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Their forbidden love may get them both killed. Bella is a red werewolf, sole survivor of the fire that killed her entire pack. Devlyn is a beta male werewolf in a pack of grays. Forced to flee her adopted gray pack when the alpha male becomes a vicious threat, she struggles to live as a lone wolf, until Devlyn, the gray male who rescued her as a pup, comes to bring her homTheir forbidden love may get them both killed. Bella is a red werewolf, sole survivor of the fire that killed her entire pack. Devlyn is a beta male werewolf in a pack of grays. Forced to flee her adopted gray pack when the alpha male becomes a vicious threat, she struggles to live as a lone wolf, until Devlyn, the gray male who rescued her as a pup, comes to bring her home.When a local red werewolf goes on a killing spree, Bella and Devlyn must flee the murderer, the police and their vengeful pack leader. With the full moon rising, and her heat upon her, Bella can't resist the pull to her destined mate, even if means Devlyn will have to face the wicked alpha male in a fight to the death......

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Heart of the Wolf Reviews

  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    2019-02-26 17:29

    RATING: 0.5 HEART for the Initial Intrigue + 0.5 HEART for the Cover. :(I’ve always enjoyed the PNR genre, especially its subdivision of werewolves. But, I am very close to giving up on finding an actual good werewolf book to read. All the ones I seem to pick just don’t do it for me. Unfortunately (and sadly), Heart of The Wolf is that book. This starts out well enough, with much potential and an interesting enough storyline to keep curious. We are introduced to Bella and Devlyn, our protagonists, and the strain between them and their pack leader, Volan. To save Devlyn’s life, Bella leaves the pack and starts a solo life in Oregon. Yet, somewhere along the way it gets lost. The initial feelings of intrigue and enjoyment are no longer present, in fact I found myself skimming more than 50% of the book. The story is tedious with the plot revolving around the very predictable murder mystery and the “romance” of why they can’t be together. From the flimsy no-surprises to the poor action scenes, the plot is dull and unrealistic. No coherent flow, just a random display of events. In a nutshell, not fun or worthwhile. Both the main characters are bland. Devlyn and Bella seemingly have strong personalities, yet I could not connect with either of them. I didn’t understand their purpose in the story, or why they made the decisions they made. Bella is whiny, unpleasant and has no confidence in Devlyn, whom she “supposedly” loves. Devlyn is a sissy. A man who does nothing but glare and growl, is not an alpha anything. Their romance...well...more like conversations of “I want you, but I can’t have you” (this is not sexy, btw!) gets old very fast, leaving only dissatisfaction in its wake. Chock-full of bad story-telling, awful dialogue, and terrible characters, this is definitely not my kind of read. I wish it could have been better, regrettably though, Terry Spears failed to capture my attention. Not sure whether I’ll read the next books or not. I’ll have to wait for a sound opinion first.Posted: January 29, 2015

  • Monique
    2019-03-15 14:37

    Series: 2.5 starsThis book: 1 starThere are two kinds of paranormal romance books. You have Kim Harrison, Ilona Andrews, Faith Hunter and Kelley Armstrong that make up my favorite group: action packed with strong female characters that drive the series. They may have a romantic element but are more "action" than "romance."Then you have the second group: fluffy, borderline book porn that have strong male leads and wishy-washy females that follow them. The second group has an obstacle to overcome but overall the point of the book is getting the two main characters to hook up or admit they love each other.This book, as well as the series, falls in to the later group. If you're into that sort of thing the series isn't half bad, however I'd skip this book. Trust me, you're not missing anything. In this series wolves "mate for life" and unmated female wolves are rare, so the entire series is about getting wolves paired off. They get better as the series progresses but this first book is pretty bad. The female lead is annoying and at least 150 years old but can't take care of herself... And I hate to say it, but the writing is REALLY bad. I bought the series without ever having read a word of this author. After reading this book I was tempted to just sell them all to a used bookstore, but the writing was so much better by the third book I wondered if they hired a ghost writer?Here's the formula for the series: alpha male falls for girl who needs rescuing and/or protection. Evil alpha male also wants girl. Hero must mate the girl, save her and kill the villain. For some reason this author always has 2 obstacles, one of which is always another alpha male trying to mate the girl whether she wants him or not.

  • Dee
    2019-02-24 13:41

    I am not sure exactly what I thought of this one. To begin with I liked it, but then I started to get bored as it seemed to go on and I wished Devlyn & Bella would just get on with it and get together but pushed myself to carry on but then I started to like it again.I think one of the main things I didn't like was that at the start Devlyn was a young wolf so there was definitely nothing Alpha about him!. I understood why he wouldn't fight the Alpha male of the pack for Bella - he wouldn't have survived as he wasn't strong enough but I still didn't like actually reading about that side of the story. I would have been happier just to have been told that it happened as the problem was that I still didn't deem him strong or Alpha enough even at the end when he proved that he was. I am in two minds if I want to continue with the series as I am not totally convinced I liked Ms Spear's style of writing and the way that she tells the story :(

