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Kat Caruso wishes her brain had a return policy, or at least a complaint hot-line. The defective organ is constantly distracted, terrible at statistics, and absolutely flooded with inappropriate thoughts about her boyfriend’s gorgeous best friend, Alec…who just so happens to be her brand new math tutor. Who knew nerd was so hot?Kat usually goes through tutors like she doesKat Caruso wishes her brain had a return policy, or at least a complaint hot-line. The defective organ is constantly distracted, terrible at statistics, and absolutely flooded with inappropriate thoughts about her boyfriend’s gorgeous best friend, Alec…who just so happens to be her brand new math tutor. Who knew nerd was so hot?Kat usually goes through tutors like she does boyfriends—both always seem to bail when they realize how hopeless she is. It’s safer for her heart to keep everyone at arm’s reach. But Alec is always stepping just a little too close.Alec Stone should not be fantasizing about Kat. She’s adorable, unbelievably witty, and completely off limits. He’d never stab his best friend in the back…But when secrets are revealed, the lines of loyalty are blurred. To make it count, Alec must learn messy human emotions can’t be solved like a trigonometry function. And Kat has to trust Alec may be the first guy to want her for who she is, and not in spite of it....

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Make it Count Reviews

  • Geri Reads
    2019-02-28 10:28

    4.5 refreshing stars!!This book. Her whole life, Kat Caruso has been pegged as a flaky airhead. Fun to be with but not the smartest sheep in the bunch. Alec Stone is a sexy brainiac who is assigned to tutor Kat in Statistics. Kat hides her insecurities by being a cute smartass while Alec hides his pain and loneliness by controlling and fixing everything. But the moment these two met, their chemistry has been undeniable. But Kat doesn't feel worthy of being Alec's girlfriend. She's not the kind of a girl a genius like Alec is attracted to. Plus, she is dating Alec's best friend Max, which adds to the complication. But Alec is attracted to her, and the more he got to know Kat, the more he is convinced that Kat is the girl for him. He sees beyond her flakiness and actually the girl with big heart. If only he could convince Kat that she worth more than she values herself.I loved Kat. She's awesome. She's not your typical heroine who's totes perfect but she was endearing and likable. Her struggles with her learning disability, her helplessness (at first) just broke my heart. I totally get why Alec was so taken with her. Most of the time, in NA, we don't easily see why this particular hero fell in love with this heroine and vice versa. But in this book, I totally, totally get it. And Alec...*sigh* just divine. First of all, he's a geek and wears glasses but he also happens to smart, sarcastic, loyal and hot. He is just a great character. His backstory is also heartbreaking. Kat and Alec together are just awesome. Loved their banter and their chemistry was through the roof. But aside from the romance, this book also offers a group of fantastic supporting characters, who will later on get their own book. Max, who was Kat's boyfriend, is going to be hero in the next book. I'm dying for his story because he acted like a jerk at first and then he totally won me over towards the end. Max and Alec's friendship was also great, and their friendship was actually a big part of the plot twist towards the end. I didn't see it coming but it was so well done and made so much sense that I totally loved it. If you're in the mood for some sweet, funny and feel-good romance then I highly recommend this book!

  • Megan Erickson
    2019-03-17 13:23

    For information on my newest releases (like the next in the series, MAKE IT RIGHT), you can sign up for my newsletter here. You'll also have the chance to enter exclusive giveaways for my books and others. Thanks!I'm the author, so of course I love this book.It features a fun, sometimes scatterbrained Brazilian heroine and a sexy, nerdy hero with a pompadour. Oh, he's also got a tattoo but you'll have to read to find out where. ;)I had a blast writing this and I hope you have a blast reading it.

  • Rachel Harris
    2019-03-19 16:44

    Finally, a new adult experience that feels familiar :) I absolutely love this genre, don't get me wrong, but often the stories do not reflect my personal journey. MAKE IT COUNT is different. Though it has its fair share of's so much more. Fun, fresh, and romantic, this book kept me enthralled (and swooning hard) while shining a light on important issues often ignored. A witty heroine sets the tone and the protective, loyal hero brings the heart. Nerdy IS the new black, ladies, and Alec Stone is hot! He can tutor me any time :)

  • Camila, the opinionated Catruler
    2019-03-02 12:30

    This is not a bad rating, it's part of my new responsible ratings initiative. Three stars means that I liked it, it was just a little vanilla for me. I mean, if you're going to do feel-good, stick to humor. If you're going for drama, make the angst so heart-wrenching that by the time we get the HEA I'm jumping up and down all over my room. This middle-ground, clean romance is just not my style. I know some people love it, and I don't dislike it, but I like things in that fine line right before you cross to overdone which not many authors can get to and not every reader enjoys.The Nerd/Hipster vibe Alec had going was totally up my alley. Even though I did like Max because he made great cookies (GREAT COOKIES PEOPLE, THIS IS IMPORTANT), I was totally rooting for him. I also liked that he was majoring in Law and not some stereotypical nerdy career computers or science related.I like my characters' personalities bright and colorful. It doesn't mean I didn't like Erickson's characters, they just fell a little short from what I wanted. I felt like the only character that wasn't toned down was Danica. She was by far my favorite and I hope that at some point we get her story.This was a nice, cute romance and that's really all I have to say about it.

