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A nightmarish tale of three kids whose new game about Egyptian tombs and mummies turns out to be very lifelike! Packed with true facts about ancient Egypt, tombs, and mummies....

Title : The Mummy's Revenge
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ISBN : 9780590483742
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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The Mummy's Revenge Reviews

  • Nic
    2019-05-04 14:17

    Our library used to have a battered paperback copy of this book, and I loved it. (Estimates on the date and number of times read.) That copy is, I'm pretty sure, gone now, and I'd forgotten the title, but I just looked it up online because I kind of want to reread it. And it looks like there are sequels!Just reread (July 2012), and I never realized this book is set in Australia! Which it never actually says, because for a book with a roaring crocodile mummy monster on the cover, it's sometimes remarkably subtle! And sometimes not, as with the family issues. But it was a pretty fun - and very nostalgic - little reread, and I think I might actually have (re)learned things about ancient Egypt. Coolio.What's funny to me is what I remembered versus did not remember about this book before picking it up again. I remembered:- the cat's name is Spy, and Spy gets lost in the game (but is okay in the end)- the main character skateboards, and he uses his skateboard to get through a sea of deadly scorpions- stuff from the game starts appearing in real lifeI also remembered a sense of atmosphere from the scene when Josh faces off with Ammit, which is funny because that entire scene is pretty darn short. Indeed, I find most of the action scenes so brief that they sometimes seem comical. Still, fun to get another look at a little paperback that I felt made a bigger impression on me than many of the hundreds of other little paperbacks I read as a kid.