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SHE TAKES THE PLUNGE.Teal Williams is content with her career as a ship's master mechanic—until Zane Cutter, the "Casanova of the Caribbean," makes her an offer she can't refuse: to climb on board with him for a real-life treasure hunt. Teal must help him dredge up a shipwrecked vessel containing an abundance of gold, silver, and emeralds—and she'll claim part of the prizeSHE TAKES THE PLUNGE.Teal Williams is content with her career as a ship's master mechanic—until Zane Cutter, the "Casanova of the Caribbean," makes her an offer she can't refuse: to climb on board with him for a real-life treasure hunt. Teal must help him dredge up a shipwrecked vessel containing an abundance of gold, silver, and emeralds—and she'll claim part of the prize.HE'S BLOWN OFF COURSE.Zane needs a mechanic—not a lover—and Teal, who can also dive, is perfect for the job. So it suits him just fine that Teal is completely immune to his charms…or so he tells himself. But with a deadly enemy in their midst—one who's silently edging closer—Zane and Teal sink into troubled waters. Trapped in the middle of a perilous sea, they have no one to turn to but each other as they face down a danger that runs unfathomably deep—and a passion that runs even deeper…...

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Undertow Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-05-05 11:01

    Love, adventure, and danger on the high seas...Fans of sexy romance with some high caliber adventure and nail biting danger, hold onto your hats! Cherry Adair's first book in her exciting new Cutter Cay trilogy, sure packs a whollop!Cutter Cay is a small island in the Caribbean owned by the three dark and dangerously sexy Cutter brothers (Logan, Nick, and Zane) . The three own a lucrative ship salvaging/treasure hunting business where they dive for treasures aboard shipwrecked vessels. Undertow is youngest (33) brother Zane Cutter's story, and boy it's a good one. Zane is about to take his boat (the aptly named Decrepit) out on his biggest, most profitable excursion to explore the treasures (gold bars and coins, silver, and emeralds) left behind on a Dutch ship that wrecked in the 1600s. Zane has been searching the Caribbean for this ship for years, and has finally found it. But his boat's engines are in sad shape, his master mechanic (Sam Williams) is battling a grave illness, and he desperately needs a mechanic good with engines who can also dive. Sam suggests Zane hire his estranged daughter Teal--an expert with an engine if ever there was one. Charismatic Zane, who never met a woman he couldn't romance (his nickname is "The Cassanova of the Caribbean") thinks this is a good idea, since the tall, slim Teal does not tempt him physically in the least, and he needs all his focus to be on this important dive. Teal, despite her mixed feelings for Zane, reluctantly agrees to the job, knowing this is the last chance she may have to get close to her father.Zane Cutter...Teal...The Decrepit...Recently divorced from an ultra-contolling husband who wanted to change everything about her, Teal, 27, has self-esteem issues. With big brown eyes, dark, choppy hair, leggy and athletically built, Teal has given up on making herself look attractive, and deliberately dresses in oversized, ugly clothes. She's prickly, contrary, anti-social, argumentative, has a chip on her shoulder...and desperately in love with the 6'3", blue-eyed Zane Cutter. She's had a crush on him since she first met him at age six, and things snowballed for her when she 'comforted' him after his father's funeral a few years ago. He was drunk, sent her away afterwards, and apparently has no memory of what happened. Now Teal is holding a grudge, and Zane can't understand why she's so snippy with him. Everyone loves the charming Zane--what does Teal have against him?Zane going for a dive... Zane is intrigued by Teal. Why doesn't she like him? He kind of likes her sassy mouth and likes arguing with her. He likes that she doesn't fall at his feet like all the others--Teal is a real challenge for him. And he can see the physical beauty hidden beneath the mop of hair and the god-awful clothes. She's smart, she's funny...and the kiss they finally share? He needs more! Zane and Teal have chemistry in spades!Not only do Zane and Teal have to deal with their combustible attraction to each other in Undertow, but they also have to battle pirates who are after Zane's treasure (who is the mysterious redhead aboard the Sea Witch?), a hurricane, and later in the book, a mysterious plane wreck that not only disrupts Zane's salvaging efforts, but threatens national security and puts Zane and Teal's lives in danger. There's plenty of suspense in the final chapters, and Zane must choose what's most important to him, his fortune, or the woman he's come to love.I loved this book! I'm so happy that Cherry Adair has started a new series where she can make use of her storytelling skills, because I've grown a little weary of her T-FLAC series. This one hit on all cylinders for me--it was sexy hot, the leads were dynamic (Zane is one very lovable, hunky hero), smart, and strong; there's plenty of snappy, sometimes snarky dialogue and laughable moments; adequate background info to make you understand where the charcters' actions are coming from, and plenty of excitement and adventure. I enjoyed all the info about diving and treasure hunting, and I especially loved the pursuit of Teal by Zane. The big payoff when Teal finally gave in to Zane (and ditched all her assumptions and stopped thinking badly of him)...yowza! White hot coupling here--although nothing too outrageous--(no 'camel sex') but we do get a very sexy shower scene and plenty of romantic moments...Shower scene...Teal + Zane = super couple. Teal was vulnerable on the inside but put up a tough exterior and hid behind walls--she felt unloved for who she was. Zane was perfect for her and understood her. They were a perfect balance for each other--she grounded free-spirited Zane and he freed her up. With Zane's love and acceptance, Teal lost her hostile, bitchy attitude, and became a nicer, more open person. Add that up with her smarts and bravery, and you have one kick-a** heroine!For more on this series, check out Cherry Adair's website ( where all of these images can be found.. Lots of goodies about Cutter Cay there. I can't wait to revisit Zane and Teal and find out more about Zane's quieter, more intense brothers in the upcoming Riptide. 5 starsP.S.: Heads up towards the end of the book---a character from Adair's T-Flac series makes an appearance.:)