  • Fanny
    2019-02-26 12:29

    Make It Count es el primer libro de la trilogia Bowler University escrita por Megan Erickson y narra la historia de Kat y Alec, ademas de ser mi segunda lectura de la autora.Antes de comenzar la lectura intente no leer ninguna reseña y asi poder ser masimparcialcon la novela y lo cierto es que me sorprendio, no fue tan floja como imaginaba.Es cierto que no es impresionante o transcendental ( esta bien, sin mas ) y que en algunos aspectos no consiguio convencerme del todo pero fue un libro entretenido.La pareja protagonista me gusto mas de lo que esperaba, ya que al leer la sinopsis tuve la sensacion de que no me agradarian demasiado pero tuvieron varios momentos tiernos que me hicieron sonreir.Recomendado para quien quiera leer algo ligero y dulce.2.75 Estrellas!

  • Desi
    2019-03-16 13:26

    Bah no me gustó... kat me pareció insoportable... no me gustó su actitud así la hayan querido justificar y a el protagonista nunca me convenció... no estaba muy bien definido su personaje a mi parecer!!

  • Anya
    2019-02-22 08:47

    I enjoyed it so much! It has a PoC female character with a learning disability, healthy friendships, a non-douchey male lead and so many sexy times. :') Shouldn't have read this during my exams, though. (when will I learn?)

  • Deniz
    2019-02-23 10:30

    2.5StarsThis is kinda hard to review. Because honestly, maybe I should round up? But then again- it was kinda between ok and good.There are parts I really loved, they really touched my heart and the other parts, that felt stoic or cliche and even worse some scenes lacked depths and felt rehearsed - sounds weird right? But some dialogues were, just really woody to run-of- the-mill-romance-movie-ish and I couldn't feel the connection between the characters. If felt fake.My mind about this book changed literally every few pages. Which is my biggest issue actually. While I like the idea behind this, and as I said it had its great moments - it feel rough and unfinished. I even went and checked if this was self-published, thinking some more editing might fix it. But it isn't, which had me wondering what make this feel so unpolished and all over the place.The story line is kinda sweet and annoying in one go.  I love Kat's sub-story, her problems are relevant and I think sadly many people feel the same as her and there is a huge amount of unawareness about the issue. SOOO kudos to Erikson for bringing it up. BUT at times it felt like Erikson wove it too carefully into the story, which resulted in feeling prepared and stoic. It felt a bit labored, especially the hard emphasis on the mystery around the problem. And once it was kinda revealed: puff! the problem was more or less ignored and solved.The kinda love-triangle bits were meh. But you all know how much I loath them. This one was kinda bearable, but also a bit questionable at the same time. The character building had promise- I like that Erikson did try and add layers to all of them. At first glance each one of them were completely cliche - the usual cast. But as the book went on, one slowly saw different element,s different layers to each person. I grew to like the group of friends- which is actually one thing I really loved about this.The friendships felt real. Especially Alec, Dan and Max relationship.Kat's POV was a tad bit too melodramatic for me. But I loved Alec. I totally agree with him: Princess Brat.While the group of friends charmed me- the romance not so much. I didn't feel the chemistry they supposed to have, which everyone so clearly seemed to see. Again there were moments I loved; Alec and Kat had this quirky thing between them that always made me smile. But their melodramatic over the top admissions and the smut just kinda killed that, sad really. And then there were dialogues that were rather painfully overdone lines instead of the fun and quirky ones that Erikson clearly can deliver.Silence. "Alec? Still there?" "Did you just say weenis?" "Um...yeah?""Kat, you are twenty years old and you use the word weenis.""Sorry, Lea this is Max, Alec's roommate. Max, this is Lea, my-"Kat bit her cheek. Now Lea's narrowed eyes were aimed at her. "Every time I have to avoid an acronym, a part of me dies inside", Kat whined.Lea sighed."Go ahead..""MBF!" Kat crowed. "She is my MBF!"I have been thinking a lot about, why this has left me so divided. Why so much promise, great ideas feel like they were squandered. And frankly I think it might be the writing style? It felt terribly woody at time, but at others, it was great. Overall not my favorite prose, but it does have promise.I guess if I would have to sum this up in one word: inconsistent would be the one I would choose. Though I should also admit, that I am super fussy about writing style, that a lot of people will enjoy the melodramatics and that I really wanted to like this more. I just didn't.So better than ok but just not quite for me.Oh  and the big question: Will I read the next one? YEP. Not only because I have hopes for it to be better.  No as I said, I genuinely liked the group of friends and I love the idea and inspiration behind it all. *whispers* and me likes Max ---So fingers-crossed all my inconsistency issue will be void and fun & quirky will prevail!

  • Lia Riley
    2019-02-27 11:45

    Disclaimer: I fangirl in lieu of starsI started to read MAKE IT COUNT after "one of those" mighty long days. My plan was to read a chapter, maybe two. Instead I was face-punched by talent and plot gobbling well past a sensible hour. I paid for my giant eye-bags with aching cheeks. The book truly is laugh out loud funny. Wait. That sounds like a stupid cliche. I'll try again. THIS BOOK IS STILL MAKING ME CACKLE. BY MYSELF. IN THE CAR. ALONE. LIKE A CRAZY PERSON.While I appreciate the seriously out there hilarity (weenis jokes anyone?), where Make it Count delivers is in the heart. I got these characters. I want to be their best friends. They are real, authentic and when they's real. When they's real. I can't honestly call this a "light" romance. Just like the heroine, Kat, the story seems playful and breezy on the surface (Erickson's voice is positively effervescent), but look deeper, and WOW. So much depth and substance.I predict big things here.