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2019-02-28 11:47

    What worked for me:*Lone wolf being forced back into the pack, and being too stubborn/alpha to come back like a good little puppy.*The whole bittersweet "I love you but we can't be together" thing that lasted over 100 years. What didn't work for me:*Too much sex. Yes, you heard me. Too much sex. It seemed like once they got in bed that first time, that's ALL THEY DID for like 8 chapters or something. It was obnoxious.*The neighbor was obnoxious, Henry or Harry or whateverhisname is was TOTALLY underutilized as a plot device (oh man I saw a sequel just crying to be written with him as a hero), and them always getting caught naked all irritated me.*The identity of the killer. I won't say more so it's not a spoiler, but I felt like she took the easy way out with the killer's identity.*I don't like that she was a virgin and he had been making free with the (human) ladies in the meantime. Yeah yeah I know realistic blah blah blah but I get so sick of the women who are in love with a guy and so keep their legs firmly closed while the man who is supposedly just as in love with her sleeps with others but it's okay because it didn't actually mean anything *rolls eyes* I'd much rather have had them BOTH take lovers in the meantime, even if in the end it was the cliched "nobody was ever as satisfying" deal.3 Stars

  • ◊♦ Naomi
    2019-03-21 11:49

    I don't have the courage to keep reading this one. I've stopped reading it a while ago and now, I just don't feel like continuing, unfortunately. Maybe when I'll be in the mood for a simple, light and hot but not-really-consistent book, I'll get back to this one!

  • Hannah
    2019-02-20 12:52

    ARC REVIEW Heart of the Wolf is the first book of the series of the same name. It was published ten years ago and to celebrate the awesomeness of the series the publishers re-released this one. When I found I could review this book I jumped at the chance to read it, having read and enjoyed the more current subsequent spin-off series, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I loved everything about his book except for two things Bella's lack of belief that Devlyn can defeat Volan and Devlyn, I just didn't like him. One thing that shocked me because it not this way in her more current books but there was so much sex. I want to complain about it because it was borderline gratuitous but it was so damn hot at the same time. And I think all the sex threw off the pace of the book not a complaint just an observation.Bella Wilder, a red wolf shifter, was rescued by Devlyn when she was a small pup when a house fire killed her family (in the 1800). Bella has always loved Devlyn but the alpha of the pack has been obsessed with her and wanted her for a mate, Bella was determined never to let that happen to the point she ran away from her adoptive family to live as a lone wolf. One hundred and fifty years later Bella is living a quiet life when she is out on a run one day she is shocked to discover the scent of another red wolf in the area. She is so distracted she gets caught by humans in her wolf form and sent to the zoo. Making headline news gives her the attention she has been trying to hide from. Volan certainly knows where she is by now and as Volan's loyal lap dog Devlyn is sure to show up soon enough to take her back to the pack. But now there is also the local red wolf pack whose leader, also called dibs on Bella, out there ready to force her into the mating. By the time Devlyn shows up Bella is ready to run for it again, but Devlyn has had enough and is ready to claim her right then and there and face Volan. Top it all off with the fact that one of the red wolf pack members is going around killing natural redheads and Bella won't leave until they figure out who it is and stop them. Overall, it was a good story, I think it could have been better but I enjoyed it. What I really liked was the bonus novella Night Wolf at the back, that was a great story!

  • Rhianna
    2019-02-19 15:33

    Bella won't be forced to be Volan's mate. He might be the pack's alpha male but she's chosen the male worthy of her love and loyalty. The trouble is that she believes Volan will kill Devlyn if the beta chooses to fight for her. Fleeing the pack of grays that took her in when her pack of red wolves was killed she lives a solo life in Oregon now. When she left them she was still very much a child in the werewolf world but one hundred and fifty years later she has come into her maturity and longs for a mate. The mate she could never claim for her own. Getting drugged and tossed into the zoo is the last place Bella expects to end up when she decides to spend some time at her cabin. She's been investigating a series of local murders she believes have been commited by one of her own kind. But her former pack aren't the only ones trying to help her escape. It seems she's drawn the attention of the local red wolves and they are more than willing to start a violent war to keep her for their own. Devlyn won't let Bella do any of this alone even if it means he has to fight the reds and Volan to claim her. This was a tough book for me to give a star rating on. In the end the things I liked and enjoyed about it were about equal with the things I didn't care for. That's always a tough call. Conceptually, I love this book. Werewolves living with true pack dynamics like wild wolves isn't done very often in the genre. Knowing from page one that Devlyn would have to fight Volan for Bella added tension to the story. Seperating the different types of wolves, red and gray, into their own distinct groups also added a unique element that I really liked. The secondary characters Thompson and Chrissie gave the story some added depth since I always enjoyed decently fleshed out secondaries. What made me struggle with the book was actually the plot. Unfortunately, there were too many threads trying to be woven as the main story. Volan's wanting Bella seemed like it was going to be the main thread. But then the addition of the murder mystery and the reds' attempts to woo Bella added to the confusion. I found myself asking questions about the world building and such that made the story unravel a bit skewed. My other tough spot was the actual romance between Devlyn and Bella. I like a good sex scene as much as the next reader but after a while it felt like the only chemistry the characters seemed to have was their mutual desire to get naked and mate. I'd have liked just a little more romance of the clothed kind werewolves or not. All in all I think this is a wonderful concept that will carry over really well into other books. This one just didn't happen to have the right storyline to strike my personal fancy. I think that if you like lots of sex and/or are into the pack dynamics you'll enjoy it. Enjoy!

