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He thinks he'll be alone forever: Linus Mayfield has a lot of good things in his life: fourth ranked in the Tressel wolf pack, nice house, decent job, and plenty of friends. What he doesn’t have is what he longs for most – a true mate. His first foray into marriage was a disaster and he's certain he'll never be free to love again.She'll prove him wrong: Karly is an Angel,He thinks he'll be alone forever: Linus Mayfield has a lot of good things in his life: fourth ranked in the Tressel wolf pack, nice house, decent job, and plenty of friends. What he doesn’t have is what he longs for most – a true mate. His first foray into marriage was a disaster and he's certain he'll never be free to love again.She'll prove him wrong: Karly is an Angel, a supernaturally perfect mate for one special werewolf. She's spent the last 15 months looking for her mate, only to nearly die before she ever meets him. One icy winter night changes both of their lives forever.When their past interferes with their future, will all be lost in the darkness, or will he find his perfect angel in time? This book contains plenty of claws and fangs, possessive werewolves willing to move heaven and earth for their mates, red hot werewolf sex, a sweet wolf with a heart of gold and an angel made just for him...

Title : Linus & The Angel
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ISBN : 1492201480
Format Type : Paperback
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Linus & The Angel Reviews

  • Sammy Loves Books
    2019-05-08 02:12

    What a wonderful wolf's mate love story. I have become so pre-conditioned to ridiculous drama or things falling apart when reading love stories that I kept waiting for something bad to happen. There was no angst. Yeah, that's very unconventional, but it was so nice. I was able to relax and just enjoy the love these two felt for each other. What a pleasant surprise to have Linus, wolf shifter and fourth in his pack, fall in love at first site with Karly.Karly is beautiful but most importantly, she is an angel mate. Meaning, she was born to be mated with only one wolf, a man that nature has chosen specifically for her. Angel mates are so rare, that less traditional, modern wolf packs, believe them to be myth and legend. It was a breath of fresh air to read a story full of acceptance and unconditional love. I won't give more away on the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The first book of this series was full of angst. I love it when an author can change things up and each book in a series isn't a mirror copy of the previous. I look forward to book 3 in the Wolf's Mate series.

  • Erika
    2019-04-30 22:22

    This was a super sweet romance. There is ZERO angst. They pretty much love each other from day one. Linus is a very sweet and insecure guy, a change from the usual dominant alpha werewolves depicted in paranormal romance. Karly was a total sweetheart. These two just unloaded tons of love on each other -- it was lovely.If you are looking for conflict in your romance, this would not be the book for you.

  • CC
    2019-04-28 03:33

    Super duper sweet. Like not a moment of angst or indecision. Which, somehow, worked. There was drama from past ex boyfriend and ex wife, but their relationship was solid from moment one. What I did not like was the writing. The transitions were awkward, there were too many instances where they would be having a conversation and then the next sentences told us the rest of the scene. Or we would move from one scene to the next with no transition except a new paragraph. I was not invested in the words because too much was just being told to me. So I found my mind wondering. All that being said, it was nice reading a sweet story with no angst, and it was free on KU.

  • ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    2019-04-28 04:27

    Took a while to finish. Went way to slow for me. Think it was my mood and I had several issues with the heroine but it's my own tastes issues. So relieved to finally finish it.

  • Kathleen
    2019-05-07 01:12

    I like werewolf stories, so I fell for the high reviews. However, the writing felt amateurish. Lots of sex, but absolutely no sexual tension. Nada. This is erotica, with immediate sex and a thin plot. Pretty lame story involving a psychotic ex-boyfriend and a jealous ex-wife, but at least it held together. The relationship between Karly (not a heavenly angel) and her werewolf (Linus) was sweet. Just loving -- no bickering or bitter breakups. The soulmate trope all the way. Content: Numerous and varied explicit sex scenes (M/F, no group or pack sex), some bloody violence, murders, some swearing but no profanity. Werewolf or shifter romances I have enjoyed: Kristen Callihan's MoonglowPatricia Briggs' urban fantasy Hunting Ground (loved the whole Alpha & Omega series)Illone Andrews' urban fantasy Bayou Moon Molly Harper's How to Flirt with a Naked WerewolfNalini Singh's changeling series, especially Kiss of SnowElizabeth Eden's The Wolf WithinSusan Krinard's Prince of ShadowsFor something different, I also liked the dystopian Nightfall, by Ellen Connor and the steam punk Soulless, by Gail Carriger.