  • Keertana
    2019-03-02 11:20

    Rating: 1.5 StarsMake it Count began with an incredible amount of potential. After all, what's not to love about a sexy nerd? Ever since I realized I was a not-so-sexy nerd, all I've wanted in life are sexy nerds. Yet, for many readers, Make it Count is going to be a novel to avoid merely because its set-up deals with cheating--which I know is a no-can-do subject for many of my friends. Kat and Alec, the protagonists of our tale, have exactly one thing in common: Max. Kat is dating him, Alec has known him since elementary school, and though both Kat and Alec are incredibly good-looking people themselves, their similarities start and end with Max. Until, that is, Alec is assigned to be Kat's new statistics teacher. While I assure readers that there is no form of physical cheating in this novel, there is emotional cheating. I don't avoid cheating books merely because I've read a few instances where an author has been able to build a believable story around this issue but Make it Count isn't one of those novels. Max, Alec's best friend, is portrayed as one of the worst boyfriends on the planet. Not only does he repeatedly ignore Kat and nag her, but he cares little for her interests and their relationship is very much short-term hook-up material. What I really didn't like with Make it Count is the fact that Max is essentially the villain here despite the fact that he and Alec are best friends. From the beginning of the novel, Max is acting "differently" than usual and when we find out his secret, later in the story, it only serves to thrust Kat and Alec's romance in a more positive light. If you're going to write a cheating novel, don't take the easy way out. What's more, the Standard Romance Plot of a romantic couple falling in love, getting together, and having a misunderstanding occurs within the first half of this story. While I thought the last half would be dedicated to a meaningful look into New Adult, instead it is simply a prolongment of the misunderstanding between Kat and Alec...for half the novel. If you're a fan of excessive drama--think Colleen Hoover, friends--then Make it Count is going to be exactly up your alley. As a reader who has little to no tolerance for drawn-out fight scenes in which the heroine waits around for her boyfriend to figure out what he did wrong, this was a chore. Especially since I didn't think that Kat was entirely blameless in the situation, so the fact that she waits for Alec to read her mind and apologize felt extremely passive to me. Throughout the novel Kat has been a go-getter; making the effort to improve her grades, taking over in the bedroom, etc. I wanted her to take some initiative in her relationship with Alec and their entire dynamic ultimately didn't feel as equal and grounded as I expected it would be from the beginning of the novel. Dramatic, filmy, excessively annoying...all of these are adjectives I'd use to describe my experience with Make it Count. What upsets me the most about this novel, though, is that is had so much potential. Alec and Kat are genuinely nice people dealing with issues that go far beyond the cheating scandal they find themselves in. Moreover, they are extremely self-aware of their involvement with one another as it pertains to Max so, if done right, this is a story I could have really gotten behind. Kat also brings in a much-needed dose of diversity to the genre. You wouldn't know from the cover, but the girl is Brazilian, born and brought up in a bi-lingual household with immigrant parents who did what they thought was best for her despite the fact that, often times, it was far from that. I understood and sympathized with Kat's struggles and I wish that her story line wasn't marred by her lack of her personal agency towards the end of the novel. I applaud her for taking the necessary steps in her educational career, but in terms of her relationship with Alec...well, it was just too much for me to handle. Make it Count isn't on its way to becoming the next best New Adult novel. It had its strong suits and doesn't lack in potential, but this just gave me more of a headache than I wished.

  • Valerie
    2019-03-08 12:34

    I'm a huge fan of the New Adult genre and this book in particular called to me to read it. And while I really wanted to read this one, I kept putting it off. The other night, I just wanted to read something I wanted to read. I had other books that needed to be read but I wasn't feeling it. So I flipped through my eBooks just looking. I read the blurb again for this and I opened it to just maybe read a couple of chapter before bed. Yeah, at 4:44AM, I closed the app and finished. There was no putting this one down.Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I so loved that this book (and it looks like this series) deals with characters who have personal struggles. Kat is suffering from a learning disability but she doesn't know. I whimpered to think of her going through elementary, middle and high school just thinking she wasn't as good as everyone else. She worked so much harder and didn't get near as far as those around her. Getting by with her good looks yet always feeling like she was being judged, she was emotionally fragile. But what wit, humor and imagination lay behind the image everyone else sees. Alec sees her, though. I love Alec. He struggled through some personal tragedies growing up but he's got good grades and he's working to make the world a better place because of it. As Kat's tutor, he's so patient with her. He recognizes that she has a different learning style and he tries to adapt to that. And he really doesn't like the way her boyfriend (his best friend) treats her. But there's more. He sees her for her. They are able to share parts of themselves they hide from others when they are together. I loved their relationship.Those of you that worry about cheating books, don't worry. The theme is there but before things happen between Kat and Alec, their status changes.I loved that this love story had more to it than hot chemistry and a great relationship. It's not enough that you care for the other person but you need to respect them too. They need to feel that respect. The perfect length, I was very satisfied with this read. I'm definitely in for this series. I really want to see what's up for Max next.If you love the NA genre but hope for a little something more than the average NA book, then this one is a great choice.

