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In the bestselling tradition of "Good in Bed," and "She's Come Undone," comes a charming romantic comedy about a woman who flees a life and a body she doesn't want, and finds love and her true self in the process....

Title : Night Swimming
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Night Swimming Reviews

  • Magpie67
    2019-04-07 15:51

    "Sometimes you've got to change just to stay afloat... "5 star rating!Charlotte's bad news gets her the heck out of dodge with a bag of money she has pilfered from the bank she had worked at for 15 years. On the lam, overweight and needing a huge change to her personality Charlotte sets off for Hollywood. Hoping for a glimpse of Tom Selleck Charlotte settles at an aparmtent complex with a pool and some eccentric neighbors.Little does she know all of it is for the best and good things will come out in the end.Tom Selleck fans will love this story! Everyone else enjoy Charlotte's transformation!"For too many years, quiet, unassuming, overweight Charlotte Clapp has let life slip through her fingers. Holed up in tiny Gorham, New Hampshire, gorging on bonbons and glued to reruns of Magnum, P.I., she has made a habit of playing it safe. But Charlotte is about to get a major wake-up call. What was supposed to be a routine physical turns up shattering news: Her days are numbered. In fact, she has just one year left.How can she be dying when she has never truly lived? That's the refrain that keeps running through her head. Unwilling to waste another second, Charlotte walks into the First Savings and Loan Bank where she's worked for fifteen years and quits. Then she does the unthinkable: She robs the place.Now two million dollars richer, Charlotte-all 253 pounds of her-is going on the lam to discover what life and love are all about. It's a journey she never envisioned-one that's bound to be difficult, maybe painful, even lonely. Yet it will transform her in the most unpredictable and deliciously surprising ways.Arriving in Hollywood, Charlotte changes her name and buys a luxury apartment, complete with expansive views, marble foyer, and a blond, built, bronzed god of a pool boy. She forges new friendships, falls in lust, and, on nights when she can't bear the weight of her own thoughts, takes moonlit swims. Soon something magical happens: In the buoyant water of the pool, the pounds start to slip off, and the real Charlotte begins to emerge.Then, just when Charlotte believes that the love and happiness she's longed for are finally within reach, reality intrudes. Back in Gorham, people have begun to investigate the disappearance of both Charlotte and the two million dollars. She's a wanted woman. But will she have time to get what she wants before it's too late?A wise and winning debut by a talented newcomer, Night Swimming is that rare hybrid: a novel filled with both wit and heart."

  • April
    2019-03-29 18:51

    I thought this book was so...wonderful! It's about an overweight woman who discovers she's going to die. After being told that from her doctor, she throws caution to the wind and ends up finding the real woman hidden inside her. She discovers confidence and the ability to love and be loved. I felt like this is a story that every woman should read. Especially young women who are growing up in a world where we are expected to stay young and beautiful and skinny and perfect...and none of us are. This book helps you to understand your own beauty and to realize that if you are beautiful inside, it will absolutely show on the outside.

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-04-04 23:11

    For quiet, overweight, unassuming Charlotte Clapp, life can be summed up by a single phrase-"some men die with their music still in them." All of her life, she's lived in a small town where the only thing more stifling that its inhabitants are her own thoughts. But, when she gets the news from her doctor that she's dying, and has only a year to live, letting the music inside of her out has never seemed more important. So, she robs a bank. Yes, a bank...the very same bank that she's worked at for the past fifteen years. After all, she's dying, and if she wants to realize her dreams- which include going to Hollywood, California, meeting Tom Selleck, singing karaoke, riding in a hot-air balloon, and finding a man to love who will love her in return-she's going to need money. Lots of money. Money in the form of two million dollars in small bills, to be exact, which just happens to be sitting in the bank in small town Gorham, Massachusetts. And so begins Charlotte's transformation; first into the life of Blossom McBeal, a woman who unconsciously strips off over a hundred pounds of comforting body fat, meets a widow who throws parties for her dogs, and falls head-fast into lust with the pool boy. And as the people of Gorham believe that Charlotte has committed suicide over the news of her impending death, Blossom comes to terms with who she is. She's a woman who has so much to give, and so much to give up-anger, resentment, and, above all, she must hand out forgiveness to everyone who has hurt her, and must also forgive herself. As Gorham's Police Chief begins to suspect that quiet Charlotte, all two-hundred and fifty-three pounds of her, may have been behind the bank heist, opinions in town flow fast and free. It seems that Charlotte was much loved, more so than she ever knew. But out in Hollywood, Blossom is learning to live again-through nightly swims in the pool at her apartment complex. NIGHT SWIMMING is a wonderful, wonderful book, a mixture of women's fiction, mystery, adventure, and romance. Ms. Schwarz perfectly blends the story into a book that you won't be able to put down. Charlotte is me-she's you-she's every woman whose ever had dreams that have been put on hold, stuffed into the back of an old drawer. She's the woman we wish we could be-brave, spontaneous, forgiving, loving. Charlotte is Blossom, who is Lila, who is all of us. As Chief Makley closes in, as her friendship with her neighbor Dolly comforts her in her sadness, as her relationship with lawyer-turned-pool boy Skip turns to love, the message of NIGHT SWIMMING is clear-no regrets. Live your life to the fullest. And no matter what, you cannot be allowed to die with your music still inside of you.