  • Mariann {at} Belle's Book Bag
    2019-05-21 21:31

    This was a great addition to the series and was my favorite!! Oh...I love Linus!! ;) He was such a sweet~loving~caring and vulnerable hero but he was still kick-ass~loved that!! Karly was so sweet and caring and they were perfect for each other.I LOVED the concept of this story as well with the "angel" mate aspect. This was also a fresh idea that hooked me right away. I love how they met and that Karly knew immediately that Linus was the one for her. I also liked that their relationship wasn't filled with angst and denial of what they were to each other. Another sweet sexy story with HOT sex and great characters that drew me in from the start. Such a sweet ending. I loved that the characters from the previous book returned with the addition of some new ones. I cannot wait for Bo's book!! Linus and Karly was such an enjoyable read with enough nail~biting moments to make it exciting but not over power the feel of the book. This was a book that left me smiling at the end. So good!! Another keeper and definitely a reread. 5 out of 5 rating. ***All copies provided by R.E. Butler~~Thank you so much!! It was my pleasure to read such an entertaining series and I look forward to more!! :)

  • Dianne
    2019-05-22 02:17

    I really liked Linus and Karly's story. It is about Linus, who is getting over his ex-wife. He finds a girl almost frozen to death in the woods. He brings her home and immediately feels a connection towards her. Karly awakens and they fall for each other very quickly. Karly spent more than a year looking for her mate and she found him in Linus. It is revealed that Karly is an angel made for Linus. The story of angels is about the first wolf and how he was so miserable and in pain. He could not control his beast so they wolf spirit sent a woman to him. She cared for him and calmed him down. The first wolf considered her his salvation, his "angel". Isn't that story so romantic? Anyways, Linus and Karly try to begin their lives together but their crazy ex's try to stand in their way. I thought this book was a little better than the first book because the author let a lot of the scenes play out. She didn't rush things like she did in her first book...well until the end. The ending was way too rushed. I wish we got to learn more about how they spent their lives together after all the troubles they faced. Even so, I really like how the story was in general.

  • Lili
    2019-05-02 03:12

    It was the exact same plot as the one in the first book... seriously!Change the names, add a weird super "angel" that was perfectly "made" for Linus and bam!, that's book 2 of this series.I did not like either one of these characters, Linus was a werewolf wimp (who would've thought?, he was just so pathetic I wanted to cry)... but this angel!, oh God, what an annoying character!!!There wasn't any build up to them falling in love, it was like this (I am not making it up):Karly: HelloLinus: HiKarly: I'm your perfectly-made angel mateLinus: OkKarly: Since I'm your perfectly-made angel mate, my mision in life is to cook, clean the house, have sex nonstop and have your babiesLinus: OkThe next day....Karly: I love you because I'm your angelLinus: Ok...I don't deserve you because I'm a loser but I love you moreA few days later...Karly: Today I called my mom and we're getting married in a couple of monthsLinus: OkKarly: I want to have babies ASAPLinus: OkThe end!WTF? you're asking... well... I don't know but it is what it is...

  • Katie
    2019-04-30 03:34

    I loved the whole 'angel mate' aspect of this book - personally, it made it more interesting to read.

  • Tracey
    2019-05-12 00:24

    Linus, sweet and sexy and lonely, finds a women close to death frozen in the snow. He takes her home to save her, warming her with body heat, upon waking she wants him all of him, he says no but she insists.Karly, short and full breasted along with being a great cook and beautiful, is an Angel, not a from heaven guiding angel but a wolf Angel and she has been searching for her one true mate, can you guess who it is.This story is so nice, it's not angsty, there is no questioning they love each other, and it's just exploring them getting to know each other. There is alot of sex in this story which is hot, but werewolves are horny, and in a new relationship there's never enough of each other.You do get some drama in the story, just enough - a gentle and warming story of love.