  • Gabrielle
    2019-03-05 12:33

    I thought this book was a nice cute fun contemporary Was this book amazing? no Was it horrible? no I just feel kind of eh about it. I was very entertained most of the time i skimmed some unnecessary parts but i was generally entertained. The writing style itself was fun and carefree and easy to follow. As for the characters i think that Kat was a nice enough bubbly and fun character to read about. Some things about her annoyed me though. She blew a lot of things out of proportion. When all Alec was trying to do was help her she went on the defensive. After awhile her insecurities became annoying because she let it get in the way of her relationship with Alec. As for Alec i though he was cute he was ok i enjoyed him and how he constantly supported Kat. I just did not really see much chemistry between them.They constantly said i see all the parts of you but i think they could have gotten to know each other better. I liked how the whole dyslexic thing played in it was a pleasant surprise because i really don't see that incorporated in any books. That element of the story was really touching and thought out. Something else i want to say about the romance was that i felt it was all about the physical attraction it moved a bit too fast and i would have liked to see more deep conversation between the two that would have made it more real. All in all i enjoyed this book but it did not blow me out of the water.

  • Christina
    2019-03-14 15:46

    MAKE IT COUNT was like a breath of fresh air!Very clever and sweet, funny and sexy. I absolutley adored the banter between Kat and Alec and had some laugh-out-loud moments throughout. It kept me flipping pages late into the night!You won’t read this book without smiling and sighing and swooning—sometimes all at once. A must-read!!!!

  • Dahlia
    2019-03-04 10:33

    So, so happy this exists. For one thing, YAY MORE LIGHT CONTEMP NA. For another, a book about a girl with a learning disability? HI, YES, THAT IS GOOD. Also good? The characters, the sex, the writing...yeah, safe to say I enjoyed this one.

  • Laura
    2019-03-19 14:19

    4,5 making it count stars ♥Fun. Cute. Hilarious.That's how I'd describe this book in three words. Basically, it's all I want in a New Adult novel and Megan Erickson managed to deliver that perfectly with her witty writing style, funny dialogues and just the right amount of swoon and feels."I'd bet my truck that girl is in love with you.""You hate that rust bucket.""Right, but it's still a working rust bucket and I don't have money to buy a newer rust bucket, so it's still good collateral.""So, if I bet my rust bucket are we just going to trade them? That seems really stupid because no one wins."What I probably value most in a book is its characters. The characters usually make or break a book for me, and sadly a lot of NA books have a really annoying MC that pisses me off and then some. Not Megan's heroine though. No, I can proudly tell you that Kat Caruso is one hell of a woman. She's caring, likable, and most importantly, she's hilarious! I absolutely LOVED being in her head. It was so much fun, seriously. If she was real, I'd totally be her BFF, or maybe her MBF. Sure, she had her dense moments (especially when it came to Alec), but not very many at that. So yeah, she isn't perfect by all means, but duh, who is? It just made her even more real and relatable. I could most definitely relate to Kat, however different our personalities actually are. She has a big heart and is such a great character, I just couldn't help but love her. "You remembered I had a green smoothie?" He didn't want to tell her he remembered the smoothie was green because it matched the green sweater she was wearing that day. Because that would definitely be weird.Alec Stone (awesome name, right??) is the love interest of the story, and in the beginning of the book, Kat's boyfriend's best friend. Screams drama, I know. But trust me when I say that this book had the exactly perfect amount of drama, not too much by any means, and never going so far that it annoyed me. It was perfectly done."Yeah, something happened. Max happened.""I don't-""Fucking asshole.""What-""I would have punched him in the face if I didn't think I'd break my hand on his steel-beamed jaw."The scenes between Alec and Max, Kat's aforementioned boyfriend, were actually some of my favorite moment of this book. Those two are such a pair, really. I adore them so much and can't wait to read more about their friendship in Make It Right. While Max is acting like a total idiot in a huge part of this book, I never ceased to like him and really look forward to reading his story.Max was shirtless, a big A painted on his chest. Alec remembered Max was so proud to cheer him on, and Alec didn't have the heart to tell him that he should probably read The Scarlet Letter before he walked around with a big red A on his chest.Alec on the other hand is passé for now and oh boy, is that making me sad. He is such a swoon-worthy hero. Alec is smart. Like wanting-to-become-a-lawyer smart. And he says the cutest things sometimes! So adorable. But what truly warmed my heart was the way he treats Kat. He has so much patience and is such a sweet guy which is basically all you could want in a boyfriend. And yet, he never managed to bore me or anything! Oh no, he and Kat were way too much fun for that. There was not a second of this book that I found boring. There were an infinite amount of scenes that made me burst out in laughter or made me grin like a fool. "There's no way I'm cool with that." He was only digging his hole deeper. Her face was so red, he thought steam would shoot from her ears. "You're not cool with it. You're not cool with it? You're not cool with it!" She sputtered. He chuckled. "No matter what punctuation you put at the end, that's what I said."Next to Alec and Kat, Danica and Lea were my favorite characters. Especially Danica has quite an amount of scenes since she's Alec's friend and she was such an enhancement for the story with her craziness and girl power. Danica's blue eyes searched his before she exhaled in exhaustion and slung an arm around his shoulder. "Oh, Stone. My misguided, left-brained friend."If you're in the mood for something fun with kickass characters, don't hesitate! Pick this up. You will not regret it.For more of my reviews, please visit:

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-03-04 09:45

    ***3.75 Stars***No way could she tell him no one had been this patient with her since Mrs. Ross, her sixth grade teacher. No way could she tell him that with him, she felt smart and respected. No way could she tell him that given a chance, she'd be his.This was so sweet! Kat and Alec were absolutely adorable together. Kat's insecurities about her smarts were so relatable. She over compensated with other parts of her personality so no one would suspect how hard she struggles. But Alec saw through all of that. He saw Kat as a total package. And it was all over from that point. He did see Kat, all sides of her. The smart, witty side that made jokes about managing tight ends, the daydreamer side that mumbled about covered Segways, the sex-kitten side that could make drinking a smoothie look erotic, the big-hearted side that gave him his favorite candy bar every single tutoring session as a thank you, and the honest, sensitive side that was trying to find a place in the world.Their banter was silly and heartwarming and their chemistry was undeniable. The way Kat and Alec were able to open up to each other - especially Alec - just made me love them more. Basically, I read most of this book with a big ol' smile on my face.

