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'I awoke in the darkness listening to the sound of a jack hammer. After a few moments, I realized it was me, the jack hammer, my heart. Fear engulfed me and I remained still wondering why my heart was pounding so heavily in my ears. Where was I? The room was dark, and except for the throbbing of my heart, silence ensued.' Even though they were hundreds of miles apart at th'I awoke in the darkness listening to the sound of a jack hammer. After a few moments, I realized it was me, the jack hammer, my heart. Fear engulfed me and I remained still wondering why my heart was pounding so heavily in my ears. Where was I? The room was dark, and except for the throbbing of my heart, silence ensued.' Even though they were hundreds of miles apart at the time, the message of her grandfather's death reached her in a dream. My Hero, My Ding tells the poignant story of Lisa and her grandfather and the overwhelming bond they shared. You'll find yourself captivated with love, and find yourself gaining a deeper understanding of life-lessons. Experience the antics that were shared and discover the respect and affection between two ordinary people with an extraordinary connection....

Title : My Hero, My Ding: A Memoir of a Girl and Her Grandfather
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ISBN : 9781616639945
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 123 Pages
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My Hero, My Ding: A Memoir of a Girl and Her Grandfather Reviews

  • Stephen Gallup
    2019-03-25 20:49

    This slim volume turns out to have been an excellent choice to have read on Independence Day, because it's a sunny portrait of everything that's good and wholesome about Middle America.I fear that it might not be as well-received in literary circles. There is no conflict (apart from the implicit understanding that the good times described would not last forever) and therefore no real story in the usual sense. Worse, there are occasional sentences that cry out for editing. More on that later.Those issues aside, the most important thing to say about My Hero, My Ding is that it affectionately portrays, in an easy, conversational voice, a beautiful relationship between a thoughtful, generous, playful, and indulgent man and his favorite granddaughter. Passages like the following abound:I'm not sure when the "car arrangement" began, but when we all went out together the seating arrangement was Grandpa (as the driver), me in the center, and Grandma as the front passenger. In the backseat were my mother, my sister, and my father. I loved sitting up front next to Grandpa.In the personal writing classes and memoir critique groups that I've participated in, several people offered bits and pieces similar to the above. However, few got as far as stitching all the memories together into a complete work. That in itself is an accomplishment, and I believe it was done here for the sole purpose of preserving them and holding them up as a model of what is good.I feel almost churlish in noting the imperfections, but trust that the author (a teacher) will not mind such feedback. There are grammatical issues, such as in "Being my golden birthday, Grandpa made me a golden necklace" and "I can still see the rope float that was tied along the edge of the three foot end that kept my sister and I safe." There are passages in which the author might have tried to extract a little more of the experience described, such as "I know how much he loved his gift by the expression on his face, and it was priceless!" Finally, variations of the following unnecessary sentence recur too many times: "Looking back now, I'm glad I was blessed with spending all that time with my grandparents."Still, I got into the fun of it, laughing at the stories of how she gave Grandpa the silent treatment at dinner one night, and how Grandpa's mighty hunting dog pointed at a butterfly. (Reminder to self: Dogs always make great material.) I want my daughter to read this book next, both because she missed the opportunity of getting to know any grandparents and because this is a portrait of the best side of childhood and family life -- something that we sophisticates are very likely endangering. Lisa Tortorello knows she is fortunate for having had the experiences described here, and I appreciate the effort she has made to share them.

  • Sanela Jurich
    2019-03-30 17:49

    My Hero, My Ding is a beautifully written, heartwarming story of a special bond between a girl and her grandfather.I caught myself smiling so many times while reading this wonderful book. Some of it reminded me of the silly things my grandfather and I used to do.The author did a great job describing all the nice places she and her family had visited. I felt as if she were sitting right next to me, with a cup of tea or coffee in her hand, smiling while reminiscing about all the silly things her grandfather used to do. My favorite one was the icy window scene, ha-ha! Or, the golf ball / microwave incident. Although, they did all kinds of silly, childish things, there were lessons to be learned in everything they did. This family spent a lot of time together, enjoying each other’s company with good food and jokes. All the lessons Lisa’s grandfather taught her, were filled with fun and love and zero criticism or sarcasm. This is exactly how a grandfather or even a father should be.The whole book was full of fun and packed with love and care. I would definitely recommend My Hero, My Ding to everyone. Also, I want to thank the author for sharing such a delightful story. I truly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

  • Aileen Stewart
    2019-03-31 17:15

    I have always loved a good biography, autobiography, or memoir, and so it is understandable that I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa Tortorello's account of the special bond she and her grandfather shared while she was growing up. It was a joy to learn about Lisa's childhood and laugh at the antics displayed by her and her grandfather. My favorite story was of the time she roped the door of the workroom to a drawer across the way and told a subsequent customer, "He's tied up at the moment, but he'll be out shortly." I came away from My Hero, My Ding feeling that it would have been a great pleasure and lots of fun to have known them during that time. I recently met Lisa at a book expo we both attended, and I can say with all honesty that she seems to be the same kind, intelligent, fun loving person her Ding was so fond of.

