no fluff. When it was good it was great and when it was bad it was raw ! You want to yell at them to make it better.Some major twists and turns happen in this book that I really did not expect and they were major and I loved and hated every minute of them !! Thank goodness for a HEA and no cliffhanger. Though I could read on about Blake and Tessa it was great to see their story come full circle !!

  • Rachel Hicks
    2019-04-05 01:37

    Blake and Tessa both have demons that are lurking in the shadows. Blake doesn't think he is worthy of loving anyone, and Tessa let a past relationship ruin her forever. Blake is pulled to Tessa from the first time he laid eyes on her. After three years apart they both realize that the other was never far from there mind during there time apart. These two will go on a journey that will leave them battered and broken, fighting for love and destiny will be harder than they ever thought it could be. How is it that something that feels so right can be so hard to obtain? I loved this book! It was captivating from the get go. I was hooked from page one. I couldn't put it down and wanted to know more. The Author does an amazing job at making you feel the emotions from all of the characters. She also included plenty of other characters that you want to know more about. This isn't just a story about Tessa and Blake; so many more people are involved, Palmer, Cole, Lexi, Avery, Devin, Matt, Cam, Cara and even Tessa and Palmer's parents. I fell in love with all the people in the book.You aren't getting a typical love story here, this is hardcore emotions, self doubt, and self preservation all wrapped up into one story. Tessa and Blake are not only fighting for each other, they are fighting to protect themselves. They are fighting not to become the people that they hate most in this world. There are plenty of twists and turns in this book, you never know what is going to happen next. I chewed off all of my finger nails in anticipation. This book does not end in a cliffhanger for Tessa and Blake, you get insight into their current lives. However there is more of a story for some of the other characters in the book. I cant wait to read more! I loved this story and I am truly in love with these characters. Great job to Kari March!!

  • Michaela
    2019-04-14 22:23

    Wow. Talk about a lack of communication! Tessa and Blake could have the perfect relationship, all except for the fact that neither will share their true feelings for each other. Instead, they spend the majority of the timealmostadmitting how they feel... only to back off. On one hand, we have Blake. A handsome, protective, well-meaning fire-fighter. Coming from an abusive past, the last thing he believes is that he could ever be worth the time and effort for anyone truly worthwhile. Rather than risk falling with no-one to fall with him, he relegates himself to the one-night stand lifestyle. However, Blake has always liked Tessa, but after countless times flirting and a one-time sexcapade in the back of his truck, he has resigned himself to being solely her friend.On the other hand, we have Tessa. She comes from a good family and is extremely close with her sister. After being cheated on one time too many by her boyfriend, she decides she needs time alone. Fate disagrees and soon, the flirting and stolen moments with Blake that have always been there.. turn into something more. But what Blake doesn't realize is that her ex-boyfriend isn't willing to let her go... and Blake isn't willing to believe that he's worth Tessa's time and love.This story is a wonderful tale of hit or miss timing, lack of communication and scary obsessions. It's a testament to love, friendship, lack of friendship and mistrust. It's an amalgamation of two people who are destined to be together and every obstacle that keeps them apart. It's happiness, sadness, excitement, and terrors all rolled into one.Definitely read this book. I finished it in one sitting and loved Blake just as much as Tessa did.. if not more! :)

  • Jamie Taylor
    2019-03-29 02:32

    Sigh. This book reminds me in a way of my own relationship. Sometimes you find that your best friend is even better when they are more than a friend. I loved this book. It was sweet and I just couldn’t put it down!!Blake Bentley is hot. Of course it helps that he is also a fireman, all those muscles sure don’t hurt anything! He has only found love once in his life and when his heart is crushed by her he decides that he doesn’t need that in his life anymore.Tessa Collins is a kind, trusting, loving person. However, sometimes those are not good qualities. When her ex proves to her yet again that he cannot be trusted she falls back on her friends that she has always trusted. One of those friends is Blake. Even with the betrayal fresh in her mind and heart Tessa can’t help but feel the connection she has always felt around Blake.When they are pushed together will they finally allow their hearts to take that leap of faith? Will it be enough to protect them both or will the past come back and rip them apart forever? It takes a drastic situation for them both to realize what fate and their friends have been saying all along. Sometimes your best friend is your best lover.I can’t say again how much I really loved this book. If you have read the With Me in Seattle series by Kristen Proby you will love this book as well. It is part of a series, but is just getting started and doesn’t leave you hanging. I love how the other characters in this book will get their own stories told. I hope we see more of Blake and Tessa in future books!

