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Two worlds. Two millennia. One love . . . Eva is on the brink of death. Ripped from her own world she's woken in another, only to discover the devastating truth about the lethal fever she's been fighting - and the enemy that's chased her and Seth through time. Now the reckless twenty-first century girl and the fearless Roman gladiator must face the final battle. But it's nTwo worlds. Two millennia. One love . . . Eva is on the brink of death. Ripped from her own world she's woken in another, only to discover the devastating truth about the lethal fever she's been fighting - and the enemy that's chased her and Seth through time. Now the reckless twenty-first century girl and the fearless Roman gladiator must face the final battle. But it's not just their love at stake; the fate of the universe is in their hands.Afterlife is the heart-stopping finale in the gripping trilogy that began with for the Parallon Trilogy:'Full of twists, immaculately researched, it is very exciting and unpredictable' Independent on Sunday'It's a great ride with evocative settings and intense emotion' SFX (4 stars)'WOW ... that rare gem of a book that I can't stop thinking about and will read again and again...Outstanding! It's 10 times better than Twilight' Waterstones, Cardiff.'Vivid . . . captivating and passionate' London and South East Libraries'It's a page-turning intellectual teen read that ANY adult would enjoy. Open the page, open your mind and go with the flow. TIP TOP TERRIFIC!' Waterstones, Thanett'Completely addictive and if I could have read it in one sitting I would have done . . . an excellent and compulsive read which has left me wanting more **** ' (4 stars)'Oh my god! What a book . . . This is one of the best love stories I have read' Best Books (5 stars)About the author:Dee Shulman writes in a studio overlooking a school quadrangle that bears a striking resemblance to the one at St Magdalene's. She has a degree in English from York University and went on to study Illustration at Harrow School of Art.She has written and /or illustrated about 50 books, including the popular, highly original My Totally Secret Diary series. She has been translated into many languages, including Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Welsh, Dutch, and Finnish. Her books have frequently been highly recommended in the press and on radio and she's been shortlisted for numerous awards. The Parallon trilogy are her first books for teenagers.Dee is based in London and is available for school, bookshop, online and festival events in the UK.Also Available:Fever (Book 1)Delirium (Book 2)Afterlife (Book 3)...

Title : Afterlife
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Afterlife Reviews

  • Maureen
    2019-03-04 15:26

    This book is the last in The Parallon Trilogy. I personally haven't read the previous two books but the author included a brief synopsis of these books and the characters included so it wasn't difficult to follow. YA is not something I would normally read but I found myself drawn to this one. I wasn't disappointed, the action was virtually non- stop, and quite breathtaking at times. I soon became involved with each of the characters, and feel as if I fought every step of the way with them, it really drew me in.I wish I'd read the previous two books , not because I'd have found this book easier to follow, but because it would have been enjoyable to see how the author got to this point in the trilogy. An excellent read that had me racing through the pages to discover what happened next. I really was unable to put this down, thinking I'll just read a bit more- and so it continued. Thank you to Goodreads for this first reads giveaway and to Dee for my signed copy.

  • Louise Aspinall
    2019-03-07 16:20

    This review is also available on my blog: book is the grand finale in the Parallon trilogy by Dee Shulman. And again continues from the cliff-hanger ending of book two Delirium. The book begins with Eva waking up in the new, strange world that is Parallon and Seth trying to reach her before the sinister Cassius. When the pair are united, they are reunited with some old friends and some old enemies and must work together to not only defeat Cassius, but also must stop the vortex turning into a black hole that would destroy not only Parallon but earth and all its inhabitants too.This book was definitely a lot better than the previous and I was definitely glad I continued with this series and picked this book up. It hang a lot more action, was a lot faster paced and just flowed a lot better. I still had some qualms with this book and the series in general, but it was still a significant improvement from the last two books, which made me extremely happy. My main trouble with the book was the writing style that becomes more predominately annoying as the books progress. The context and terms in the book are very complex are very complicated and are barely explain. This very much juxtaposes to the surrounding sentences as they are basic and very underdeveloped; missing linguistic techniques, portrayal of emotion through complex sentences and also major lack of description of the surrounds and terminology used in the book.The characters in this book were also of higher quality in this book too. Although they still remained slightly underdeveloped, I felt more of a connection to them and cared a degree more over what happened to them. I also really wanted a “happily ever after” for Seth and Eva too, which I always deem as a good thing. Now that Eva’s fever is gone, I felt that she concentrated more on straightening her life out. She also didn’t faint every few pages, which was brilliant. Unfortunately, we also had the typical “if you’re going to fight I’m coming with you…” and, of course the “how can you expect me to watch you going off to fight?…” blah, blah, blah. We all know how it goes, I’m sure. Additionally, Seth was still going all out on his Edward-Cullen-protection-of-girlfriend programme. It was a little eye roll worthy. Ok, very eye roll worthy at times. I was sad to loss a couple of side characters, but unfortunately the writing style didn’t convey a lot of emotion, so I wasn’t distraught over it, regrettably.To summarise, this book was definitely a worthy read even if it wasn’t wholly satisfying, as I still had important questions after the book had concluded that I felt were important and felt unhappy that they were left unanswered. The series overall was mediocre and I don’t think I would recommend it to fellow YA readers, but I think children who are just being introduced to YA might want to read it as it is a slight delve into the void of science-fiction. I am glad that I made myself read the final book but am pleased that I have no more books from this trilogy to read.* This book was sent to me by a publisher in return for an honest review.

