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"Welcome to Hell," was not what Lacy expected to hear on the day she died... Lacy lived her human life under the thumb of an abusive husband. She freed herself from that life and started a new one as a high school teacher. When a group of terrorists tried to take over the school and use it for their own evil purpose, Lacy could not stand by and watch her students being thr"Welcome to Hell," was not what Lacy expected to hear on the day she died... Lacy lived her human life under the thumb of an abusive husband. She freed herself from that life and started a new one as a high school teacher. When a group of terrorists tried to take over the school and use it for their own evil purpose, Lacy could not stand by and watch her students being threatened. That was how her human life ended and her new life as an Elite Guard began. The new leader of Hell offered her a job she couldn't refuse, helping those who need her, keeping both Hell and Earth safe. Evil forces are gathering and Lacy must get her training done and be ready to fight when the time comes. There is just one tiny distraction. Liam has been a resident of Greed for more years than he cared to admit. He earned his way out though, and Lacy knows that he belongs to her. He is just the right man to give her hope and make her have faith in love once again. ...

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absolution Reviews

  •  ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
    2019-05-03 09:26

    This one was awesome too! Even though this one was definitely a "filler" book. Something used to move major plot happenings along, I still loved it. I wish the romance between the H/h were more fleshed out though. That we got to see & experience their transition from intrigued with one another, to being in like & then finally in love... But the surrounding plots & developments certainly make up for what is lacking with the main couple here. It was still great to watch how the romance & everything connected to it unfolded though.I've figured out what makes these books so great for me thus far. They're deep enough with the subject matter, light enough for the natural, almost effortless humor that you witness with the characters & relationships. The plots are so well woven & executed. The twists are surprisingly intense. Suspenseful even. And the love. Platonic, romantic, family driven whatever, is heartwarming to see.Basically I'm saying this is book 4. I've flown through these things and each book, each plot reveal, gets better & better. I can't wait for Book 5 which will be here Nov 1st *fingers crossed*If any of this was lost on you, I'm saying I HIGHLY recommend this series. Read it. Must be read in order.Happy Reading :)

  • Jessica Leonard
    2019-05-18 10:43

    As we continue with the series we are finally introduced to our first female Guard! I loved Lacy and her braveness. Out of all the guards so far her compassion for those around her exceeds the rest. Once you read her story I am sure you will all agree!This installment is a quick read and with a little less joking around, but you will be caught up and ready for some epic shit! I am thrilled that this was a "lead into" read because now I am even more excited for the next book. Danielle James is at her finest when it comes to action and, of course, steam *wink*.There are some sad moments here and you will be left wanting more but no fear there will be! Just be sure you are ready and read this book before the next release.5 *WINK* READBook Flirts by flirtsHttp://[email protected]

  • Ember Shane
    2019-04-24 16:16

    Absolution centers around Lacy, the first female of Ash's Elite Guard, and her new position in Hell. Though challenged with past self-misconceptions, Lacy is a strong protagonist and only grows stronger when she joins the ranks of the Guard. Her love interest is Liam, a previous resident of Greed who has found redemption. I thought the two were cute together and couldn't help smiling when Lacy brings him novels to read during his incarceration. Those novels? The Forbidden Love Series. =D Absolution is a fast and entertaining read full of action, wit, and steam. Can't wait for the next installment!

  • Tara Dawn (Colourful WordWench)
    2019-05-19 14:42

    Wow, Lacy is amazing. There is no limit to her compassion and I'm beginning to see a trend in how Guards are selected. Each of them possess a quality stronger than the others and each one of them is a quality God has. Each one of these angels are special, and I have to say if I were to live one of these lives, it would be Lacy's. Her love and compassion is strong, overlooking the wrong and going straight to the positives of everything. She's far from weak, she's probably the strongest next to Ash. She's a survivor, literally. She knows what it's like to take a life, and she knows what it's like to save a life. She's amazing. So it doesn't surprise me when she sets her sights on Liam, the soul that out witted the system unknowingly. She hates seeing him in the cage of Ash's office being ignored and treated like nothing. It's not pity. She feels he's paid his debt and has redeemed himself. Now she's on a mission to prove it, not only to Ash, but to Liam. Liam doesn't think he's worthy, but is drawn to Lacy's kindness and her beauty. He knows he was a horrible person, but fears going back to Greed if he acts on his feelings for her. He's a tormented soul trying to get right with his maker, only he doesn't know how to do that. He accepts Lacy's friendship with the hopes he doesn't screw himself all over again. Yep, I love this series. Can't get enough, but it'll have to be for now. There are no more to gobble down. Book five can't get here fast enough!!!!!

  • Angela(demonsangel) Fitzgerald
    2019-04-21 13:32

    Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Contains language and graphic sex scenes.Author Danielle James has outdone herself again. She is a very talented writer and each story blows my mind. This is a series that you will never want to end and I can guarantee you'll be hooked from the first few pages. I know I am hooked like a junky needing a fix. If the books aren't for you then you must be like me and you should give the audiobooks a try. I promise you won't go wrong there. I'm sorry but I can't, no I won't be giving you any details away. because I feel you really should hop on and take this journey yourself. I can say it's packed with action, mystery, romance, and many twists and turns along the way. Miles Taylor is another talented narrator. I know when he's the narrator that I better hold on because I'm in for one Hell of a ride. The voices of each character are distinguished well enough that I'm able to identify each character who's speaking throughout the story. Miles makes me feel as if I'm watching this story play out and I can see it all as if I'm there. I say that, I do mean that so much and I wish I wasn't inside the story in the one scene that's close to the beginning. I won't spoil it though I'm sorry. Overall, a perfect 5

  • Annie
    2019-05-03 12:17

    ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **I love this series, its a great continuing story..the writing is very down to earth and the story never gets flows very well and I cant wait for book 5! This is Lacy's story...she is recruited to hell as a new guardian...and easily falls into this new position...She also is blessed with a gift that calms people, and this is a good trait to have with this group of demons and They finally find out who is trying to get into hell and open the gateway...and there is a war that ensues...but of course Ash and his angels win! Loved Miles...and I hope book 5 comes out soon!! Thank You Miles!!! :)

  • Elizabeth Robbins
    2019-05-03 08:19

    So, Lacy gets her chance at Elite Guard. Ash finally decides what to do with Liam, the guy who was freed from Greed. A wonderfully seusical rhyme is sung. Some trusted friends are discovered to be plotting a new reign of chaos in Hell. And, last but not least, some of the vacant sanctions are finally given new leaders. A really good book, which begs the question: when can I get my hands on book five?

  • Debbie jones
    2019-05-15 15:27

    ReviewWell I finished the series so far.Will try not to pace the floor waiting for book five,have pre-order it I really can't wait to find out about the wolf.amazing story.looking forward to many more. Again thanks for sharing your talent and wonderful story telling

  • Tiff's*Addictiontobooks
    2019-05-19 08:22

    This has been my least favorite of the series but I still can not wait until the next book comes out. I think I just wanted more. Solid 3.5 read for me.