  • Kelly
    2019-02-19 15:43

    Oh, guys. I don't like giving bad reviews. I feel that when I find a book that I don't connect with that the fault lies with me somehow. Especially when it's book about werewolves, which I have a particular fondness for. After finishing this book and jumping online to read some reviews, I really do think I'm in the minority here because there are plenty of good reviews out there for it. Unfortunately the book never grabbed me and I actually thought I wasn't going to be able to finish it at several points.To start with, the writing felt very repetitive. Bella's thoughts kept circling back and retreading the same ground again and again. It really slowed the story down and kept me from caring what she was going through. The story was also bogged down by the mythology- it felt thin and I honestly wasn't all that invested in it.Now, one thing that really took me out of the story was the fact that Bella is 150 years old and still a virgin. O_o Although werewolves age slower than humans and she's the equivalent of a 21 year old, this is after she was determined to seduce a human male in the first few pages and was stopped by her Pack mates. I'm sorry. This pushed the realms of credibility for me. She said at one point that she had never experienced the mating urge until her heat comes upon her at the start of the modern part of the story. Here's my problem: it's called a SEX DRIVE and a not a sex amble-through-the-roses for a reason. It pulls you. It's one of the most fundamental parts of human (and animal) nature. That drive to reproduce. She had already shown an interest in sex when she was a teenager but she never explores that in 150 YEARS OF LIVING? I just can't buy that.One other thing that really got to me was the formatting for this story. I picked it up as a free Kindle download and I've never seen the type of line spacing issues and lack of paragraph indentations that I ran across with this book. I know this isn't the fault of the author and was probably just an unfortunate glitch, but added to my other issues with the book it kept me from losing myself in the story. It was bad enough that there were several times where I had no idea who was talking because of the lack of paragraphs.Guys, I love paranormal romances. I love shapeshifters- werewolves in particular. This book and I never connected. Obviously, I'm one person in a sea of many and plenty of other people enjoyed it, so take that as you will. The book is currently free and you can see for yourself if it's for you or not.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • Karen
    2019-02-23 10:33

    A New Werewolf Legacy"Bella Wilder, a red werewolf must flee from her adoptive gray werewolf pack or be mated to the alpha male, Volan. Bella's heart belongs to Devlyn Greystoke, a beta male werewolf, who saved her from a fire that claimed her pack. Devlyn would fight for her, but he is still young. Bella fears Volan will kill Devlyn. Bella for years lives alone, avoiding all werewolves. One evening on her run in the woods, she comes across another red werewolf. So stunned that another of her kind lives, she lets her guard down and humans capture her. Devlyn discovers Bella is in a zoo and comes to rescue her, but Bella fears he will turn her over to Volan and fights him at every turn.Devlyn has never forgotten Bella. He vows to keep her safe and prove to her that he is worthy to be her mate; he will fight Volan to the death to have her. However, other problems arise when a red werewolf pack take to killing human females. Bella and Devlyn will work together to find a way to stop them before the killers reveal to the world werewolves really do exist.You'll be drawn into the story from the first page to the last, wanting to know how everything will turn out. I love how Ms. Spear has intertwined true attributes of wolves to make the werewolf world come alive. Bella and Devlyn's devotion to each other is endearing. Their love scenes sizzle the pages ... definitely hot! I look forward to reading more about this author's werewolf tales.I also recommend Terry Spear's, Winning the Highlander's Heart. If you like Scottish medieval hunks, this is a book for you.Reviewed for PNR Parnormal Romance www.paranormalromance.ort

  • Golden
    2019-03-09 11:41

    The author of this book is a nice lady with whom I shared a book signing table several months ago. But as much as I wanted to like it, I just didn't. The writing was good, but the driving plot was too erotic for me. I prefer my romance with more finesses than I found in this book.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-04 14:25

    I gave up! I could not get through another page, I tried. I guess I could best summarize the book as amateurish and boring. Main chick - I've already forgotten her name couldnt make up her damn mind, one minute she wants her true mate the next she wants a human. then she wants her mate again, but isnt willing to let him to fight for her. I mean come on chick. Your over a 100 years old and you are acting like a 13 year girl. I wanted to smack her every time she started whining. No thanks The dude - Again I've forgotten his name, for years he's wanted his woman but her never fought for her. Now that he's found her again, he's finally found his balls and is willing to fight for her, but his chick is giving off mixed signals like a mug. At least he's a more likable character then chick is. Mostly all I've taken from this attempt is I refuse to read another page in this book. There are so many other books that can pull me in.

  • Delta
    2019-03-14 10:26

    2.5 stars03-12-13Heart of the Wolf has an engaging enough plot and explains some paranormal lupine lore. I purchased this book after reading #7 in the series (Heart of the Highland Wolf). #7 was much better... 07-04-15Rereading the series...This is the first PNR series that I ever read. Thank you, Terry Spears, for beginning my love of PNR. This particular book is not her best, and it is the least of the series; however, you would not want to skip it completely because it introduces Henry Thompson, the "zoo man", who reappears in later books and is a great character.

  • Paraphrodite
    2019-03-18 16:32

    3 stars. A promising start but there isn't anything radical in this first book about wolf shifters.