  • A.J. Pine
    2019-03-09 10:24

    Make it Count has everything I want in a New Adult novel. It's sweet, funny (like I'm still laughing at Erickson's spot on humor), and holy hell is it sexy. But like everyone else has been saying, I agree that at the end of the day, Make it Count is full of heart.Kat and Alec's attraction is immediate, believable, and at the same time forbidden. What I love is that while both characters are dealing with their feelings for each other, they both go through a lot of personal growth along the way. And these are GOOD people who don't want others get hurt in the wake of their unexpected attraction, and I just love how the author deals with this.Kat and Alec are such lovely, complicated characters who just bring out the absolute best in each other, but Make it Count's secondary characters are equally as vibrant. I love them all and can't wait to see them turn up (hopefully) in subsequent books in the series. Do you need to smile? This is the book. Swoon? Yep, this is the book. Sexiness that will have you fanning yourself after you read? Make it Count. For. Sure.

  • Vanessa North
    2019-03-20 09:17

    You can't solve her for X.Oh this book.It made me laugh, a lot. It made me cry, a lot. This book made me long for, and then believe in, the HEA. And I adored every moment.I have a hard time with characters like Kat. Because I loved her from the very first page, you see. And I didn't want to go through a black moment with her. And Alec? Oh. Alec. I loved him too. But Kat stole my heart, and this sweet, poignant, delightful book was worth every giggle-laced sob.<3

  • Raquel L
    2019-03-01 15:33

    No puedo darle más a un libro con un contenido TAN sexista.Salta de cliché en cliché y es totalmente predecible, solamente con leer la sinopsis ya puedes imaginarte cual es esa "verdad".Por cierto eso de tener que aparentar estar borracha para bailar como una "guarra" (palabra de la autora) es MUY patético y lamentable.Los personajes, aunque tiene la intención de darle una súper profundidad, son bastante planos.

  • Tricia
    2019-03-15 14:25

    I graduated from Uni with a Math degree so I immediately liked this book. Cute love story.

  • Ami
    2019-03-06 11:32

    I don't read a lot of Young Adult/New Adult books - so I won't really know what the usual tropes / overused plots are. But I do know what I don't like to read in my books. So I thought this one was totally enjoyable for not featuring things I don't like. I loved both Kat and Alex as characters. The initial situation of Kat being Alec's best-friend girlfriend was treated quite nicely and it never skirted to cheating territory. It created great tension, in fact. ALTHOUGH, I did feel a bit annoyed when (view spoiler)[Alec easily forgave Max, for being the guy his ex-girlfriend cheated with but not Carrie herself. Yeah, I know, bros code or bros before girls, whatever, but still (hide spoiler)]. I loved the whole issue with Kat's learning disability; although it was weird that nobody thought it was dyslexia in the first place, considering that I guessed it right when Kat explained about her trouble the first time). I mean, dyslexia is no longer an uncommon disability, isn't it?? And, of course Alec and Kat had misunderstanding near the end (she thought he just saw her as a project to fix, he thought she was closing up on him and didn't want to get pursue further), because we all know that men and women talk different language (ha!) but I liked the way it was resolved. Even if Alec needed a little help to understand everything (go Danica!)I loved the secondary characters too -- the friends, the family (Alec's mom, Kat's big brother). I thought Alec's lesbian best friend, Danica, was totes awesome (my favorite line from her "Monica says my idea of romance is ‘Take off your shirt.’”. I smiled, I chuckled, and I had teary eyed during some scenes (usually it involved Alec and his Mom and then Kat and her older brother)So yes, I'm definitely in for the next book!! I can't wait to see how Max and Lea turn out to be.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-03-05 12:33

    I picked this up on a whim (nice cover, interesting hook) and because the price was astonishing for Harper Collins (who are one of the more predatory publishers eBook-wise). I'm really glad I did.Over all, the story is so-so. It's a straight-up college romance that often feels like it snuck out of High School to play with the big kids in the New Adult club. I wish I could tease out what made it feel that way, actually, as the characters didn't feel High School and the setting wasn't High School. I suppose it's that the relationships were pretty basic and the dynamics of friendship and male/female relations were . . . exploratory, I suppose.That said, I adored Kat (when she wasn't with Max) and spending time with her was a treat. More so when she was with Alec, as they're dynamite together. This is one of those couples who work great as complements with each bringing something the other needs to be happy.It doesn't hurt that there's some great humor that springs naturally from the characters, in both dialogue and situation.The characters and story had this a wobbly 3.5 stars but the feeling of not-quite-there on the college setting held me back. In the end, I decided to round up for the laughter.A note about Steamy: There's some excellent steam in this story. Not a lot, two explicit scenes and some playing around. Erickson has a way around the naughty bits that was all fun and even served legitimate story purposes while it was at it.