  • MelissaB
    2019-05-06 15:41

    *** 3 1/2 stars ***Undertow was a decent suspense book that was a little too rough in spots. The first half of the book was all about the dive to find the shipwreck and the hero trying to get through the very prickly heroine's defenses. The heroine was a tad annoying with all her issues and lack of self esteem, though I did feel bad about how crappy her life was when she was younger. She judged the hero constantly about his supposed womanizing ways, which didn't really seem accurate and made her look judgmental. There was this plot point that was brought up a few times about how she slept with him a few years ago when he was drunk and he didn't remember, a big deal was made about it then it was barely mentioned and sort of ignored. Weird.Then the last part got really weird when a very random totally out there suspense plot was added in addition to the earlier one about treasure thieves. It was just strange and I think she just wanted to add a TFLAC character. I thought this part totally derailed the romance part.The writing was choppy at times. The scene would just sort of cut out then it was suddenly the next day and the author just tells us what happens - it was jarring and confusing.The romance was way too fast moving. Half of the book Teal is pushing Zane away because she thinks he is a man whore who will never care about her, then once they do the horizontal mambo they are suddenly super serious and all the former conflict just disappears. Then the romance is pushed away for the crazy suspense parts and they are in love forever at the end. It just moved so fast it was hard to believe.There were good parts, I liked the Caribbean location (which I were there!) and the diving parts were cool. The characters were drawn well, they had interesting personalities. Some parts of the story were good except for the issues i stated above. I will try the next book because Zane's brothers seem pretty intriguing. Plus the cover is hot!

  • Shawna
    2019-04-24 14:11

    3 ½ stars – Romantic SuspenseI was a bit underwhelmed with this one. I liked the lush, tropical Caribbean setting and treasure hunting and loved sexy, sweet, flirtatious, happy-go-lucky hero Zane, but heroine Teal made me wanna smack her upside her self-pitying, bitter head. It seemed to take a while for the action and romance to pick up steam, but I found it much more enjoyable once it finally did. So overall it's a mildly entertaining, albeit unremarkable, romantic suspense read.

  • Kathleen
    2019-05-03 10:58

    What a FANTATIC BOOK, I loved it!!!! Thanks Auntee, I'd have missed this one if not for you.This book grabbed me right from the start. Some reviews did not care for the heroine Teal, not true for me, I loved her. She had some issues but I understood all of them and thought Cherry did a wonderful job with her character. She was spunky, witty, smart and stubborn to boot.Zane was totally YUMMY all the way around. I found myself constantly going to Cherry's web site to take a look at the video just to see all his lusciousness.The story had everything I enjoy in a book. The story was fantastic, the romance excellent, the characters well done, the sexual tension and love scenes great, The adventure gripping and the non stop action exhilarating.The only other thing I can say is that I'm now stuck waiting on yet another book in a series to be released.

  • ☆.。.:*・°☆Love2Read♡HEAs☆.。.:*・°☆ {Anne}
    2019-04-23 13:47

    Rated 4.8 "Diving for Treasure with Pleasure" StarsNow this is what I'm talking about! What a fun, suspenseful, somewhat angsty, snarky, sexy, 2nd Chance 4 Romance. I loved everything about it except for one (things can't be perfect can they). The foreplay in the sex scenes was Hot as Hades,.......then when they got down to the business doin the wild thang, you blink and it was a done deal. I was like, WTH? I just didn't get it at all. Why go to the trouble of writing some outstanding foreplay to just have the sex fizzle out in a few seconds. Don't get me wrong though, the scenes were still smokin, they just coulda been better. In no way would it stop me from reading this book (as you can see from my rating above).I really enjoyed this treasure hunting business, pure excitement! Lots of hard work too. Zane was a unique character and at first I didn't care for him at all. He seemed cocky, conceited, a typical jerk. Then I began to see him in a different light. He's an upbeat, laid back, helps people in need & has a great attitude most always, kinda guy. He was fun to be around therefore, just about everyone loved him. Teal unfortunately has had a sucky life with each of her parents neglecting her and more. She had an emotionally abusive marriage and has had an unrequited love for Zane since she was quite young. When we first meet Teal, she comes across as a spoiled, negative bitch, that thinks she's too good for everyone (she's mainly ugly towards Zane though and voices her dislike to others). She's introverted, has zero self esteem, as well as she's extremely shy, preferring to be alone if at all possible. But it gets better gradually and her petals begin to open & bloom. Again, we have another story where circumstances bring two opposites together and we get to watch them thrive. Their bantering was awesome. Can you say sarcasm?Then, we also have the suspense! The plot really threw me off and surprised me. Very clever Ms. Adair. Cudos to you!Just wonderful. Of course, I'm recommending this one to everyone. Hope ya love it too ladies!I'm definitely moving on to the next book about Nick, Zane's bro.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-05-09 08:41

    I liked the emotions of the hero and the heroine. Plotwise however it was all over the place. The first half was diving for treasure. Someone stealing treasure from under their noses. A couple of awkward redherrings. Solved it halfway through then suddenly there is a plane with a stolen microchip absolutely vital to national security that crashes right on top of the wreck they are salvaging. Coincidence anyone? Bunch more bad guys to beat. This should have been a totally different book. It seemed like it was. Meanwhile a third book was the relationship between the hero and heroine. There was a enough in that story you could have left out one of the other plots. And some of this relationship was given short shrift. The whole she slept with him and he kicked her out afterwards and forgot about it seemed like it was going to be a big angsty thing. But no, right in the middle of having sex she mentions it and he's like "oh that was you? Thanks for that" Boink, boink. I was expecting a whole bunch more from that. Also their relationship issues seemed to be solved a bit too easily. Still it was a fun and readable.

  • Karla
    2019-05-19 11:43

    Wow!! Love me a man named Zane Cutter.I really enjoyed this book and blew right through it. A fantastic setting, adventurous story line and terrific H and h. I didn’t particularly care for Zane at first, but that changed rather quickly. He had the reputation of a playboy, but he was so sweet and kind. Teal came into the picture burdened with issues and not so nice opinion of Zane, but he was out to prove her wrong. Even though she was bitter, he was patient, charming and very protective of her. They made a great team and literally fought for each other. Oh my, the love/sex scenes, even though they were not over the top, were so well-written. I love when an author can portray the want and desire that a couple have for each other in words. It took my breath away. Lots of action, some hot lovin’, and great character interaction, all packed into a nicely written book that flowed easily. The author has a great website with a video that is a must see, because the visual image of Zane and Teal is exactly as I would imagine them from her description in the book. I can’t wait for the next installment in the series.

  • Jae
    2019-05-05 14:52

    I loved the love-hate banter between Zane and Teal. They were hilarious. The treasure hunt expedition was exciting enough but when the secret alphachip stuff got thrown in into the mix, I just lost interest completely. Too much going on I'd say. And I was just skimming through the last 30% of the book.I hope the next Cutter Cay book would be about the Red Head lady who totally intrigued me.