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-02-26 10:35

    Mostly solving a mystery which dragged too much. Some unanswered questions at the end. I enjoyed the wolf fight scenes.STORY BRIEF:Bella is a red wolf in Colorado who was adopted into a pack of gray wolves after her pack was killed in a fire. The alpha male Volan wanted her as his mate and repeatedly tried to rape her. She loved beta male Devlin, but Volan would kill Devlin if Volan knew. So Bella ran away to avoid Volan and save Devlin. She has been living alone in Oregon until Henry captures her for a zoo. Due to the moon phase she turns into a human while in the zoo cage. Authorities believe the wolf was kidnapped and she as a human was involved. The publicity brings Devlin and the Oregon red wolf pack into her world. Devlin is supposed to take her back to Volan. She still loves Devlin but hides it to keep him safe from Volan. Someone is killing human women with red hair. Bella believes it is a red wolf. Since humans don’t know about shape-shifters Bella feels that she and Devlin must investigate and find the killer before they return to Colorado. Meanwhile, some red wolves want Bella as a mate due to a shortage of female red wolves. They will fight Devlin to get her. Henry (from the zoo) and the police are investigating and following Bella since she is the main suspect in the disappearance of the zoo wolf (Bella).REVIEWER’S OPINION WITH HINTS OF SPOILERS:It takes awhile for Bella and Devlin to get together because she lies about her feelings. She doesn’t tell him she has always loved him, and he stays away from her because he believes it. She lies because she believes something else which is not true. This method of conflict is not interesting for me (conflict due to vague communication and inaccurate assumptions). Other parts of the story were good. I was laughing at Bella’s zoo predicament and her thoughts about Henry, the zoo person who loved wolves. But the main story is Bella and Devlin slowly making progress to solve the mystery of the killings. That part dragged too much. I did enjoy the wolf fight scenes near the end. However, I had unanswered questions. I wanted to know more details about the killings, who, why, how – this was too vague. I also didn’t know how Volan and Leidolf had been wounded in the woods. They may have fought each other, but it wasn’t clear. I also wanted to know more about Leidolf, what he was going to do, and what was going to happen with the leadership of the red wolf pack.DATA:Story length: 384 pages. Swearing language: moderate to strong. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 5. Total number of sex scene pages: 19. Setting: 1850 and around 2000 Colorado and Oregon. Copyright: 2008. Genre: paranormal romantic mystery.

  • Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews:::
    2019-02-20 10:39

    Devlyn a gray lupus garou saved Bella a red lupus garou from a wildfire that claimed the life of her entire family. Devlyn's pack takes Bella in and treats her like their own. The leader of the pack Volan wants Bella as his mate and Bella hates his guts. She also is in love with Devlyn and wants to mate with him. One day she decides she no longer wants to deal with Volan's aggressive advances at her and decides to run away from the pack. One-hundred and fifty years later and Bella's still on the run and is still in love with Devlyn. One day she goes out on a run in her red lupus garou form and gets tranqued by a hunter and gets put into a zoo. The hunter thinks Bella is a wild red wolf and wants to bring her to the zoo to mate with another red wolf that lives! Unfortunately, Volan finds out that she's in the zoo and sends Devlyn to retrieve her. When Devlyn see's Bella he decides right then and there that he's been an idiot for not running away with her and is determined to mate with her! Of course Bella is in love with him and wants to mate with Devlyn but she knows in doing so...will bring Volans wrath and she doesn't think Devlyn can beat him. Devlyn knows that he can beat him and take over the pack and tries to get Bella to see reason and return to the pack so he can fight Volan to the death once and for all and be together forever.On top of all of that there's a pack of red lupus garou in the area and one of them is murdering red-headed human females and trying to change them so that they can mate. Soon as they find out about Bella the leader of said pack thinks he has a claim on her since Devlyn and Bella are in their territory. So not only do they have Volan to deal with they also have; a nosy ass neighbor, a zoo keeper looking for a missing red wolf and a pack of horny red lupus garou hot on their trail!What I loved the most about this werewolf tale was the fact that even though Bella wanted to be mated to Devlyn and vice versa they loved each other for them. Not because they were destined to be together. It was quite refreshing!! Usually in these werewolf tales or any other story about a couple being mated...the urge to mate came first. It was great to see a couple being in love with each other and willing to fight to the death for some one because they were in love...not destined to be mated!! I really enjoyed this story and the sex was super hot and I would definitely read another book buy this author;)

  • Lexie
    2019-02-24 17:52

    When this first came out I wasn't much into werewolves. Or any other kind of Shifter either. Part of it was lack of caring about them and the other part was the irrational dislike I have taken towards canines of any breed. Maybe because I'm so horrifically allergic to them. At any rate I ignored this book in favor of other paranormals even though I was rather interested in it.As my tastes have changed I've begun to reach out and look at books and authors I overlooked. Patricia Briggs for instance, her Alpha and Omega series makes me a happy girl. When I received this book as part of a prize pack I was delighted and eager to read it...then it got packed away on the shelves and I completely forgot to find it again. Re-shelving began and I found it again and decided to read it right then and there.I liked this book, but there was something not quite right with it. I can't place my finger on it, though I think it has something to do with the romance between Bella and Devlyn. It's not that it wasn't passionate or that there wasn't chemistry, I think it was more because the two of them made so many excuses as to why it couldn't happen that when it did happen I was shocked. 150 years of living in fear of the Alpha, Devlyn telling her that he has no choice but to give her to the Alpha and Bella being equally adamant against the didn't add up in my head.As for the other storyline of the red wolf killing folks, that storyline was rather jumbled and thrown together to give Devlyn and Bella a chance to find some time alone. I was confused by its resolution. The problems of the romantic nature were easily taken care of, if anyone had bothered to communicate, and over pretty quickly. The added bit of Bella having to fight to be Alpha Female was unneeded and over quickly at any rate.In the end, as I said, I liked the book, but nagging doubts clouded me from really enjoying it. I want to read the next in the series and see if maybe it was just freshmen blues plaguing this first book in the Werewolf Series.