  •  Mandy - Lace Vintage ♥
    2019-04-26 21:24

    Not sure where to start with this review so I'll start with Linus omg I think.. No scratch that I know I'm in love with him! Finally a werewolf who's sensitive, romantic, kind,sexy as hell & protective of his mate (but not in some creepy possessive way). Karly I loved from the get go, a female character who was strong, sexy, curvaceous & with self confidence but was still sweet, feminine & petite, something I haven't read in awhile. The story was light hearted & beautifully romantic with some more serious & meaningful undertones. It was a lot more romance rather then erotica like the first book The wolfs mate:Jason & Candace (which I defiantly recommend you if you haven't yet). It was the perfect mix of sex, love, lust & romance with out seeming like watching(reading) a dirty peek show. "She was his sweet angel mate and he would spend the rest of his life loving her to the best of his ability." The Wolfs Mate Book 2: Linus & The Angel. to see this reviews & many others visit my blog:http://lacevintagebookbloggeraddict.b...

  • April
    2019-04-29 05:22

    What a great story!!! This book had everything the last one was missing. The pacing was wonderful and the drama really played out nicely. I loved Karly from the start. She was one of those terrific characters who really knows themselves and accepts others warts and all. Linus really was a great match for her. He had several super angsty moments but thankfully they don't last. He is rather needy and a touch less dominant than I generally like but he wins you over with sweetness.The side conflict really made the story pop. I was on edge when everything went down! Really terrific storytelling!The steam factor here is pretty high! These two are totally hot for each other and get loads of steamy scenes! Love that Karly takes on the role of seductress a few times!The very end does drag a touch as you are getting a lot of information. It was still enjoyable just a little on the wordy side of things.Can't wait for the next book as I know it is a ménage that involves Callie!!!

  • Susan
    2019-05-13 02:32

    Finally! A shapeshifter romance with a sensitive hero! I think I'm in love with Linus.

  • Teri Jackson
    2019-04-24 21:19

    So happy that Linus got his girl >3

  • Janice
    2019-05-01 05:22

    editing story line not my cup of tea

  • Rhonda
    2019-05-11 22:30

    The second book in this amazing series definitely lived up to the first book. Linus was burned by love once. He’s determined not to go down that path again. He mated with a “human toy” who just wanted to bed the “big bad”, and has paid for it ever since. He’s miserable and continues to let his ex play with his life. Karly has known since she was a young girl that she is the supernatural, perfect mate for a werewolf. Her father is a werewolf and her human mother, is actually the supernatural Angel Mate to his wolf. They are the perfect pair. She is the last Angel, and on her twenty-first birthday she leaves her home to find her mate and nearly dies trying to rescue her neighbor’s dog. When Linus finds the beauty in the snow all he knows is he has to save her. He denies what his feelings mean, but he knows. Once they warm up, they REALLY warm up the sheets. When Karly wakes up and remembers she’s found her mate, she’s so excited. Now she just has to wait until he realizes it so she can tell him about her heritage. Linus’ ex-wife has different plans and calls in reinforcements in the form of Karly’s stalker ex-boyfriend. This couple is put through the wringer. Poor Linus almost loses his mate twice. Why would fate be so cruel to finally bring him his true mate and then allow her to be taken away. This story was full of heat and hard-headedness. I couldn’t wait for Linus to admit what Karly was. These two both deserve the happiness and love they found with each other, especially Linus. He had it rough as a child, never feeling worthy of love.

  • Pam
    2019-04-27 02:33

    One of my favorite books! I've read this story four times. Linus' heart craves love. Karly's heart is so full. She has more than enough love to give. This is a wonderful journey of love for these two. Corney I know, but true. They both have demons, but they work through them together. Of course it is a romance novel so you have to have drama. In walks her nutty as hell ex-boyfriend and his ridiculous ex-wife. Highly recommend. Enjoy!