  • Ursula Gorman
    2019-04-22 17:46

    My Hero, My Ding by Lisa A. Tortorello…might be a funny name, but the story is a sweet, endearing walk down memory lane. This is a collection of stories about a girl and her grandfather and the fun and special bond they shared. Lisa brings her memories to life and lets you enjoy the love, camaraderie and zaniness she shared with her grandfather. The Dings share a special bond that made sense only to them, and that’s exactly how they liked it. I encourage anyone that had a special bond with a grandparent, aunt, uncle…to pick up a copy of My Hero, My Ding. Not only will you find Lisa’s story genuine but it just might bring back fond memories of your own life…Plus, you’ll get to find out what a Ding is…Reviewed by: Ursula Gorman, author of ‘Old Acquaintances’

  • Amanda Stephan
    2019-04-08 16:55

    This is an excellent memoir written by talented author, Lisa Tortorello. Sweet memories jump off these pages as we read about the love and affection a good grandfather and his granddaughter had for one another. I for one, who have never had such a relationship with either grandparent, am jealous. Things like Italian Christmas cookies and spaghetti with meatballs to make your mouth water and wise teachings as "I am not above or beneath any job" (a nugget of truth that would do well for many to remember) to lessons learned by experiences such as their front window escapade during winter are sure to warm your heart and evoke memories of your own.

  • Judi Chesshir
    2019-03-30 16:07

    “My Hero, My Ding,” by Lisa Tortorello, is a heartwarming story of the author’s memories of her time spent with her grandfather. The love they shared can be seen on every page. Lisa captivates the reader from the very beginning of the book. You will find yourself sharing in the emotions with each of her experiences. There will be plenty of times you will find yourself smiling, especially upon finding out Lisa’s unique Christmas gift to her beloved Ding. A welcomed surprise was all the memories that came flooding back about my own experiences with my family. Let this book help you rediscover some forgotten memories of your own.

  • Karen Gammons
    2019-04-11 15:52

    I really enjoyed My Hero, My Ding by Lisa Tortorello. This story about a grandfather and his granddaughter, is endearing and delightful and brings you into their lives, as if you were one of the family. It made me wish I was part of the Ding Dong Club. If only I could have had a relationship with one of my grandparents, like Lisa had with her grandpa (Ding). I highly recommend this story. It was very uplifting, inspirational and funny. Karen Gammons author of Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man

  • Lynn Hobbs
    2019-04-15 00:07

    Finished reading, My Hero, My Ding; and cannot quit thinking about all the warm and cute episodes Lisa and her grandfather experienced! Thank you, Lisa, for writing this book! Not only did you share adventures, but you drew me in as a reader into your childhood full of wonderful memories.To have that bond with your grandfather in your heart to carry around, is such a treasure!I feel like I just watched a great family movie! Excellent writing!I highly recommend this book!

  • Catrina
    2019-04-14 17:12

    I received this book in a GoodReads First Read giveaway. This book is a wonderful homage to all grandfathers that were a young girls hero. My grandfather was my hero and I have many wonderful memories. I love this book it is a great set of memories of Lisa's grandfather "Ding" I recommend this to all readers it is guaranteed to take you back to the great times with your family.

  • Darlene
    2019-04-08 17:16

    What an endearing memoir! Tortorello shares her memories of her hero, her grandfather. If every child had a relationship as the one described between the pages of My Hero, My Ding, this world would be a much better place. Very enjoyable read!

  • Faith Tydings
    2019-03-30 21:12

    My Hero, My Ding is such a sweet and amiable memoir of a girl and her grandfather, filled to the brim with silly, lovable and endearing stories. I highly recommend this heartwarming story to everyone who has ever had that special someone in their childhood.

  • Sherry
    2019-03-28 22:52

    I was instantly captivated by My Hero, My Ding by Lisa Tortorello. A special relationship between a Granddaughter and her Grandfather is remembered in this well-written story. From start to finish this memoir is full of laughter, love and devotion that will warm hearts.

  • Tracy Michelle
    2019-04-18 17:00

    I recieved this through a first reads giveaway.This is a touching memoir about a girl and her grandfather with the kind of relationship we all wish we had with our grandparents. This quick read will leave you walking down memory lane long after you finish.

  • Lisa Tortorello
    2019-04-15 18:06

    I am the author of this non-fiction book, "My Hero, My Ding". I hope readers find this story to be a captivating one.

  • Celeste
    2019-04-19 21:09

    loved it!

  • Lisa
    2019-04-01 21:06

    My Hero, My Ding is a sweet memoir of the precious relationship between Lisa and her grandfather. It is filled with priceless memories of the special times they shared together. Lisa and her “Ding” had a special bond that could only come from the endless hours they invested in one another. Sometimes, I even wondered…were they ever apart? Reading through Lisa’s memoir brought back warm memories of my own grandparents; the time, energy, and love they chose to invest in me. In fact, in several ways, “Ding” reminded me of my dear Grandpa Mac. They both shared such childlike qualities.My Hero, My Ding is a good read, and I especially recommend it to all grandparents. Let this book shed light on the beauty that a relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild can bring. Book Review by Lisa SuggsAuthor of - Choices: When Divorce Happens to You and Your Children

  • Joy Bowser
    2019-03-31 23:58

    I loved this book! It was an easy read. You could read, put it down and pick up right where you left off. Yet, it was difficult to put down, you wanted to see what the "dings" were going to do nex tht. Growing up in the 60's myself,it was easy to remember different things that were specific to the era. Nice memories of trips with my grandparents, tucked in the fromt seat between them on the way to a family reunion, with grandma's picnic basket in the back seat, holding a mince meat pie in her lap so it wouldn't "spill over." Reading Lisa's memories brings back your own special memories. Excellant book!