  • Amy
    2019-03-09 11:34

    The only reason I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 is because I read book 5 of this series not knowing it was book 5 and really liked it. I thought since it was so good I should start with the first in the series. To all readers thinking the same: save yourself the time and Don't read this book. You won't miss anything by skipping the first book. If you insist on knowing what happened, I will summarize. Stupid girl werewolf likes a boy werewolf but the leader of the pack wants her. She is afraid does not tell anybody why or try to solve problem so she runs a few states away. Meanwhile, 150 years go by and they can't find her from Colorado to Oregon (crappy wolves if you ask me). She finds out someone's been killing humans in her area, probably a werewolf. Not too worried, she goes for a run a winds up in the zoo. How did she live for so long on her own when she is clearly too stupid? Anyway, bunch of other stupid crap happens and werewolf she loves comes to find her. She loves him. She can't have him. She loves him. She can't have him. Yada Yada. Question: who edited this book? There is hardly any plot and the characters are idiots. The only good news is the author did learn how to write definitely by book 5.

  • Laurielu Bona Fide Reflections
    2019-02-20 12:29

    After years of running from Volan (the gray pack's alpha), Bella has been found. The werewolf she wants to claim as her mate, is after her to return her to the pack. Devlyn wants to claim Bella as his mate once their worlds collide again after many years of separation. Bella has found herself in a very precarious position and needs to be saved before the secret that werewolves is revealed to the human world. The reconnection of Bella and Devlyn creates a heated reunion. As the story unravels, there is a mystery to unravel, other werewolves to thwart, and contending with the gray's alpha. This novel is entertaining and endearing. I really enjoyed reading it. This a great addition to your Werewolf library.Happy Reading from Bona Fide Reflections!!

  • Nikki
    2019-03-08 15:55

    I really enjoyed this book! This is my first by Terry Spear, but I have heard great things from others about how awesome this series is. After reading the first, I will definitely stick with it! The story was great and had a little of everything, which automatically makes it a win for me!

