Top 10 Traditional foods to try in Brazil by Traditional Dishes

Packing School or Family Lunches With A Vacuum Food Sealer Helps Save Money and Time

Make up your family’s favorite after school snacks like trail mix. Choose favorite items that will energize them for the after school and work activities and package in single serving sizes. This allows you to save money and give the family items you know they will eat. Making your own finger food lunches allows you and your family to choose healthy choices and things that your family will eat. Prepackaged lunches do not always contain everything the person likes and items can be tossed out. This causes money to be wasted on expensive food not eaten.

The Salt Conundrum – Is Salt Healthy or Not?

Salt has been painted the villain in the goal of good health. The U.S. government recommends lowering salt intake to prevent myriad health issues, such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke, to name a few we all recognize. Salt is a natural substance. Some say we cannot live without some salt in the diet. Our blood actually contains 0.9 percent of salt. Why is there a problem?

Borage – A Lesser Known Herb to Know and Enjoy

The common thread running through historical descriptions of borage is its ability to make men and women glad and merry, to comfort the heart, dispel melancholy and give courage. These noble qualities may derive from its high content of calcium, potassium and mineral salts, and research suggests that borage works on the adrenal gland, where courage begins. This wonderful herb can be grown in your own backyard. Its rough, unrefined sprawling habit makes it unacceptable for formal garden settings, though it suits an herb garden well, as it blends nicely with other wildflower type plants. It grows to about 2 1/2 feet and easily topples over. It can be added to your vegetable patch, as it is said to strengthen neighboring plants’ resistance to disease. It is an especially good companion for strawberries, as the two plants seem to be mutually beneficial. Try to keep borage as the junior partner in that arrangement.

Szechuan Pepper – What It Is and How To Use It

To most people Szechuan pepper sounds like something that you would use in an Asian dish, but its complexity of flavor makes it a very interesting addition to stews and even steak. Here’s what you need to know about this unique spice.

Gluten Free – My Story

Last year I was asked to make foods for a Princess Party at the local museum. It was to be for young girls from tiny tots to teens (with an accompanying Queen) to learn about what it meant to be a princess in real life. Things they were shown were pictures of real princesses from past and present, and talks presented on the rigors of growing up a princess. The little budding princesses were taught how to curtsey and wave. Any little girl hears the word Princess and goes dreamy-eyed. There are so many princesses in fairy-tales, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, to name just a small handful. All the little girls wanted to dress up and come to a Princess Party. My task – making the princess treats – took me to making some delicious, as well as beautiful little foods. At the last minute, I found a recipe for Chocolate Mice.

Gluten Free, Just the Facts Ma’am

Gluten Free – This is a popular term these days. What does it mean? Why is it so popular? A gluten free diet is used to treat celiac disease (an autoimmune disease triggered by gluten), along with wheat allergies, and non celiac gluten sensitivity. What is gluten, you may ask? What does it mean to be “gluten free”

Pepper: The “Cinderella” of the Cupboard

Pepper is an unappreciated spice. It is always there. It is called for in nearly every savory recipe, and some sweets. “Freshly ground pepper” is called for everywhere in recipes, rather like “Cinderella, Cinderella!” It is expected to be in its place, doing what it does best, but completely under appreciated. How many of you really taste pepper? Can you identify the different types and varieties? How many kinds of pepper can you name? Are they all pepper? Pre-ground pepper, the ugly step-sister, bears no resemblance to good peppercorns. As with all spices, peppercorns should be kept whole until needed, and ground just for the recipe. I have not had pre-ground pepper in my kitchen for more than 25 years. Once I discovered the difference in flavor, I could never go back.

Top Things to Do With a Lazy Sunday

Everyone loves Sundays. While both Saturdays and Sundays alike count as the weekend and give you free reign to spend them as you wish (rather than in a stuffy office), only Sunday has the benefit of being classed as a ‘day of rest’ and of having all the shops closed.

Try Cooking For Kids With Crock Pots

When you’re cooking for kids it can be difficult getting them involved in the process at times. Sometimes I just want them out of the kitchen because the stove is hot and/or the water is boiling. But with all the things your children could be doing – it’s truly best when you can teach and share dinnertime with them during this special time of the day.

How to Cook an Omelet

So it’s back to eggs. An omelet is a bit more challenging than boiling eggs, but most say the end result is much tastier altogether, so I’d say it’s energy well spent.

How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg

I wasn’t really interested in writing this until I saw how many millions of millions of people are searching the internet for instructions over how to boil eggs. Really?!? It’s eggs, not developing a nuclear plant! This is among the treasuries passed from one generation to another through matriarchal or patriarchal supremacy, doesn’t really matter. It’s like learning to ride a bike, which I neglected to do as of yet.

How to Make the Perfect Holiday Turkey

Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the greatest times of the year. With family gathered together and everyone having a great time, nothing can make or break a perfect evening more than the turkey. When the bird comes out, dinner is served and everyone grabs for the best parts. To make a meal worth remembering start by making the perfect holiday turkey.

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