  • Jana
    2019-02-27 08:22

    4.5 Nije mi se još desilo da pročitam više knjiga zaredom i da budem zadovoljna krajem svake (čak tri, tuga), al' eto, čuda se dešavaju izgleda. Još ne mogu da verujem da sam završila Paralon trilogiju. Zaljubila sam se letos u prve dve knjige i sve do sada sam ludela ne znajući kako se završava jer još nije bila prevedena poslednja knjiga i sada kada sam je konačno pročitala, ne mogu biti zadovoljnija. Plakala bih od sreće da me oči ne bole od nespavanja.Mislim da je ova knjiga, i uopšteo ova trilogija slika i prilika onoga kako bi trebalo napisati i zaokružiti priču. Poslednja knjiga odgovara na sva pitanja koja su postavila prethodne dve, sve dolazi na svoje, likovi napreduju i postaju bolje verzije sebe. Jedina zamerka koju imam jeste to što iz Evine prespektive koja je u prvom licu, prelazimo na perspektive drugih likova ali u trećem, što je dosta konfuzno, mada neophodno da bi se prikazala širina priče i da bi na sva pitanja bio dat pravi odgovor.Konačno je moj šip u jednom komadu i ima svoj srećan kraj. Šaljem ljubav Di Šulman.

  • Lucinda
    2019-03-10 14:03

    The compelling conclusion to a truly terrific trilogy that’s simply sensational!!Wow! This astonishingly epic ending to one of the most unforgettable Young Adult romances of the 21st Century, has to be the most impressive fictional novel I have read in 2014. Having had such high expectations after reading book 2: Delirium in The Parallon trilogy I was stunned by how such a magnificent final instalment evokes such passionate intensity as to leave me in sheer awe of the author. A series I shall be re-reading and enthusiastically recommending to friends, as an addictive page-turner ideal for both young/ teenage readers and adults alike! Taken on a thrilling rollercoaster ride of evocative resonance and impacting memorability, Dee Shulman’s phenomenal novel is an accomplished and ambitious work of pure joy to behold.AFTERLIFE is the heart-stopping finale in a gripping saga {following on from book 1: Fever and book 2: Delirium} that concludes Eva and her soul mate Seth’s journey as the fate of the entire Universe comes into fruition. Two worlds. Two Millennia. One love…Eva is on the brink of death. Ripped from her own world she's woken in another, only to discover the devastating truth about the lethal fever she's been fighting - and the enemy that's chased her and Seth through time. Now the reckless twenty-first century girl and the fearless Roman gladiator must face the final battle. But it's not just their love at stake; the fate of the universe is in their hands…Not since Stephenie Meyer’s Twilighthave I felt so emotionally connected to the main characters, nor so dazzled by an addictive sci-fi/ Dystopia story with a fantastic main protagonist. AFTERLIFE is an intoxicatingly rich; compulsive read that tells a tale of such profound depth as to melt the heart.I had tears running down my cheeks as Eva and Seth’s story pierced me inwardly with such everlasting impaction that’s a sure-fire sign of unmistakable brilliance for any romantic at heart! Reminiscent of “All our yesterdays” wherein such a strong bond between two people is tested to the limits, AFTERLIFE just shows how two star-crossed lovers can reach out to a wide readership and touch all those who encounter them. Without a doubt Dee Shulman’s sensational series has to be at the top of my favourites list and a book which I would not just merely recommend…but strongly enthuse about as an exceptional and very specialrare gem of a book!!To find out more go to ~ *I won a signed ARC copy of Dee Schulman’s novel “AFTERLIFE” {book 3 in the Parallon trilogy}, through a first-read giveaway on Goodreads. *