  • Julianna
    2019-03-10 13:32

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsHeart of the Wolf was my first read by Terry Spear and the first in her werewolf series of the same name. I'd been looking forward to reading this book for a while but in the end, was rather disappointed by it. The characters were lacking in depth, and the heroine tended to frustrate me at times. While there was some decent action and mystery to the plot, I felt that the denouements to both aspects were too brief and easy. The sexual tension is high throughout, but the love scenes fell flat, and there was little actual romance to speak of. The author's writing style could also have used a lot more polish as well. Overall this was just an OK read for me.Devlyn and Bella's backstories are minimal at best. Both were adopted into the same wolf pack at a fairly young age, Devlyn first, and then he later saved Bella's life and brought her to the pack when her family was killed in a wildfire. Bella is a red wolf while the rest of the pack are grays, and both she and Devlyn are alone in the world except for their adoptive family. Pack alpha, Volan, became obsessed with having Bella as his mate, but she was in love with Devlyn from the time they were children and had no interest in Volan at all. Bella ran from the pack to become a lone wolf after Volan attempted to rape her several times. She never told Devlyn, because she knew he would want to challenge Volan and she didn't think he was strong enough to defeat the villainous wolf at the time. Then we fast-forward 150+ years to find Bella living among humans, but we learn little of what happened to any of the characters during that long period of time. In fact, I was left wondering for several chapters how Bella was able to pay for her living expenses as a human. To be honest, I'm also not sure why the author chose to begin the story so far in the past, because the long time frame didn't seem to have much bearing on the overall plot except that in her version of werewolf mythology, the wolves age at a rate of one year for every thirty human years. Because of this, it took that long for Devlyn and Bella to mature to the point that Devlyn supposedly had a chance of challenging for the position of pack alpha.During all that time Devlyn never stopped loving Bella. He supposedly searched for her but was never able to find her. To some extent, I understood Devlyn's pack mentality, but I couldn't help thinking that if he loved Bella so much, he should have wanted to leave with her and maybe start their own pack, which seemed like something they could have done. If Bella had told him about Volan's attempted rapes all those years ago, it might have convinced Devlyn to go away with her. I know she thought he would try to challenge Volan instead, but if he had, he'd have been stupid, given that he had little chance of defeating the other much bigger wolf male. I didn't, however, see any major obstacle to them going rogue together. Instead, they ended up spending a ridiculous amount of time apart, simply because they were both too obstinate to do what seemed to me to be the sensible thing.When Devlyn and Bella finally reunite, their stubborn misunderstandings continue for quite a while, and I have to admit that it was beginning to get on my nerves. Devlyn thought Bella was still determined to have a human mate, when in reality, she only wanted a human because she believed she couldn't have Devlyn without risking his life and refused to mate Volan. Bella thought Devlyn was only acting as Volan's lackey, intending to return her to the alpha leader, apparently not realizing he's crazy about her himself. Both of them think the other is only attracted because of her being in the mating heat, and both of them think that Volan would kill Devlyn if he touched Bella. While all these things were true to some extent, they could certainly have cleared up a lot of it with a good heart to heart, but instead, they kept assuming things about the other rather than talking or admitting they've had feelings for each other since he first rescued her so many years ago and still do. Eventually, Devlyn finally realized that Bella cares for him more than she was letting on because of all the pictures of him she kept around her house, but he still had an uphill battle getting the hard-headed female to admit it and accept him as her mate.At least Devlyn's thoughts and actions made sense some of the time, but Bella simply frustrated me for the majority of the book. First, she ran away without ever telling Devlyn why and left him in the dark for a century and half. Even after they reunite and Devlyn expresses his feelings for her, she still adamantly refuses to become his mate for some time. It was made abundantly clear that she feared for his life if he went up against Volan, but to me, it felt like she had no faith in his abilities whatsoever, which made me question her love for him and their rightness for one another. I fully understood how it hurt Devlyn when Bella repeatedly intimated that he couldn't take Volan, but she always seemed to dismiss his concern as mere male (or wolf) ego. I especially felt her attitude was hypocritical when she decided to rush headlong into life-threatening danger herself to find the red-wolf serial killer. To be honest, I didn't fully understand her determination to catch this wolf either. Maybe if she'd had some kind of background in law enforcement or a connection to one of the victims, her seeming obsession might have made sense, but she only took it upon herself to do it because the rogue wolf was threatening to reveal the existence of all lupus garous by his actions. She also didn't like that he appeared to be attempting to change human females into wolves to mate and then killing them when it went south. Again, this seemed a bit hypocritical since Bella had been obstinately planning to mate a human herself although admittedly, she hadn't gone through with it. That was yet another thing that didn't make sense to me. Bella seemed to think it preferable to mate a human in order to keep Devlyn alive instead of making a stand with him. I don't see how pining after the man she truly loved for the rest of her life which could be many more centuries and being mated to someone she'd never love was better than trying to take down the bad guy. There were two things that really soured me on Bella though. First was when she shot Volan and then lied to Devlyn about it. The second was when she was still thinking about running away from Devlyn again even after she'd already mated him. It's not that Bella was a bad person. I think her heart was mostly in the right place, but she certainly left me rolling my eyes and shaking my head in bewilderment most of the time due to her illogical, reactionary behavior.Normally, I enjoy when an author can keep the sexual tension high throughout the novel, but during the early parts of this book, the sheer number of false-starts and interruptions to love-making that Devlyn and Bella experience is bordering on the ridiculous. I was also having a hard time believing that both of them could resist as long as they did, given that she was in the mating heat. Usually, I'm not a big fan of the sex coming at the beginning of the story, but since Devlyn and Bella had a history together and an obvious strong attraction, I'd almost have preferred they do it the first time they were alone together and then have to figure out how to get around Volan later. Instead, it takes until nearly halfway into the book. After waiting for 150 years and having so many starts and stops, I was expecting the first love scene to be spectacular, but they end up doing it in the back seat of their SUV in her garage. This was very disappointing to say the least and not romantic at all in my opinion, especially given that Bella was still a virgin after all that time. I couldn't help thinking that after holding out that long, they should have been able to make it to the bedroom or at least into the house. I also kept thinking how cramped and uncomfortable that would have been, not to mention, the whole act was tainted by Bella keeping the huge secret of having just shot Volan from Devlyn. After that, they practically mate like bunnies, but despite their sheer number, the love scenes were relatively short, uninspired, and lacking in descriptive details, romance, and emotion. Their earlier playful, seductive interactions were better than the actual sex.I'm not sure if it's because Heart of the Wolf was one of Terry Spear's earliest published novels or what, but her writing style lacked the polish and flow of many other authors I've read. Sometimes I felt like little details were missing from her narrative, things that wouldn't require more than a few words to clarify but would have helped immensely in picturing what was happening. Other times, she includes unnecessary details that bog things down. There were a few times where it felt like she found some tidbit of information during her research that she thought was interesting and decided to include it by throwing it into a passage of dialog, but it didn't really add anything to the story. Details like this should be woven seamlessly into the narrative or dialog, rather than standing out like a sore thumb. I also found several continuity errors and small plot holes, little things that just didn't quite add up. For example, Devlyn and Bella took what should have been a late night drive to her cabin during a storm, but then were able to search the surrounding woods without flashlights nor moonlight. Another one was when Bella's friend, Chrissie, made up a cover story about Volan to protect Bella, but I had no idea how she even knew about the guy. The author often had an awkward way of wording certain things and occasionally used the wrong word entirely (eg. tantamount instead of paramount, or frogs riveting instead of ribbiting or simply croaking). I found the POVs to be rather muddled too. Sometimes I didn't even know whose perspective I was reading or the perspective seemed to change in the middle of a paragraph. On a side note, I'm usually all for characters being intuitive, but Bella sometimes manages to infer things about what Devlyn is thinking or his intentions with the barest of information which totally lacks credibility. Last, but not least, for a romance, I didn't sense much emotion in this story at all. There's an overabundance of lustiness, but virtually nothing in the way of tender interactions or true romance. Even Bella's reveal of Volan's repeated attempted rapes didn't come close to carrying the weight it should have. This could have easily been a rip-your-heart-out moment, but instead, it occurred in front of witnesses and was pretty much glossed over as being no big deal, as was the the moment when Bella finally confessed to shooting Volan.Overall, despite my many criticisms, Heart of the Wolf wasn't a bad book per se. I've certainly read a lot worse, but the frustrating heroine, and the numerous weaknesses in the writing, plot, and characters did make it a rather lackluster read. Even the villains weren't all that compelling. While Chrissie and the zookeeper, Henry Thompson, were nice secondary characters, they were equally underdeveloped as all the others. The only character who I can tell goes on to star in a future book of the series is a rogue red wolf named Leidolf who is only mentioned in the background and doesn't even appear in this story, so it seems Heart of the Wolf could easily be read as a stand-alone book. I've noticed that this first book of the series has a lower rating then the others. With this being the case, I'll probably give Terry Spear another chance to wow me, especially since I already have three more Heart of the Wolf books on my TBR pile. Hopefully, the stories will get better and the characters will become more relatable as the series continues.