  • Cindi
    2019-03-14 11:36

    Math nerds, funny chicks, and awesome side characters, oh my! This book had it all. I laughed out loud, highlighted clever lines, and swooned over the math geek hero. The chemistry is smoking between Alec & Kat, and I think I have a girl crush on Danica. Plus, I want to raid her closet. This book left me with a big smile on my face, and wishing I had the next book in my possession so I can see who's getting their story told next.

  • Lisa
    2019-02-17 09:36

    *ARC Given to Blog for Honest Review*4.5“Kitty-Kat” “Zuk”“meu coração” KissesSo…not going to lie…I was totally taken aback by how much I fell in love with this book. Every little detail from the story to the characters to the emotions really got me and after about 50% I seriously couldn’t put it down. It was unique, funny, angsty as all get out and sexy as hell. Katía Curuso…Kat…Kitty-Kat (to her bestie)…hmmm…where to begin with Kat. She’s a beautiful mess…no, really, she is. She’s Brazilian, which I think by law means you’re born gorgeous, with caramel colored hair, blue eyes…she’s got a quirky little personality that not everyone gets, but I did and I loved it. She was funny and witty in her own way, which made her even more special. I mean the things that came out of her mouth and head were just golden… I mean seriously, how can you not love someone that says‘Crap on a cracker…’and‘Oh sugar-snacks.’But here’s the thing…she’s not so great at school…and that’s her crux…her weakness…her one flaw. She has this horrible feeling that everyone sees her as flighty and dumb, which couldn’t be further from the truth and she tries to hide it from everyone. But it has definitely held her back in a lot of respects. Very few people know the real Kat and to be honest…I got the feeling she was kind of figuring that out for herself. One person who always saw Kat for who she was…was Alec.‘Organization was key to her life. She could control that – her bedroom tidy and her calendar nearly filled out with color-coded highlighter. Of course, it was a stark contrast to the riot of chaos that was her mind. But fake it ‘til you make it, right?’Alec Stone…oh my nerdy little dream come true! I have a total, no-holds-barred, absolutely unending crush on Alec. He’s hot and cute at the same time…which is a really tough act to balance but basically it means I want to hug and snuggle him forever…and also hump his leg. He’s one of those gems that is hard to find…he’s a genuinely good, sweet, smart guy. He’s not rich (at all…not even close)…he’s not alpha or dominant – but that doesn’t make him any less sexy in my book…he’s not a rock star or an athlete…he’s just a guy who is really smart and wants to be a lawyer. And I loved every second of him. But let’s get back to the fact that he’s hot, shall we? :-) He’s 6’ (yum!)…dark hair that he always styles into a pompadour (which I loved…too much!)…pale green eyes hidden behind glasses with thick dark frames (told you…adorably hot nerd!)…sleek muscular runners body (yes please!)…I just wanna lick him from head to toe! Alec has a genuinely good heart, he has been wronged in his past and he doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes. I think in a sense, he’s kind of like Kat…still figuring himself out, but in a different way…but it was nice to see them do it together.“You stood up to that meathead dude at the bar, but you can’t tell your boyfriend to treat you better? You told me you don’t want me to think you’re dumb, which I don’t. But why do you let Max-““Because it’s different with you!” she blurted out, and then immediately wished she’d kept her big mouth shut when Alec froze, his eyes bugged out of his head.“What-““Nevermind,” she snapped and tried to walk around him. But Alec wasn’t satisfied with that because he flung his hand and grabbed her arm. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder, facing opposite directions, but Alec’s head was turned, his eyes boring into her temple like a pistol held to her head.“What do you mean it’s different with me?” His voice was soft and cautious, like he was talking to a traumatized child.No way could she tell him how she lay awake at night thinking about him beside her, a place currently being held by his best friend. No way could she tell him no one had been this patient with her since Mrs. Ross, her sixth grade teacher. No way could she tell him that with him, she felt smart and respected.No way could she tell him that given a chance, she’d be his. Because he would leave, like all the rest of them, and she’d be in pieces.She turned her head slowly, so now that pistol he held was aimed right between her eyes. “Because you see me like no one else does.”Oh my wow…so…I loved the love triangle aspect…I mean Alec and Kat had instant chemistry for me – like I felt it from their first interactions and I loved it, so it’s not that I had anything against Max (her boyfriend and Alec’s best friend) but it was never about them. Max never appreciated her like Alec did and I knew there was something more to Max (and holy cow…when the truth came out on that one – it blew me away! I was not expecting that!) I loved that they became friends first…it helped strengthen their connection in my eyes and really drove home that this wasn’t a physical thing. They got each others sense of humor…I can’t even tell you how my heart felt every time they would make each other laugh and joke around, it made me so happy. And they both opened up and told each other things that they’d never shared with anyone…I couldn’t get enough of their conversations. I guess that’s why when things got steamy…I was completely invested. The feelings and emotions that were behind the hot sex made it insanely hotter…and it was already pretty freakin' hot. ‘He reached for his book bag and then whirled back to face her. “But, I need to tell you that you deserve better than him.”She blinked. “Why do you think that? What do you even know about me?”His face hardened and his jaw ticked. He lunged forward, hands fisted on her bed on either side of her hips, his nose touching hers. “I know you squint your eyes when you’re about to say something funny. I know you snort when you laugh, especially when you laugh at your own jokes. I know you go on crazy cute rants about your hair whispies and covered Segways. I know you’re in college because you fiercely want to be your own person and decide your own future. And I know you are, without a doubt, the hottest, most interesting girl I’ve ever met. I know you, Kat. Don’t doubt that.”She wasn’t breathing. There was no way air entered and released from her lungs. Did her heart stop, too? Every word was like a sledgehammer to the meticulously crafted, carefree Kat Caruso veneer. She didn’t know what Alec saw, but she knew it certainly wasn’t the face she wore for everyone else.’God, there was just so much about Alec and Kat that sucked me in and made me fall in love...but they weren’t the only characters I enjoyed…in fact, there are quite a few characters in this book which can sometimes be a mess and hard to make work, but it was great. On Kat’s side we’ve got her roommate and bestie Tara (Tare-Bear) and Shanna, one of their other roommates. Then with Alec…you’ve got Cam who is his and Max’s other best friend and roommate (I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a blast in a glass – he’s a man whore, which already makes me a little giddy). Plus we also meet Alec’s mom and Kat’s parents…which were incredibly sweet and endearing moments. There’s one scene with Alec and his mom that totally made me cry…I don’t wanna spoil anything because it has to do with his dad, but it totally hit home for me and the emotions were just spot on for the scene.‘He didn’t know what his face looked like. But hers was flushed and her lips were a perfect full pout, and she was so damn beautiful, he could do nothing but give in.There was only one way to fix this, one way to swim and breathe again.So he dove in, unable to see the bottom to know when his feet would touch.He cupped the back of her head with one hand while his other fisted her shirt at her lower back. But what gave him breathe again was his lips on hers. They were soft and wet and Oh God, she’d opened her mouth. Her tongue slipped between his teeth and swiped his eagerly and then he kind of lost it.’I really enjoyed Megan’s writing…she balanced the dual POV’s really well and especially with these specific characters, I totally loved how different they were from others that I have read in the past. I’ll be honest, the first 30-ish% was the progression, getting to know the characters and everything – which Megan did an excellent job of balancing and keeping entertaining. It’s really easy for jokes and situations to not translate well in books but I had so many laugh out loud moments in this book…that combined with the hot-n-steamy moments and the off-the-wall angst…I was just a happy little camper. If you thought the entire book the angst was just coming from the love triangle - HA! Nope…I was in knots! It was a complete rollercoaster and while I tend to figure out plot really easily, I didn’t see a lot of this coming. I can’t lie, there were a couple of times where I wanted to smack Kat and Alec around a few times when they were doing or saying things that frustrated me…but all the anguish was well worth it. ‘Alec smiled. “You know, when I first met you, I thought you were this girl who rode the edge of a wave. One push, and you’d fall in.” He met her eyes. “All I wanted to do was keep you up on that wave. Brace you so you’d stay stable.”She closed her eyes briefly and leaned into his touch. “I’m not on that wave anymore. I’m right here, on solid ground with you.” She leaned in and brushed her lips over his. “And that’s right where I want to be.”He sighed into the kiss, then pulled away a fraction to whisper, “Ditto, meu coração.” Make it Count is the first book in the Bowler University series…and if this is only the beginning…wow…I can’t wait. Make it Right, Max and Lea’s book is next and from what I learned about them in MiC…I’m super excited. I don’t think either of these two are going to make this easy and I can’t wait!

