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Swap Fast Foods For Cooking Your Own Meals

The schedules that we keep which are so full of work and friends and family, leave very little time for our own endeavours. We may say that we have ‘time to ourselves’, but if it’s being said between rushed mouthfuls of some unhealthy or junky ‘fast food’ or take-away, perhaps it would benefit you to take a look at your lifestyle and make a bit more time to keep yourself healthy. Even ethnic take-away can be unhealthy if it is prepared with poor quality ingredients and cooked in low quality oils!

How To Decide Whether To Use a Water-Bath Canner or Pressure Canner

Canning, or as some in the Appalachian Mountains say, putting up, is a way of preserving food safely for long periods of time. This is either by pressure canning or boiling-water bath canning. How do you decide which method to use?

Why Coffee Houses, Restaurants, and Bakeries Need to Offer Agave Nectar

This article will discuss why it is important for coffee houses, restaurants and bakeries to offer agave nectar as a sweetening option to their customers. There is currently a growing trend of organic and natural products, and many consumers will shy away from places that do not offer organic alternatives for their sweetening needs, be it for their coffee, teas, smoothies or baked treats. The sweetener market is currently shifting away from high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners due to strong market forces that are changing consumers’ purchasing behaviors.

Is Your Cooking Destroying Nutrients?

Raw food has made a huge comeback today thanks to its various health benefits and the emergence of the raw food movement, but cooked food still remains a firm favorite thanks to the variety it offers to the discerning palate. Our taste buds are more accustomed to foods that have been seasoned and made tastier by cooking, but the question that arises is whether cooked food is less nutritious than uncooked food. There have been many debates over the years regarding this subject, but the consensus has generally been that a majority of foods lose their important nutrients…

Desiccated Coconut Cooking Tips – How To Get The Most Out Of It

Once you have grated the coconut the juices will dry into the fruit which will store them there until you eat it. And when cooking it really brings them out in the heat of the oven. All this is so important to understand how to measure the quality of desiccated coconut, without these steps you could end up with a bland bowl of shredded chips. When serving the coconut if you are only having half, don’t throw away it’s other half serve it in the empty half of the coconut. It is stylish plus if your guests really enjoyed it, they can cut themselves a slice of the perfect coconut you purchased earlier that day.

Cooking Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag Style, A Show On OWN

OWN Network’s, Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag, is one of my favorite shows. I love them because they actually cook like I do! You’ll see them make mistakes, laugh about it and keep on going. Some recipes turn out better than others, but there is always a whole lot of fun! Here’s the story of how my friend Jen and I decided to experiment with this fun idea.

Getting Your Kids Involved In The Kitchen

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen can be fun for both you and your kids. It is a great learning experience for your kids in teaching them how to cook and in teaching other life skills. There are many different ways to get your kids involved from prepping to cooking to decorating and more. Allowing them this opportunity can help in them eating healthier and can encourage them to try different foods, simply because they helped you in fixing them. What are some ways that you can get your kids into the kitchen to both help you and to give them a great sense of self-confidence?

The Truth About Agave Nectar

Agave nectar has been portrayed by some people in the blogging community as a terrible sweetener that is as bad if not worse than high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). I will discuss agave nectar’s health benefits, and talk about the different points that some people have brought up as reasons why agave nectar is as bad as HFCS (it really isn’t). To conclude, I will also talk about some of the negative aspects of agave nectar, in the hopes of providing a balanced review of this sweetener.

Pizza Sandwiches

We’re starting with this one for two reasons … one, it’s simple and two, my oldest son’s eyes rolled back in his head when he ate it. In his words, “Anything dipped in pizza sauce has to be good.” I’m not sure he would feel that way about brussels sprouts, but point taken.

Cooking With Blue Cheese

If you are looking for something to add an interesting flavor to many of the dishes you prepare, you should think about incorporating blue cheese into your dishes. You can get really creative in the kitchen when you are cooking with cheese, and this cheese that is marbled with blue lines will add a whole new element to your meals that you can’t get from any other type of cheese.

Cooking Techniques For That Perfect Gumbo

Gumbo is a hearty and spicy stew traditional in Louisiana and South Carolina. Though the word is African, meaning okra, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it always contains okra. Basically, there are different kinds of gumbo preparations, the meat, sea foods, vegetables and a combination of them.

7 Tips to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Food Every Year (Food Budgeting)

I hear the following 2 myths often and it makes me a little angry… Eating healthy (primal) is expensive. Eating healthy (primal) takes too much time. These are extremely false. In this article I will debunk the expensive myth by giving you 7 tips to saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on food every single year. Oh, and you will be eating quality, nourishing food too that your body loves!

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