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Living Corn-Free in a Corn-Filled World!

At the onset of my sister’s corn allergy diagnosis, I began to realize how much unnecessary corn and corn products were being dumped into our food. This article covers how to avoid corn byproducts and why it is so important for our health.

Decorating Tips on Cake Decorating

Tips on cake decorating are widely available today, whether you browse through internet pages or search for them in magazines and cook-books. But is it enough to know how to mix the ingredients and how to add some icing in order to obtain a wonderful decorated cake?

Greens and Grains

Here is some great info on the various greens and grains out there. Nourishing the body with a a variety of grains is healthy and keeps you full (and less likely to oversnack), while giving the body a variety of green vegetables also keeps your cravings for sugar and carbs down.

Want to Save Time and Money in the Kitchen? Try Once a Month Cooking

The idea is to set aside a couple of days where you cook your little heart out. That way your family gets really good dinners for the rest of the month and your time is freed up to do things like enjoy that hot bath or take tap dancing lessons… whatever floats your boat.

True Home Cooking Comes From Our Roots

One of the best ways to learn good cooking skills is from mimicking our ancestors. In most every family there is a recipe or two(if not more) handed down generation after generation that has been a family favourite among all the decades of family members.

Learning the Basics From Cooking Classics

Many people may wonder why they should sign up for cooking classes. There are a few reasons why you may find it beneficial to invest in a class. Do you know the best way to make a sauce? Do you know the prime ingredients that are needed to make the perfect loaf of bread?

Tips for Cooking a Whole Chicken

Chicken is a very popular food. There are all kinds of chicken, including the various parts like legs, thighs, wings, quarters etc. Don’t forget the whole chicken though. For some people, the idea of cooking a whole chicken is daunting. So, before you begin you really need to now what you’re doing.

The Great American Pizza Controversy

Since man first decided that it would be a good idea to bake a crust and put sauce on it, the great pizza controversy has raged. Thick or thin, toppings or just cheese, square or round, brick oven or pan? Wars have been started over less. It’s finally time to take a look at the different kinds of pizzas and decide once and for all who does it best.

Hungarian Red Paprika – Our National Treasure

Hungarian food has always fascinated people regardless of their heritage. Perhaps it is the bright red colour that brought magic to our dishes for centuries around the world. Although Hungarian Red Paprika Powder is the national spice of Hungary, it hasn’t always been that way…

Who Needs Vegetables? We All Do

There are few things worse than a poorly prepared vegetable on your plate. We all know we need veggies, so it’s time to let them shine for a bit.

What Is the Difference Between Sweet and Savory?

We are hearing so much that some foods are sweet and some savory, but what is the difference? And is there any truth that savory foods are an aphrodisiac? And can a dish be both sweet and savory? Basically sweet foods have a sweet taste usually from sugar, or honey, chocolate, or natural sugars found in fruit.

Using Spices – Common Seasoning Used in Cooking

During the days of slavery, many slaves escaped from the plantations and settled in the mountains. These slaves, escaped without kitchen utensils and had to make their own and devise ways of preparing their meals. One of the ways they cooked their meals, was to make grills with green sticks, usually from the pimento (all-spice) tree, which gives the meat a distinct flavor.

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