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Title : i married a billionaire the complete box set trilogy
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ISBN : 19068984
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 434 Pages
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i married a billionaire the complete box set trilogy Reviews

  • Charmaine Walker
    2019-05-07 22:31

    Loved the first book. how Daniel and Maddie met and came to be 'married'.Second book... just seemed to go on and left in unanswered questionsThird book.. improved a little and enjoyed all about baby. wish there was more on that. interesting about Walter.All in all not a bad read BUT still think book one the best. such chemistry which seemed to die off in book 2 and 3. which is why only 4 stars.

  • ocdbookreader
    2019-05-05 02:24

    Great stories.These books kept me interested from beginning to end.These characters were both strong and had the personality to get the reader pulled into the story.You get a complete story with no plot holes.I would recommend these books.

  • Jade Simcox (3 Degrees Of Fiction)
    2019-05-14 00:45

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE ABOUT BOOK REVIEWS!! IntroThis book is about Maddy and Daniel. Maddy works at Daniel's company. She has given up on men and marriage after too many losers just don't appreciate who she is. Then Daniel Thorne makes a offer she can't refuse. A marriage of convenience, it would allow Maddy to live a life of luxury for a year and Mr Thorne gets to stay in the country that has become his home. She will walk away at the end of the year with 2 million dollors. All she has to do is move in with him, put on a convincing show in public, and go through a few INS interviews. As time goes on will 2 million dollars be enough to repair her broken heart. But Mr Throne may have a secret hidden.....!!??Who is your favourite character and why?: I can't decide between Maddy and Daniel.They are both nice characters in different ways. Maddy stands up for herself and doesn't put up with any crap from anyone, not even Daniel. Daniel makes everyone think he is a strong character on the outside but he is kind of broken and has problems himself.Did the characters feel real to you?: yes, the characters felt very real to me. I felt their emotions as if I was their with them. I felt very involved in the story and I would just get carried away and forget the time or something I was meant to be doing.Did the story keep you guessing?: Yes and no. Some parts I think I could predict what was going to happen. For example, when they both realised they had feelings for each other. Obviously this was going to happen because of the story. Other parts of the story I would not have guessed would of happened. For example, when Maddy and Daniel found out somebody wanted to contact Daniel from his past. I wouldn't of thought it would of been his father, who he thought had died a few years ago! That's what I love about books!What was my favourite part of the book and why?: My favourite part was when they both wanted to make the marriage work properly and be a real couple. Another favourite part was when Maddy found out she was pregnant, and how well they adapted to the news as a couple.Where any of the scenes written well?: I thought the sad and love scenes were written quite well, as you got the emotion from them that is needed with a story. Did the book make me laugh or cry?: Yes, it did make me laugh with certain scenes. For example, when Maddy agrees to the to the marriage of convenience, Daniel asks her what they first noticed they had in common and Maddy replies with Woody Allen movies. Daniel is shocked and thinks this is funny, but the story sticks for the INS interview. No, this book didn't make me cry, I'm not sure there were any particular scenes that were made for crying.Did the story grip you and keep you turning the pages? Yes it did. I wanted to know the next part of the story. What was going to happen? Who was behind the mysterious stuff happening. Summary:I enjoyed this book a lot. It reminded me a bit of Fifty shades of Grey in some parts, but only the storyline, not the characters. The characters felt completely different from this story. It was a gripping read and had unexpected twists and turns. I would recommend this book to readers over 18 because of the content, but also to people that love a good romance novel with some excitement.Rating: I give this book a 4 star out of 5 star rating.I hope you enjoy reading my review.Any questions, email me [email protected]

  • Sue Parker
    2019-05-16 04:46

    Daniel needs a wife so he can stay living in the country. So he proposes an arrangement to Maddie that she marry him and he will pay her for the sham. It soon becomes more than just a sham but they don't realize it until his sister points it out for them. Now they are making things work but his past is coming back to haunt him. The second book Daniel gets accused of insider trading and his life becomes a free for all in the press. Only to find out that this was the result of a crazy ex girlfriend. The third book his father returns from the dead. Now the hard part is if Daniel can forgive him. I loved this series because you really got to know Daniel and how he came to be the person that he is. Maddie is a strong woman who supports at him at every turn even if she has her own issues to deal with.

  • Jojo
    2019-05-08 21:43

    Loved this book its well written and thought out. The shame for me is it feels in finished. I would of like to see them through to finish up some lose ends. The baby, the family's, the aunty and grandparents dynamics and to see some spark come back to them a little maybe a gallery for Maddie to work on or a tech app for art sharing and selling .... So much left to work with it feels a bit bitter its not all ties up. Her writing is great and the people are not overly damaged so its more realistic and understandable. They are not a volatile couple which too is nice you never doubt there love and calm togetherness. Its not over played or stressed by outside worries. More please is my only reason for marking down as I feel deflated after reading it and not complete in the story.

  • R.Smith
    2019-05-02 00:36

    Editing mistakes everywhere but well developed charactersOk the storyline was good and flowed nicely through the three books..not overly bogged down with romantic interludes that took attention away from the lack of real storyline like many other books have done. The author gave her characters depth. beyond the physical attraction there was an emotional attachment to not only the main characters but even the immediate peripheral ones as well. Author made you root for everyone. A good read however the editing mistakes where numerous and interrupted the flow of the book. Obvious mistakes throughout with spelling, repeating words, leaving words out etc lost a star for that....