  • Laura
    2019-04-23 07:48

    This was my first read by Cherry Adair and I am officially hooked. This was a thrilling read full of suspense, action, adventure, and steamy romance.Ah, Zane. Mmm, mmm, mmmm; delicious. LOVED his character. I am such a sucker for a guy with an earring!! And, the fact that he was gorgeous, friendly, ripped, captain of his own ship, etc, etc, only added to the overall delicious package of Zane. From the first mention of him in this book, he claimed my attention and I couldn't get enough. LOVED HIM!!!Teal was such a breath of fresh air of a heroine! I loved her tough girl exterior that completely melted when she was in Zane's arms. I loved that his easy-going personality evened out her feistiness and smart ass mouth. They were a great couple to read about!This book made me appreciate the ocean on a whole new level. I am not much of a diver, but even I could appreciate the detailed beauty the author captured within this story. Kudos to Ms. Adair for all of her research.I would've liked to have seen a little bit more romance in this just because I couldn't get enough of Teal and Zane together. On a side note, this cover is one of the hottest book covers I've seen in awhile. The sexy man, although extremely hot, is backed up by a gorgeous turquoise sea that makes this book scream "Buy me! Buy me!!" Also, this author has one of the BEST websites I've ever seen. Very engaging and informative.Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to Nick's story up next! Four stars!!

  • Lynsey A
    2019-04-26 11:43

    At last Cherry Adair has returned to what she does best which is contemporary romantic suspense, minus the paranormal elements. This was a refreshing change from her more recent paranormal releases. They just could not hold my interest. Although this book slowed down for me at one point I still enjoyed it immensley. At times I even saw a bit of myself in Teal, like when she wanted to go over to each boat and start basically getting everybody to give back what they stole. A fun read and I am greatly looking forward to the next in the series. Even though we only got a peek at Logan and Nick I am anxious to read their stories. As has been mentioned I do believe the Sea Witch or Sea Bitch as she was called by Teal, will end up with one of the other Cutter boys. Perhaps the mysterious other brother? We'll see...

  • ~Megan~
    2019-05-22 13:02

    Ok, I was loving this book right up until the ludicrous Alphachip/terrorist plot came out of nowhere at the end. The first 3/4 of the book was just an awesome love story between an overconfident hottie and a woman who'd been through some serious emotional abuse. Just the kind of story I like. All of a sudden, Adair goes wait a minute, this is supposed to be romantic suspense, and things go wonky. Our hero and heroine were pretty much together by the time this plot comes around, so it didn't really bother me overly much, but it just seemed odd to me.I loved the Cutter boys, and the backdrop of the tropics and treasure hunting, so I'll definitely be picking up the rest in the series.

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-04-28 08:05

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary  Zane Cutter has been working on finding the ultimate treasure on  a ship torn apart years ago from a hurricane. But he needs an engine specialist, Teal Williams. Teal Williams has been working for Zane's brother for quite some time, but she doesn't like being on the sea since she gets seasick and she doesn't trust Zane and his "intentions" further than she can throw him. At first she refuses to go along because she has issues with the "Caribbean Casanova" who tends to have women flirt around him no matter their age. But she can't resist the temptation of jewels and gold and having a chance to prove Zane. While, on their dive, both Zane and Teal are attracted to each other, but there are outside influences that tend to drive them apart. Zane has enemies, vultures that are circling for the treasures hidden below. Zane and Teal show how explosive they are together, but right when they feel their treasure hunt is going well....a new and dangerous enemy comes on the horizon and Zane might lose everything he has worked for and the woman he loves...The Hero  Zane Cutter is one of the three cutter brothers who have taken life by the storm and embraced his passion for searching for lost treasures under the sea. He had his brothers to watch his back and they have a tight bond, despite who their father was. Their father was a womanizer, and had a woman in every port. They lost their mother after she tried to obtain a divorce and was killed shortly after. Zane is driven and devoted to his passion. He loves women, and he doesn't hide that fact, but he also can't deny his feelings for Teal. A woman that tries not to be a woman but is sexy in her own way and has that sensual appeal that calls out to him. He loves that she doesn't need a ton of makeup or a fancy hair to be full on woman. Zane is also a fighter and creates one hell of a battle in his determination to win Teal over.The Heroine  Teal Williams loves to tinker with things and immerse herself in books. She married at a young age, and she learned quickly that her husband at the time wasn't okay with who she was. He wanted to change everything about her....from her diet, to makeup and hair and when he wanted her to get a boob job she had enough. She walked out on him and his emotional abuse he had dished out to her. Then she realized how important it was to be true to herself. On one crazy night, she had wild sex with Zane when he was overshot with drinking. Over the  years, Teal has fallen in love with Zane. But refuses to let him know it, because he is a womanizer and she would just be another peg on his bedpost. But after searching through the ocean bed for lost treasures, she sees Zane in a new light. I really enjoyed Teal as the heroine...she was the right match for Zane. Spirited, strong, and tended to let her emotions gain control especially when jealosy came around the corner. I loved her sassiness and her loose tongue and not afraid of being herself.Plot and Story Line  Undertow was such a fun and thrilling adventure that I couldn't get enough of. There were many things about this that reminded me of one of my all time favorite adventure authors: Clive Cussler. So if any of you have read Cussler, Cherry Adair is similar only much more romantic tone to it. We have a treasure hunt beneath the sea....with three sexy brothers, some dangerous villains, a military secret and some wild sensual drama that keeps you hungering for more. What more do you need right? Well after reading Undertow I have become hooked on this author...she is simply phenomenal and writes suspense in the way that it should be written. I couldn't get enough of the sense of adventure and mystery.There was so much energy that was portrayed through this story, and the details so vividly written, I could almost imagine myself diving and finding those lost treasures like Zane and Teal do. As a whole there were many aspects of the story that made this story amazing to read. We have a stimulating plot that is full of unexpecting thrills, drama and mystery. We some dangers that come and the way that Zane, Teal and the other members of his crew handle any situation that is thrown their way.The romance that builds between Zane and Teal is full of storms and waves and it isn't easy seeing these two find a reasonable compromise. There are misunderstanding and conflict, but there is also passion and depth to it. Zane will use any weapon at his disposal to get to Teal. Teal at first wants nothing to do with Zane, because she doesn't trust easily and she knows the way women are with him. She is afraid of trusting and getting hurt again. But what I liked about this book, was seeing how Teal's nontrust in Zane doesn't drag too much which is what I was afraid of at first. But boy the chemistry between these two is explosive and I couldn't get enough of seeing it."Do NOT think ou can just stroll in here whenever you like, and kiss m--""Haven't kissed you." His voice was low and velvety, his eyes seemed to flow demonically in the dim light "Yet." He cupped her face between his palms and pulled her mouth up to meet his. This kiss wasn't suggestive, or insidious. He went from zero to a hundred in point zero seconds. Heat scalded her body as he plundered her mouth in a ravishing kiss that curled her toes and set her entire body on fire. "The prospect of sex with you is making me irrational and so horny I can't think straigh. You're...damn. I can't explain this; you're like coming home."I loved the side characters that play a role in the story. We have the two brothers Logan and Nick both are a bit more reserved and closed off than Zane. Zane is more upbeat and social. Nick and Logan are deep but quieter and I can't wait to see more of those two. We also have the adopted parents of these boys Ben and Maggie. Oh Maggie....I loved her. She was enchanting and sweet and protective of those boys but she loves Teal and plays a bit of a matchmaker.This was a wild and adventuresome romance that had me by its tails from the first page. I can hardly wait to read more from this author.The Cover  I love the style of this cover...and really the whole series. With the bottom seeing the whole "under the sea" diving aspect that is a major part of the story. Then the top that is sexy and love his pose of the effect of the hero running his hands through his hair....I want him heheOverall View  Undertow is the first book in a thrilling new series that is packed with adventure, treasure seeking, dangerous thrills and a sexy romp of a romance beneath the sea!!! HIGHLY THRILLING!