  • ~Kristin~
    2019-02-22 15:40

    3.5 Stars

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    2019-02-28 08:45

    4.5 starsObviously what I needed after an intense binge of historical romance novels was some contemporary, romance, right? New Adult fiction and I have struggled to form a healthy relationship. Everything in me wants to love new adult books because that’s basically the chick lit of the 90s/2000s by another name, and I ate that stuff up. However, new adult spun off as an edgier, darker thing, and I cannot take too much of that thing. I’m so glad that some fluffier, more diverse new adult is happening, and I cannot wait to read every book Megan Erickson has ever written. Make It Count is the cutest, and it’s an interracial romance to boot!Kat Caruso totally stole my heart. She’s utterly charming, kind, and she’s not the sort of heroine you see a lot in romance novels. I mean, yeah, she’s gorgeous, but she’s also Brazilian and has a learning disorder (that she doesn’t know about at the start but it’s pretty obvious imo so I don’t consider it a spoiler). The treatment of Kat’s dyslexia is great, and I love that there’s actually some focus on academia for both, since sometimes that’s almost entirely not present in NA. She reminds me a bit of Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket in the way that she’s so caring, genuinely kind, and odd in this completely lovable, artless way. When Alec feels this strong urge to protect her early on, it totally makes perfect sense because I too felt that way basically the moment I met her. Also, with him tutoring her there are some shades of Fangirl which omg yes.Of course, that comment gives you the completely wrong idea about Alec, because he is so not the macho man bullshit alpha dude of romance novels. Actually, even Max, Kat’s ill-starred boyfriend, isn’t even that, though he’s closer to that archetype. That’s Alec’s initial reaction to Kat, but, as he gets to know her, he appreciates her strength and fire and doesn’t so much want to protect her but always be there to have her back, which is such an excellent dynamic.Make It Count brings the banterfluff to the yard, to borrow the term Debby coined (oh and incidentally she was also into this book). From the very start, I was VERY INTO this ship. Their initial awkward bumping into each other banter at the library was the sort of thing ships are made of. It’s a testament to the cuteness of their relationship that my shipping never wavered given the intense drama of the book, but they work so well that I totally went with it.So yeah, the one downside of this book is the DRAMA. There’s the love triangle drama, which gets resolved pretty quickly all things considered, but it does still feel drawn out. And then, once that’s over, there’s the usual series of misunderstandings that result in big fights. Taken individually, all of them are well done and believable, but stacked up back to back like that, it’s a lot. They’re working through good stuff, and it was nice to see them finally resolve something that could have been another big fight quickly and sweetly there at the end.What makes Make It Count really stand out as a contemporary romance is the strength of the supporting cast. While I love a good shippy book and would have still loved this book even if it was just the Kat and Alec show, I love it for really building out those secondary characters. Danica’s the best ever and, man, I hope there’s a spin-off series about her at some point because YASSS. And, because I loved them, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series very strongly. A+ for the diverse cast and the representation/treatment of various disabilities (Kat and Lea).It’s also so nice to see some nice parents in NA, since often the drama is that their parents are dead or nightmare monsters from Controlandia. Well, okay, Alec’s dad is dead, but his mom loves him and they support one another, and, as Kat comments at one point, he turns that sad experience into positive motivation. What could have been a typical NA plot line becomes something inspirational and lovely. Kat’s parents love her, but they don’t understand her; both are very apparent, and I really like their arc. I think it’s great that more books are coming out with parents who do care and love their kids but fuck up anyway, because that’s common and maybe it will help parents and/or kids get some light on their dynamics.Make It Count is basically everything I want from new adult romances, and I’m so thrilled with it. I seriously did add all of Erickson’s books to my to-read-in-the-short-term list, so yeah I was impressed. This is one of those books that put a massive smile on my face and made me feel many feelings.

