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Through rap and hip hop, entertainers have provided a voice questioning and challenging the sanctioned view of society. Examining the moral and social implications of Kanye West's art in the context of Western civilization's preconceived ideas, the contributors consider how West both challenges religious and moral norms and propagates them....

Title : The Cultural Impact of Kanye West
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ISBN : 9781137574251
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The Cultural Impact of Kanye West Reviews

  • Colleen Hoover
    2019-05-03 09:09

    Wait for it...

  • Julian
    2019-05-19 09:09

    So I got into this book from a video that caught my eye. "Why Kanye West Is the Most Important Philosopher of Our Time" on Going into it I was more than a little skeptical, but the more you think it over the more it makes sense. According to Wikipedia the classical definition of a philosopher is someone who lives according to a way of life, whose focus is upon resolving existential questions about the human condition. Now think about Kanye's songs, the incredibly direct ones like New Slaves or Cant Tell Me Nothing or the more subtle ones like Blood on the Leaves or Runaway. All of them explore these deep, meaningful questions that when we stop to actually listen to the catchy lyrics really make us think. From Can't Tell Me Nothing we have "Man it's so hard not to act reckless, To whom much is given, much is tested" Previously in that verse he'd talked about spending money on frivolous things, after spending that money he recognizes that he was being wasteful and shouldn't forget that just because he has all this money, doesn't mean that he should just waste it.From Runaway we get "Never was much of a romantic, I could never take the intimacy, And I know I did damage, Cause the look in your eyes is killing me, I guess you are at an advantage, Cause you can blame me for everything, And I don't know how I'mma manage, If one day you just up and leave." He's struggling to express himself emotionally and recognizes that by not doing so he's driving his partner away but even with this awareness of what he's doing he just can't help himself.Kanye West's views on slavery, on self esteem, on any number of incredibly relevant topics are delivered to you in a way that you are both entertains and gets his thoughts out there. If you consider him a philosopher he is the most visible one of our generation and the one whose ideas are most known worldwide. Most of the time when he calls himself a genius people just scoff or roll their eyes, thinking it just arrogance and that very well may be the case, however that doesn't mean that what he's actually saying doesn't have merit. As Eddie Griffin says "Who gives a **** who the messenger is did you get the message?"

  • kate
    2019-05-01 07:55

    i want/need everyone who loves me to read it and then discuss with me in detail pls

  • i!
    2019-05-12 15:22

    It has always been evident that West's entire existence is much like Napoleon entering Jena in 1806. He effectively ends music—a post-Kanye rap, nay, a post-Kanye music, even art, is necessarily, a priori inconceivable. West acts as a synthesis of everything that has come before and everything that appears to follow him. It is by and through Kanye that music can even be said to exist. I can only hope that this book touches on this actuality.

  • Stuart Hoskins
    2019-04-24 11:15

    So I heard Julius Bailey speak about this project online (Youtube) and it caught my attention that he said this book was birthed from a course taught on Kanye West. My first impression was this guy cant be serious. But as I convinced my boss to buy this EXPENSIVE hardcover book for me, I was immediately floored by its seriousness. I am not sure if Kanye paid Professor Bailey and his friends to engage with his body of work to the level that they did but if he didn't, he SHOULD. Bailey begins this project very accessibly and the prolific writer, Mark Anthony Neal grabs the ball and dives head first into Kanye's Soulful journey into sound. I wish the Regina Bradley (don't know her) article was next to it because they both deal with Kanye's sound. An interesting discussion on the "genius" of Kanye took place in the 3rd chapter and from there it was TOP FLIGHT. I haven't gone to college in 13 years but WOW...Bailey's article itself, which dealt with the German philosopher Nietzsche and Kanye's video "No Church in the Wild" was excellent analysis and proof that I this guy knows what he is doing. I can go on and on about the levels of SURPRISE this book offers but I would be here all day. I want to give this book to my friends so they can read it but I am afraid it will get lost (considering it cost $80). But all I can say is, after chapter 5, bring a dictionary and grab a drink cause this is KANYE 2.0 (if you will). SALUTE to Professor Bailey. I read his Jay-Z volume and wasn't nearly as impressed with the level of writing as this Kanye one. He does have a couple of his friends back on this project (A.D. Carson and ShaDawn Battle) but this project is definitely the best book I have read in 2014 (mind you I have only read 8).

  • Ingrid
    2019-04-26 14:14

    This book is good but Kanye is much better; I believe Kanye is important to teach; his work is important for many reasons; he has achieved things few could ever achieve; he has gotten into places others have tried for years to get into and have failed to be able to get into -- such as fashion week, for one example!!! His music about his son Paolo is amazing while other music he has written might not be worth listening to, but this man has talent, so if your University thinks you need a book to teach the man, get it.

  • Tim
    2019-05-18 08:01

    The cultural impact of kanye west is a non fiction book. It explains how kanye has influenced the culture of rap in different ways. It is a 5 star book because I like to read about song artists. I would recommend this to anyone who loves hip hop culture.

  • Dr. Trisha
    2019-05-16 14:03

    I have not finished this giveaway book, but the beginning chapters are interesting.