  • Victoria
    2019-04-12 22:58

    Ehh... This was not a good book. I expected, from its description and some of the reviews, something light and fun - a beach-read. And while the plot was certainly ridiculous enough to qualify and there were a few parts that sort of made me chuckle, there was something inherently alienating, off-putting about the whole book. The way the book was written, its "style" (if you could really call it that), made it seem like watching fish act out a story through thick aquarium glass that had never been cleaned. You could snatch glimpses of something real, but you could never actually connect with any of the characters through the dirty glass of her words. Her most realistic creations were the dogs... I'm glad that I picked up this one up in the dollar section! It is a shame, because as ridiculous and predictable as the plot was, I think that there was real potential here for this to be a genuinely fun book.

  • Naysa Moreno
    2019-03-28 22:53

    Night Swimming by Robin Schwarz is by far one of the greatest novels I have read. Honestly, it was an honor to read this book, and meet the wonderful characters in it like the lovely miss Charlotte. This book was very touching in a way that I thought was impossible, through the crazy adventures Charlotte takes you with. I thought this novel was going to be a bit boring at first but I was wrong. Indeed, I definitely misjudged this book at first but as I read I got interested more and more which was another thing I loved about this book.

  • Tracy
    2019-04-04 16:05

    Wow! Not what I had expected! Talk about cheering for the underdog! The story of this wonderful woman warms your heart, and makes you try to find ways - even small ways - to better yourself. She allows the reader to follow her journey, be inside her head and her heart. Very well written, full of heart and soul. I laughed and cried in public with this book - kinda funny now that I think back at my reactions.

  • Janet
    2019-03-23 21:59

    I LOVE this book! I have recommended it to so many of my friends. It's a book that I could totally see myself right there with the character. It's funny and suspenseful and has a wonderful ending.

  • Shelley
    2019-04-19 23:14

    This would have been an excellent book if it wasn't for the all tied up in a pretty bow ending!

  • Ginger
    2019-04-08 21:55

    Charlotte is an overweight woman living a boring life in a small town in New Hampshire when she is told she only has a year to live. Charlotte decides to quit her job, steal some money and move to L.A. While living in L.A. she makes friends, falls in love and changes her name to Blossom. Blossom begins to swim at night (hence the name) and begins to lose weight.The people in this book where kind of one-dimensional. Everyone is pretty transparent and you pretty much know what everyone is going to do before they do it. I can't say anything in this book came as a surprise to me. The story itself was pretty predictable. Blossom starts out as kind of annoying, insecure, a bit needy but ends up quite the opposite. Most of the people she meets are likable even if they are transparent. The one thing that really annoyed me was the way Blossom"s weight was handled. The basic message is that in order to be happy and fall in love you have to be thin. When Blossom was younger she was thin and then after a tragedy in her life she puts on weight. When the book begins she is described as very overweight. While she is in L.A. she begins swimming every night and eventually drops to at least a size 8 maybe smaller. Once she loses the weight she gets a makeover and BAM it's all good. Somehow in spite of all of that I found myself kind of liking the book. It was very easy to see exactly where the story was going and where it was going to end up. Overall it was just OK most of the time. After I finish a book by an author I've never read before, I ask myself did this book make me want to read anything else by this author, and , the answer today is no. I didn't hate this book but I'm not going to go looking for more by this author.I was on the fence for days deciding on either a 2 or 3 star rating. I wish we could give 1/2 stars because I would give it 2 1/2. In the end I rounded down to 2.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-09 18:09