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-05-13 14:08

    Favorite Quote: “I know I scare you.” His breath tickled her cheek as he whispered softly into her ear. “But, know what, Williams? You scare me a little bit, too.”Zane Cutter is charming, witty, sexy, and great at his job treasure hunting shipwrecks in the Caribbean ocean – and he knows it. Maybe a little cocky, but also very friendly and warm to everyone he meets. So when he meets his new master marine mechanic, Teal Williams, he has a challenge. Teal is stubborn, in her oversized clothing with her bad hair cut. She doesn’t want to work for him, saying yes only because his brother and her dying father asked her to be here. She would much rather stay on dry land, where her severe seasickness won’t bother her and where she can stay far away from Zane.She has known Zane for much of her life, even sharing a passionate night with him, although he was completely drunk and doesn’t remember. But she does. She has great affection for him, but she also has just come out of a verbally abusive marriage and she has zero self-confidence. That on top of extreme shyness, she uses sharp verbal comebacks as her only line of defense to keep others away.But she may have met her match with Zane. She somehow finds herself on his rusty ship, The Decrepit, battling nausea while doing what she loves, fixing the engines. The ship may be rusty, but Zane is a pro at what he does and has finally after four years, found the Dutch shipwreck he has been searching for. He knows there are emeralds the size of his fist down below. It is not just the money but the thrill of the dive that drives Zane in life.Zane has more than just the challenge of uncovering treasure in the ocean. He also must find a way to break through Teal’s hard exterior, as his attraction builds. Life isn’t all fun and games though – someone else is after his treasure.Undertow is the start of a new series by Cherry Adair about the Cutter brothers and their quest to find sunken treasure. This book is really fun. Zane is so flirty and sexy – paired up with the very prickly Teal – the chemistry is really fun to watch play out. Teal gives it back to him so good – making him keep his distance for most of the first half of the book. But Zane slowly wears her down with his expert kisses, making for some really great sexual tension.With an abusive marriage behind her, Teal has a lot to overcome. She also has a terminally ill father and she has a very rocky relationship with him. All of this paired with the fact that she wants Zane, but she doesn’t know how to act on her feelings makes her a very interesting character. I really like how her attitude and insecurities are not rushed. Cherry Adair explores Teal and doesn’t immediately throw her into Zane’s bed. Of course once they get there, it is very sexy times indeed.There is also a lot of suspense in this book. I enjoyed the antics and the mystery and action surrounding this treasure. Towards the end, a new suspense part is introduced which did seem a bit of an overkill. I could have done without it.Overall, I really enjoyed this book being set out in the ocean, with sexy men and stubborn heroines, diving for treasure. I am really looking forward to the next book.Rating: B

  • ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
    2019-05-12 11:50

    This was a good intro to a must read author, because I know this one is definitely not the best one out there. I rarely give a one or two star rating, because there are so many crap books out there that deserve it, but I'm warned ahead of time, so I avoid them. Reasons for my rating:1~ The story itself had a great plot. It had high potential. I was caught in it for the first 3 chapters, but it needed more description of characters.2~ It started out great, but it was ALL OVER the place. It was like a bunch of choppy scenes. There was no fade in and fade out. Here one minute & next it was daylight & they were somewhere else.3~ MAJOR FLAW ~ A girl tries to turn on lights in a storm & power is out, but then she goes & makes coffee so the guy can have hot coffee when he gets in out from securing the house? I have never in my life seen a battery operated coffee machine. It never said it was battery operated, so it gave me a headache trying to wrap my brain around just a stupid coffee maker! I'm sure in your head you could explain all that away with added steps, gas stove, pour through coffee cone, but that was all missing. it went from quickly making coffee to naked in a shower... never had their coffee she made!4~ She hated him because she was scorned the whole book & turned on a dime & it changed? For him too...5~ Light romance. A lot of it, but light.Anyway, it was a good story, it was just too incongruent & choppy to get a 4 or 5 star rating...

  • Jess
    2019-04-26 12:45

    I love, love, love humor in all stories, and Zane and Teal bring it in this book. They're lovable characters on their own, but the back and forth banter between them, mixed in with some sweet, emotional scenes were fantastic to read. Hooked on the series and want book #2, now!