  • Edna L. (thebooknymph)
    2019-03-01 12:34


  • Celeste
    2019-02-28 08:26

    loved it. full review soon.This book was originally reviewed on The Book Hookup.4 squeeze my heart stars Oh, I loved Alec and Kat’s story. This was a romance that made me feel fuzzy all over and I couldn’t get enough of these characters. I read in one sitting because I just *had* to get to my HEA before I went to sleep for the night.I bought this book because so many of my friends read it and loved it, so based on those recs I put it right to the top of my reading list, and I’m sure glad I did! I’d read a book right before that was darker and stressful, so my heart needed a break and I just wanted to read some sweetness. This was absolutely perfect. Ms. Erickson has a way with words that even though the story was told in 3rd person, I felt like I was in seeing everything through the eyes of the characters.Alec gets the label of nerdy, but let’s be all serious people, he was not nerdy, just smart and that’s hot. His body was rocking and he had hair that was made for yanking and omg I need to stop because I want to keep this PG. So yeah, trust me, he was H-O-T.Kat was darling and while she had been given so many things in life, she struggled with learning and it ate away at her. It was obvious from the beginning she had dyslexia so I was kind of surprised she hadn’t really known that either, but hey, it’s a story so I went with it.The romance was adorable, but then it also was the kind that made my heart rate speed up. I loved the banter between these two right from the begining, and when things unleashed, holy hell, I was fist pumping and everything.The ending was perfect and it was totally worth the lack of sleep I got becuase who doesn’t love a good romance?Would I rec this? YES! If you love romance and quick happy stories, this is for you. I can’t wait for books 2 and 3 in the series, I know they will be great as I’m a fan of Megan Erickson’s writing style…AND Max has some anger issues that I can’t wait to see worked out. He has secrets and a story to be told. I can’t wait!

  • Jaime Arkin
    2019-03-20 10:22

    3.5 stars.. Make It Count is the first in the Bowler University series and to be honest I hadn't really heard much about it prior to grabbing it off of Edelweiss! I'm always on the look-out for new stuff in the New Adult genre so I knew I have to give it a try! Aaaaaand I have to say that I really enjoyed this first installment and I'm excited to see what Erickson does with book 2. Overall it's a solid first book and I think my only complaint is that the plot line was a bit predictable... and I thought Kat was super sensitive about Alec's determination to help her. I think she blew a few things out of proportion! Though I have to say that those things didn't ruin the enjoyability of the story for me. Kat and Alec definitely have the chemistry and it was fun watching them try to avoid what was bound to happen between them. I liked that Erickson explored some issues that no one else really has - Dyslexia is something that I've never seen in an NA book but I feel like Erickson did it in a wonderful way, and despite some mishandling by her parents when she was younger, I really liked that they were supportive and contrite, and I loved that Kat was determined to meet her goals no matter what she had to do to get there. If you're looking for something new and a bit different in the NA genre, definitely give this one a try! I'm definitely waiting to get my hands on book 2!

  • Jenn
    2019-03-14 14:38

    I was lucky enough to hear Megan Erickson read a scene from this book and even if I wasn't already intrigued by the cover blurb, that sealed the deal for me. (For the record, she's awesome!) Kat's voice is fun, fresh, spunky, and sparky, and although she seems to dwell in dramatic "Kat-Land", it's clear very early on that Kat has a lot of layers. I loved experiencing her journey of discovering herself; but more than that, I loved how that journey unravelled. Oh, and let's not forget about Alec. Hot, nerdy Alec. Better yet, hot, nerdy, honourable Alec. Alec was nice and good, but not squeaky clean. His battle with himself and his attraction to his best friend's girl goes up and down and back and forth in a very real sort of way.There are lots of bumps in the road to happily-ever-after Kat-and-Alec-Land — significant ones — and they felt natural to the characters. Too often I find conflict is obviously manufactured, but I never felt that way with this book. Also, a big bonus for me was the fact that we got to see Alec's point of view, so I definitely connected with the hero as well as the heroine.I'm going to add Megan Erickson to my list of insta-buy authors and I'll try to be patient as I wait for the next book. No promises, though, because I really want to read Max and Lea's story!