    The story begins with a woman finding out she has cancer and only one year to live.Finding herself in this situation, the average, law-abiding citizen, Charlotte Clapp, decides to take off on the journey of her life in order to spend her final year happier than ever before. This journey involves 3 critical steps. Step 1: Become a fugitive over-night by robbing the bank she has worked as a bank teller for the last 15 years. Step 2: Run across the country to the one place you’ve always dreamed of going—Hollywood, California. Step 3: Live life to the fullest—lose weight, fall in love, ride a hot air balloon, and swim in the pool of a million dollar apartment. With the police right on her tail, Charlotte does just this as she discovers herself and the world in a whole new way.Through the use of descriptive and figurative language the author, Robin Schwarz, provides engaging descriptions of the environment and characters. The story has many unexpected twists that leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. From a rich old lady to cancer-ridden woman, Schwarz’s characters tell poignant life stories in unique ways. New identities, bank robbery, and the mob intermingle with the remarkable characters to entertain readers. However, several sections of the book lack momentum. Because these less interesting portions are interspersed with the action, the overall book is worth reading. The amusing tone, rich dialog, vivid language, and unusual metaphors make the story a delightful addition to any reader’s bookshelf.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-07 21:02

    What can I say about this book that hasn't already been said or dreamed up by it's amazing author? One thing comes to mind. It impacted my life immensely. Charlotte/Blossom was tossed a death sentence and knocked down. Rather than choosing to die she chose to live out a life of crime, wanderlust, passion all the while swimming through. Literally. Traditionally it's hard to root for someone who thieves their way through life. Instead, the audience cheers Charlotte, newly christened "Blossom." She is who we all would want to be in life if we ever suffered such a "fate."I was blessed to meet Robin, the author of Night Swimming, in her whimsical little shop, 8 Bells By The Sea, in this little slice of Heaven in the picturesque setting of Rockport, MA. Robin and I spoke with each other at length about "Blossom", cancer, God, swimming, struggle, curveballs, and waxed poetic about fighting your way through this world. Robin didn't just sign my book. She sent me away for about an hour to write a well thought out note in my book about my own "fate" and the cards my husband and I were dealt, similar to Charlotte/Blossom's. This book. This story. This journey is one to pass on to everyone and anyone. Share it!

  • Sandra
    2019-03-24 16:49

    "Back and forth, back and forth she swam". Such a simple yet intense message. I couldn't put this book down for even a second. The plot was so "out there" that it captivated me from cover to cover. I was lucky enough, this passed 4th of July, to have met Robin in Rockport, MA in her beautiful store, 8 Bells. I spoke of my own struggles, much like Charlotte/Blossom's. The author spoke with me for quite a while about the cosmic connection I share with the protagonist. Robin signed my book with a beautiful message. In in she wrote, "your arms aren't too short to box with God... Let your garden grow and blossom into a person stronger than before". Although Charlotte/Blossom ran away from her problems, rather than face them, she created her own destiny. She fought her demons in a comically heroic way. I cheered for her and cried with her and laughed with her as she journeyed through hardships, love, and a bank robbery that Bonnie & Clyde couldn't pull off. I passed this story onto my mother and will continue passing it along until we all discover the Blossom McBeal in all of us.

  • Jordan
    2019-04-19 19:03

    This book was okay in the beginning. I thought, "Interesting premise, slightly predictable, but I'm interested to see where this goes." However, it got very preachy, and completely unrealistic. Charlotte is OBSESSED with her love interest, in a clearly very unhealthy manner, but it all works out okay, because she comes to love herself, and then it's somehow not so creepy that she thinks she was in love with him before she knew anything about him? She stole $2 million, but because she somehow secreted away evidence of somebody else's crimes (which, as far as I remember, was not foreshadowed in any way in the book and came out of nowhere), she was completely let off the hook? No probation, no house arrest, no jail time?Yeah, the first maybe 75, 100 pages were okay, and then just downhill from there. I would not recommend it.