  • Melanie
    2019-05-15 10:04

    3.5 Stars!Undertow was the ideal mix of suspense and adventure and I enjoyed it quite a bit.Zane Cutter runs a salvage operation with his brothers which is based on an island in the Caribbean. When his mechanic is sidelined due to illness, Teal Williams, is brought on board to be their resident mechanic. Teal however, did not count on having to go out on a salvage mission with Zane as soon as she arrived. But when he offers her a percentage of the treasure they're sure to find, she's hard-pressed to refuse. Soon they're on the hunt for the shipwreck while trying deal with the attraction between them and while trying to outsmart an enemy who will do anything to get their hands on the treasure.Teal has a lot of trust issues after recently getting out of a bad relationship. She immediately dislikes Zane trying to charm her to get his way and the two tend to argue when around each other for more than a few minutes. She also has low self-esteem and is usually most comfortable when she's surrounded by an engine rather than people.Zane has a reputation as a playboy and initially comes across as cocky and full of himself. Soon though you see how much of a nice guy he is, he cares deeply about his family and crew and does his best to help those in need.While I initially enjoyed Teal and Zane's relationship, it got a bit tedious after a while. The two have some great snarky banter-filled conversations but they never really seemed to talk about anything of importance. A lot of the important information they learned about each other comes through conversations with other people. Also, the 'I love you' portion of the romance seemed to come about a bit too quickly as these two never seemed to have a real connection outside of the bedroom.Initially I was drawn to read Undertow as I really enjoyed The Reef by Nora Roberts, which is also about a treasure hunt at sea. While the two stories differ greatly, the premise of treasure hunts and shipwrecks is definitely one that works for me. I personally would never be able to dive or do anything like this as I have a fear of the water, but I was absolutely fascinated. The author did a great job at making everything about salvaging the shipwreck interesting and I could feel the characters' excitement over their find.Overall while I wasn't completely sold on the romance in Undertow, I did still really enjoy the book. I will definitely be checking out more of the books in this series in the future.

  • Nikki Brandyberry
    2019-05-19 12:07

    Zane and Teal are my current favorite couple. I absolutely loved this book. The interactions not only between the main characters but the secondary characters left me wanting more more more!Zane is a playboy, though his reputation has been slightly embellished. He’s charming, good-looking and successful, the trifecta of perfectness. He thrives on the thrill of the hunt for shipwrecks and the treasure their sunken remains may contain. Along with his two brothers, Zane Cutter is known for his amazing finds.His current find, the Vrijheid, is the mother load of sunken treasure. What he needs is an experienced diving team, a flawless mechanic to take care of his junk heap of a boat and no distractions. He needs Teal Williams. The daughter of his aging and sick mechanic who is as good as they come and as mousey as well. Teal is one woman who won’t be a distraction on the find of a lifetime.Teal came to Cutter Cay Island out of a sense of duty to her dying father whom she has never connected with. She never agreed to go out to sea with the youngest Cutter brother Zane….the star of her nightly dreams since childhood. She had given herself freely to him once yrs ago in his drunken state and then he had dismissed her like she was a whore. Teal doesn’t want a replay of that horrible night and so she throws her defenses up with a sharp tongue and hostile attitude.What she really is, an insecure woman who beats herself up on a daily basis, never needs to be seen by the likes of Zane Cutter. He’d chew her up and spit her broken spirit out faster than she could blink. But when things start disappearing right under their noses, and the danger closes in them, will Zane finally figure out that the love em and leave em attitude isn’t what he wants anymore? The mousey, smart-mouthed, brilliant mechanic who happens to look stunning in a wet suit starts to become someone Zane can’t breathe without.Teal swore she’d never show her heart or her secret pain, to Zane Cutter again. He didn’t even remember their night together! So why is the thought of something happening to him starting to make her hyperventilate? Could she seriously be falling again for the one guy that has ever managed to truly break her heart?Undertow was an amazing book. I sat down and read it in one evening, which doesn’t happen often. The kids wisely left me alone because even they seemed to know that mommy wanted to read this NOW. I had to go to three stores to find it, wasn’t anyone getting in my way of reading it.The world that Cherry builds is full of gorgeous scenery and the adventure of a lifetime. I felt as if I were scuba diving right along side Teal and Zane. I felt the gold coins in my hands and the breath of excitement in my lungs. It was amazing. I’ve never been to a Caribbean Island (shoot I’ve only seen the ocean twice) but my mind certainly didn’t know the difference with Cherry’s descriptive writing. I can’t even describe to you what it felt like to enter the world of ship salvaging. It was an incredibly exhilarating feeling.Teal and Zane are awesome together. The push and pull of their relationship was constant and left me begging Teal to open up to Zane. I enjoyed the fact that Teal was an extremely smart engine mechanic if not completely deficient In relating to people. The double sides to her personality were so well done. I yearned to give her a hug after learning about her past and what had molded her into the person she was now.Zane, of course, is smokin hot and says all the right things at the right time (well, most of the time) and he knows how to get what he wants. When what he wants turns out to be Teal, Zane will stop at nothing to make her his. I sighed aloud several times while reading. His protectiveness and fierceness when Teal is in harm’s way was completely endearing. I was rooting for him right up until the last scene when everything finally comes together.Undertow is a first class ticket to romance, suspense, pirates and the elusive Men in Black! There is even an appearance from an old friend in the T-Flac series. You will not be disappointed with this book I assure you. If you’re wanting a book to take you on a treasure hunting adventure, complete with sensually hot love scenes and enough intrigue to knock you on your ass, pick up a copy of Undertow and start your own magical journey!Favorite line from the book: “The prospect of sex with you is making me irrational and so damn horny I can’t think straight. You’re…..damn. I can’t explain this; you’re like coming home”I give Undertow by Cherry Adair 5 stars!