  • Aly
    2019-02-28 14:33

    Bella was a red wolf in a pack of gray wolves. She lost her family when she was six in a wildfire. Young Devlyn save her and she was adopted by the gray pack. Bella loves Devlyn. Devlyn loves Bella. But Volan, the leader, wants Bella. And what the alpha wants, the alpha gets. Except if the girl run away at sixteen to escape him and avoid becoming his forced mate. 150 years later (lupus garou age one year for every thirty human years), Devlyn finally found Bella but must rescue her again when she's darted in her animal form and trapped in a zoo, but not before she turn into a human in the cage and people find her (but doesn't make the link with the missing wolf and her). Bella is afraid Devlyn is gonna lead her back to Volan, but before they have to confront him, they have to stop a killer of young readhead females and face a pack of red wolves who want to keep her in their ranks. This time, Terry Spear didn't succeed in keeping my attention. I had a hard time understanding why Devlyn doesn't fought Volan for the heroine before and why suddenly he decided to do it after so many times. It made me see the hero as detached, indifferent. It was sad to see how Bella pined for Devlyn. And I never really connected with any of the characters. Is it the reason why I thought the sex scenes could have been described differently ? Or maybe because I already read this author before and her writing was much better the other times ? The pace was not sustained and there were too many pages of Bella at the bar with the red wolves, trying to push their advances. And I'm used to better dynamic between member of a pack and clearer politics. If there was unity in the gray clan, it wasn't showed to us. Having said that, I'm gonna read the next one to see if there's more detail and improvement because I think with different protagonists and villains it could grab my attention.

  • Heather
    2019-02-18 10:48

    Her family was killed and this lil red "werewolf" they call or something different was saved by a grey and adopted into the pack. After the pack leader decides he wants her as a mate she runs.Years go by she finally matures and is ready for the grey who saved her. However while running as a wild she is hit with a trans and wakes up to find herself trapped in the zoo with a real male wolf wanting to mate her.And that's where the story takes off. Her old pack leader finds her, her grey savior is back, oh and then a sorta muster of finding out which red wolf is killing human red heads.Overall didn't care for the book. I did however love the extra story at the end.

  • Books In Brogan
    2019-03-05 14:46

    The first one in the Heart of the Wolf series is being re-released but this was one I had never read before since I started somewhere in the middle of the series and never read the previous books but still a great read.This review was originally posted on Books In Brogan

  • Christina
    2019-03-20 18:42

    2.5 Stars - 3 Flames Well...I have to admit that I was really struggling with what to say for this review. That is until I realized that I wasn't alone in my views and opinions about this book. (sigh)As someone who loves to read PNR and shifter books, I was 100% intrigued by the blurb, wanting to get my hands on this as fast as I could. But once I started reading, it became pretty clear that this was going to be a difficult book. Why? I had a hard time buying in to it. Why? (Sigh)The Prologue starts in the 1800's. Then we jump forward to the present. The female lone wolf (because she ran from her pack) still stays in contact with someone from the pack, basically so she can keep an eye on the one grey wolf she really loves. Although, we keep hearing about how she can't be with him because the Alpha wants her (why she ran off), so she'll just mate a human. But she clearly still has feelings for this grey wolf. And he has feelings for her too. So what do they do? They release tension. Um...ok. Look, this had some cute moments, don't get me wrong. But I found this to be...boring more than intriguing. I kept waiting for something to happen that would change my mind and draw me in, but the sex didn't even do that. (sigh)Sorry. I tried. *I was gifted this book from the Jeep Diva in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-12 11:48

    Nice start to a series. Okay characters and world building. Shows potential to be a good series.- - Received copy through NetGalley - -L

  • Karen
    2019-02-20 13:36

    ARC REVIEW Overall, it was a good story, I think it could have been better but I enjoyed it. What I really liked was the bonus novella Night Wolf at the back, that was a great story