  • Nancy
    2019-03-25 19:47

    July’s book club selection. I wasn’t crazy about this book. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. It is the story of Charlotte, an overweight bank employee who learns that she has a year to live. She quits her job, robs the bank and leaves her boring life in New Hampshire. She travels to Hollywood, via New Orleans. Jackie said that this book seemed reminincent of She’s Come Undone, one of my least favorite book club selections. I see some similarities, but Charlotte is a more sympathetic character, though, than the protagonist of SCU. My favorite part was when the New Orleans bartender told Charlotte, “Sadness is okay. You have to have sadness to truly know happiness. Then, when you get it, it’s all that much sweeter, like honey from a rock…”

  • Cindy
    2019-04-21 16:08

    My sister gave me this as an eBook on my Nook. It was wonderful such a great story at times I wanted to cry and then laugh on the next page. It's a make you feel good book!This book was so refreshing. Not the same old same hot girl gets the hot guy. Nope it was one for all the girls who have wanted the hot guy and never thought he even saw her. At times it wanted to make me cry and at other I want to yell at Charlotte. Lol it had a slow and depressing start but once you get past that its wonderful. Then when your at the end you see why you had to get through the beginning of the book. Just wonderful. It was a gift from my sister and I'm so glad she sent it to me ;). Highly recommend this book make you look at your own life.

  • Lindsay
    2019-03-23 15:52

    This book gets a glowing "eh" review from me. While I can always get into a book that is written well with a fairly thin plot, and vice versa, I have a hard time getting into a book that is both written poorly with a thin plot. There is a marked difference between a book clearly written to be fanciful and a book that tries to actually convince the reader the plot is feasible. The good points about reading this book are that you won't have to think very hard about anything (it's probably best you don't anyway), and you'll get through it pretty quickly. Once you finish you'll probably think back to the way every episode of Murder, She Wrote ended - with the cliche chuckle and smile because once again everything ended up working out well with a neat bow on top.

  • Rrshively
    2019-04-09 19:14

    This is an outrageous book full of humor and wisdom. The author is excellent with descriptions, especially of feelings and the night sky. Overweight Charlotte has been leading a boring life in a boring job when her doctor tells her she has a year to live. She quits her job at the bank and shortly thereafter secretly robs it, fakes her suicide, and heads for Hollywood. Robin Schwartz also wrote Pay It Forward, so you know this has quality writing. This book has a lot to say about happiness and guilt. I read this book as part of my 50 book challenge that requires one to read specific types of books. This one was for an author with the same initials as the reader.

  • Stephanie Cunningham
    2019-04-01 23:16

    This is definitely a feel-good book!I actually picked this book up in a bargain bin on a whim because the description sounded fun. When I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Charlotte is such a relatable character. She's in a dead end job with "friends" who aren't really that nice to her, and she doesn't really like herself that much. When she receives some terrible news, she decides that life is too short to waste and goes on an incredible journey. This is obviously just a very general summary. This book is so full of life, I can't help but go back from time to time and reread it.

  • Wendy Hall
    2019-03-31 18:13

    This book was so stupid. Why do I insist on finishing books that clearly aren't going to do it for me? I have to say, this one was recommended to me by someone I really respect, so I kept reading it. She was thinking that I would appreciate how this woman "found herself" when she found swimming. I did appreciate that about the book; however the stupid plot line, unrealistic events, and mediocre characters took up the other 300 and some pages.I know I am an addict - I promise next time I will stop at page 50 when the book isn't doing it for me. I will. I really will.

  • Janice
    2019-04-20 21:11

    A story about achievement, love and te journey of a woman trying to find herself and living life fully. This novel seems quite mild at first but then evolves into a woman's quest for self-improvement and in this journey she learns to act spontaneously and live for the moment. Ok, well right there she robs a bank and flees to Cali after she learns she has cancer... so come on, if that isn't interesting, then what is?? Charlotte Clapp is a heroine readers will never forget. She is truly amazing and unforgettable.