  • jenjn79
    2019-04-22 14:43

    I hadn't planned to read this book - thought it was part of Adair's other series that I'm not sure I'll read yet - so I passed it up. But when I saw the reviews of my GR friends, I decided to give it a go. And it was pretty much worth it, though I expected more.Series Note:First book in Adair's new "Cutter Cay" series. There is a small tie-in to her "T-Flac" series, but you don't have to read that one first.Summary:The Cutter brothers own a diving salvage company that is centered on a private island in the Caribbean. When their mechanic becomes ill, the man convinces them to hire his somewhat estranged daughter as his replacement. For Zane Cutter, it's ideal. Teal Williams is an excellent mechanic, and he's not the least bit attracted to her. It'll work out perfectly for his current mission, something he's been working on for a long time.He doesn't count on the fact that he'll suddenly see Teal in a new light, or that she's just as attracted to him. Throw in some danger, a sexy Caribbean setting, and all the sparks are there for a hot affair. But his feelings go deeper than Zane expected and when their lives are threatened, he realizes how much he cares for Teal.Review:This book started off so well for me. I love salvage diving stories. There's something about that topic that really fascinates me and I've enjoyed all the books I've read that focus on that topic. So I was excited to start reading this book.Throw in a super sexy hero, an interesting heroine, a hot locale and you've got the makings of a good story. And it started off that way. I really liked the chemistry between Zane and Teal. It was kind of amusing how Zane thinks Teal's the perfect mechanic for his boat because he's not the least bit attracted to her...then Wham! he starts to really see her and he's fascinated. The two really set some sparks off. Teals a rather quirky girl. She's got virtually no self-esteem, she's got a sexy vibe but is a total tomboy. She's a bunch of contrasts. The two go well together nicely. And yeah, there are definitely some hot scenes between them.I really enjoyed all the salvage dive stuff. Zane's enthusiasm for what he does is wonderful and Teal's quirkiness - the sea sickness, sleeping in engine room - add some spunk to the story. The dive scenes were interesting and I just all around liked this part of the story. But I would have liked more of it. It could have been maybe a bit more technical on all the aspects of salvage diving, what needs to be done to retrieve items, to protect them out of the water, the nuances and rules of diving, and all that kind of stuff. It would have made the story a bit more focused and whole. But then, I love this story aspect and want more out of it. I've read other salvage diving romances that really go all out detail wise and this one didn't quite get there. It was still an interesting story on that aspect.Unfortunately, this book really jumped the shark when it got to the last third. The story was going very well until then with a solid romance, an interesting plot with some suspense, great ambiance. Then suddenly there's a storm, a plane crash and a missing government Alpha chip (whatever the heck that is) and guys in black and a whole new cast of bad guys. And as a reader, I was just thinking "where the hell did all this come from?" It's so out of the blue and jarring to a story that is already fully developed. Plus, it doesn't fit the existing story at all. I went from really enjoying the story to WTF? in the blink of an eye. It's a very abrupt, ill-fitting addition to the story, this whole Alpha chip thing. It put me off and turned what was a good/great book to a just average book. It was disappointing.I'm still looking forward to the next two books in the series about Zane's brothers. I just hope Adair leaves out the government espionage stuff next time.

  • Laura
    2019-04-27 10:58

    I am giving up now. I had heard good things about this author but so far for me this has just gotten kind of boring. I know this was meant to be a romance, I mean obviously I knew this going in, just look at the cover. I think it's time for me to admit to myself that I just don't care for romance novels. They are so over the top. I don't find it charming to know how many times Mr. Sculpty-Abs-Hero gets an erection just by being in the same vicinity with Miss Feisty-Kitten-Rescue-Me-Heroine. Or how proud said hero is when heroine does or says something that is one step above moronic intelligence-wise. Plus in this book, I found that I was just having a hard time connecting or caring about any of the characters. I thought the setting was pretty great but not descriptive enough so it didn't really matter. The story could have taken place anywhere. And that was a let-down because I think that's what initially drew me in. And it seems like it doesn't really matter what kind of scrapes Miss Heroine gets herself into. With this many big brothers watching her back, it's not even a challenge. There is absolutely no doubt that everything is gonna be ok. All those big strong mens are gonna make everything all-right. I had trouble buying into any of the "facts" about Teal, Miss Heroine. I have trouble believing that if her father was the well-respected, responsible, professional person that he's purported to be - the one who supported her growing up - that he would fail to have knowledge that her mother was an emotionally neglectful junkie. I have trouble believing that the Cutters would consider Teal to be family when they only saw her for two weeks every summer when she was growing up. I can't believe that if her now-dying father cared about her enough to arrange for a job for her with the Cutters, one she couldn't really refuse, then he would refuse to see her or visit with her. There was just so much that didn't feel logical about this character. It really felt like her personality and background was just made up of a bunch of standard personality quirks and background info chosen from a cafeteria list of options. Anyway, I might finish it one day. I doubt it.

  • Book Him Danno
    2019-05-16 14:07

    Well I have read this author in the past and found her books a bit high on the SMUT rating, but I was dropping stuff off for the Relay For Life rummage sale and decided to look through the books. I found a few that looked interesting and I read the back of this one before I noticed the author’s name. I enjoy romance/thrillers/suspense filled books. This one was not disappointing at all. The first kiss wasn’t even until page 100 or so. Very tame compared to some of the others she has written.A treasure hunt, an ex-husband wanting his wife back, pirates and a hurricane with a downed drug plane. Who could want more out of a story then that….oh yeah the romance. Hot men with tans and great bodies…brothers and this is the first Cutter Cay story about the baby Zane. The romance is great, the race for the treasure salvage before someone steals it all and the bad guys wanting their plane cargo back. This was a good fast paced book that kept me turning the page and interested to the bitter end. I look forward to reading the next one and the one after that.Sometimes giving an author a second chance is a great idea.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-11 08:02

    I absolutely loved the beginning, watching Zane and Teal's verbal sparring and getting to know more about them: the prickly, damaged Teal and charmingly obnoxious Zane. The backstory elements started getting a little repetitive towards the middle, but I was still enjoying watching them unlearn/relearn each other. Then, when the angst was about to reach its peak and it looked like Zane and Teal were about to start talking about/working through some of their issues a whole new storyline was added, complete with spies and secret computer files and a desperate race against time blah blah blah. So, instead of watching the h/h work out their relationship issues we get chases and explosions, etc., to the point where 3 pages before the end of the book Teal is planning to leave Zane without telling him (before he can dump her first) and magically this time when Zane tells her he loves her she believes him -- despite his long history of falling in and out of love within the space of a month and her deep-seated trust and abandonment issues.So, while I loved the beginning and enjoyed the middle, the end left me with an unsettled sense of Huh?

  • Melanie
    2019-05-12 09:04

    Really enjoyed this book:-) Loved the treasure hunting theme.. The only thing I was disappointed about were the diving details... Now, I'm no expert, but I do have my Rescue Diver's certification, and if I recall correctly, you should never do more than three dives in a 24 hr period because of the nitrogen build-up in your bloodstream.. Maybe experienced divers can do more than three (as I said, I only know what I learned), but I doubt they could do hour-long dives every 90 minutes...Lol.. Other than that, I'd give it 4.5* because of the enjoyable nature of the story:-D And I loved watching Zane fall for tomboy Teal!!

  • Debbie
    2019-05-06 15:04

    Even though I did enjoy this book, it just wasn't as good as most of the others I've read by this author. There was just too much narrative description on the hero and heroine's occupations than interraction between the hero and heroine. I did like it enough however, to want to read the next one.

