Top 15 World’s STRANGEST Fast Food And Junk Food!

10 Tips to Plan Your Christmas Lunch

Are you hosting the Christmas lunch this year? Getting worried about the preparation? Here are 10 of my tips to help you get through the day without any glitches. I hope you enjoy them – please leave a comment to add a tip of your own.

Cook Like A Pro With These Tips

There’s no denying that cooking could be a chore that you simply do not look forward to facing every single evening, but with a handful of very simple tips, you can make it somewhat much less daunting. It is the little strategies that could make a significant difference within your attitude in the kitchen.

Schlemmertopf Clay Pot Recipes – Fun Cooking for a Healthy Holiday Diet

We all desire to eat healthy so we try to get a good diet every day. But it’s hard to do that on the Christmas season where food is abundant. One of the modern ways to maintain a good eating lifestyle even on the holidays is preparing food in clay pots – and Schlemmertop can be your partner.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Pizza

Though Pizza originated in Italy, as claimed by the Italians, it is a given fact that this delicious plate of dough is enjoyed by many people around the world. Some people consider a pizza as a complete meal. Why not?

3 Unusual Ways to Use Your Kitchen Mixer-Blender

If your kitchen includes a mixer and a blender, here are three unusual ways to use them for made-from-scratch recipes. Whether you’re entertaining or serving your family a healthy meal, these ideas include everything from soup to nuts.

Breads Review – How to Find the Best Whole Grain Bread

Of all breads, whole grain bread is what I find best and the most gratifying. But it frustrates me that it’s so difficult to find this kind of decent and healthy bread at the supermarket. Commercial whole grain breads usually contain high-fructose sugar which I don’t find suitable in my daily diet.

The Acorn Squash Pocket Handbook

Acorn squash facts. How to select and store acorn squash and nutritional info.

Dinner Parties Made Easy Through Cookery Demonstrations

Hosting a dinner party is a fun activity to do every once in a while. Everyone has a great time when good food and good company come together. Make your evening unforgettable by hiring a personal chef service.

Easy Cookie Decorating Ideas For Children

Whether it is Christmas, birthday or a special event, here are some easy decorating ideas that make you look like a hero to your children and do not take a lot of time to prepare. Let the children do all the work!

10 Steps To Ensure Safe Poultry Left-Overs

After every Thanksgiving or Christmas we have a dearth of turkey or other poultry left over. The question is what do we do with it? Shall we make a curry, casserole, stew, fricassee, blanquette, sandwiches, wraps, etc? Whatever you choose, there are certain steps to be taken to ensure that left-over meat is safe to use and is prepared safely for consumption.

How To Prepare Potato Gratin

There is something immensely satisfying about a gratin, a dish that has been baked at a very high temperature or grilled to acquire a crisp golden-brown crust but is soft and creamy inside. A gratin may be made with raw or cooked food and its crust is generally helped along by a topping of breadcrumbs or grated cheese, Parmesan in particular, and moistened with melted butter.

The Basics of How to Make Beef Jerky

Making beef jerky is a fun, rewarding process for those who enjoy making their own dried meat snacks. Beef jerky is a popular option that is easy to make from either sliced or ground beef, which can then be flavoured with a variety of ingredients during the marination process.

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