  • Shera (Book Whispers)
    2019-02-27 12:44

    Thoughts:To be honest, I didn't have high expectations for this book. One of the main reasons I bought it was because one of my favorite reviewers had read the latest one in the series and stated it basically rocked. Still leery I decided to check on it while I was in the book store. It was only 2 cents to buy, definitely worth the price to see if I liked it. Even pressed for time I almost finished the whole book in one day. Spear writes a romance with characters I can connect with. Even if I didn't agree with the main character Bella running away and living in fear all the time, I enjoyed it. I understood why the characters did what they did and how certain characters actions affected them. The story is mainly told from Bella's point, but Devlyn also gets turns narrating. Which I loved the two are so witty—plus when you've got a character as hot as Devlyn you wanna get inside his head. The plot was more complex then most PNR. Not only was Bella running from Volan, the evil Alpha who wants to posses her, but she gets herself caught and put in a zoo. Now not only does Volan know where she is, but the local red werewolf pack knows she exists. Females are hard to find, so everybody wants a little action from her. While balancing all of that out, there's a serial killer amongst the red pack. Really I thought Spear handled mixing all of those story lines together well. Nothing seemed to be rushed or push one thing off to the side. At times I felt like there was just one to many romance scenes. Plus I didn't think the scenes where that great, I felt they could have been alluded to, or just skipped completely. However, the author sums it up in her own words:"Pleasure before business."Another thing I loved about this book was the sassy humor. Whether it was the pillow talk, or just any old conversation, I was cracking a smile quite frequently with this book. Spear has wit, I'll give her that. One of my favorite lines:" . . . Devlyn mused that folks in Oregon couldn't ever tan-they just rusted."Even though Bella isn't part of a pack for pretty much the majority of the book, Spear does an excellent job of showing us the world of her werewolves. It's easy to catch on to the pack politics. Females in the pack really don't get a say, the alpha gets first pick of the bitches. If the female likes, or even loves, another wolf it's not even taken into consideration. Even Devlyn has that mind set . At the first of the book he's ready to hull Bella back to Valon because that would be safer for Bella, because she clearly can't take care of herself. When Bella for the last 150 years has been able to take care of herself and evade Vallon. Yeah, the girl can not be left alone, clearly one slip up in 150 years proves she's one week and feeble female. Next thing you know she's going to be running around with scissors!! (Even if most of the time I wanted to scream about woman's rights and stuff, I got over it.) Besides the sexism, there was one thing that really stopped me from enjoying the book. Bella ran away to protect the man she loved so that Valon wouldn't kill him with is apparent superior strength. Bella spends most of the the book thinking how week her ALPHA lover and how she needs to protect him. After Devlyn basically kills 4 competitors of the red clan, she still thinks he's weak and ponders running away to protect him. Sure there's being worried, then there's being stupid. They're freaking werewolves, she knows the dangers. The cast of characters in HotW was really awesome. From Bella's one-woman-neighborhood-watch friend, Chrissie, who's shopping for husband number 2. To the “wolf” man who caught Bella and put her in the zoo—really he was awesome. Other wolves were fun to learn about, and what made them dominate or not. I'm hoping that Devlyn's cousins will be making some appearances in later books. Another character I really want to see from this book is the allusive Red rogue that helps out Bella and Devlyn. Bottom line:HotW goes outside of the normal for PNR, it's refreshing seeing the long line of warrior-seeking-life mate series out there. Spear actually does a lot with plots outside the bedroom and pulls it off nicely. PNR fans are going to like the change, UF fans may find this one a little dull. In the end I could look past the sexism.(Really, I think these werewolves skipped the whole woman's rights part of history.) Looking forward to seeing some of the side cast in the next books, even if they can't be the main characters. Bella may not be warrior wolf, but she's still a fun and clever leading lady and I really loved her. Devlyn is a gentleman, who will leave the ladies swooning. Sexual Content:These are very tame sex scenes. (I didn't feel the sizzle.)

  • paperysoul
    2019-03-02 12:46

    Hero baka te lembik aja. Beta wolf. Nadai chemistry gik seduai ia heroine.

  • LynnMarie
    2019-03-07 13:43

    Yadkny’s ReviewBella is a red wolf shifter and a rare one at that. After a fire destroyed her home and killed her family, her saving grace came in the form of a gray wolf shifter by the name of Devlyn. They became instant friends and she was subsequently welcomed into the family the current Alpha, but her adoption into the gray wolf pack did not come without it's challenges. Repeated attempted rapes, the stepping down of the old Alpha leader, her best friend backing away from her, and now attempts at a forced mating, all drove her to escaping the pack in order to find a life among the humans. Now she's being hunted by both wolf shifters and humans alike.Terry Spear creates beautiful imagery in her writing. Her characters really jump off the page with their personalities in both human and wolf forms. It's refreshing to read a shifter story with characters that really embrace their animalistic differences and welcome the changes that come with every full moon. There's no animosity or disgust, it's pure primal instinct and enjoyment. It's a warm tale of finding your first love and then loosing them only to find them again years later and know that the feelings haven't changed. I also enjoyed the fact that there's really never a dull moment in this story. It was almost like reading a script for a TV. show. In this story Bella goes undercover to track down a killer with the sexy Devlyn by her side while trying to avoid the man who's been after her for over a century (remember we're talking about wolf shifters, so their life spans are a little different). The rest of the cast helps thicken the plot with their mysteriousness and just when you think you know someone or something... you don't. There's also plenty of plot tension and sexual frustration, so the overall resulting release on both are very well received and welcomed. The ending of this book stands true to the definition of happily-ever-after and anyone who reads it won't be disappointed.Recommended reading for those seeking an adventure in the form of a good ole fashion 'who dunnit' with a bunch of territorial wolf shifters and the lone female red-head caught in the middle.4 Tea Cups!

  • PepperP0t
    2019-02-28 13:31

    First my recap of the synopsis. Bella, a red wolf raised within a pack of grays caught the eye of the brutal Alpha who has decreed she will become his mate. Bella realizes she must leave the pack to save the life of the gray, Devlyn that once rescued her and she has grown to love. The re-united couple must overcome several obstacles before they can rejoin their pack. Each as dangerous as the last, including battling through the red wolf territory whose Alpha has also decided Bella is his mate; solving a mysterious crime while keeping the knowledge of werewolves away from humans and fighting for their lives.I did not like this book in the beginning. There weren't many things that didn't work for me - but what there was carried weight. I had no use for the whiny, petulant,TSTL excuse for a heroine who was also saddled with the misfortune of being named Bella (sorry that name is spoiled for all time). Neither was it helpful to keep reading the phrase "lupus garou" until my eyes wanted to bleed (every single page and sometimes more often). That being said I can get to what worked for me here. All of the other characters were good. Cassie was the epitome of the nosy neighbor; the resolution of the mysterious culprit - although convenient was necessary to the story; Henry Thompson was a good introduction to the story but seemed underutilized. There was enough sex to almost make this erotica and a couple of sexy scenes. I chose to read their foreplay as more of a courtship as it spanned over 7 or 8 chapters. The return to the pack was handled rather quickly but it was efficient and in hindsight just right. The overall story, plot & sub-plot wove together nicely and the pacing was fine. There wasn't much world building to be done, more of the legends & society to be explored and it was done without distraction. Finally, I'm willing to read the second of the series provided it isn't a continuation of Bella and I don't have to read the phrase "lupus garou". This book earned its 3star rating