  • Julie Ramsey
    2019-05-18 00:09

    Linus & The Angel (Wolf's Mate #2) by R.E. ButlerKarly is an Angel, a supernaturally perfect mate for one special werewolf. No mate in her home pack. So with her parents blessing she sets out to find her mate in any of packs that she has marked on her map. 15 months later she wonders if he even exist. She is almost ready to give up, but life has other things in mind for Karly. Linus finds her nearly frozen to death out in a snow storm. He is 4th in the pack hierarchy and already been married once with dis-torus results. He doesn't want another human, chew toy or bunny. Karly and Linus both have a past that will throw curve balls their way. Only if they are meant to be will they survive the past ghost.I really enjoyed learning about Karly and her Angel Status that was very interesting and fun. Watching Linus come to terms with his past and his future with help from his pack and Karly was interesting. This couple has past that we as humans have so watching these characters deal with what so many of us deal with was right on track.I look forward to more of this Author and this series.5 STARSPatchescomplimentary book given for a free review.

  • Erin Kyle
    2019-04-30 01:35

    Whoo!! There's some steam rising from between these pages!! Definitely hawt. While I really like his character, I HATE the name Linus. Sorry, fellas who have that name... it just sounds so snivelly IMO!! And that's exactly the opposite of how I pictured him.But beyond that? My main complaint is that the story doesn't quite know where/how to end. While reading, I found at least 3 good "taper off" points where the story could've bowed out gracefully, but stumbled on.Other than that, I was surprised how early the H/h recognized the mutual "true mate" status. (Not surprised in a bad fact, it intrigued me even more, because I was interested in seeing where Butler could take the story from there, with all that potential tension eased out of the way...)I like Karly's character a lot, her lack of arrogance about her cooking abilities, her unabashed eagerness to throw herself wholeheartedly into the pursuit of her mate, the way she is portrayed as taking care of Linus without being a doormat...she is very likeable. And Linus is just as likeable, maybe even more so. I'm a sucker for MCs like this; I can't get enough.This is a definite "Yes."

  • Taz Will
    2019-05-07 05:07

    Good read, same issues...I had pretty much with the others. I still don't understand why she didn't want to run the restaurant though. Seemed like she just wanted to sit home and tend to him but heck, she could've done that and still brought in something that would keep the lights on. Linus and all his mental drama was a bit much I really just wanted him to get over it at one point. Seems like her status really didn't mean much, I was expecting for her to be something special but it was pretty much the same as a mate besides the alpha kids thing. They should've been able to connect mentally or she should've been able to call regular wolves or any other animals to her for help. Something that made her status stand out. Seemed like a wasted title for her that could've been a game changer if played right.

  • J. Manns
    2019-05-06 01:19

    I did not like this book. The story is Linus a werewolf finds his mate Karly a supernatural being called an angel. These angels were created to be the perfect mate to a werewolf. I didn't like the book because it moved so slow with nothing really happening. Karly and Linus meet right away fall in love and she meets his pack. There meeting takes up most of the book no drama no suspense . Towards the end there is some excitement when both Linus and Karly have ex partners that work to break them up. While I don't want my heroine to really be hurt the danger to her ended to quickly the story was just gettting interesting. The end of the book was Linus meeting Karly's family. There was also a lot of information on karly's background as a angel and how angels came to be as well as how wolfpacks operate which I found boring. I can not recommend this book

  • Lisa
    2019-05-13 21:20

    I really enjoyed this book. There was more background and character information, which made Linus and Karly's story easier to fall into. I loved the legend of the "Angel" - the first wolf was so miserable and in pain that he could not control his beast, so the wolf spirit sent a woman to care and calm him, she was his salvation, his "angel". Linus is struggling to get over his ex-wife, when he finds his "Angel" almost frozen to death by the river. Their connection is instant and Karly's year long search is over for her one true mate. The drama comes from both their ex's and at one point it it could've been deadly. I loved the lores and tradition of the "old school" pack Karly was from, but was pleased they decided to stay with Jason's pack. Even though I felt the ending was little rushed, it was an enjoyable read.

  • Whispers From
    2019-05-03 05:20

    I love this seriesKarly is an Angel. She is meant to be the mate of a werewolf. When she turns 21 she goes in search of her mate. She stops in Allen, Kentucky and is out trying to find her neighbors little dog in a snow storm. She slips and knocks herself out. Linus is in wolf form and find her almost frozen. He takes her back to his place and warms her up. ( wink wink ) He feels a connection to her and Karly knows he is her mate. But first they have to take down Karly's crazy ex. Linus' ex told Karly's where she was and he kidnaps her. Determined to make her his but Linus will move heaven and earth to find his angel.Love at first sight. Sexy wolves. Crazy ex's. Sex. Loved the story.