  • Southern Belle Book Blog
    2019-04-21 03:28

    Have you ever read a book that you weren’t quite sure the main characters would ever get together and make it work? That was Promise Me Always. Kari March did a great job at keeping you in suspense as to if it would work out. Tessa and Blake had both of their pasts and his lack of self-confidence working against them. Tessa and Blake had been friends since high school. Always flirty. One time, they slept together but decided nothing was going to change between them. Blake went on to sleep with everyone. Tessa ended up in a long term relationship. After being cheated on a second time, Tessa decided she had enough and finally broke it off with Jared. Blake, a fire fighter, asked Tessa to go to the formal Fire Fighters Ball with him. That night they realized that they had always felt more for each other than they ever let on. Between a jealous, stalker ex Tessa for and never thinking he was good enough for Blake, I actually wasn’t sure if they would work out. You could obviously tell they were madly deeply in love with each other. This book was really good. It kept me going and holding on to the hope they all would work out. The times they were together, you could tell how in love they were. Kari March did a great job with the reader feeling how they were feeling. Whether happy or sad or scared, she described it perfectly. So do they end up together? Does all of their issues keep them apart or put them together? I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to read it for yourself.~Katie

  • EndlessReading
    2019-04-02 01:26

    First off I need to thank this wonderful author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book to read and review for this awesomeness of a blog tour <3 much loveage <3You could relate to both Tessa & Blake. They are normal people that are battling their way through life. Trying to find a way to be together, but yet keep their friendship in tact.Having being brought up having a shit childhood I loved that Blake had his own "voice" and that Tessa kept him on his toes by questioning him.He is just so hot, sweet, sexy and dirty - everything a woman could ask for. The sex scenes are HOT!Together they were like Ying & Yang.Insecurity plays a big role in this book but it makes a great story. The feelings are so raw and real I could feel it while I read.This story was written in the POV's of both Tessa & Blake, so we get more of an understanding of the emotional and physical turmoil that is happening whilst reading. Most of you know I love it when authors write in multiple POV's!I really enjoyed their story and will definitely read more by this author!!I can't wait for Cam & Cara's story!! Eeeekkkkk

  • Danielle from Short and Sassy
    2019-04-22 21:31

    4.5 starsHoly Moly! That is the first thought that came to my mind when thinking about this book. If you like a book filled with drama, this is the book for you. This book was non stop drama from the first page!! Fighting, cheating, stalking, breaking up, making up, lies... you name it. This book had it all.... and somehow it worked!Blake and Tessa are the couple you want to be together and pull for no matter what. Even when things go wrong. I was literally yelling "OH NO!! fix this!!"Blake has been in love with Tessa for a long time. He has sat back and watch her date complete jerks. Somehow timing manages to be on Blake's side. Just as Tessa is breaking up with her ex, Blake has a Fireman's Ball to attend and takes Tessa. From there things escalate. Their relationship in one whirlwind filled with LOTS of drama and every roller coaster of emotion you can imagine. Through it all the love between the couple withstands it all. I have to commend Kari March. I don't think too many authors could have pulled off this story. Even though it was FULL of drama, it worked. I could not put this book down. I had to know what was gonna happen with Tessa and Blake. I really enjoyed the epilogue. Kari wrote it in such a way, she should be commended. It was perfectly written and left me with a warm feeling. Great book if you are looking for an edge of your seat read!

  • Jamie
    2019-04-09 04:41

    First I will say the author did and Amazing job writing this book. You will meet Blake a guy that grew up thinking he was and never will be worth Love of a good woman. His growing up was hard and abusive . Tessa grew up in your typical family home with love. Blake and Tessa have known each other since school became the best of friends. Tessa has been in a long term relationship with Jeff since High School, the rich boy climbing up his daddy's company ladder. Blake vowed after his high school love dumped him with No explanation he will never give another girl his heart, so he is a hook up kind of guy. When Tessa finds her Boyfriend cheating on her again that brings her back into Blakes comforting arms. Things start to change after Tessa attends the Fireman's Ball with Blake. But nothing aren't easy for them. Things start happening, Tessa is being stalked and receiving scary texts. Blake has his on crazy chick after him and will not stop till she gets her man. With everything even having so call friends going behind their back trying to keep them apart, can they go from best of friends to something more ... stronger then both thought possible. Against all that can they Promise Each Other Always. Find out when you 1-click this book. I totally 100% recommend this book. Well worth 5 stars.