  • Patricia Hankins
    2019-05-09 23:38

    Fixed for lifeThis is one of the best series I've read in a long time. Daddy didn't know what was happening to her, things were changing and she wasn't sure if she knew exactly what was going on. She is offered a deal to marry her boss to keep keep him in the country for two million dollars in return. She has seen him of course, but she didn't know him. She falls in love I'm immediately and is miserable. and the story goes ends Mr Thorne is shy standoffish and not easy to get to know. So she's playing a waiting game

  • Lindsay Miller
    2019-05-12 01:23

    I really loved these books! Marchande truly focuses on the story in regard to the relationship between the main characters. Their conversations and dialogue feel very real, and I always appreciate realistic situations in a novel. All 3 books were very enjoyable reads and I am sad that the story of Daniel and Maddy is finished. I can definitely see myself re-reading these books in the future though. Highly recommend to fans of Contemporary Romance!

  • Mary Fazzi
    2019-05-19 23:31

    Daniel and Maddy are from two different worlds. She has her set of problems and so does Daniel. First he needs to get married to get a green card and that's how he meets Maddy. Then the next book is about their marriage and trying to be good together but legal problems happen and Daniel almost pushes Maddy away and then the next book is about his dad coming back into his life. It was a good read but felt like things were missing.

  • Jyoti Achameesing
    2019-05-06 04:45

    Maddie married Daniel just to secure him his PR. Eventually they became friends and lovers. Daniel is a quite guy and his life gets chaotic when he is accused of inside dealing. Obviously he was framed by a jealous college friend teamed with an ex girl friend. His name is cleared eventually and his estranged Dad comes back in his life . Madly is pregnant and Daniel is very happy.

  • Sandi Ramirez
    2019-05-26 04:24

    I love this box set. I read each book as it came out and then when the box set came out i simply had to have the set and of course read it as well. I can just imagine sitting at your desk knowing your boss in the next room is writing things about you,,,,, this set is great, HOT as all get out. I hope we get a book 4 and maybe 5 and even 6. We need more Maddy and Daniel in our lives.

  • Tonya Boutwell Hauser
    2019-05-05 03:45

    I loved this series. Maddy has to fight hard to keep her marriage to Daniel from falling apart. Daniel doesn't talk to Maddy and it drives her crazy. Daniel fears that Maddy doesn't really love him.Maddy takes things in her own hands to save Daniel and their marriage. Maddy is an amazing woman.

  • Karen
    2019-05-17 04:40

    AnonymousI loved these books and I hope somewhere in the near future their will be some more books the will tell how Ben and Jenna are doing and if they end up having a baby of their own and if all four characters will still attend the Silo Club or not. Or maybe a book that tells a story of them before they they each got married.

  • Taz Will
    2019-04-28 22:42

    This was really good. I loved the honesty in it and the fact that they both wanted something from each other and weren't afraid to let it be known. The thought of them playing along and actually catching feelings was way more real then most of the billionaire stories out there. I'd love to read to see what happens next.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-23 21:35

    "I Married a Billionaire: The Complete Box Set Trilogy," by Melanie Marchande is sexy and unusual. The main characters aren't your typical romance novel couple. I never got a clear idea of what they looked like or the impression either of them were very likable. Their relationship's progression is a bit backward but that just makes the their story more interesting.

  • Marcie Wegner
    2019-05-24 03:51

    I enjoyed this series. The first books started out extremely strong and I didn't want it to end. The second and third books were good, but not quite as good. The characters were well written and made to be real people with flaws and emotions. Some grammar and consistency errors were evident in the book, but if you overlook those, it is a good read.

  • Sima
    2019-05-07 03:23

    Enjoyed this book very much. I have to rate it as 4 stars because of the unanswered questions it left me with.The book didn't feel quite finished to me, there was to much skipping going on. Loved the original concept I just felt the author rushed the endings off all three books!!

  • Esther Cotton
    2019-04-27 20:35

    Loved themLoved this box set. All three books kept me entertained and squealing. They were just as heartfelt, witty, and steamy as her other books. Really loving this author! Can't wait to read more from Melanie Marchande.

  • Valerie Lee
    2019-05-03 21:50

    EnjoyableThis story of Daniel and Maddy, was okay. I found the first book more enjoyable than this one. There were quite a few grammatical errors and at times that can throw you a little off.

  • Isabel
    2019-05-02 01:42

    I am really happy I read the trilogy. The stories brought the characters to life. Daniel is a great book boyfriend. Very good read

  • Jordan
    2019-04-29 02:29

    Enjoyed it!Enjoyed it!I believe I may read it again, although it did take forever it seems, it could have came together a lot more, and needed a grammar check!

  • Beneath The Covers Blog
    2019-05-03 23:34

    One of my all-time favorite series! Daniel and Maddie are absolutely perfect for each other. I wish there were more novellas about these two!

  • Elaine
    2019-05-17 22:53

    Enjoyable and interesting leading man.

  • audra
    2019-05-06 04:34

    Daniel and maddyI read a 3 books couldn't put it down I'm a sucker for a good love story I just hope there's another coming out I wanna find out more ...

  • Kathy
    2019-05-08 23:53

    Absolutely loved the characters and the storyline of this trilogy. Would highly recommend.

  • L Morales
    2019-04-28 04:29

    I really enjoyed reading this series and hope to read more about Daniel and Maddy.