  • Book Binge
    2019-05-02 00:06

    This one is rated higher because again there is no love triangle and I just personally don't enjoy those but I loved the lack of conflict between them. They just knew they were meant to be together so they were. This book was very different from the first one and while I enjoyed both of them and rated this one higher I wouldn't actually be able to choose which one I liekd more. I had been looking forward to Callie finding a strong male that would teach her to stand up for herself and show her he loved her so I am very dsiappointed to see that is obviously not what will be happening in her book. I really hate when I find a shifter series that I like and the author has to ruin it with those types of books.

  • Holly Bargo
    2019-05-08 01:12

    Sweet and refreshingIt was a pleasure to read a romance (of any subgenre) in which the hero is a nice guy, not a billionaire or CEO, and not overbearing and boorish. This is not a typical plot of boy meets girl, boy and girl detest each other until boy manhandles girl a few times, then boy and girl get married. The heroine is likeable, too. The reader does not have to endure contrived misunderstandings because characters are too recalcitrant to actually talk to each other. There were some typos and incorrect use of words, but not enough to ruin the story. I would have given this book four stars, except that the whole situation with Phoenix felt contrived, like the author tossed in a crazy and violent ex-boyfriend because there wasn't sufficient tension in the plot.

  • Mare
    2019-05-15 01:19

    Linus Mayfield is Jason's fourth ranked in the Tressel wolf pack. He's down on himself for his failed marriage to a "chew-toy" but in the last 6 months seeing Jason & Cadence's True Mate bond he realizes he latched on to Brenda hoping for a love that wasn't really there. One night as he goes out to hunt to relax, he stumbles upon 2 frozen bodies. The girl is alive but cold & the poor dog is gone. Little does she know she's his True-mate & a legendary Angel descendent from the original Were-wolf's mate. Another good story. This started slower but the action picked up as their ex's tried to pull them apart.

  • Radiant
    2019-05-23 00:07

    Linus never thought he will meet her true mate after the disaster he called marriage and a wife who used him for money..but fate makes him meet Karly...a species - Angel - made only to be made for as mates to wolfs.He cherishes her as much he can and takes care of her..but his self doubt always make him weak..but Karly makes him believe in himself and keeps him strong.When their both past meets ...problems occur and now they have to bear the consequences..Linus has to believe in himself and love ..n fight for Karly's life.I liked 1st better than this..this was a bit long...with traditions etc...nevertheless it was a nice read.Sri.

  • Carol
    2019-04-30 22:15

    Loving this Series, This was a great story, You knew from the start of the book that their wasn't going to be any Alpha male beating his chest for domination, but a sweet wolf whose needing acceptance for his past mistakes and to forgive himself,(very hot too :) ) Loved Angel, she knew what she wanted and didn't whine or give kinda gal, I love when a Author lets you get to know the personalities of other characters,also having them re-appear in future books gives you that extra boost and to see what's happening with their life!Lots of new characters introduced, loved the old ways of doing the rituals, Now here's to Callies book,,,WOOP WOOP :)

  • Ruth
    2019-04-29 22:31

    This was not as enjoyable as the first outing of the southern werewolves. The plot is almost identical with instant attraction, a mad ex-girlfriend and a murderous ex-boyfriend and then all things 'pack' - oh, and lots of T&A and G&G. I got the impression that not as much time was spent on this book compared to the first but it was still an ok read. Certainly a lot better that some of the books available on Kindle but I can also see why no mainline publisher has bid for it in its present form. If you have read the first in the series, nothing takes place in this book to prevent you from carrying on with the series with Book 3.

  • Dawn
    2019-05-03 22:20

    Linus is the fourth guy in the pack and he has been treated quite poorly by his ex-wife. Then one night in the middle of a snow storm he meets his 'angel' who is his soul mate (awww). Then they get together no conflict tension or strife. He is perfect for her and she is perfect for him. Cute story just not very exciting. I liked that the couple wanted each other and just did it. What got on my nerves was Linus and the worrying about it all and Angel planning a meal every five minutes. It is a cute story and I read it in one sitting. You could read this as a stand alone if you so desire.