  • SheLove2Read
    2019-05-10 07:41

    This was an exciting, fast paced adventure set in the Caribbean. Adair did a great job making you feel as if you were right there in the middle of the story. Except for a few niggling little story-points, this was a great read. Should be a series to follow for sure.

  • Cindi
    2019-05-17 11:08

    Cherry Adair use to be one of my fav authors, but her most recent books have not been more than 3 stars for me. Although "Undertow" is the beginning of a new series and has nothing to do with T-FLAC (normal or paranormal), I have some trepidation about this one as well.First let me say, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the concept: The 3 Cutter brothers run an oceanographic salvage company. The boys are tall, dark and blue-eyed handsome. They are based at Cutter Cay, an island their womanizer dad bought after his first big find. The brothers and secondary characters on the islands are supercalifragistlicsbyalidoches (hah! can't spell-check that one!). This part is a home-run. A fun plotline: To keep the brotherly challenges going, the brother who finds the most treasure each year becomes the CEO for that year and gets a $10,000.00 bonus. First-born Logan has won for the past 5 years.Book 1 has the youngest brother, Zane, thinking he will win the bet this year because after 4 years of research and searching,he's finally found the location of a downed Dutch pirate ship lost in the 1700's and thought to have a fortune in huge emeralds on it. At the request of Sam, their engine mechanic and best friend of their father, Zane has brought in Sam's daughter, Teal, to take his place as he has recently been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Teal is a painfully shy young woman who is a top-notch mechanic and who also gets terribly sea-sick (unbeknownst to anyone else). To say she doesn't want to go out on this month-long salvage expedition is an understatement. In fact, she doesn't even know why Sam recommended her for his job because they are not close; her drug-addicted mom had a one-night-stand with him and never saw him after that until she heard about that first big find and that Sam got a large bonus from it. After that, 6 year old Teal came to Cutter Cay and for 2 weeks each summer after. Her being about 5 yrs younger than Zane, she developed a big crush on him but he never paid much attention to her. Fast forward 20+ years and Zane has taken over the nickname of Casanova of the Carribean from his late father and Teal's shyness has hidden her continuing crush.The diving for treasure is fascinating. There are a couple of different storylines that take place over the course of the book, in fact it is almost easily divided by them - one is finished and another started. Strange method but ok. What I couldn't ever forget is the completely different personalities Teal displays At one point she is so shy she can't even speak to Zane or the crew, she's pruddishly covered up with manly clothes and more at home with her beloved engines. Then she shifts into a shrewish, snappish crew member and when CoftheC notices her and kisses her, she kisses back. Well I guess I'd kiss Zane back too because he was a hunk and a half. Anyway, its no secret that they get together and Teal makes yet another personality shift to a pithy but confident gal; one who (after watching Zane flirt and thinking he's been taking all these bikini-clad ladies to bed) doesn't ask him to wear a condom. Here is a sexy love scene and I am thinking about condoms!!! It was too strange, believe me!Anyway, I loved the stories and the characters but couldn't buy in to Zane so quickly falling for Teal as she was described except that he was whore-dogging and she was the only single chick on the boat. I certainly couldn't believe in the changes Teal appeared to go thru, but then she didn't, anyhow I just ... couldn't. If you can selectively stop thinking and just enjoy the action, this is a 4 star. If you are like me, tho, and this kind of stuff bothers you, its barely a 3. Maybe I'm too harsh; I'll be curious what the rest of my GR friends have to say. Let me know!

  • Judi
    2019-04-27 15:45

    First of all I must comment on the cover for's Aces (you'll get that reference later)!Undertow is the 1st book in a new trilogy from Cherry Adair featuring three brothers, a gorgeous Caribbean backdrop and a treasure hunting/salvage business.Hot guy, beautiful scenery, pretty good premise, Undertow had lots of promise and I’ve been a long time fan of Cherry Adair so I had high expectations for this book and while I liked it - I didn’t love it.I did love the heroine’s name...Teal - it’s a unique name and I loved that she had an unconventional profession as an engineer mechanic - how cool is that? Then there’s Zane, he’s your typical gorgeous playboy, Casanova of the Caribbean, a total ladies man and a player. I did love Zane’s’s a tennis term and I love tennis…what can I say?Zane needs an engine mechanic for his latest deep sea adventure of recovering the treasure from the sunken vessel the Vrijheid which he’s been searching for the past 4 years. He’s tickled pink when Teal seems to be the perfect candidate since he doesn‘t find her attractive and that’s a good thing since it seems he lacks control around beautiful women so now they can keep things between them strictly business (ya right!).So on page 1 here are Zane’s 1st impressions of Teal: Tall, skinny, nondescript; she glared at him from beneath her shaggy, dark brown bangs. Not only did she have the sex appeal of a mop, she didn’t like him. Yup she sounds totally appealing. By page 28 Zane’s calling her “Hey gorgeous” (and trust me she has been anything but a prickly porcupine towards Zane up to this point) so am I the only one who sees his reversal of opinion in 28 pages a bit unrealistic? Teal excels at being whiny and grumpy and carrying on and on ad nausea about how she doesn’t want to be anywhere near Zane, she just can’t be in his presence but she takes the job anyway (she needs the money for her sick dad’s medical bills). While Zane is the main focus of her ire, she doesn’t make a lot of friends among the rest of the crew with her attitude either. Seems a lot of Teal’s ambivalence towards Zane stems from the fact that she slept with him a year ago when she attended the funeral of his father and while he was three sheets to the wind they had sex and he can’t remember her and it’s pissed her off ever since.So while Zane and Teal snipe and snip at each other and try to tip-toe around their attraction to one another, eventually they can’t deny their attraction and things seem to be moving along in the right direction with both their relationship and their salvage operation. Then about 2/3 of the way through the book a whole new storyline developed involving a plane that crashed right on top of their sunken boat (of all the luck….what are the odds of that happening?) carrying a super secret government techno “alpha chip” that could ruin the world if it falls into the wrong hands. Now Teal and Zane are up to their ears in men in black government types, bad-guy pirates who want the chip for their own nefarious purposes and just for good measure there are some bikini clad bimbos thrown into the mix. Oh yes and they’ve been given a seriously short deadline to of 38 hours to recover the chip on the bottom of the ocean floor - can you say looking for a needle in a haystack? While I was slightly underwhelmed by Undertow, it was a fast read that keep my interest despite my few niggles and I will be reading Nick and Logan’s book when they are released.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-09 14:41

