Top 10 Traditional Foods To Try in Scotland

Father’s Day Brunch Ideas

Father’s Day is a great time to get everyone together for a delicious family brunch. Brunch foods are typically easier to prepare than dinner foods and many components can be made ahead and then finished in the oven just before serving. Another advantage of brunches is that they are often served in a buffet format which is much easier on the host and perfect for a less formal family style gathering.

Buffalo Mozzarella, A New Dimension of Pizza

I will discuss with you one of the most important ingredients of pizza – the Buffalo mozzarella. You can’t make an authentic Neapolitan pizza without including the Buffalo mozzarella in your pizza-making components. Referred to as the “real” buffalo mozzarella, it is made with the milk from the water buffalo raised in the marshlands of the Campania region in Italy.

Making Pizza With Passion and Knowledge

I’d like to discuss the key attributes of a successful pizza maker. After spending many years doing this work-and after meeting many good people in the world of pizza-I can now understand many things. I particularly understand the two most important things that separate one sort of pizza from real Neapolitan pizza.

Dough, Foundation of Pizza

In this article I will tell you, there are one thousand and one ways how to make pizza dough, with varying ingredients, tools and procedures. The results are amazing, with limitless variants of dough! Just try and see for yourself, search the net. What does it tell you? It means there are no fast rules in making your dough as it largely depends on your inclination and personal preference. But say you’re a maker of pizza or owner of a pizzeria, if you’re interested in the authentic Neapolitan pizza, sure enough, I’d be able to impart with you tips and tricks in making one.

The History of Pizza by an Expert Neapolitan Pizza Maker

Perhaps you might wonder, when and how your favourite pizza was first made. You may even have wondered how the pizza has evolved into the more sophisticated and popular pizza of today. Now, let me share with you some snippets of pizza’s history and bring you centuries down memory lane. I hope by giving you an insight to the history of pizza, you will be able to better appreciate, what has now become a culinary delight.

Traditional Neapolitan Wood-Burning Oven – For Your Perfect Pizza

The Neapolitan wood-burning oven was first used by the Egyptians of the early civilisations. Made with clay from the Nile, the fantastic invention gave the people the chance to cook their food, most probably for the first time.

The King of Tomatoes – Elements of Pizza Part 2

This article talks about the most important ingredients in making pizza. Today it’s tomatoes. I’ve travelled the world over the course of my career, and it’s given me the opportunity to discover many different kinds of tomatoes.

The Elements of Pizza: Flour

Let’s talk about the flour we use in making pizza. Since pizzas are mostly crust, it’s important to know what goes into the crust-and that’s flour. We’re going to examine how it’s made, how it’s graded, and how it affects the final product.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Enhancer of Pizza Flavour

I am here to discuss with you an interesting aspect of making authentic Neapolitan pizza: the one ingredient that greatly enhances the flavour of pizza – extra virgin olive oil. In this article i will explain the importance of extra virgin olive oil in the making of Neapolitan pizzas and also when and where not to use it.

Outstanding Oregano: Mother of Pizza Spices

In this article I will talk about an ingredient that has retained its identity through the ages. I am talking of course about oregano. Oregano is a popular herb that originated in the Mediterranean region of Europe, including countries such as Greece, the Middle-East, and naturally my home country of Italy. It’s name came from the Greek words “oros” (meaning “mountain”) and “ganos” (meaning “joy”). Put them together, and oregano simply means “joy of the mountains”.

Fresh Basil – The King of Pizza Flavours

Here I will discuss with you an essential ingredient of pizza Napoletana, or Neapolitan pizza – which is fresh basil leaves, or simply basil.Now, if you will observe, most modern pizza variations no longer incorporate fresh basil into their pizzas. Others still do, but substitute processed or dried basil instead for a wide range of reasons: such as personal preferences or simple availability of the ingredient.

Homemade Mayonnaise: The Secret of Making It Perfectly

Store bought mayonnaise is almost always genetically modified, unless you buy it organic. This is so costly. Making homemade mayonnaise is the best option. There is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of mayo, when making it yourself provides health and flavor, at a much more reasonable cost.

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