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Many men pass through the doors of Matchmen, LTD, Los Angeles' premier gay matchmaking service. Trevor Hart and his staff have made more than one great match. Unfortunately, Trevor hasn't been able to create a match for himself, and when his ex, AJ Robins, the man who tore his heart out years earlier, comes to Trevor for help, things get complicated.With a cast of characteMany men pass through the doors of Matchmen, LTD, Los Angeles' premier gay matchmaking service. Trevor Hart and his staff have made more than one great match. Unfortunately, Trevor hasn't been able to create a match for himself, and when his ex, AJ Robins, the man who tore his heart out years earlier, comes to Trevor for help, things get complicated.With a cast of characters including Trevor and his not-so-ex, AJ, Melody Michaels, Trevor's happily involved receptionist (aka Melvin Michael Mumerford) and not at all closeted rock star, and Adam, another ex-lover of AJ's, complicated doesn't even begin to cover it.Between heat and attraction, difficult pasts and questions of trust, can Trevor and his crew manage to find a way past their difficulties and discover the love they all deserve?...

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Matchmen, Ltd. Reviews

  • Jenre
    2019-02-28 15:58

    T.C. Blue is an autobuy author for me, and so I don't even bother reading the blurbs but get the books as soon as I spot a new release. I settled down to read Matchmen, Ltd. without having a clue what it was about and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the book is made up of three intertwining stories, all set within the back drop of the company Matchmen, which attempts to find true love for mostly gay men. The company is run by Trevor, who is one of the heroes in the first story, and assisted by Melody, his cross dressing PA and later partner in the business, who is the hero/heroine of the second story. Finally the new PA, William, features (along with Melody) as a secondary character in the third story which involves William's brother Adam as the hero.Because this book has three separate sections which read almost like short stories, I shall take each part in turn to review.Part One - Make Me a MatchTrevor and AJ have been friends for years and for a brief period eight years previously, lovers. AJ broke Trevor's heart all those years ago when he suddenly left him and moved right across the country. After that AJ became a successful businessman and all round man-whore, but after breaking up from a (for him) long relationship with famous gay pop singer, Parker, AJ turns to Trevor to help him get back into the dating scene.This was actually the weakest section of the book and in some ways served more as a way of setting the scene for the other two stories than being a successful story in its own right. Personally, I'm getting a bit tired of ex-lovers/friends suddenly coming to the realisation that they love each other, so that could be another possible reason why this story didn't engage me as much as the other two. I liked Trevor, who I felt a great deal of sympathy for. He's trying to avoid getting hurt again, but finds it almost impossible to resist AJ. AJ was a less sympathetic character and in some ways I found it difficult that someone so rich, famous and charasmatic would find it difficult to know how to play the dating game. Where the story really dragged though was in the pages and pages of naval gazing introspection by both men. The story itself could have been half the length it was, if some of that had been cut and perhaps the story may have been better for it as much of it was just repetition as the men went over and over the same ground in their heads.The highlight of this story was the character of Melody and I was delighted when I discovered that she/he is the focus of the second story.Part Two - Little Match GirlMelody is a cross dresser who is a woman during the day, but changes back into a man, Mel, when she returns to her apartment and to her lover Jackson. At the start of the story Mel has just been promoted by Trevor and now deals with her own clients, specifically that of Parker, AJ's ex-lover, who is a famous pop star. Melody finds Parker very attractive, as does Jackson, and Parker also finds himself having lustful thoughts about Mel and Jackson. All this is brought to a head when Parker and Melody are photographed together in a restaurant and the newspapers are printing stories gloating about Parker being 'turned straight'.It was this story where the book began to pick up. I just loved the character of Melody and was fascinated by the depiction of her as a cross dresser. I felt this was handled well, in that it was addressed and explained but wasn't particularly made into a big deal. Melody's personality is rather larger than life and so did dominate the story slightly, but the other two men, specifically Jackson had enough detail to their character that they weren't overwhelmed by Melody. There was a lighthearted feel about the story as well with many amusing moments that made me smile and even laugh out loud and the lengthy naval gazing from the previous story had all but disappeared here. A slight warning in that this is a m/m/m story, so may not appeal to all of you, but I thought that it was actually done well, and I finished this section thinking that there was a chance that the three men would make it in the long run. Overall, this was my favourite section of the book and I was quite sad to move on.Part Three - Mix and MatchThis section involves another one of AJ's exes, Adam, who has just quit his job as a paralegal after being propositioned by the rather elderly owner of the law firm where he works. He is also a client of Melody's, and confesses all to her. On the advice of a friend of Melody's he accepts a month long position as a PA to a very rich businessman, Jeffery, who has a reputation for being difficult to work for. The two men get along fine, but both also harbour inappropriate lustful feelings for each other.There was one slight niggle I had with this story, which was Adam's sudden transformation from paralegal to PA. He seemed to fit neatly into his new job despite never having done anything like that before. However, once I'd decided to set that aside, I greatly enjoyed this story. There was a lot of humour to be had from the two men who both fancied the pants off each other but were clueless to the other's attraction. It's not a new or original storyline, but there was enough freshness about the story, especially as most of it is set in a luxury boat, that I didn't get bored. Both characters were easy to like, Jeffrey wasn't too bad-tempered, and the story skipped along at a good pace. It was quite a static story with mostly just encounters between the two men, which fit nicely with the slightly claustrophobic setting of the boat. Despite a minor misunderstanding to add a bit of complication, I got to the end and was happy for the two men.Overall, I really enjoyed Matchmen, Ltd. The first story was a slow start and I would urge you to push on past it to get to the really good stuff. Once the second story began, I was completely hooked and found it difficult to put the book down. I'd recommend this book for fans of T.C. Blue, m/m/m menage and anyone looking for a set of romantic, lighthearted stories.

