10 Traditional Qatari Food In Doha – Traditional Arabian Food By Traditional Dishes

Grill Pans – How to Grill Fish on the Stove Top Using a Grill Pan

Many just can’t seem to cook a fish in the stove top grill pan correctly. For some, it becomes very funny that it seems to take forever to cook and yet the fish ends up dry. How does a grill pan really work?

Start Your Morning South of the Border Style With a Breakfast Casserole

Most people usually think of Mexican food as a lunch or dinner meal. Tacos, burritos and enchiladas just sound more appetizing on a lunch break with a cold cervesa in hand. However, you’d be missing out on a whole range of breakfast options that Mexican enjoy each and every day. One such dish is a stomach warming breakfast casserole prepared Mexican style. Here is a simple recipe to follow in order to get those tummy satisfying tastes even in the AM that can serve a whole family.

How to Make Healthy Refried Beans From Home

One of the foundation stones of Mexican cuisine, refried beans are ever present in the kitchens of Mexican cooks. Nevertheless, while a staple of Mexican dinner tables, refried beans have the sad association of being an unhealthy side dish.

Making Your Own Spanish Rice Is Easy

Spanish rice has a unique flavor and kick to it that makes it stand out as one of the quintessential Mexican side dishes. Nothing tastes better than taking a loaded fork of hot refried beans and putting it into a thick pile of Spanish rice. While you can go ahead and purchase boxed sides that adequately reproduce the Spanish rice experience, its best to make your own from scratch to get the real deal.

Amazing and Effective Tips Inside Your Home Kitchen

With all this talk about cooking, it helps to have a few homespun tips thrown into the mix to keep your kitchen clean, your meals fresh and preventing your house smelling like onions and garlic. These tips can aid you during clean up, during cooking or just when you want to save a few leftovers instead of tossing them out. Here are some great kitchen tips you can use every day.

Making Chicken Enchiladas the Easy Way

Few dishes are more beloved by fans of Mexican cuisine than the enchilada. What’s not to love? These little rolled tortillas are packed full of meat, cheese and topped with a lusciously zesty sauce. However, you don’t need to head out to your favorite Mexican joint to get an enchilada fix.

How to Fillet a Fish After It’s Cleaned

Cleaning fish is a common task in the kitchen and filleting is a skill. But first, you’ll need a cutting board, a sharp knife with thin flexible blade and a broad flat blade for removing the hard skin. If you are familiar with a more popular filleting method, this different technique in filleting fish starts a cut from the tail, which I find easiest.

A Few of My Favourite Things – Kitchen Gadgets

Mostly I have the attitude towards gadgets that I can take ’em or leave ’em – mostly the latter. However, in recent years, some amazing kitchen gadgets have come onto the market, and found a home in my Kitchen…and my hands…and my heart!

Cooking Basics – How to Make a Basic Roux

A combination of flour and fat is already a roux. What is really a roux and what is it used for? Roux is the French word for “brown” and is a base used to thicken, bind or add flavor in toffee, sauces, soups, and stews for a gravyish consistency.

Spices for Vegetables – How to Spice Up What’s Good for You

Whether you are dieting or not, sometimes eating vegetables seems boring. Here are some ways to perk up those vegetables with fewer calories and more flavor. The fact that spices contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients is just a side benefit.

Cast Iron Cookware – When You Need to Get the Rust Off

There are times when you head out to the shed to grab your Dutch oven, only to find that you have left it there far too long and it has begun to rust. Please take note: you should not use any cast-iron cookware that has rusted as the rust will get into your food and possibly poison those who eat it. Now this might be good if you’re having your mother-in-law over, but I would probably take the time and effort to go through the following steps to see that the rust is properly removed from your piece of cast-iron…

7 Great Reasons to Cook With Olive Oil

Grocery shelves are stocked with peanut, vegetable, canola, walnut and a variety of other oils. This article discusses 7 great reasons to include olive oil in your meals and which types to consider.

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