  • Eva Moore
    2019-02-17 10:04

    I don’t know why I put myself through this. But 53 pages in and I had already rolled my eyes about 15 times. Eva or more realistically lil’ bitch is a pathetic little thing, she cries when she is confused and cannot deal without her AMAZZZING boyfriend. Speaking of whom, Seth is an idiot who doesn't understand why his girlfriend would be mad at him for leaving for weeks, he thinks he has the right to yell at her when her plan to save the world is revealed. Because she didn’t tell him and that was a terrible thing, even though her mind was basically wiped and lil bitch herself barely even knew about it. I mean, these guys should not be the ones responsible for saving the world. If this were real life, I would give myself a big ol’ face palm because the world is doomed. They spent more time defining their relationship than actually saving the lives of billions of people. But yet, they still seem so unearthly perfect and irresistible that all girls hate lil bitch for being so damn pretty and no one even talks to her, apart from her friends. Who are girls. What kind of jacked up logic is that? Also, even though she has terrible social skills, she still manages to hook a guy like Seth, with his clear blue eyes and his gladiator muscles, his clear blue eyes and did I mention his clear blue eyes? Because they seem really important to the story the amount of times they are brought up in this dumbass book. Maybe lil bitch wouldn’t like Seth so much if he had cloudy blue eyes, or, god forbid, green eyes. But anyway, the world just revolves around them. Otherwise I highly doubt that they could get away with any of their shit in the real world. Lil bitch decides that she is the only one who can save the world and kill the bad guy. On her own. Why? Because she is way more dumb than the entire series gives her credit for. So she jumps into the vortex and only arrive in Londinium, walk up to Cassius and realise, oh shit I don’t actually know how to fight. So she has to be safed by one of the guys that follows after her and makes a great case for why you should never be thick enough to attempt to assassinate someone alone. I cannot be bothered to go into any further detail. Other than the fact that Seth who is a Greek gladiator STILL thinks it is appropriate to call lil bitch “baby”. I highly fricken' doubt that the people of ancient Greece and Rome would the endearment “Baby”. But that is the Shulman's own foolish fault. Just like it is my fault that I actually wasted my time reading this series. p.s I was hoping Cassius would just kill them all. Even though he wasn’t even a good villain.

  • Sarah-Jayne Briggs
    2019-03-02 09:09

    (I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads giveaways).(This review may contain spoilers).I haven't read the first two books in this trilogy, so I appreciated having a summary of the first books at the start of this one.I felt this was quite a unique take on the time travel and parallel worlds. It took me a little while to understand what was going on with the virus and why Eva had different memories, but once I got into the book, it became really easy to read.There were quite a few things I liked about this book. Matthias was an interesting character and I liked reading about his relationship with Seth, though I would have liked to see a bit more of their history. There were a few times when I got somewhat confused with the different characters, but for the most part, I liked a lot of them. Well, except for Cassius. I couldn't see anything that wasn't evil about him.I did like Seth and Eva's relationship and them both as characters. I could really believe in the feelings they had for each other and I appreciated that Seth didn't fall apart completely when things happened to Eva. He was still capable of doing things, even when he was really worried/desperate for her safety.I... wasn't so taken by the way loads of women seemed to be eyeing Seth up. I have problems with male or female characters becoming the 'optimum male/female'. Of course, it wasn't anything like as bad as some of the books I've read, but even so...The book was well-written, but I didn't think it was necessary to keep switching between third and first person. That did make it a bit hard to read.At some point in the future, I would definitely like to read the other books in this trilogy.

  • Victoria
    2019-03-04 13:04

    This book was okay. Perhaps I have become a little fed up with Seth and Eva who are both so persistent to stay together and I can't help but feel that their relationship is a little forced. However, I did enjoy the plot as there was a lot more action from the last two novels, though the switching between third-person and first-person perspective made reading the book a little confusing and interrupted the flow. Overall, I think it's a good book if you are looking for a romance and dystopia, while I'm not necessarily a fan of romantic novels.

  • Kathi
    2019-03-04 09:20


  • Yingxin Ang
    2019-02-18 09:24

    Really nice! had me frantically flipping the pages. Exciting, love the ending