  • Lily
    2019-02-20 14:00

    I've been a fan of T.C. Blue since the first book of her's that I read. Her latest is a well written and highly entertaining set of three interconnected stories.The first story, Make Me A Match, is about friends and ex-lovers Trevor Hart and AJ Robins. Trevor is the owner of a very successful matchmaking service called Matchmen, LTD and while he's great at getting others together he's had no success finding himself a match.AJ Robins is a businessman with a long list of ex-lovers and a reputation as a love 'em and leave 'em guy although lately he's begun to realize that he needs more out of life to be happy. AJ's looking to find a special someone to have a meaningful and long term relationship with and turns to his friend Trevor for help.This is a nice story of former lovers turned friends discovering that sometimes the second time around is the best. AJ is a total playboy and I liked seeing him grow from that to a man who is ready to acknowledge to himself that what he's been searching for was always there for him. The pace of this story was slow but worked for Trevor and AJ's storyline.The second part of the book, Little Match Girl, is a wonderful story featuring, Melody, Trevor's cross-dressing assistant at Matchmen. Melly is beautiful, smart and has attitude to spare. She also has a penchant for changing her hair color but when she arrives home to her lover Jacks, Melly reverts to Mel, a sexy gay man totally in love with his partner of five years.Melly's recently been promoted to Matchmaker and one of her clients is Parker Adrian, a country music superstar and one of AJ's ex-lovers. Parker wants the same kind of love and happiness that AJ has found with Trevor but soon finds himself interested in Melly and Jacks. Lucky for him the couple share his attraction and Parker finally finds the happiness and commitment he was looking for even if to his surprise it's with not one man but two.The final story is Mix and Match which features another of AJ's ex-lovers. This time it's paralegal Adam Richmond who also happens to be the older brother of Billy, Matchmen's newest employee.When Adam finds himself without a job Melody gets him a job as PA to businessman Jeffrey Trace Franklin. Trace has a reputation as a very difficult man to work for but after an awkward first meeting Adam finds himself happily living on Trace's yacht and enjoying his new job. An added perk is spending time with his handsome new boss.I liked this final story. Adam and Trace, even with his gruff exterior, are likable characters and I enjoyed reading about their developing relationship. There was also a bit of humor in this story when Adam has to deal with his younger brother Billy and his unexpected interest, for a supposedly straight guy, for gay porn.Overall I really enjoyed this book. Great writing and sexy fun characters together with an interesting storyline make for a really nice read. My favorite of the three stories was Make Me A Match. I really liked Parker, Mel and Jacks, individually and together. Another winner from TC Blue.

  • Chris
    2019-03-13 13:09

    Good m/m romance about the employees of gay matchmaking agency, Matchmen, Ltd. The book is split into three parts, each of which follows a specific employee. Hmm. I guess, since one section in this book turned out to be multiple partner, it fulfills the m/m rut challenge, too, because I kept reading and didn’t skip it, as I am wont to do in such situations. (Damn, Kris says no. Hmph.)

  • FloJ
    2019-03-04 14:03

    Value for money here. Hence the extra star. On their own they would each be 4 stars, but 3 good stories of decent length so that you the reader feel less of a voyeur than is sometimes the case, there is enough length to get some character and plot development and it helps that they are linked.