  • Julie
    2019-04-15 21:07

    picked this book up from the book fair; it looked interesting and was cheap and I had a ten dollar gift certificate. I was not disappointed - it was a good read and definitely gave me some things to think about. Our heroine, Charlotte, is diagnosed with terminal cancer and given one year to live. Realizing what a waste her life has been, she robs the bank she works at and sets off on a cross country spree to do all the things she has always wanted to do. Of course, along the way she learns all about life and love and friendship, and herself. Predictable, but done in a clever way. I liked it.

  • Carrie
    2019-04-07 20:00

    I confess that I only read half of this book--couldn't even make it through the whole thing. The author never made me feel invested in any of the characters and the whole book had a weird, dated feel about it. I kept checking the copyright to make sure it wasn't from the 80s, and every time I would again see 2004. The celebrities the main character talks about are mostly from about 20 years ago. I just didn't see any cultural references that made sense. Was completely incongruous and poorly written.

  • Liisa
    2019-04-10 23:52

    Accolades adorn the cover of "Night Swimming" by Robin Schwarz and perhaps as a result, my expectations were too high. It is a tale of empowerment and self-discovery but my favourite part, the part I award three stars too, was her journey to LA when Charlotte goes on the lam.It doesn't claim to be a Pulitzer but I still found it too predictable and light-weight in parts. Ideal as a lazy summer beach read.

  • Hummingbird
    2019-04-07 00:13

    Charlotte is overweight. She goes to the doctor and he tells her she has a year to live. She decides to rob a bank that she worked at to get the money she needs so she can enjoy her last year of life. And so the adventure begins. It was a fun read. She learns that she needs to live life to the fullest and have no regrets. This story will make you laugh and will make you cry. It will touch your heart.

  • A
    2019-04-18 17:04

    I was anticipating a light, clever read with humor. The premise seemed promising - a dying fat girl robs a bank to live her dream. But oh, it was just regurgitated bilge. The end was especially disgustingly sacchrine. Fat girl becomes skinny. Skinny girl wins love. She's not going to die. Her crime is forgiven. She inherits a huge sum of money. For a very similar story with a bit more originality, read The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery. I'd probably rate that one 2 stars.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-02 20:56

    I thought this would be a light, fun chick-lit read... but I was wrong. The premise is somewhat promising, an overweight woman is given a year to live. So, she steals 2 million dollars from the bank where she works and runs off to Hollywood. Almost everything about this book was too cliche. It was wayyyyyy too long. And, Schwarz wrote one of the worst male characters ever--Skip. No man talks like that. Ever. Read Good in Bed instead.

  • Lashonta
    2019-04-19 23:49

    Charlotte was hilarious this woman said things we would only think of. Awes and Mrs. Dolly hoe could you not love her. This woman was in her eighties and was so full of wisdom and Spunk! If you need a book that will make you laugh, cry, or rethink the way you are living than you have to read thisbook about Charlotte's journey of finding herself and forgiveness while shading the pounds and being a night swimmer

  • Crystalspins
    2019-04-22 19:09

    It is an okay premise -- fun even -- but the writing skills are not strong. I'm kind of amazed that it was ever published. The characters aren't developed very well and the author uses dialogue in big chunks for exposition. She turns a nice phrase here and there, but it is cheesy to the max. It had potential to be a great book. I wish this author had found a great editor or a publisher who could have boiled this down to something great.

  • Meredith M.
    2019-03-30 22:51

    Maybe it's because I read this right after Time Travelers Wife (an amazing book) or maybe because it says on the back cover that her role model is James Patterson (who I think is a terrible writer) but I had a bad taste in my mouth from this book from the get go. I don't really think that I gave it a fair chance, but it all seemed so implausible and ridiculous and I was not thrilled with her writing style. It did REALLY make me miss California though. Why did I leave there again?

  • Dawn
    2019-04-07 00:10

    I loved this book! I really liked the character Charlotte. Charlotte is diagnosed with cancer and told she only has a year to live. She decides to live the last year of her life like she has never lived before. She quits her job, robs a bank and heads out to Hollywood. Once there, she loses weight, makes a best friend, falls in love and comes out of her shell. This was great chick-lit that made you feel for Charlotte's situation and cheer her on.