    A Review of Undertow by Cherry AdairRating: Four StarsGenre: Romance/Romantic SuspenseDate Published: 2010Series: Cutter CayUndertow is a romantic suspense novel by Cherry Adair (okay, that cannot possibly be her real name). It is the first book of the Cutter Cay series. This is also the first book I have read of this particular author. I was looking for another romance author to add to my collection, and I think I will end up purchasing more of Adair's books.This story follows a very standard romantic suspense plot line: guy, girl, danger. In this particular one, we have a love/hate relationship between the two main characters. I would have preferred more tension and a better suspense angle, but overall, it wasn't bad.I never liked character connections where the girl is infatuated with a guy, and he is not attracted to her at all, at least not until he sees her in a different light. That is precisely what we have in this story. A saw a lot of review comments for this book describing Teal as annoying because she just needed to "get over herself." Honestly, I didn't mind her that much, but I found the attraction between Zane and Teal very unrealistic. I mean , Zane is like, a freaking 10, and Teal is described as a Plain Jane. It reminded me of the book Maverick by Lora Leigh, but I think Leigh did a better job than Adair.So, if you're thinking about reading this book, here are some things you might enjoy:•The cover (I mean, WOW)•The setting is unique as I have not seen many romantic suspense novels where it really focused on boating and diving•A good balance of romance and suspense (some books go overboard one way or the other)And here are the annoying things:•Teal and Zane are an unrealistic couple, in my opinion•The plot can be a bit slow•Guessable plot twists and turnsI actually kind of liked this book and want to continue reading more of the series (there are more Cutter brothers). I am looking forward to more adventure on the high seas. However, there is nothing really new here when it comes to the plot, so I am giving it four stars.Rant: Okay, some of these authors need to step it up. I just finished the game BioShock Infinite, and my mind was BLOWN by the twists and turns. I mean, I sat for like a couple hours after finishing the game, just THINKING about it. I haven't had read a book that made me do that in a long, long time. Seriously, authors, think of something better. Step it up....On second thought, I should probably be reading a different genre if I wanted that. These types of novels are not exactly known for strong writing. :-)-Jess

  • Paranormal Suspense
    2019-05-18 07:43

    Storyline: Zane is known as a playboy though his reputation has been exaggerated. He's good-looking, charming and successful (everyone loves him) a perfect example of perfectness. He gets his kicks by finding amazing shipwrecks and their sunken treasures. Along with his two brothers he's known for his amazing finds.His current find is the Vrijheid which is the motherload of sunken finds. He needs an experience diving team along with a flawless mechanic to take care of his junk heap of a boat and no distractions. He wants Teal Williams, who is the daughter of his aging and sick mechanic. She's as good as her father and mousy so she won't be a distraction.Teal came to Cutter Cay Island out of a sense of duty to her dying father whom she has never connected with. She never agreed to go out to sea with Zane the star of her nightly dreams since childhood. She had given herself to him years in his drunken state (it was his father's funeral that day/night) and then the next morning he tossed her out without a backwards care. She doesn't want a replay of that night and so she defends herself with a sharp tongue and hostile attitude.Then things take a deadly turn when Zane finds out someone tampered with his boat and both Zane and Teal have to work together to survive.Characters: I really loved Zane's character because he's very caring about people especially one's he love. he will protect them with his life and he knows what he wants. I'm glad that he didn't leave Teal alone and went after her the way he did. Loved the way he was protective of her. He gets along with everyone and tries not to hurt women's feelings when they are coming on to him and he isn't interested! Loved the way he loves his boat and defends her to everyone!At first I didn't really like Teal's attitude because I thought she was being very harsh towards Zane. Then when I found out why she was acting that way then I understood why she was like that. I started to warm up to her.Romance: Zane and Teal are great together. I really wanted Teal to open up to Zane and see what a great guy he was. When they finally got together it was quite steamy and I was really rooting for their HEA.Killer(s): They would kill anyone with no remorse and only for their own benefit.

  • Jenn Scranton
    2019-05-08 09:58

    Eh... You know, for how much action there was in Undertow, it was really boring. I was pretty hyped to read a Cherry Adair because I heard so much about her and her style, but I must say I feel a little disappointed. There was a lot of friction and chemistry between Teal and Zane. Throughout the book they were facing trouble and pirates and sexual tension. But really only sexual tension in their heads. You just wanted to scream to kiss already! Their relationship DRAGGED! Teal tended to be really whiney and obnoxious. Though, you couldn't hate her because she was an independent woman in a mans world. She was a master mechanic, and she was the best. Period.How can she blame a man for not remembering the one time you had sex when he was fall down drunk??! And the fact that she was sober kind of makes it rape... It's not like Zane is treating her like crap. In fact, he shows her nothing but kindness and she is just holding that night over his head!The details that I did like... His eyes. The description of turquoise eyes... I just kept trying to imagine what that would look like.I was really bored while reading this book and very easily distracted by pretty much anything to get away from it, but the ending really saved it! The action in the end was really exciting and I only wish that the rest of book was written with the same amount of passion as the ending. I am not yet giving up on Cherry Adair or Cutter Cay, but I can only hope that it gets better.

  • Anita
    2019-04-28 11:04

    This was my first Cherry Adair book and may be my last. I found the writing erratic and disjointed. She often threw in paragraphs that made no sense and within paragraphs went off in completely different directions that made no reason. Zane is hot and Teal was neurotic. There is great background on each character to let us see why they are the way they are. But, moving them from who they are to who they become was lacking. Not enough was done to make me see Teal's move from neurotic to sane. All Zane had t do was kiss her a few times and she was done.Zane is the youngest of thee Cutter brothers all really hot, but with totally different personalities. Zane it the lover boy of the group. He just loves women and they love him. He is happy with his lot in life especially now that he has found the wreck of the Vrijheid, his ticket to fame and riches. Now all he needs to do is salvage it. To that end, Teal reluctantly agrees to be the mechanic and a diver for the salvage. Teal's dad, Sam is dying of cancer and the relationship has not been a great one. She takes the job to be close to him and is sent off on the salvage. She has lots of baggage and keeps dumping it on Zane. Of course, there are pirates and lots of wonderful treasure.