Most 10 popular Australian traditional foods

Pink Slime, What Is It And Is It In Your Hamburger

Have you been hearing all the talk about Pink Slime. Do you know that it’s quite often in hamburger sometimes along with ammonia and it doesn’t tell you any where on the package that these ingredients may be in your hamburger. I for one don’t want to eat or serve hamburger with pink slime or ammonia to anyone. How about you.

How To Broil Or Bake A Chicken – Definitive Guide To Cooking Times And Temperatures

There are several ways to cook a chicken, you can cook a whole chicken or you can just cook it’s parts, either way, when this is done properly the chicken meat is delicious, you can bake or broil you chicken you can grill it or even pan fry chicken strips. You can add literally almost any spice found on earth to your recipe and cook it any way you like. We will cover all the main cooking methods for cooking a chicken including required temperatures and times, we will start with broiling or baking.

Preparing The Perfect Easter Brunch

Every family has their own take on the traditional Easter Brunch. This meal provides families a time to gather together and celebrate this important season. Almost every Easter Brunch features a delicious spiral ham as the main dish. A wide variety of beverages, appetizers, side dishes and desserts can be eaten as a complement to the ham. Most of the following dishes can be prepared ahead of time to make Easter day stress-free.

Almond Pancake Toppings

Absolutely nothing is more boring than pancakes with no toppings. Has anybody in ever eaten a pancake with no syrup or fruit or something on top? Doubt it.

Choose The Best Cereal For Your Family

Breakfast like a king is what the experts say and it is true. Start your family off on a healthy start by choosing a good cereal.

Biscuit Tips And Biscuit Recipes

My Mother and Grandmother taught me how to make delicious biscuits. Over the years I’ve worked at perfecting the perfect biscuit recipes and here I’m going to share some of my biscuit recipes and biscuit making tips with everyone. Making biscuits is not really as hard as people would have you think. Follow these tips and recipes and you can make the perfect biscuits.

Appetizers By Many Names With Great Recipes

Small bites of food called appetizers seem to be more popular than ever before. Dip them, spread them, roll them up. You can serve them at informal get togethers, elegant cocktail parties, or as a first course at your dinner party.

The Magic Of Microwaves

The average person uses their microwave for heating coffee or making popcorn but their are so many more things you can do with your microwave. You really can cook full meals with your microwave if you’ll take the time to learn how to do it. You should also buy a good set of microwave dishes to use in your microwave cooking.

Seasoning Basics And Cooking With Herbs

Here were going to be taking a look at seasoning basics and cooking with herbs. You may not realize how delicious your recipes can be if you’ll use fresh chopped herbs to season your recipes with. You can also start a herb garden to grow your own herbs. Herbs can even be grown in containers and used to season your cooking with. You’ll never understand or realize the power of fresh herbs until you give them a try.

One Of The Best Chili Recipes You Will Ever Eat

Here I’m going to share a old time chili recipe that was made around 1845 in south Texas. I’ve modernized the recipe a bit because some of the ingredients the old recipe called for would not be available today. This is a traditional Texas Chili or Texas Bowl Of Red and it’s made with out beans. It makes a lot of chili but it freezes well and I promise you that it’s one of the best Texas Chili recipes you’ll ever eat. This recipe was made out on the cattle trails way back in the old days and it’s one of the most delicious recipes you’ll ever get a chance to try.

The World’s Best Fried Chicken Recipe Is Here

I think I make the best Fried Chicken in the world and here I’m going to share with you one of the best recipes for fried chicken that you’ll ever get to taste. If you follow the recipe carefully I bet you’ll quickly realize that you have the recipe for the most delicious fried chicken you’ll ever eat.

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Pressure Cooker

Want to rediscover home-cooking in your kitchen? There’s no better way than using a pressure cooker for fast and yummy results.

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